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At the Gates of the Animal Kingdom: Stories

At the Gates of the Animal Kingdom: Stories By Amy Hempel At the Gates of the Animal Kingdom Stories Amy Hempel s collection of stories seems to ask What if people could be just a little like dogs forever loyal ardent and loving in our hearts

  • Title: At the Gates of the Animal Kingdom: Stories
  • Author: Amy Hempel
  • ISBN: 9780060976712
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback
  • At the Gates of the Animal Kingdom: Stories By Amy Hempel Amy Hempel s collection of 16 stories seems to ask What if people could be just a little like dogs forever loyal, ardent and loving in our hearts
    At the Gates of the Animal Kingdom: Stories By Amy Hempel

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      374 Amy Hempel

    One thought on “At the Gates of the Animal Kingdom: Stories

    1. Banushka on said:

      g n m ze, modern ve kentli insana has yk ler minimalist denebilir belki yk ler i in zellikle kad n erkek ili kilerine dair olanlar trajikomikken, hayvanlara dair olanlar trajik hele bir yk de hayvanlara yap lan eziyetler i ses olarak yer al yor ki unutmak istediklerimizi hat rlat yor resmenneli e, anne ocuk ili kisine dair yk ler de dikkat ekici kutsal anne mitini yerle bir ediyor.

    2. Richard on said:

      It s almost too easy to start out this review with a metaphor based on a line from a story in this book Never mind that it s a line from the best story in here The Harvest and that it seems ample I leave a lot out when I tell the truth This seems too easy a start, and it doesn t feel all that original I d only be repeating an idea some other reviewer must have come up with, an idea that probably seemed cute at the time, and since I find most review writing stale and tedious, I d prefer to take a [...]

    3. James Ricci on said:

      An interesting collection on account of familiarity Which is to say that I gained an instantaneous sense of nostalgia when I read this for the first time There is no real concrete explanation for this circumstance, it was a sensation of dramatic exploration.

    4. Jamie on said:

      If I found Reasons to Live a rather uneven collection, this one solidified my intrigue in Hempel s work Nearly every story is a keeper, and my central complaint with her debut that some stories were unmemorable and that all of them sounded as though they were narrated by the same character, though they probably shouldn t have done didn t hold true for At the Gates Particularly moving were The Most Girl Part of You, The Harvest the self reflexivity worked really well here, and I think that tends [...]

    5. Rob on said:

      8 10 The blurb for this book higher up on this page says that this collection asks what if dogs were like humans Well, if dogs were like humans the sidewalks would be filled with poop and everytime you entered a room everyone in it would dive for your legs I m not what you would call a dog person, or an animal person really, so given this description and the beginning story of At the Gates of the Animal Kingdom, I was having uncomfortable flashbacks to A Companion Species Manifesto.But there a [...]

    6. Elisian on said:

      No Amy Hempel No program fiction No instagrammed sepia filtered dirty laundry No beautiful pencil drawn sentences of white people, red houses, and taupe minivans.I am inspired to both poetry and hate And to Pynchon, as remedy.

    7. Bobparr on said:

      Al ricovero per animali Ogni volta che vedi una bella donna, qualcuno si stancato di lei cos dicono gli uomini E io so dove vanno, queste donne, con la loro stanca bellezza che qualcuno non desidera pi queste donne che devono vivere come il pino bianco dell alta Sierra, l gi da prima di Cristo, nutrito in qualche modo dal vento della montagna Si accostano agli animali, lisciando loro il pelo, dentro a una gabbia, giorno dopo giorno, dicendo, Come sta il piccolo di mamma Si sente solo il piccolo [...]

    8. Lukasz Pruski on said:

      On the nicer side of not a nice street, between God Bless the Cheerful Giver and his dog, and There But for the Grace of God Go I and his dog A few years ago in an anthology of short stories I read a piece the title I have since forgotten by Amy Hempel and I liked it a lot the writing was concise, not a word wasted, yet it strangely produced a poetic and sort of dreamlike effect So I very much looked forward to reading short stories by Ms Hempel At the Gates of the Animal Kingdom 1990 is a set [...]

    9. Colin McKay Miller on said:

      Four stars Collected Stories review Amy Hempel s Collected Stories starts with my favorite short story collection ever, Reasons to Live, and then proceeds to highlight the author s decline to mediocrity.Don t get me wrong ask me who the best short story writer is and I ll still say Amy Hempel, but sometimes you have to be honest, even about the people you admire most Like many who got into Hempel prior to the rabid Chuck Palahniuk endorsement, I was hooked by the widely anthologized In the Cemet [...]

    10. Kelly on said:

      Like those in REASONS TO LIVE, these stories deal with some heavy subjects But I found them considerably enjoyable, partly because of overt use of often dark humor, clever wordplay especially in the titles and unusual structures and storytelling devices Favorites The Harvest I really like the revisions of the story device here, especially because of the commentary it makes on how we present our lives to others To Those of You Who Missed Your Connecting Flights Out of O Hare a darkly funny look [...]

    11. Paul on said:

      Not bad I d read this already, in the context of the collected stories Maybe this isn t as strong as the other material The first two stories were great, and thereafter I was kind of shrugging I mean, Hempel is great, but all literature can t be like this It s clever, and it s smart, but it s not incredibly deep in a character sense These are snapshots, exercises I may be moving away from this sort of thing in general, or I may have just not been in the mood We ll see how I feel about the new Ly [...]

    12. Laurentiu Olteanu on said:

      I recently discovered Hempel and found this second collection amazing Initially, her short stories reminded me of Raymond Carver and Donald Barthelme, but that comparison is unfair for two reasons The first is that Hempel s writing much deserves to be praised as her own the witticism and playfulness, the smart turns of phrase and pokes at clich s, the acute emotions captured in distilled expressions, rejoin into one easily identifiable style The second reason why my comparison is flawed has to d [...]

    13. B. Mason on said:

      After reading Reasons to Live my expectations of an Amy Hempel collection is high At the Gates of the Animal Kingdom has some stellar stories, but is also dominated by brief portrait pieces, flash fiction This isn t a surprise given Hempel s tight style but a piece like Lead Us Not Into Penn Station just could ve had so much , and in the vein of so much of this short fiction it comes across as a blip rather than an impactful narrative I wanted from her and therefore in my bitter anger and spite [...]

    14. Chris on said:

      I ve been a fan of Hempel for awhile now Her style is so sparse and so dense, I m in awe of what she accomplishes with each piece This collection, however, is nothing short of amazing I often admire author s for the scenes they craft or lines they come up with, but no one blows my mind as often as Hempel does She creates some new bizarre moment that works though and has her characters wittier than any stand up comic I envy her and try to learn what I can from these awesome stories.

    15. Eric T. Voigt on said:

      Stories about chill dudes, tight knit crews, lonesome wanderers, told with wit and charm to beat all Though they re all on the shorter side there s twist after turns packed in, but gently, not jarringly, that lend themselves to raised eyebrows and pauses that lead to asking no way Really I highlighted the couple I had trouble with in my page updates, the rest of these stories were the bomb start to finish.

    16. John Orman on said:

      These stories are generally concerned with rescuing women s panic driven lives, with an emphasis on coming together and making do in dire circumstances.All of a sudden, in To all of those who missed their flights out of O Hare , there are references to the joys of not flying, mentioning Santa Fe and the Sandia Mountains Cool I liked Under No Moon for its description of a cruise to see Halley s comet in 1986 Not a very successful trip, but quite a metaphor for life.

    17. Jessie on said:

      I really enjoyed this As before, I appreciate Amy Hempel s minimalist style I liked the animal aspect of this book for the most part It was endearing and warm, but it felt less personal in the human sense Some stories stood out over others, while her first book captured me completely As always, she has some truly great lines I enjoyed it, just not as much as the last.

    18. Melissa on said:

      One of the forerunners of dangerous writing, Hempel navigates those moments at which everything changes When everything was going one way and then goes another way, as William of Heaven would say It s not as good as I thought it would be, though there is one story, the most girl part of her, that is excellent.

    19. Monica Sinha on said:

      What I love about a great short story is that everything matters Amy Hempel is known for her minimalist stories in which no words are wasted I esp loved the title story, which I could really relate to and made me envision myself as an old lady Amy s stories are able to evoke strong emotions in a handful of paragraphs Many women will see parts of themselves in these stories.

    20. Colleen on said:

      If you re thinking of trying an Amy Hempel book, pick one up and take a look of the picture of her that s on her back covers Once you get past her teased up 90 s hair and how ridiculously beautiful she is, take a good look at her, especially her eyes If you like what you see, I think you ll like what she writes To me, they re one and the same.

    21. Phil Spinks on said:

      So, yeah, another Palahniuk recommendation And is it worth it About as perfect a collection of short stories as it is possible to get Everyone should read The Harvest and The Rest of God Minimalism at its finest.

    22. M0rfeus on said:

      A superb collection of short stories I m particularly enad of Lead Us Not Into Penn Station gotta love that title and, perhaps the best ever ONE PAGE Short Story At the Animal Shelter.Very highly recommended

    23. David on said:

      I love Amy Hempel s prose, her exactness with her words, as if she were paid for succinctness, the anti Dickens If you haven t read any of her work or are a fan of short stories, you d do yourself a disservice not thumbing through one of her book at the bookstore.

    24. Griseo on said:

      Es que ya tan s lo por La Cosecha merece la pena El resto de los relatos tambi n valen lo suyo, para m este libro tiene lo mejor del anterior como base Le do ya Tumble Home el siguiente de la colecci n , no creo que el ltimo que me queda me guste m s que ste.

    25. Selin Seçen on said:

      G zel yk ler var, kendi kendine konu uyormu gibi yazd gayet l zumsuz yk ler de var Birka sayfal k 5 yk yle bir kitap kmayaca i in araya serpi tirilmi gibi duran l zumsuz yk ler okuman n tad n ka r yor.

    26. b bb bbbb bbbbbbbb on said:

      The Author s second collection of short stories Not as good as the first There are places where the tone and phrasing aren t just right or could be better Although they are still good, there is less magic.

    27. Andrew on said:

      A little targeted towards in depth readers, or maybe the fairer sex, but I still remember the ending of the short story about dogs being man s best friend it really did something for me you ll have to read it i wouldnt dare mangle it through paraphrasing.

    28. Al on said:

      Very good short stories Emphasis on short for a lot of them I liked them as I was reading them but do not think they will be so memorable I would definitely try some of her other works to get a clearer opinion on this author.

    29. Carlos on said:

      This is the book I keep next to my bed I havent read any other book quite like this one before I read and re read the stories in here before I fall asleep every night I really, really love this book.

    30. Kurt on said:

      My favorite story is The Rest of God, a slow and dreamy observation about an end of summer cookout with a few friends at the beach.

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