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Mona Lisa Darkening

Mona Lisa Darkening By Sunny Mona Lisa Darkening On the vernal equinox Mona Lisa is taken against her will to NetherHell the cursed realm of the damned In this place she will be torn from both within and without by desire love and ecstasy And w

  • Title: Mona Lisa Darkening
  • Author: Sunny
  • ISBN: 9780425226476
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Mona Lisa Darkening By Sunny On the vernal equinox, Mona Lisa is taken against her will to NetherHell, the cursed realm of the damned In this place, she will be torn from both within and without by desire, love, and ecstasy And when her first love crosses the boundaries of the world to rescue her, she must choose her own destiny before others choose it for her.
    Mona Lisa Darkening By Sunny

    Mona Lisa Darkening A Novel of the Monere Book Mona Lisa Darkening is book four in the series A Novel of the Monere by author Sunny This tale of love is poignantly beautiful it s a finding of one s self and deciding to just stop running and let love be love. Mona Lisa Darkening Monere Children of the Jan , This feisty heroine is always finding herself in one jam or another Sunny s, MONA LISA DARKENING is another adventure in the never monotonous life of the mixed breed Queen of the Mon ere people The heroine Mona Lisa once again narrates Mona Lisa Darkening By Sunny published January Jan , This feisty heroine is always finding herself in one jam or another Sunny s, MONA LISA DARKENING is another adventure in the never monotonous life of the mixed breed Queen of the Mon ere people The heroine Mona Lisa once again narrates Mona Lisa Darkening Walmart Walmart Up to sh backSunny s Mona Lisa series is a fascinating, dark fantasy filled with otherworldly creatures that are quite a bit different from the usual paranormal fare Her world is based on the Monere, a society of moon descendants who bask in the moon s rays to sustain their life. Mona Lisa Darkening book by Sunny ThriftBooks Mona Lisa Darkening is an incredible book that will hook you into the fantastic universe that Sunny has created for the Monre and the rich characters that inhabit this wonderful landscape Do get yourself Mona Lisa Darkening as it is an action packed book that is bound to make you a fan of Sunny and the Children of the Moon series MONA LISA DARKENING by Sunny Fresh Fiction MONA LISA DARKENING by Sunny a Romance Erotica Sensual, Paranormal book ISBN ISBN with cover, excerpt, author notes, review link, and availability Buy a copy today Customer reviews Mona Lisa Darkening Monere This feisty heroine is always finding herself in one jam or another Sunny s, MONA LISA DARKENING is another adventure in the never monotonous life of the mixed breed Queen of the Mon ere people The heroine Mona Lisa once again narrates this electric new chapter in her life in the first person. Customer reviews Mona Lisa Darkening A Novel Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Mona Lisa Darkening A Novel of the Monere Book at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

    • [PDF] Mona Lisa Darkening | by è Sunny
      185 Sunny

    One thought on “Mona Lisa Darkening

    1. Julie (jjmachshev) on said:

      Sunny s Mona Lisa series is a fascinating, dark fantasy filled with otherworldly creatures that are quite a bit different from the usual paranormal fare Her world is based on the Monere, a society of moon descendants who bask in the moon s rays to sustain their life They are stronger, faster, and prettier than normal humansd many, if not most, are quite a bit crueler.Mona Lisa is drawn into NetherHell this time, and neither her status as Queen nor her Hell mate Halcyon can help her out of this o [...]

    2. Shannon on said:

      It s weird, I liked this one better than the last but I still can t rate it higher than a 2 The beginning was interesting but the end was incredibly disappointing and lame.Mona Lisa and her group are basking on the night of the Vernal Equinox and a dark light flashes across the moon Mona Lisa disappears and reawakens in NetherHell a separate realm worse than normal Hell Once in NetherHell, Mona Lisa is taken to a gargoyle warlord who becomes incredibly interested in her because he wants to have [...]

    3. Lisa Lap on said:

      I m disappointed with this chapter in Mona Lisa s life Ironically it wasn t that I couldn t believe that Mona Lisa would end up in netherhell thanks to Mona Louisa, I so easily could believe that the evil queen had managed to take of Mona Lisa s happiness away yet again No, my disappointment comes from the fact that the majority of this story didn t allow us to catch up with all the familiar characters we have come to love through this series The scenes with Amber, Halcyion, Gryphon and even he [...]

    4. I ♥ Bookie Nookie ( on said:

      Hmmmwhere did this book come from Did Sunny have a substitute writer for this installment OkI liked it but, meh It just didn t have the same feel as the first 3 It s like she didn t know where to go with the series, so she just took it out there like really, really out there to the NetherHell Anyhoo.I might have been generous with the stars If I hadn t been so inthralled with the series as a whole, I might have dropped it to 3 stars, but I am leaving it at 4 There is so much insanity going on in [...]

    5. Treece on said:

      I bought the first book in this series and didn t buy any For me, the series has always had something missing and a hit or miss quality Still, I do enjoy reading it b c there are some good solid areas and interesting characters This last book is a let down after Mona Lisa Craving I m hoping for the return of a character from book three, Dante He s one of the reasons I continue reading But hey, not everyone can be Anne Bishop and I don t expect them to either.There s a lot of interesting plot are [...]

    6. Quinn on said:

      Sunny took a completely different turn with her latest book in the Monere series, and, for me, it was a turn for the better.I must admit I was skeptical when I read that this book was to be set in Netherhell, but Sunny created quite a vivid setting and populated it with some of the most fascinating characters she has yet created I loved the gargoyles Also, this one was not driven by sex, and again, I found that to be an improvement I don t know how she does it I tell myself each time I read a bo [...]

    7. FlibBityFLooB on said:

      In truth, I don t think that this fourth book in the Monere Mona Lisa series fits into the series well at all For the first 100 pages of the book, I didn t feel like the storyline meshed with the previous books, and I frequently became distracted while reading.Also, I was a bit annoyed that the author kept skipping between first person and third person It felt abrubt and confusing at times.I didn t hate the book, but I was left feeling disappointed

    8. Cindyg on said:

      This was another great readI love this seriesMona Lisa s life challenges are so great and yet she remains true to herselfThe way this ended left me wondering if there was going to be another bookwhich I since have found out that it is indeed continuingank goodness because I really really love Mona Lisa s world I highly recommend this seriesfast paced with loads of actions, heart wretching moments and hot men.

    9. Rapid Reader on said:

      Love this series It s just too bad that the author has discontinued being a writer, so the series was left hanging I was rather upset that one of the male love interest got killed Good thing he didn t stay dead for long, though The last arch of the series was fantastic Note I read all 5 books in one go.

    10. Diandra Ambrosia Books on said:

      Reviews like this and can be found on Ambrosia Books Oh, Mona Lisa You were the love story of my early twenties I wanted nothing but to be like you Men who fought for your honor sexy men, at that , connection to the moon, sex for power That was the lifeAfter years hiatus of continuing this story, I finally picked this up and read it, so full of nostalgia I was shocked, utterly shocked at what I read I m so upset to say this and it truly brings tears to my eyes, but Mona Lisa.I am so so disappoi [...]

    11. Jennifer on said:

      Realistically, this gets a 2.5 from mee unfortunate requirement of rounding gives Sunny the advantage of a 3.0 on this one.I was disappointed on so many levels unfortunately The only thing holding this together for me was Sunny s writing style, although the Halcyon and Gryphon chapters were written in 3rd person omniscient which REALLY, REALLY bothered me to no end It was like putting on the brakes in the middle of raging rapids just bothered the holy heck out of me as a reader.Additionally, thi [...]

    12. Dhfan4life on said:

      Finally this series is starting to pick up some traction for me and get really good for me In this installment of the Monere series, our main character Mona Lisa is abducted into cursed realm known as Netherhell There she meets her first set of garagoyles and even learns that NetherHell is a place for truly bad individuals Such as the damned demons of the Monere world as well as human convicts, gang members, and even corporate fraud types as well Which is not all that surprising for Mona Lisa un [...]

    13. Jodie on said:

      This book literally has it all I was amazed at how Sunny managed to surprise me at every twist and turn of the pages It was non stop action, passion, and hot romance Mona Lisa, a mixed blood monere queen who has the ability to compell people against thier will, heal and totrure with just the palms of her hands from the goddess s tears , call weapons to her with her mind, and recently the ability to suck out someone else s life force Not to mention non human speed and strength Oh and she is immun [...]

    14. Natasha on said:

      Mona Lisa Darkening is the fourth book in the Mon re, Dark Fantasy, paranormal romance series When I first read Mona Lisa Awakening, I was shocked that I haven t heard of this series than I did I instantly loved it and found the characters very likable The characters are one of my favorite things about this series Halcyon is my favorite I love Gryphon and everyone else, but I still keep going back to Halcyon He s unique.The heroine, Mona Lisa is a mixed blood queen among the Mon re As children [...]

    15. Sammy Loves Books on said:

      The past two books in the Mona Lisa series ended on such sad notes that I decided to take a break and read other books that had a cheerful ending Well, that never happened I felt compelled to read Mona Lisa Darkening because even with it s not so happy parts, I have enjoyed the overall series immensely This book was a total surprise because all others have been written in first person from Mona Lisa s point of view For the first time we were able to glimpse other events that were taking place w [...]

    16. Selena on said:

      The Monere series by Sunny has always fascinated me The idea of a species of people who are ruled by their own queen and need the moon to survive was genius on Sunny s part And to add it onto that, this book is surely to please fans of later Laurell K Hamilton writing Mona Lisa is definately a girl who is not afraid to have than one lover.However, this book in particular fell short for me The initial plot was fascinating Mona Lisa, while basking in the light of the moon, is suddently grabbed by [...]

    17. Aimee on said:

      Mona Lisa is off on her craziest adventure yet She is somehow sucked into NetherHell While there, she must rely on an enemy hidden insider herself for her survival She rescues a gargoyle child, becomes coveted by a gargoyle king, and manages to make some allies in the most unlikely places This one also bounces back and forth between Mona Lisa s 1st person POV and 3rd person POV of Gryphon and Halcyon, who travel to NetherHell to rescue her She has some disturbing touching moments with the two of [...]

    18. Karissa on said:

      This is the fourth book in the Children of the Moon series by Sunny and it was actually my favorite of the series The setting was interesting than previous books and there was a lot action there wasn t as much sex and romance so people who really dig that may not like this book as well as some of the previous ones.The book starts out with Mona Lisa basking for her Monere Suddenly a black light comes out of the moon and Mona Lisa is taken somewhere else Strangely enough Mona Louise s personalit [...]

    19. Beth on said:

      This is the fourth book in the Mona Lisa series by Sunny and in this latest installment Mona Lisa finds herself in NetherHell a realm for the dammed Souls so far beyond saving for the evil they have committed that they cannot find a place in even hell Though this is not my favourite of the series so far I can honestly say I enjoyed it despite it s neat little ending Though I suspect that it is merely a starting point for another chapter in the series which I shall be looking forward to reading I [...]

    20. Goge (BARRONS) le Moning Maniac, on said:

      4.4 5 0 Wow this was good Interesting It brought a new depth to the Monere world It was slow paced though, I gotta say It would do well as a stand alone Because it was so rich, it didn t necessarily seem like a prior book introduced this one I liked it SPOILER ALERT This was Halcyon and Gryphon s book, well 3 4ths of it was JUST Mona Lisa, and that other Queen who I actually like nowX , which I found very very intriguing and awesome I hated missing the guys but she can certainly take care of her [...]

    21. Anita on said:

      This series has a major theme common with the two Laurell K Hamilton series a tough on the outside, loving on the inside magically powerful heroine and her relationships with many different men who are mostly cool with sharing her Ridiculous Absolutely Really interesting if you like complicated relationships, YES There s some interesting action and alternate realities thrown in too, which I like.Premise of this fourth installment in the series Mona Lisa gets accidentally sucked into NetherHell w [...]

    22. Noel on said:

      I enjoyed this volume, but I feel like it should have been split up into two separate books I wish that the events in Netherhell were extended to a longer period than the brief 24 hours I wanted to learn about those characters and the location There seemed to be much about them than the glimpse we were given With the continued perspective changes from first to third person, I would have also really enjoyed reading about the friendship between Halcyon and Gryphon and all of their experiences in [...]

    23. Steph on said:

      Hum, well, I wanted to find out what had happened to Gryphon, and I did But the rest There were parts that I really enjoyed and parts that bugged me, taking up precious space in the book instead of adding to the overall storyline IMHO Initially I thought, cool, Netherhell interesting, kinda spooky , then come on already was all I could think while pushing through the pages I did enjoy learning about the Gargoyles and thought parts of their storyline was interesting, but.Dunno, just missing some [...]

    24. Trang Nguyen on said:

      It took me about half the book Page 125 to finally get into the book In Sunny s, previous books the romance and the sex hit the pages within the first couple chapters However, in this book we find Mona Lisa is pulled from her realm and pulled into NetherHell, a place far worse than anyone could go in the after life She runs into people, exotica animals, and an interesting way of life She is finally saved by Halycon and Gryphon which I find there presence in this book was short lived She is retur [...]

    25. K on said:

      2.5 starsThis almost felt like reading two different books The first 2 3 of the book was okay but then it sort of wraps up and feels like the end of the book and the rest of the story seemed added on as an afterthought A new dilemma is presented to prolong the story enough to revisit past characters and to throw in some sex And when I say some sex , I mean as in Mona Lisa getting it on with 4 different men all within the last 1 3 of the book I guess she s making up for lost time And then in the [...]

    26. Cam on said:

      I must admit I haven t read this series since the first one and I wasn t all that impressed, I agree that the premise of the series seems a mish mash of Hamilton and Bishop but I liked Mona Lisa as a character so I picked this one up knowing I was missing a whole lot in between, I didn t mind If this is an example of how the other books after the first one are I ll pick them up, there wasn t an over abundance of sex and I enjoyed the plot I don t understand though, I heard this was the last in t [...]

    27. Laura on said:

      Erotic and sensual Sunny is able to put a fascinating spin on vampires, demons and other creatures I love how her charactors may start out rogues, almost to the point of being evil but somehow find redeeming qualities That they come from such low places where they put themselves above all else Then to risk it all for someone else even their most hated rival The ugly or strange into beauty The story is griping and flows easily In Netherhell Mona Lisa and Moan Louisa work together to survive findi [...]

    28. Stephie88 on said:

      In the conclusion of Mona Lisa s story, we have her taken to Netherhell via a blackness that falls upon her while she is Basking In Netherhell, Mona Louisa s essence in her is much stronger, enough so that they are able to shift back in forth between them, body and mind alike Together, they try and find a way out of Netherhell, and realize that although they are very different in personality, together they make a good team.I very much wanted there to be another book after this one, as the author [...]

    29. Di on said:

      There are definitely some elements of this series that I ve found to be rather derivative of others demon dead, matriarchal societies, vampirism, etc The reason why I still read on is entirely due to the main character She describes herself as sort of plain and flat chested in a race full of beautiful Queens Man, I can relate In this book, she has an experience of what life is like without her other supernatural powers, and for me that balances out the fact that she seems to be the romantic lode [...]

    30. Liz on said:

      I was anxious to get my hands on this book because I love the Monere series Mona Lisa has captured my attention from the very beginning Sunny has done an exellent job of creating characters that are memorable from the very first book I really enjoyed Mona Lisa s adventures and NetherHell is no excpetion The way Mona Lisa struggles with The Evil queen is really interesting because she struggles between hating her and dealing with the fact that she has become a part of her The Gargoyle s are inter [...]

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