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Taiko: An Epic Novel of War and Glory in Feudal Japan

Taiko: An Epic Novel of War and Glory in Feudal Japan By Eiji Yoshikawa William Scott Wilson Taiko An Epic Novel of War and Glory in Feudal Japan In the tempestuous closing decades of the sixteenth century the Empire of Japan writhes in chaos as the shogunate crumbles and rival warlords battle for supremacy Warrior monks in their armed citadel

  • Title: Taiko: An Epic Novel of War and Glory in Feudal Japan
  • Author: Eiji Yoshikawa William Scott Wilson
  • ISBN: 9784770026095
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Taiko: An Epic Novel of War and Glory in Feudal Japan By Eiji Yoshikawa William Scott Wilson In the tempestuous closing decades of the sixteenth century, the Empire of Japan writhes in chaos as the shogunate crumbles and rival warlords battle for supremacy Warrior monks in their armed citadels block the road to the capital castles are destroyed, villages plundered, fields put to the torch.Amid this devastation, three men dream of uniting the nation At one extreIn the tempestuous closing decades of the sixteenth century, the Empire of Japan writhes in chaos as the shogunate crumbles and rival warlords battle for supremacy Warrior monks in their armed citadels block the road to the capital castles are destroyed, villages plundered, fields put to the torch.Amid this devastation, three men dream of uniting the nation At one extreme is the charismatic but brutal Nobunaga, whose ruthless ambition crushes all before him At the opposite pole is the cold, deliberate Ieyasu, wise in counsel, brave in battle, mature beyond his years But the keystone of this triumvirate is the most memorable of all, Hideyoshi, who rises from the menial post of sandal bearer to become Taiko absolute ruler of Japan in the Emperor s name.When Nobunaga emerges from obscurity by destroying an army ten times the size of his own, he allies himself with Ieyasu, whose province is weak, but whose canniness and loyalty make him invaluable Yet it is the scrawny, monkey faced Hideyoshi brash, impulsive, and utterly fearless who becomes the unlikely savior of this ravaged land Born the son of a farmer, he takes on the world with nothing but his bare hands and his wits, turning doubters into loyal servants, rivals into faithful friends, and enemies into allies In all this he uses a piercing insight into human nature that unlocks castle gates, opens men s minds, and captures women s hearts For Hideyoshi s
    Taiko: An Epic Novel of War and Glory in Feudal Japan By Eiji Yoshikawa William Scott Wilson

    • [PDF] Taiko: An Epic Novel of War and Glory in Feudal Japan | by é Eiji Yoshikawa William Scott Wilson
      126 Eiji Yoshikawa William Scott Wilson
    Taiko: An Epic Novel of War and Glory in Feudal Japan

    One thought on “Taiko: An Epic Novel of War and Glory in Feudal Japan

    1. Philipp on said:

      You know there used to be this thing in Japan called the Sengoku period which was basically civil war all over the place, the Shogun was kind of a loser and every lord of any clan tried to become the leader of Japan.This book is a fictionalized account of the life of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the guy who finally united the country, first under Oda Nobunaga and later on by himself Because that life was long and complicated the book is with 944 pages big enough to kill a cat, there s enough Japanese nam [...]

    2. Farhan Sani on said:

      Based on true story of Hideyoshi, the taiko, the ruler of japan on behalf of the emperor at feudal era.A fascinating story about a person who struggles from zero to hero, and yet still very human which his strengths and weaknesses.This book, together with Musashi , indeed made me, until now, eager to learn anything related with japan its culture, spirit, people, way of life, language.hing Not mentioning that currently I am working in a japanese company

    3. Dhieta on said:

      Novel ini mengambil seting Jepang zaman dahulu ketika keshogunan dalam masa kritis dan peperangan perebutan kekuasaan terjadi di mana mana Cerita dimulai dari tahun Temmon kelima, 1536, yaitu masa ketika Kinoshita Hiyoshi menjalani masa kanak kanaknya yang berat Setelah ayahnya meninggal, ibu Hiyoshi menikah dengan Chikuami Hubungan Hiyoshi dengan ayah tiri yang memanggilnya Saru ini tidak baik, sehingga Hiyoshi dikirim ke kuil untuk belajar, namun dipulangkan karena berbuat kenakalan Akhirnya H [...]

    4. Bryan on said:

      Great Story Somewhat Difficult Read This is a story of feudal Japan and unification of the clannish and war torn country by a once poor, downtrodden commoner who became Taiko supreme ruler through a series of battles and diplomatic strategies The story is captivating and the subject matter is rich with possibility However, there are two main shortcomings with the novel that I believe detract from what could have been a five star effort 1 The virtual avalanche of Japanese names, for both places a [...]

    5. Sean on said:

      Taiko is an epic prepare for a long, long 1,000 page journey.If you ve got a serious interest in Sengoku period Japan, this book is essential it walks you through the life of a samurai in many ways the most successful samurai ever and gives you a front row ticket to the great battles of the period For me, it pieced a lot of random knowledge together into a refreshingly coherent narrative.It is also an incredible human novel Hideyoshi was not a macho warrior what made him a great general was amic [...]

    6. cindy on said:

      tarik napas lega saat menutup cover hc nya akhirnya selesai juga Yoshikawa sensei memilih untuk menuntaskan kisah ini saat Hideyoshi mencapai puncak kekuasaannya sebagai Kampaku Bukan saat ia mengkhianati Hidegutsu Bukan saat ia terkalahkan dalam penyerangan terhadap Korea Bukan pula saat Perang Sekigahara Dan untuk itu, aku bersyukur dan rela memberikan bintang 5 penuh kepadanya Buku Taiko ini benar benar novel tentang kemenangan Hideyoshi Review lengkap ada di readbetweenpages.

    7. nanto on said:

      Saya dulu pernah membaca beberapa jilid novel Musashi Waktu itu bacanya karena tukar pinjam sama seorang teman Saya punya novel silat lokal, Wiro Sableng, dia punya novel fiksi sejarah dari Jepun itu Terakhir kemaren dapat lemparan buku dari Andri Buku The Swordless Samurai yang bercerita mengenai sosok Hideyoshi Lalu, saat Kopdar di Rawamangung kemarin, saya berbincang bincang dengan Haikal mengenai buku The Swordless Samurai itu Di situ saya mengungkapkan kelebihan dan kekurangan buku The Swor [...]

    8. Rick on said:

      Eiji Yoshikawa s historical novel TAIKO chronicles the life of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the 16th century unifier of Japan.Of humble origins, Hideyoshi found a way to attach himself to the court of the powerful Oda Nobunaga Starting in the most menial positions, the brilliant, energetic and ambitious Hideyoshi excelled at every task and gradually worked his way up to become Nobunaga s top general After Nobunaga s death, he succeeded in unifying Japan, completing the task Nobunaga had started.The novel [...]

    9. Guguk on said:

      Buku yang kayak kue bolu bikinan Ibu sangat memuaskan Penggambaran berbagai adegan perang, perasaan orang orang yang terlibat di dalamnya putus asa, marah, takut, keberanian dan pengorbanan, setia sampai akhir semua perasaan itu bisa dirasakan pula oleh pembaca, saking keren dan jeniusnya Yoshikawa sensei menjalin kata kata dan cerita d Ini juga ga lepas dari jasa penerjemah, yang kuanggap sebagai Penerjemah Super d d Kata katanya terasa mengalun, puitis tanpa menjadi sok sokan berpuisi pokoknya [...]

    10. Isnaini Nuri on said:

      Whuahhh,,,hilang semua review gara2 inet ngerror Padahal udah nulis panjang bangettttt T,TJadi singkat ajah lah.ana jika seekor burung berkicau Nobunaga menjawab Bunuh saja Hideyoshi menjawab Buat burung itu ingin berkicau Ieyasu menjawab Tunggu dari jawaban ketiga orang tersebut terlihat bagaimana sifat ketiga tokoh besar zaman keshogunan Jepang tersebut.Oda Nobunaga, sang penguasa Oda, brutal, gegabah, tegasDalam menjalankan strategi militer dia mengandalkan keberaniannya Tanpa pikir panjang d [...]

    11. Max Fallon on said:

      It took me over a year to read this epic Partly because I was busy and partly because there were a few parts of the story that were a struggle to get through However the main reason it took so long is that I didn t want it to end.This is probably a novel for the Japanese history buff, or the samurai nerd, however, like other Eji Yoshikawa novels like Musashi, there is a lot of practical wisdom in there, particularly for those interested in long range strategy.This is the story of the rise and r [...]

    12. Kevin on said:

      Taiko is a story set in the middle of the 16th century as the Ashikaga shogunate crumbled As a consequence Japan came to resemble a huge battlefield as rival warlords vied for dominance Three very different men emerged seeking to control and unify Japan Those men were the brutal, rash, and charismatic Oda Nobunaga the cunning Toyotomi Hideyoshi and the patient Tokugawa Ieyasu Their divergent leadership styles are eloquently expressed in the answers to this question presented at the beginning of [...]

    13. Peter Tieryas on said:

      This book is simply amazing I ll try to write a longer review later, but I was riveted from page 1 Hideyoshi is such a fascinating protagonist, unlike any of the samurai of his time, which is part of why I love this so much.

    14. Daniel Swenson on said:

      Good book on a historic period of feudal strife in Japan I wasn t sure I d finish all 926 pages, but I did I agree with those who say the names are a challenge, the main character s name changing twice as a good example It s somewhat repetitive with one campaign following the next, one castle being taken after another, etc That being said, the various subordinate characters are interesting, and throughout, the book conveys a strong sense of what it must have been like to live in Japan during tha [...]

    15. Viktor on said:

      Hideyoshi aka Taiko is the boss That s all you need to know and you should have a good memory for names and places.

    16. Pratik Dash on said:

      In mid 16th century Japan, the Emperor rules by tradition, the shogun rules by law but the true master of the realm is Chaos This tumultuous and violent epoch of Japanese history is known the Sengoku Jidai the Warring States period The zeitgeist of this era can be encapsulated by the Japanese phrase Hana wa sakuragi, hito wa bushi which means, as among flowers the sakura cherry blossom is foremost, similarly, among men the warrior is considered the best Lacking any real centralized authority, th [...]

    17. David S on said:

      As suggested in the title, this is a truly epic tale of the life of Toyotomi Hideyoshi and the era of civil war in 16th century Japan in which he was a prominent player Much as with Yoshikawa s novel on Musashi, the author breathes life into the historical figures that he portrays in the book The character of Hideyoshi is very likable, though not without his faults Hideyoshi has a charming ability to bend and break the rules of social convention to his advantage and extricate himself from imposs [...]

    18. John on said:

      An excellent historical novel of the Sengoku period of Japanese history The book centers around the life story of Hideyoshi aka Taiko , the second of the three great unifiers of Japan, the first being Oda Nobunaga and the third Ieyasu Tokugawa.The story begins with Hideyoshi as a young child, and ends with him at the age of 50 as he has overcome the last great obstacle between him and his rule of Japan Interestingly, it does not cover the dozen years of his rule that followed, except to summariz [...]

    19. Lisamaria on said:

      It is definitely a major work, one can imagine how hard it was for Yoshikawa to try to piece the past together, and make up lines beyond history One can imagine that the real history is somewhat like that, but I believe one would be gravely mistaken to take this AS history Sometimes people forget There are many aspects that should have been expounded , but not i believe it is important for readers to feel what the harsh realities of a samurai soldier life is, and the power politics among the vas [...]

    20. Matthew on said:

      This was a surprisingly approachable historical novel for a 1200 page century old novel that includes over 100 figures from the Sengoku Period of feudal Japan I came in knowing a fair amount about the period, knowing the major figures like Nobunaga, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Hideyoshi, Nene, etc Characters were easy to remember and manage near the beginning of the novel, but at some points I forgot the allegiances of some of the minor characters that popped up But compared to something like Romance of th [...]

    21. kagami on said:

      To me Taiko was a slow, boring read, not at all helped by the poor editing of the English version I encountered I lost count of how many battles it describes in great detail but not with historic accuracy so if you want to read about how Eiji Yoshikawa imagined battles of the sengoku period, then by all means you will enjoy this book The poor editing to which I refer often made me struggle to follow the logic of the narration and annoyed me with numerous contradictions The story is so monotonous [...]

    22. Frank on said:

      As its title says, Taiko is a truly epic novel about the life of Toyotomi Hideyoshi who went from what is basically the peasant version of a samurai to regent of Japan The book starts with his childhood and follows his quest to become a proper samurai in a rather humorous way After he joins the Oda clan, the focus shifts to the bigger theatre and affairs of state until his victory over Tokugawa Ieyasu who later started the Tokugawa Shogunate which lasted until the 19th century The epilogue is ra [...]

    23. Bea on said:

      as a fan of Japanese culture and Japanese martial arts, this book was clear choice as soon as i knew about it it couldn t be bad maybe, but as skeptic i read first page before i really decide if i m going to continue or not already first page caught me and never let me go it s awesome book explaining why samurai era was that short, but still deserves that much respect i think anybody can read and like this book, not only persons like me, interested in martial arts or Japanese culture.what i didn [...]

    24. George on said:

      An absolute must read for anyone who want to see Sun Tzu s Art Of War in practice.This book gives an accurate picture of the waring period of japan, when provincial warlords vied for the title of shogun The book follows the struggle of Hideyoshi in his attempt to become a samurai of worth, which he achieves and then some Although a book about about Hideyoshi it also delves into the lives of the other warlords, notibly the the great Oda Nobunaga who had a reputation for both ruthlessness and reck [...]

    25. Martha Sockel on said:

      As shown by Musashi, Yoshikawa Eiji was one of the best loved writers in Japan.Hideyoshi is a plucky warrior that the reader can t help but root for as he seems to be the only man capable of carrying the fantastic task of unifying Sengoku Japan The book, like Yoshikawa s, other works pushes all the right buttons Hideyoshi is always keener, smarter and less prey to emotional breakdown than other characters The purported various romances promised on the dust jacket never come true Herein lies the [...]

    26. Helena rintha sari on said:

      Buku ini bener bener mengajarkan tentang seni kepemimpinan yang sangat hebat Antara lain bagaimana mengubah musuh jadi teman dan kerendahan hati yang dapat menghindarkan sebuah pertempuran yang hebat.Perbandingan ketiga pemimpin dalam cerita ini pun memberi cermin tersendiri bagi masing masing pembacanya, pembaca dibebaskan untuk menginterprestasikan sendiri siapa pemimpin yang paling baik sesuai karakter pembaca masing masing Walaupun pemimpin bernama Hideyoshi lebih ditonjolkan didalam cerita [...]

    27. Victor Bruneski on said:

      Everything that can be done right, is done in this book Which is pretty amazing considering it is translated from Japanese It s about Hideyoshi, a person from humble origins This is first and foremost a Historical Fiction, but it is then that The novel is very inspirational Hideyoshi is like the Rudy Ruettiger of Shoguns It had a feel good thing going on, even if it was about civil war in Japan.The battles and politics of Sengoku Japan are well played out here If you are a fan of Japan, Japanes [...]

    28. Rebecca Huston on said:

      I really enjoyed this one, despite the fact that it is very long than a thousand pages on my Nook This crafts the story of Hiyoshi, a man who came from poverty and low status to become the most powerful man in sixteenth century Japan Told from Hiyoshi s view, we see how he used his quick wits and ability to learn to overcome early failures, and his relationships with Oda Nobunaga and Tokugawa Ieyasu make for fascinating reading If you like smart storytelling and exotic locales, this is worth th [...]

    29. Sharika on said:

      What i love about this book that it s based on true story, a story about a young very naughty peasant that dreams to be somebody famous Turns out from his hard work and his smart ideas he reached to the top and became one of the greatest ruler of Japan This book shows that everything starts from a dream and we can be whoever we want to be as long as we work hard starting from the bottom and be smart, but also be tactful.

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