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Beyond the Valley of Thorns

Beyond the Valley of Thorns By Patrick Carman Beyond the Valley of Thorns Book in The Land of Elyon Alexa Daley thought her troubles were over when she defeated the man who had threatened to bring down Bridewell from within But now that the walls around her land have fall

  • Title: Beyond the Valley of Thorns
  • Author: Patrick Carman
  • ISBN: 9780439700948
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Beyond the Valley of Thorns By Patrick Carman Book 2 in The Land of Elyon Alexa Daley thought her troubles were over when she defeated the man who had threatened to bring down Bridewell from within But now that the walls around her land have fallen, a new, unexpected threat has risen from outside Suddenly, Alexa is involved in a battle much, much larger than her own life a battle in which she is destined to plBook 2 in The Land of Elyon Alexa Daley thought her troubles were over when she defeated the man who had threatened to bring down Bridewell from within But now that the walls around her land have fallen, a new, unexpected threat has risen from outside Suddenly, Alexa is involved in a battle much, much larger than her own life a battle in which she is destined to play a key role.Middle Reader title
    Beyond the Valley of Thorns By Patrick Carman

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    • Unlimited Beyond the Valley of Thorns - by Patrick Carman
      312 Patrick Carman

    One thought on “Beyond the Valley of Thorns

    1. Kogiopsis on said:

      So, I m on a mission to reread a bunch of old series I never finished, and then actually finish them, and The Land of Elyon is the one I m currently working on and boy, did tiny me not have very discerning taste I mean, I always knew that I was completely and improbably oblivious to religious symbolism in books I had to be told that Narnia was religious that clueless , but even ignoring that, this book is just egregiously weak.Once again, the plot rests on people having made plans loooong in adv [...]

    2. Jessi on said:

      From School Library Journal Grade 4 6 Mystery and adventure entwine in this second book in the series Alexa and her odd companions two men, one of whom is two feet tall a squirrel a wolf a hawk and a giant share suspenseful and horrific experiences, such as escaping the Black Swarm hundreds of deadly bats and running from zombielike ogres on flame covered hills with only jagged rocks and the Lonely Sea below Dangerous scenes such as these lend excitement and fear as the group attempts to defeat [...]

    3. Emma on said:

      2.75Another reread so that I can finish this series soon The last two books are the ones I haven t read and they ve been on my shelf for about 3 or 4 years I m hoping that they will be interesting since I haven t read them So this book was slightly less boring than the last one I guess I like some of the characters introduced in this book even though they all feel very paper I don t know if that made sense I could definitely feel the religious vibes pretty strongly in this one, especially with [...]

    4. Bella on said:

      I loved it to death AND OH MY WORD THE END IS SOOOO GOOD Can t wait for the next book

    5. Kiri on said:

      I m not sure why I read this book I thought its predecessor was only so so But it was lying around and the cover art is gorgeous so I picked it up I really want to like these books, as they feature adventure with a nose in the books heroine But the writing is just clunky This book has less of a moral center than the first one, and less cohesion all together The continuity logic gaps were distracting Alexa complains about her unprotected shins getting scratched by bushes even picking scabs , then [...]

    6. Amalia on said:

      One of the best things about fantasy books are the surprises and mysterious ways in which the history of the story can be rewritten Unfortunately, I can t say anything without ruining the book for you.As always, I find second books difficult than firsts The beginning of a series usually has all of the fun, lighthearted magic It draws you in and makes you feel safe yet interested and curious about the world the author has created We often don t really meet the bad guys until book 2 This was the [...]

    7. Shantelle on said:

      So, after loving the first book in THE LAND OF ELYON series, I was really excited to read Beyond the Valley of Thorns.In the second installment, it s been about a year since Alexa Daley discovered the secret stone, animals, and sinister plots She s back where she was before awaiting another adventure And one comes indeed But this new escapade is far darker and dangerous than the last And you re probably wondering about my three star rating Well, it means I liked this book I enjoyed it I m excit [...]

    8. Leslie on said:

      After The Dark Hills Divide, the first book in the series, I didn t think anything could be said or made better When I found out it was only the start of a great series, I looked with excitement for the next book Finally, years after reading the first book, I laid my hands on Beyond the Valley of Thorns, and I was not disappointed Although these are meant for younger readers, I loved the story and the characters I was amazed by the amount and level of Christian themes and truths present in this [...]

    9. Robert Gilbert on said:

      This book serves as a wonderful example of progressive storytelling I don t like progressive storytelling The trouble is that there didn t ever seem to be any real surprises or plot twists By the first few chapters, the reader is given a road map of the journey Alexa is going to take, the challenges she has to overcome, and the goals she expects to reach And that is exactly what happens No detours No surprise plot twists No sudden changes of plans or unexpected setbacks that make you want to kee [...]

    10. serena482* on said:

      My rating 4.5 stars I couldn t really decide between 4 and 5, it was really good butmething wasn t quite as good as The Dark Hills Divide It was full of adventure, and had a interesting battle You didn t really see much of the battle It ends kind of cliffhanger ish Good thing i own all the books D Well anyways I really enjoyed it I recommend it to ages 12 up, maybe 11.

    11. Joey on said:

      3.5 to 3.75 stars Good little adventure story Not as fun as the first one but still a goodread Everything seemed to fall into place a little too conveniently A quick read though and worth the time if you liked The Dark Hills Divide.

    12. Brooke on said:

      This Book, was Very Adventures i loved This book its about a girl that was locked in a wall of four city which makes this book Awesome I think You Or anyone Should Read This because its a Really Neat book I think you should read this if you like Animals or Adventures.

    13. Holly on said:

      I always feel so betrayed when a children s fantasy series turns out to be Christian fiction The allegory was mild in the first one, but gets stronger here I don t know if I ll finish the series or not Just like Narnia, I don t know how much of it I can stand.

    14. Heleine Fleming on said:

      Tak e, co k tomu ct, d v m 4 z 5, ale to p edev m kv li tomu konci a relativn promy lenosti toho, jak se maj postavy d t dohromady a za t bojovat Kn ka skon ila cliffhangerem, tak e jsem docela I nalad na na dal d l, ale jinak bych druh d l t to s rie hodnotila jako slab Uvid me, co se bude d t d l.

    15. Jenna O on said:

      4.5I got right into this story following the first book, and will be continuing the 3rd tonight My only qualm is the whole to be continued I guess I ve developed a pet peeve of second books in a series setting you up for the 3rd rather than ending the story, and letting the 3rd set you up for itself Does that even make sense I could have worded that way better.

    16. Shannon on said:

      While I love the characters and I love the first book in this series I am not as in love with book two The story takes awhile to get going and just sort of keeps going at a steady pace with not too much happening The ending is good and does leave you wondering what the next adventure will bring.

    17. Josh Webber on said:

      They went to Bride well then to The Dark Hills and they went threw the valley of thorns to the dark tower They are doing all of this to restore peace They encountered bats, dogs, and ogres their group had Yipes, Armon, a squirrel, Alexa, and a lot of dogs Alexa Daley is a girl that is very powerful She has a Jocasta that allows her to communicate with animals She has already fought someone that threatened to bring down Bride well She has green eyes and blonde hair At the beginning Alexa was unsu [...]

    18. Beka on said:

      To be honest, I can t remember the details of the first book Authors, you really should include a recap at the beginning of every book in a series , but I still managed to enjoy this story I am interested to see what happens next since they left it at a bit of a cliffhanger.

    19. Selah Pike on said:

      Carman originally wrote these books as bedtime stories for his kids, and it shows The world building and internal life of the story is spotty and derivative Even my 9 year old remarked on various portions reminding her of other books Tropes on tropes on tropes.

    20. Linda on said:

      I really enjoyed this book is really good I am going to be buying all of the books in this series so I can have my own copies of the books There is a map in all of the books I think which is really neat too I give this Book 5 5 stars on.Happy Reading

    21. SusanSheehy on said:

      We really enjoyed this book as a family on our car trip The book has us wanting to read of his books.

    22. Laura on said:

      I was really hoping that this one would be better than the first, but it was about the same Not sure if I ll read or not it s an interesting story, but reads flat.

    23. Rae Whitefeather on said:

      There is not much to say in this review that I have not covered in my review of the previous novel.I read it as a young girl, I didn t enjoy quite as much as the previous, but I was still thoroughly enthralled I ve bought it again a little while ago, fore the sole purpose of having it I couldn t force myself to read it again now, for fear it would destroy my magical childhood since an increased knowledge typically means decreased joy in children s chapter books This series was my best friend as [...]

    24. Jesse F on said:

      September 27th book reportBeyond the Valley of Thorns The Land Elyon Patrick Carman Beyond the Valley of Thorns is about a girl who finds these gems and has to go defeat a man named Victor Grindall Alexa is the main character in this book Alexa is a girl who lives in Bridewell that is sent on a mission to get a stone from a cave John is a dog wolf that is a protecter and leader for all Yipes is also an animal that is kind of a scardey cat when it comes to this kind of stuff There are characters [...]

    25. 08jaimev on said:

      Summary In this sequal to the first book in The Land of Elyon series, Alexa Daley find herself in the carridge with her father riding back to Bridewell for once again another summer Since the events of the previous summer, Alexa finds herself eager for adventure once again with Yipes, Murphy and a very special spot of light, in the most comfortable of chairs, in a worn library, where the adventures began Things are now a little different, not meaning the jelly faced old friend that still repair [...]

    26. Asriani on said:

      Setahun setelah kejadian yang melibatkan para narapidana, Alexa dan ayahnya kembali ke Bridewell Tak banyak yang berubah dari kota ini termasuk perpustakaan tempat yang paling disukainya Bahkan kursi empuk, tempat ia menghabiskan waktu sampai masih berada di tempat yang sama Tempat inilah yang ia kunjungi sehari setelah tiba di BridewellBuyi ketukan tiba tiba terdengar ketika Alexa baru saja hendak menekuni buku yang dipilihnya dari rak Bunyi ketukan berulang ulang itu ternyata berasal dari bela [...]

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