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Fluke: Or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings

Fluke: Or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings By Christopher Moore Fluke Or I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings Just why do humpback whales sing That s the question that has marine behavioral biologist Nate Quinn and his crew poking charting recording and photographing very big wet gray marine mammals Unti

  • Title: Fluke: Or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings
  • Author: Christopher Moore
  • ISBN: 9780060566685
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fluke: Or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings By Christopher Moore Just why do humpback whales sing That s the question that has marine behavioral biologist Nate Quinn and his crew poking, charting, recording, and photographing very big, wet, gray marine mammals Until the extraordinary day when a whale lifts its tail into the air to display a cryptic message spelled out in foot high letters Bite me.Trouble is, Nate s beginning to wondeJust why do humpback whales sing That s the question that has marine behavioral biologist Nate Quinn and his crew poking, charting, recording, and photographing very big, wet, gray marine mammals Until the extraordinary day when a whale lifts its tail into the air to display a cryptic message spelled out in foot high letters Bite me.Trouble is, Nate s beginning to wonder if he hasn t spent just a little too much time in the sun Cause no one else on his team saw a thing not his longtime partner, Clay Demodocus not their saucy young research assistant not even the spliff puffing white boy Rastaman Kona n Preston Applebaum But later, when a roll of film returns from the lab missing the crucial tail shot and his research facility is trashed Nate realizes something very fishy indeed is going on.By turns witty, irreverent, fascinating, puzzling, and surprising, Fluke is Christopher Moore at his outrageous best.
    Fluke: Or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings By Christopher Moore

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      154 Christopher Moore
    Fluke: Or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings

    One thought on “Fluke: Or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings

    1. Florence (Lefty) MacIntosh on said:

      Bite me I m disappointed Crazy for whales, a Moore fan and the main character s from where I live, seemed like a no brainer Well, not this time I like funny crude, this is the kind you catch 12 year olds snickering over A third in I gave up, not due to any maiden aunt sensibilities it was just lame Click spoiler for a taste if you re undecided, this was my enough point view spoiler Suddenly, out of the water on either side of them came two huge penises, the males searching for their mark, movin [...]

    2. Lyn on said:

      I have yet to read a book by Christopher Moore that I did not like, that failed to entertain and enlighten and to simply be a very enjoyable good read Fluke is no exception This is the story of a couple of marine biologists who have spent decades studying humpback whales and who really just want to know why they sing From here we get taken on another Christopher Moore ride that is as hilarious and mind bending as the last Is he the American Neil Gaiman I like them both and can see the similariti [...]

    3. Marvin on said:

      After completing Fluke, I started to envision this fantasy scenario on how the novel came to beBook Publisher Thank you for coming in today, Mr Moore I wanted to discuss the manuscript you sent us.Christopher Moore Yes, of course The Song Cycles and Migratory Habits of Whales Did you like it BP Well, liking it isn t really the point It s about whales And BP No I meanIt s really about whales It s non fiction Unfunny non fiction But that s my point Everybody expects me to be funny all the time I m [...]

    4. Amanda on said:

      Soooo, it took me about 43 years to read this book And upon thinking for a while and discissing it with Christina for a while I ve come to the conclusion that my opinion is based on a two fold rubric Can rubrics have folds AnywayPoint 1 Character Development The character development in this book sucked balls And not in the good way, either Point 2 Plot.The plot was fuckin awesome Except for the fact that it didn t start until a third of the way into the book But whatev It s still a clever story [...]

    5. Omar on said:

      I love Christopher Moore this is my fifth book of his, but this one fell short for me The story is of a scientist who studies whales and their songs He has worked many many years in the field and when he sees the words BITE ME on the tail of one of his whales he is determined to find out how it is even possible Things are further complicated when the town crazy informs him that the whale he saw called her and asked her to tell him to come visit the whale and bring a pastrami on rye sandwich Ther [...]

    6. Armand on said:

      People swear by this guy, in a devotional sort of way I was excited to try one of his novels, and frankly, I m usually a sucker for otherwise human stories with some elements of the unexplained see Tom Robbins, Magnolia , or Lost Moore s Fluke started out as no exception I was engaged by the characters, laughed out loud a few times, and was hooked into these mysterious events and the promise of something larger The insertion of scientific fact mostly marine biology and humpback whales and myster [...]

    7. Yael on said:

      So far, I haven t met a book by Christopher Moore that I ve disliked Or even merely had a lukewarm feeling for Fluke is no exception I mean, how can you not like a writer who produces such lines as A centipede the size of a Pontiac had once lived in the bottom right corner of the trunk but had long since moved on once he realized that no one was ever going to bother him, so he could stand up on his hind hundred feet, hiss like a pissed cat, and deliver a deadly bite to a naked foot Moore writes [...]

    8. DJ Harris on said:

      Christopher Moore does it again Fluke Or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings by Christopher Moore is a very enjoyable read I have enjoyed every Christopher Moore book that I ve read I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book.

    9. Mikah on said:

      This is the first book I have read by Christopher Moore, and I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed it It is about Nate Quinn, a biologist who is studying humpback whales trying to figure out the meaning of their song Odd things start to happen, though, like finding a whale with Bite Me painted on its tale and somebody breaking in and trashing his lab While trying to figure out who would want to sabotage his research he starts to question how much anybody could even care about the work he [...]

    10. Mauoijenn ~ *Mouthy Jenn* ~ on said:

      Good book.Some laugh or loud moments.Not one of his best though.

    11. Steve on said:

      5 OoksDo you like mysteries Do you like to laugh Have you ever wondered why whales sing Did you ever wish you lived in Hawaii Did you ever wish you could see one of those white boy poser Rastafarians get a bit of a stomping Hey now, don t be a haterMoore evokes beach people and the islands in this fun and fast moving tale It s filled with his usual wit and wacky, but lovable characters, and leavened with a bit of a message but, not preachy.This is a book that will draw you in and leave you wanti [...]

    12. Kogiopsis on said:

      I ve been putting off reading Fluke It was recommended to me by one of my uncles, who meant well but whose method of recommendation was to spoil almost every major plot point and who then sent me a copy as a high school graduation gift Knowing a little something about Christopher Moore s brand of humor, I didn t make it a priority, the end result of which is that than five years went by between when he sent it to me and when I finally opened it And while I regret putting it off for that long, b [...]

    13. Preeti on said:

      Why do humpback whales sing This is the basic theme behind the story contained in this book I picked it up because whales are one of my favorite animals, and I have always loved listening to their singing Also, I hadn t read a funny book in a while, and needed a break from the serious stuff.I have to say it It s a whale of a tale The book starts out fairly normal, but then, takes a turn into the land of the zany Really You will have no idea what hit you And that, truly, is the best part.It s a p [...]

    14. Andrea Gatti on said:

      Avendo letto quasi tutti i suoi libri, di Christopher Moore ormai ho due scaffali distinti Lo scaffale wow e lo scaffale poteva essere wow.Questo libro lo colloco nello scaffale rullo di tamburi Wow Un idea balzana, come sempre, ma cotta a puntino.Non so perch , ma stavo lasciando questo libro per ultimo penultimo, alla fine, mi manca ancora The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove , m ispirava non troppissimo, e per giunta avevo visto per sbaglio la copertina della versione inglese, dove rappresentav [...]

    15. Jenniet Galvan on said:

      I like reading books by Christopher Moore because they make me laugh out loud And I like to laugh out loud I also like them because they are generally pretty irreverent and I like irreverent For a short time I thought I was going to be a scientist and majored in Biology so the whole science angle was appealing to me and who doesn t like whales Not to mention I have an irrepressible fascination with anything to do with the sea, making this book an automatic winner unless I was just bored out of m [...]

    16. Heatherarleney on said:

      The story starts with marine biologist Nate Quinn studying humpback whales when, all of a sudden, he sees one with Bite me written across its tail, which jump starts a whole series of increasingly odd events until things take a turn for the science fictional.It s this turn that seems to bother people in other reviews I ve read, but I thought it was intriguing, and Moore deserves credit for describing these otherworldly elements as quickly and effectively as he does Worldbuilding can easily weigh [...]

    17. Megan on said:

      This is the second Christopher Moore book I ve read, but it was certainly enough to get a handle on his typical plot line Random guy gets involved in a strange situation he can t understand that relates to some type of odd deity, he falls for a very attractive girl who is involved in the weirdness, after very silly plot twists the couple find a way to ride off into the sunset together While this type of explanation would usually put me off reading of his books, his writing is done so well and t [...]

    18. Daniela on said:

      Christopher Moore is brilliant He is so smart, it s insane and this book is proof of that The fact that he can take a well researched topic and turn it into this bizarre and magical adventure is pretty amazing Honestly, I picked up this book so as to get that one out of the way as the plot didn t really interest me Boy, was I wrong The story is super bizarre but it s highy enjoyable and the characters are really well developed which so far seems to be a constant with this author and possibly the [...]

    19. Libby on said:

      Nate wouldn t have been surprised if he d walked in on a team of squirrels building a toaster oven a quote worth repeating.I m giving this one 5 stars because it was simply a delightful read from beginning to end Christopher Moore tackles the scientific mystery of whale song in his own unique way This book is wildly creative and funny while being surprisingly well researched It appears that Mr Moore spent a fair amount of time with biologists and whale researchers in Hawaii preparing to write t [...]

    20. David on said:

      I liked Lamb so much that I immediately purchased another Christopher Moore novel to start reading I will admit that this one was quite a bit bizarre, but I enjoyed it just as much There was a lot of interesting facts about whales and biology thrown in so seamlessly that before you realized it, you had learned something Further, there were many parts of this story that were laugh out loud funny and, like Lamb, I found it hard to put it down once I started I found Christopher Moore to be capable [...]

    21. Lorelei on said:

      Whale research gone weird I have read or listened to this book so many times I can t count them, and I still find it an entertaining and delightful read I honestly don t know why this book never palls as so many other favourites have over the years, maybe someone can come up with a good theory In any event, I was having a bad patch and decided to go through it all the way and in order again, and it was another wonderful ride I ve no idea if anyone else would likes it as much as I do, but I would [...]

    22. Eric on said:

      About a third of the way through Fluke, I was sure I knew what was going on view spoiler The military had to be testing out some sort of mechanical whale submarines in the waters off Maui hide spoiler Wow, was I wrong Very, very wrong I did not see where this was going at all but man did I love the ride, and the cast of characters I took it with An excellent blend of humor, science, environmentalism, science fiction, and adventure.

    23. Audrey on said:

      A ROMP A ridiculous wild scientifically plausible romp of a book that made me laugh so hard my partner came to check on me Repeatedly.There s some suspension of disbelief necessary, but it s the good and fun kind And while the pace takes a little nap between pages 200 300, it picks back up again in a heartfelt Carol Channing dressed like a sea lion kind of way And could you turn your back on such a sight No you could not.

    24. Chris on said:

      I m not sure if I should give this book two or three stars The characters were a little flat, the tone could get a little preachy, and I m left thinking the book isn t quite as clever as the author thinks it is I did finish it however, and I didn t want to stop reading it in the sense of a did not finish book I also enjoyed the whole conversation about memes and genes At the very least, the book has made me want to try another Moore book at some point.

    25. Antonio on said:

      Libro divertido y delirante Buena opci n para adentrarse en el mundo de Christopher Moore, supongo Es el primero que leo de l, pero tengo ganas de leer m s sus libros.

    26. Jamie Collins on said:

      This was a fun read Wacky fiction isn t my usual thing, but I enjoyed Moore s sense of humor and his writing style, and I ll look for of his books.

    27. Stephanie on said:

      I would divide this book into two parts the first mostly believable, scientific part which takes place in Hawaii, and the second being overly fluid with strange half baked notions of bioscience meets magic which takes place largely underwater Not sure exactly what I expected of it, but it wasn t this This is the first book I ve read of Christopher Moore oh wait, no, he also wroteThe Stupidest Angel A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror, which I didn t like much This one wasn t too much better [...]

    28. Melanie Page on said:

      This is my 4th Moore book I ve read Lamb, Fool, and The Serpent of Venice so I m used to the snarky humor and little quips that enters via the narrator In Fluke, I especially like when the narrator tells us something doofy a characters is thinking, and then the character says it aloud That tickled me every time apparently it s a humor button somewhere in my brain that loves to be pushed.Right off the bat, there are a lot of characters, and it s not always clear who they are or what they do There [...]

    29. Megan on said:

      Fluke Or, I Know Why the Winged Wale Sings was pretty good Eventually Once I got into it Christopher Moore is hard to review He strikes me as of a comedian than an author As such, if he keeps me entertained and makes me laugh out loud, I consider his book to be a success Fluke is a typical Christopher Moore story in that it involves a group of wacky people working together in a preposterous situation The whale and conservation info presented here was cool And chapter eighteen wins best chapter [...]

    30. Booksthailand on said:

      Christopher Moore writes funny books His recent titles have been likened to the novels of Terry Pratchett but perhaps better comparisons can be drawn with Carl Hiassen and Douglas Adams His novels have dealt with demons, Jesus best pal, bloodsucking fiends, death and sequined love nuns amongst other improbable subject matter Clearly this is an author in no danger of taking himself too seriously.Fluke is all about Whales, kind of It is also about half whale half human beasts, strange undersea rea [...]

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