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Sparrow By Sarah Moon Sparrow Sparrow has always had a difficult time making friends She would always rather have stayed home on the weekends with her mother an affluent IT Executive at a Brooklyn bank reading or watching the b

  • Title: Sparrow
  • Author: Sarah Moon
  • ISBN: 9781338032
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sparrow By Sarah Moon Sparrow has always had a difficult time making friends She would always rather have stayed home on the weekends with her mother, an affluent IT Executive at a Brooklyn bank, reading, or watching the birds, than playing with other kids And that s made school a lonely experience for her It s made LIFE a lonely experience.But when the one teacher who really understood herSparrow has always had a difficult time making friends She would always rather have stayed home on the weekends with her mother, an affluent IT Executive at a Brooklyn bank, reading, or watching the birds, than playing with other kids And that s made school a lonely experience for her It s made LIFE a lonely experience.But when the one teacher who really understood her Mrs Wexler, the school librarian, a woman who let her eat her lunch in the library office rather than hide in a bathroom stall, a woman who shared her passion for novels and knew just the ones she d love is killed in a freak car accident, Sparrow s world unravels and she s found on the roof of her school in an apparent suicide attempt.With the help of an insightful therapist, Sparrow finally reveals the truth of her inner life And it s here that she discovers an outlet in Rock Roll music
    Sparrow By Sarah Moon

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      272 Sarah Moon

    One thought on “Sparrow

    1. Danielle on said:

      That s when I saw them, a handful of kids scattered around the library on rugs, lying in pairs or off in a corner by themselves on a mat, piles of books beside them It was the first time I ever wanted to join anything I keep waiting to feel ready to get up, and then it hits me I m not going to be ready I m going to have to do this without being ready.

    2. Suzi Evelyn on said:

      MY Summary of the book SPARROW was found on the ledge of the roof of her school She says she wasn t going to kill herself, but then what was she going to do She won t say After being released from the hospital and as she is forced to go to school again, she tries to repeat what she tried to do on the roof she s been doing it for years But it isn t suicide No, it s a way to escape middle school and the terribleness that comes with being excruciatingly shy and a total bookworm.Sparrow is such a wo [...]

    3. Kathy Mathey on said:

      This is an important book introspective, courageous, and timely.

    4. Amber on said:

      Thanks to the kidlitexchange network for the free review copy of his book all opinions are my own.I have a soft spot for Sparrow My heart broke for her while reading this book I think it s going to resonate with a lot of readers She finds herself stuck in a space where she doesn t feel that she s understood, so she shuts down Her actions are repeatedly confused as meaning something other than what she intends, and she seems to be caught in a cycle She can t seem to express her feelings in a way [...]

    5. Elise (TheBookishActress) on said:

      I might actually put this on hold soon because I am so not in the mood for dark contemporary, but if you re in the mood for dark contemporary that s vaguely middle grade YA, please pick this up I m 60 pages in and it s quite well done.

    6. Jamie Archer on said:

      Beautiful cover for a beautiful story.Warning it starts out slow and you re not sure you re going to get out of Sparrow s funk But ultimately, this is a beautiful story of a young girl s navigation from fear and walling up to life.

    7. Samantha Lizzio on said:

      This book is a beautiful debut I felt Sparrows pain throughout the pages and I could definitely tell the author cares so much for her main character and may have had similar experiences as Sparrow I enjoyed reading through Sparrow s therapy sessions I felt Sarah captured what it s like to begin going to weekly talk therapy sessions especially when you ve just started to feel like your mind needs a little help.As someone with a mental illness, I am pleased authors are having the courage to write [...]

    8. Read InAGarden on said:

      Sparrow is the quiet, shy kid we all know Instead of being present for the cutting remarks of classmates, she imagines that she flies away with birds After being labeled as a suicide risk, Sparrow must learn how to navigate her social anxiety without escaping reality An introspective and well written book.

    9. Booklo on said:

      How s your reading year going Or your typical life in general This is where I want to be Not up, not down, but right here where my feet are pg.264 Sparrow is an 8th grade student who was on top of the roof No one believed what she did Sparrow is struggling with social anxiety and there s a reason to the problem She was flying away This was all a secret until she had to go meet a therapist, Dr.Katz In the meanwhile, she had school problems All Sparrow wanted to do is to fly away from everything B [...]

    10. Andre on said:

      Sparrow won t talk about why she was on the roof, leaving everyone to assume she was attempting suicide, although this turns out not be a suicide attempt, it was a maddening way to start a YA novel I was initially very frustrated with fourteen year old Sparrow But as the book unfolds and her profile became flushed out she becomes a empathetic character The author is patient as she delves into Sparrow, slowly building the personality of Sparrow so readers are not screaming into the book for Spar [...]

    11. Sandy on said:

      This was an emotional read for me I wasn t expecting his novel to pull me and move me like it did.The story begins with fourteen year old Sparrow in a psych hospital ward Sparrow claims that it wasn t suicide that led her to the ledge on the school s roof but she won t tell anyone what she was doing there It isn t until she is deep into her therapy sessions that she starts to open up about what is really going on in her life Sparrow has only been going to this school for a few years and literall [...]

    12. Becky on said:

      A good bridge between middle grade and YA Sparrow s journey is guided throughout by therapy, and it s portrayed in a very positive light The book is divided into 3 parts, and the third part, where she goes to a sleepaway rock camp, threw my reading groove for a while because it was a bit unexpected I really enjoyed how the book references books and songs straight forwardly I hate when books pussyfoot around naming something by referencing lyrics or hinting around at plot lines or whatever The bo [...]

    13. Michelle on said:

      Amazing Gorgeous Painful Wonderful debut Only reason it wasn t 5 stars was because the music camp was a little deus ex machina for me a little too convenient But otherwise absolutely stellar The narration and the characters were incredibly good Including one of the best fictional therapists ever I fell in love with Sparrow immediately and felt a strong connection to her 15 year old angst Hope Moon writes I ll be first in line Turns out she s the author Amy Bloom s daughter Thanks to the ALA ann [...]

    14. Lydia on said:

      It me.Ok, not totally, but every time Sparrow explains why she can t talk, or tell her mom or therapist something, it resonated with me What a great book What a brave book.

    15. Samantha on said:

      Wow, I loved this book I mostly listen to audio books because I can read them faster, but this isn t available in that format I still read book books, they just take me forever Not this one, I read it in three nights I had such a hard time putting it down There are so many aspects to this story and they are so beautifully woven together Sparrow has never really had a friend, just her books and the birds that she flies with After a big loss she folds into herself so completely that she is hospita [...]

    16. Kelsey! on said:

      Again, I went into this one thinking I would love it I need to stop doing this to myself and, upon finishing the book, found myself wholly underwhelmed The overall impression the novel gave me was almost cut and paste, a jumble of plot points that were tangentially related but without a specific goal in mind.The story we re introduced to, both from the blurb and the beginning pages, is that of a girl grieving the loss of someone important to her Her behavior, seemingly stemming from the grief, l [...]

    17. Allison on said:

      Music is something you listen to with your friends, not your therapist, but I don t have friends, and if I don t look at the tattooed woman in sneakers across from me, I can forget where I am and listen to the insistence and heart coming through the speakers If I m not careful, she s going to be able to see my toes tapping through my sneakers If I m not careful, I m going to dance I wander through the day wondering how I m going to say it During lunch, I trace my fingers along the words When the [...]

    18. Laura Winegar on said:

      I didn t know what to expect out of this book, but it was beautiful and inspiring It s hopeful and raw with so much in between I ve been thinking a lot about how I can provide novels that offer representation for all of my students, and this is definitely one I want on my classroom shelf It explores mental health and the importance of family and healing It looks at how past experiences shape our current selves and the truth in coming to acknowledge what affects us and how we can use those reflec [...]

    19. Stacie Boren on said:

      Thank you jennienaughton for sharing with kidlitexchange to read and review All opinions are my own Sparrow by Sarah Moon This was an emotionally full read There are moments of panic and relief and tears and laughter A young girl, Sparrow suffers from social anxiety and emotional trauma To watch her walk this path was an emotional roller coaster for me The book is a wonderful easy read and I finished it in one day Every page is charged with emotion Sparrow the young girl that only wanted to fly [...]

    20. Mackenzie on said:

      WARNING I m spoiling just about everything possible in this so if you ve even considered reading Sparrow for a second, do NOT read this review I really don t ask for much here Sparrow is a book about a young black girl named Sparrow unsurprisingly whose story is a journey of self discovery, connections, and just simply surviving AKA all that good stuff that you need in a teen novel The story starts with Sparrow waking up in a hospital and already, it is off to a quick and exciting start Personal [...]

    21. Chelsey on said:

      Though it s never named, Sparrow has severe social anxiety She s introverted, sensitive, and brilliant With the help of her therapist and Rock n Roll, Sparrow finds her wings I loved this book It s beautifully written, and it captures a real experience that many middle schoolers face I can t wait to hand this to my students, fellow teachers, and anyone interested in the mental health of today s teenagers Sparrow s journey is familiar and important.

    22. Amanie McGee on said:

      For starters I love the cover for this book so much It s beautiful and it s literally what had me picking up the book in the first The cover was beautiful and so was the writing It was so well done and pulled me in to the point where I finished the book in one sitting I connected so much with Sparrow and I m so glad to have read her story.Super big bonus was all the great artist and bands and of course books mentioned throughout the story

    23. Brett on said:

      This is the first uncorrected proof I won a copy of on , woohoo Thanks for selecting my name.Sparrow s story, particularly if you, like me, can relate to So Freaking Much of it, is not an easy read But it s a beautifully written, powerful, ultimately quietly hopeful read not in a storybook ending way, but in a true to life way It s been awhile since a teen book moved me to tears, but this one did If you re looking for something that feels like someone wrote a novel starring someone whose feeling [...]

    24. Nino on said:

      REVIEW ORIGINALLY POSTED ON ENCHANTED READERSTHIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERSThanks to for sending me a copy of this book This in no way affects my opinion of the book.Sparrow is a story about healing that will touch your heart.If being a 14 year old is difficult, imagine making friends when you actually rather be doing other stuff It was difficult for Sparrow to make friends so she buried herself at home with a book and watching the birds Personally, I don t mind staying home on the weekends re [...]

    25. Jenn Polish on said:

      I have a feeling this is going to get long, so the tl dr right away this is an absolutely spectacular book As someone with BPD, depression, and anxiety, this book it was so, so, so healing, not to mention an absolutely gorgeous piece of writing Please read and share widely Sarah Moon s YA debut makes me yearn to read everything else she will ever write Sparrow both the girl and the novel takes readers on an immensely raw, immensely empathetic journey that feels, at its core, deeply felt and deep [...]

    26. Mackenzie on said:

      I wish I was like a bird in the sky, how sweet it would be if I found I could fly I d soar to the sun and look down at the sea And I d sing cause I know how it feels to be free Sarah Moon Sparrow, written by Sarah Moon, is a heartfelt novel that expresses the hardship of overcoming mental illnesses Ever since Sparrow was a young girl, she battled with a handful of mental illnesses Like every young child beginning kindergarten, there are some bittersweet feelings being away from the parents For S [...]

    27. Brittany Craig on said:

      This book was so good that once I got into it I really could not stop Sparrow s growth over the novel is believable yet dramatic, especially when we jump time.This exploration of an 8th grader s anxiety and depression takes us back to middle school, where everything is the worst, and adds other layers Sparrow is a black girl who has never really had any friends other than the school librarian, who died The librarian representation was awesome she wasn t a shushing type, but the supportive, lovin [...]

    28. Barbara on said:

      Fourteen year old Sparrow Cooke suffers from an anxiety disorder that makes it hard for her to make friends or trust others The very few times she has taken a risk, the friend has disappeared or only wanted to be her friend in secret, leading her to become increasingly reticent After the unexpected death of Mrs Wexler, the librarian who started a group called Frequent Flyers for the avid readers in her school, Sparrow is even lost, and ends up on the roof in what looks to be a suicide attempt S [...]

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