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Horizon By Fran Wilde Horizon A City of living Bone towers crumbles to the ground and danger surrounds Kirit Densira has lost everything she loved the most her mother her home and the skies above Nat Brokenwings once Kirit s bro

  • Title: Horizon
  • Author: Fran Wilde
  • ISBN: 9780765377876
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Horizon By Fran Wilde A City of living Bone towers crumbles to the ground and danger surrounds Kirit Densira has lost everything she loved the most her mother, her home, and the skies above Nat Brokenwings once Kirit s brother long before the rebellion tore them apart is still trying to save his family in the face of catastrophe They will need to band together once to ensure not just owA City of living Bone towers crumbles to the ground and danger surrounds Kirit Densira has lost everything she loved the most her mother, her home, and the skies above Nat Brokenwings once Kirit s brother long before the rebellion tore them apart is still trying to save his family in the face of catastrophe They will need to band together once to ensure not just own survival, but that of their entire community.
    Horizon By Fran Wilde

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      389 Fran Wilde

    One thought on “Horizon

    1. Aliette on said:

      The conclusion to Fran Wilde s Bone Universe series expands and deepens the world building from the second book As the city falters and threatens to fail, Kirit and her friends must look for a new home but what is the price to pay, and what does home mean This is a superlative follow up to an already excellent second book and with my favourite literary baby ever, squee I loved the way it looked at communities and friends and how these could be both strength and flaw Kirit is now mature, less im [...]

    2. Megan on said:

      Last winter, it was hot Last winter, I was afraid a lot I would think of Kirit, flying upward in a city that was dying around her, and I would keep moving The Bone Universe series isn t just about climate change, although there are a lot of parallels in Horizon particularly, and climate change is one of the things it s tacked to in my emotional pinboard of Excessive Feelings About Kirit Others Her superpower is that she s loud She s scarred and stays that way and people still love her It s also [...]

    3. Casey on said:

      Horizon is the final book in the Bone Universe trilogy The first book in the series, Updraft, got a lot of attention for its world building, which remains strong in its two successors.With the knowledge that the bone towers of the city will not remain standing forever, Kirit, Nat, and Macal work towards a solution for their people Kirit explores the ground, Nat climbs the towers to warn everyone, and Macal tries to keep the peace that the blackwings are trying to undo.I was bored for most of the [...]

    4. terpkristin on said:

      A fitting end to the Bone Universe trilogy, and a series that seemed way too relevant in these political times in the US The payoff was pretty good, seeing what there was below the clouds and why the towers roared There were a few times where it meandered a little, but that s forgiven for the world building and the two main characters Actually, this book had 3 main perspectives, but one of them wasn t aslevant to me Though, despite my indifference to one of the three, the final perspective chapt [...]

    5. Ryan on said:

      I don t think I could have asked for a better conclusion I love this world and I love these characters so much and most of all I can t wait to read HORIZON and UPDRAFT and CLOUDBOUND again.

    6. Andrew Hiller on said:

      Horizon marks two personal achievements First, its completion marks me meeting my goal of the year Second, I finished it on the morning where I was to become a literary guest of honor for the first time The book was so good I forewent last minute prep because I wanted to finish it.The worst thing about a really good series is that it ends Bone Universe is one of those rare ones that I think has gotten better with each book The first book was mostly notable for its world building and political in [...]

    7. Frith on said:

      Mixed feelings Kirit s chapters were really good and interesting and Nat s were incredibly boring and frustrating.On reflection, this is a problem I always have with Wilde s writing I enjoy her action and description and worldbuilding which Kirit s sections were but the interpersonal stuff is really long winded, repetative, and just frustrating to read, with almost willfully obtuse antagonists Which was most of Nat s sections.

    8. Lmholt on said:

      I eagerly anticipated the conclusion of this trilogy, and it did not disappoint It is sad to not have books to look forward to in this universe, but I can t wait to see what Fran has coming next In particular I loved the insight from various characters perspectives I was quickly drawn in again and cared deeply about the people above and below There were cheers, and panic, and crying, and satisfaction Excellent pacing which kept me engaged each and every page.

    9. Didi Chanoch on said:

      There is a moment, near the end of CLOUDBOUND, the second of Fran Wilde s Bone Universe series, where the series world opens up in a way that is stunning and rare A true sense of wonder moment Horizon is where the promise of that moment is paid off, for the world, the characters and the story I really can t say anything else, because spoilers ahoy, but this is how you stick the landing on a trilogy.

    10. Stephanie Feldman on said:

      HORIZON will keep you turning pages as it reveals the secrets of the Bone Universe, but than that, it shows how a diverse community can reunite after betrayal, and build a future worthy of its best instincts.

    11. Christina Pilkington on said:

      3.5 starsProbably my favorite book in the series which isn t saying much since I wasn t the biggest fan of the first two books in the series Horizon does a decent job of wrapping up this finale We finally see how these bone cities work and were created Some of my initial complaints about the world building were answered which I really liked I still had the same issues with the writing style It just isn t for me But I found myself much engaged with this last book.

    12. Maria Haskins on said:

      A fantastic conclusion to Fran Wilde s Bone Universe series, this book follows Kirit, Nat, Macal, and the others through the destruction of what they thought was their world, and into a new worldat might not be very hospitable There s amazing worldbuilding, characters that stick with you, and prose that sings from the first page to the last A really great read.

    13. Vanessa on said:

      The city is dying But those still living on the bone towers have no idea how much danger they re in, because they haven t seen what Kirit, Nat, Wik, and Ciel have seen So many questions are answered, and not necessarily in the ways you d expect If you haven t read book 2 CLOUDBOUND, then anything I say here about the final book HORIZON will be spoilers Consider yourself warned.In CLOUDBOUND the politics of the city comes to the forefront as the Spire begins to die and Singer, blackwing, and towe [...]

    14. Diayll on said:

      Originally Reviewed At Mother Gamer Writer Be sure to enter the giveaway Ends Oct 16th Rating 3.5 4 Controllers Review Source Publisher for Blog TourReviewer MeJumping into the end of a trilogy is never easy Especially one as rich and vivid as the Bone Universe by Fran Wilde Having not read the previous two books, Updraft and Cloudbound, I really had no idea what to expect But, the amazing cover and synopsis drew me in and the fantasy lover inside of me could not resist.Horizon is told from mult [...]

    15. Casia Courtier on said:

      I received a copy of Horizon by Fran Wilde from the publisher, TOR, via Jean Book Nerd blog tours There was no compensation for me reading or reviewing this book All that follows is my opinion and mine alone.I d like to start this review with a little note that I didn t read the first two books in The Bone Universe I literally jumped into this trilogy with the last book But, with this gritty cover, who wouldn t It practically blurs the lines of fantasy and sci fi and is gorgeous I was compelled [...]

    16. Mari Kurisato on said:

      Fran Wilde s HORIZON is a perfectly fitted ending to an uplifting trilogy, even though it doesn t feel like the end The writing is happily invisible, leaving the reader thoroughly immersed in the break neck story and the Tolkien sized universe Wilde teases us with Narratively HORIZON ties up all the major loose ends for our heroes, leaving me satisfied with their respective fates, even though one character s final chapter had me in tears at 3AM There are enough adroit plot twists and turns of lo [...]

    17. Jo Ladzinski on said:

      Horizon finished off the Bone Universe trilogy with such triumph and hope It starts off Kirit and Nat where we left them in Cloudbound On the ground dealing with the truth of the bone towers The finale introduces a third perspective, Macal, who deals with the turmoil up above the clouds Plenty of calm, plenty of storms, leading to an overall, satsifying conclusion.This book takes necessary time answering the questions that have been leading up since Updraft What s down below What happens when a [...]

    18. Elizabeth on said:

      I didn t like this one as much as I enjoyed the first two I m not exactly sure what I was hoping for in this final book of the trilogy, but I don t think this was it No spoilers, but I was frustrated constantly by who Kirit had to carry around I hated how pointless useless Nat s efforts seemed to be as people reacted to his news, and followed him sorta Also, I wish Wik had been better used However, the continued world building was enjoyable It was nice to find out about the cities and where the [...]

    19. Karl on said:

      Forgive the pun, but Fran Wilde sticks the landing in the conclusion to her first trilogy.I still remember the haunting images of at the end of CLOUDBOUND, and that vision informs this entire book The action has shifted from the towers to the clouds, and then to the ground The characters, real and fully realized, wrestle with the abrupt wrenching of their worldviews The foundation of their entire lives has been violently, and they must come together in order to survive.I was especially impressed [...]

    20. Daniel on said:

      Fran Wilde is a master world builder Horizon is a brilliant conclusion to a beautifully constructed tale.

    21. Aimee on said:

      A solid conclusion to the trilogy and satisfying answers to the questions raised in the first two volumes I ll miss these characters.

    22. Sylvie on said:

      If you ve read the first two books in this series and you should you know that the second volume ended on quite the revelation I was extremely interested in where it was going to go and, in that respect, Horizon didn t disappoint For once, a trilogy with a satisfactory ending a miracle However, I found myself still a bit lost when it came to all the characters and insist that one thing the series could benefit from is a cast of characters list or a map or two.

    23. Dorri on said:

      Kirit, Nat, and Macal First Kirit taught us about perseverance, then Nat showed us how to be determined, now they and Macal will show us about the heart of bone universe Some will fall, some will rise, and others will hover with their eyes on the Horizon.There is nothing satisfying than a well written book that makes us feel The pain, agony, desire, love, and soft blooming hope, readers will feel it all as they follow the continuing story of Kirit, Nat, Macal, and many others we ve bonded with [...]

    24. amanda on said:

      This book was even boring than the last I skimmed through the last hundred pages I couldn t have cared less what happened It s a heavy footed mess.

    25. Shoshi on said:

      The writing for the whole trilogy is incredible Fran Wilde pulls together several ideas relocation, change, community without becoming cloying or sacarine It was a real treat to see the characters who were children in the first book mature, come back together, and find a new future.

    26. Miriam Seidel on said:

      Horizon, the final book in Fran Wilde s Bone Universe trilogy, widens out to encompass the entire society that has lived above the clouds for so long, now dealing with an existential threat in the toppling of its fragile ecology Wilde has already created such a compelling world, with the exhilaration of flying woven into a context of bare subsistence living and intricate rules binding a society always on the edge of survival Through several vantage points, including that of Kirit the central cha [...]

    27. Sara Norja on said:

      An epic conclusion to the trilogy It was great to get to see of the world, to have it expand in the epic ways hinted at at the end of Cloudbound view spoiler I would ve wanted to see even interaction with the people in other cities, but Horizon already had a rather epic scope, so trying to put even stuff in wouldn t have worked hide spoiler Using multiple narrators was probably the only way to make the narration work, but it was at times a little jarring to go into different people s first pe [...]

    28. Liz on said:

      I still don t understand why I didn t like this book Usually I can point to something character, plot, world building but all of those are apparently good There s no failing I mean, I was hit worse than usual by the who are these people I followed in the previous books and what even happened but that shouldn t have been enough to explain my utter apathy towards everyone Meh I m annoyed that I don t have a good reason for not liking it and also kind of annoyed I forced myself through it.

    29. Brad on said:

      Wow What a conclusion to a fantastic trilogy The world just got and broad, varied, and fascinating The stakes got higher and higher until everything was at stake I deeply admire Fran s worldbuilding abilities and her gift of vivid characterization I loved this series and can t wait to read what she comes up with next.

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