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The Deepest Grave

The Deepest Grave By Harry Bingham The Deepest Grave None

  • Title: The Deepest Grave
  • Author: Harry Bingham
  • ISBN: 9781409152798
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Deepest Grave By Harry Bingham None
    The Deepest Grave By Harry Bingham

    The Deepest Grave Fiona Griffiths Crime Thriller Series Jun , The Deepest Grave is Harry Bingham s th in the Fiona Griffiths series I ve read them all and have been a big fan of Cardiff Wales police detective Fi But there was something missing in The Deepest Grave Fiona Griffiths , by Harry Bingham Jun , The Deepest Grave is a murder investigation that is told as a first person narrative, so your focus is all about Fiona I am a fan of first person narrative novels and Harry gives you the Deepest Grave, The A Medieval Noir mystery A In The Deepest Grave, author Jeri Westerson provides Crispin with two mysteries to solve The first involves a cemetery with strange lights and mysterious walking dead while the second involves the young son of a former lover Crispin s heart The Deepest Grave by Jeri Westerson The Deepest Grave is the th installment of the Crispin Guest medieval noir mystery series by Jeri Westerson, but it s the only one I ve read Degraded knight Crispin Guest has been banished from The Deepest Grave Crispin Guest Medieval Noir Series Jul , The Deepest Grave Crispin Guest Medieval Noir Series by Jeri Westerson, Paperback Barnes Noble Crispin Guest must tackle a number of strange occurrences involving The Deepest Grave A Fiona Griffiths Crime Thriller The Deepest Grave It s been than a year since Detective Sergeant Fiona Griffiths had any sort of murder to get stuck into when a local archaeologist is been found bloodily murdered Her head Customer reviews The Deepest Grave Fiona In essence, The Deepest Grave is so much fun You gotta love a book that starts out with an archeologist beheaded by her own sword The story takes off from there and I was totally surprised by The Deepest Grave A Medieval Noir mystery A Crispin In The Deepest Grave, author Jeri Westerson provides Crispin with two mysteries to solve The first involves a cemetery with strange lights and mysterious walking dead while the second involves the young son of a former lover Crispin s heart

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      327 Harry Bingham

    One thought on “The Deepest Grave

    1. Paromjit on said:

      This is the latest installment in the DS Fiona Griffiths series, one of the most unusual and compelling protagonists in crime fiction There are occasions in this novel where Fiona s actions and thoughts make me feel uncomfortable but I still think the world of her Based in Cardiff, Fi is mooching around, pondering on the fact that it has been 462 days since her last corpse, until she arrives at the scene of a body that has been beheaded The victim is archaeologist Dr Gaynor Charteris, and needle [...]

    2. Brenda on said:

      Where do I start with this book Fiona Griffiths I have loved this character from the first book She s headstrong, quirky, self aware, loyal She s a detective with good instincts She gets into dangerous situations with good intentions She has had a serious mental condition in the past To get her history, read this series from the beginning with Talking to the Dead.The men Fiona s boss, Dennis Jackson, regularly tells her she s a pain in the arse but he understands her Bleddyn Jones must supervise [...]

    3. Gary on said:

      This is the 6th book in the Fiona Griffiths series by author Harry Bingham I was given a short story a few months ago by the author as a taster for this series and was instantly drawn to the lead character Fiona Griffiths My opinion was that this character would make great reading and I was looking forward to reading a full length novel So when the opportunity came up to read one I was very excited to start it and I wasn t disappointed.DS Fiona Griffiths is certainly not boring and as a lot of o [...]

    4. Ingrid on said:

      I looked forward so much to reading this latest Fiona Griffiths, and now I ve finished itIt was as wonderful as all the other ones I loved the way the Arthurian legend was woven in It reminded me of the intense discussions I had with my English teacher whether Arthur had really existed or not when I was about 15.

    5. Sandy on said:

      Tons of reviews already so I ll just add that while this is not my favourite in the series, it s always good to spend time with Fiona Definitely one of the most original compelling characters in crime fiction I really enjoyed the historical angle loved the twist surprise info dropped at the end Bring on 7

    6. Kathy on said:

      Fiona bemoans the lack of corpses The figure is 453 eet beneath, there s similar figure, but in black biro, that says, 452 And so on, all the way back to one that reads 19 December 2014, Rhdwyn Lloyd RIP Four hundred and fifty three days since my last proper corpse But then she is called to a grisly scene of murder that involved a decapitation As usual, no one has bothered to bring a suit that is even remotely in my size, so I go flapping around like someone struggling free of a discarded parach [...]

    7. Heidi on said:

      I am so happy that I discovered the Fiona Griffiths series back in 2012, because I have been totally addicted to it ever since and it never disappoints Everyone who has read Bingham s books will know that Fiona is a very different character Having suffered from a mental illness in her teens, she still struggles to fit into society, or Planet Normal as Fiona calls it, and in times of stress her illness recurs in feelings of dissociation from her own body and a strange connection to her dead victi [...]

    8. Stephen Clynes on said:

      Follow Detective Sergeant Fiona Griffiths in her sixth novel working with the South Wales Police from Cardiff This book can be read as a standalone, which was good as I have not read any of Harry s other books The Deepest Grave is a murder investigation that is told as a first person narrative, so your focus is all about Fiona.I am a fan of first person narrative novels and Harry gives you the personality of Fiona straight off the bat I kept thinking of Nessa from Gavin and Stacey, although Fion [...]

    9. Dolf Patijn on said:

      I absolutely, totally love this series This sixth book is at the same high standard as the others and the story is just as gripping This time it is all about ancient artifacts and Arthurian legend I don t want to give away too much of the story Read it yourself And if you haven t read any of them yet, go read the whole series It s brilliant.In the author s note, Harry Bingham explains a bit about why he writes the way he does and justifies his plots and storytelling It is nice to get a little in [...]

    10. Kathleen (QueenKatieMae) on said:

      After reading all the Fiona Griffith books I have to say this one is my favorite It involves the myth behind King Arthur, Fiona has a great new adversary for a supervisor she hates his beard and power point inside the box way of thinking and we finally get to see her dad in action been waiting for that for a long time now In essence, The Deepest Grave is so much fun.You gotta love a book that starts out with an archeologist beheaded by her own sword The story takes off from there and I was total [...]

    11. Hermien on said:

      Fiona Griffiths is my favourite wacky police detective The mystery is a bit of a stretch but I loved the humorous writing and learned a bit about the King Arthur legend.

    12. CarolineFromConcord on said:

      I love the offbeat Welsh detective Fiona Griffiths and her literate creator, who, if he quotes someone famous doesn t stop to say Shakespeare or Wordsworth, but trusts readers to get it and doesn t care if they don t.I admit I m not getting as much of a kick out of the complicated technology in his plots as I used to, partly because so many authors use complicated technology In this installment, the focus on Arthurian legend was to my taste And I was beyond thrilled about the arrest of one real [...]

    13. Debra Askanase on said:

      My favorite Fiona Griffiths yet, with the first novel a close second Hard to tell if I loved it so much for the Arthurian legend and references, which is always a soft spot for me, or for what a bad a she really shows herself to be in this installment I wouldn t recommend starting with this book in the series, as the true power of this story is the rich history that Harry Bingham has created for each character, leading them to this point in their own evolution One SPOILER though not a big one it [...]

    14. Mary on said:

      Best Fiona book yet, and I have loved all of the previous ones Fiona is only truly happy when she is working a murder investigation, so it is with great relief when, after about a year and a half s dry spell not a lot of complicated murder cases in Cardiff , she s assigned to work a murder inquiry under the supervision of her new boss, a by the rules powerpoint driven control freak one with a creepy beard When she sees the body of the archaeologist, though, and its head, which has been removed f [...]

    15. Hannelore Cheney on said:

      THE DEEPEST GRAVE is the 6th Fiona Griffiths book in the series Without a doubt this is my favorite book of the year so far I do find it a daunting task, writing reviewswho am I to critique an author But since authors always have been a huge part of my life, I feel I need to pay them back by writing reviews, especially when I loved a book as much as this one.I don t necessarily write what the book is about, other reviewers do that very well, so I like to express how a book makes me feel.Fiona Gr [...]

    16. Maine Colonial on said:

      First off, I should say that this is the sixth book in the Fiona Griffiths series If you ve never read a Fiona Griffiths book, it s not absolutely necessary to read all of the prior books to enjoy this one, but I would strongly urge you to read the first book in the series first That s because getting Fiona s back story is very helpful After all, it s not every day that your crime fiction detective has a history of having been institutionalized when suffering from Cotard s syndrome What s Cotard [...]

    17. Kazz Mossman on said:

      I knew there were 6 books and right from the beginning and we were told a mystery would be solved One that Fiona was looking into who her real parents were, and why was she abandoned as a toddler Bit disappointed that it wasn t resolved after all I ve no doubt there will be a book 7 and perhaps , but after reading all six, I would have liked to know.The story was very good, very enjoyable, but not as good as previous books in my humble opinion.However, I would definitely recommend these books an [...]

    18. Novel Destination on said:

      If I could give this book 7 stars out of 5, I would It IS that good Book 6 in the DS Fiona Griffiths series and author Harry Bingham does not disappoint Fiona actually makes a friend okay, another strong female character who is actually dying They both help us to better understand the powerful stories myth or real man, King Arthur What a grand adventure we find ourselves taking as we read along The first person narrative is highly effective.This series is one of very few that I pre order and do [...]

    19. Sandy on said:

      I received an ARC from the author, in return for an honest review.The Deepest Grave is the 6th book in the Fiona Griffiths series, and the series just keeps getting better.I enjoyed this series from the beginning Fiona Griffiths is a quirky lead character, and, while I enjoyed the first book in the series, I was afraid that it could quickly get stale there s only so much mileage that one can get from a protagonist s oddity.Fortunately, her character has developed as the series went on, as she ha [...]

    20. Mary on said:

      Must say I received an advanced e book copy from the author many thanks Harry Bingham But I need this one in print with a cleaned up copy so will be buying The Deepest Grave as soon as I can.On to the review There s a spoiler towards the end of this book not a big one and nothing to do with the case but if you don t like parts highlighted you may not want to read to the end of this review.I love Fiona Griffiths She s brilliant, strong or rather resilient might be a better word perhaps bendy in F [...]

    21. Sherri Boyd on said:

      I dont know if I can adequately explain how good this book is I love mysteries, police procedurals, history and the possibility of, wellpossibility.The Deepest Grave hits all of those solidly and completely This book is wonderfully written, puzzling, weird, intriguing, mystical and Fiona is better than ever She grows a little human in each book but remains her freaky little self at the same time For those of you who ve yet to meet her Fiona is weird, creepy, endearing, smart, sassy and wonderfu [...]

    22. Clare on said:

      Love this book Love this series Love DS Fiona Griffiths, despite the fact that our moral compasses are pointed in different directions Maybe not North and South, exactly, but if my aim is of the northerly inclination, then Fi s might read something like a NNW All of which makes her that much endearing to tidy little Catholics like me, who revel when she makes a sudden shift from shenanigans to noble deeds Or vice versa The way her mind works is fascinating, and I d love to know whether Harry Bi [...]

    23. Peter J. on said:

      You and I might be hooked on now Sergeant Fiona Griffiths, but her new boss, DI Bleddyn Jones, head of the Major Crimes Unit in Cardiff, is not Oh, yes, he is a good dedicated policeman, but he is soon giving Fi written warnings as he just does not get her weird modus operandi Her previous boss, DCI Jackson, knew to give her just enough rope so that she just stopped short of hanging herself, but he is away giving serious thought to sailing off over the horizon.Bored out of her tree, with no juic [...]

    24. Judy on said:

      Fiona meets ArthurLoved this book, loved that Fiona s freak flag keeps on waving, but also was mesmerized by the archaeological and mythological and historical connections Great read

    25. Judith Baxter on said:

      The Deepest Grave is the 6th book in the series but not having read the earlier books didn t faze me or stop me from enjoying the book.We are introduced to DC Fiona Griffiths, a young detective based in Wales who had suffered from and still might suffer from Cotard s Syndrome I didn t know what that was either but tells us Cotard delusion is a rare mental illness in which the affected person holds the delusional belief that they are already dead, do not exist, are putrefying, or have lost their [...]

    26. Gail Humphrey on said:

      After reading The Deepest Grave, I will read every book Harry Bingham has ever written I loved the characters and the fact that each have flaws and strengths The plot was so well constructed that the plot line was not obvious and unwound and built up to a fever pitch that was really impressive The desire to know the outcome and yet not wanting the book to end, compete until you have to give in and finish the book.

    27. Svein F Hestvaag on said:

      Falling in love with a semi crazy, unruly and totally unique protagonist is easy if you just let yourself go and slide into the universe of Harry Bingham If the Fiona Griffiths series gets better than this, five stars won t do This is police crime on acid Or, rather, herbs The only thing missing is the addiction warning on the front cover.

    28. Cathy Cole on said:

      You d be hard pressed to come up with another crime solver as brilliantly unexpected as Fiona Griffiths In many ways, her personality and abilities match the great Sherlock Holmes himself, so much so that her superior officers in the Cardiff police force soon learn that their major task is to learn when and how to cry havoc and let slip this dog of war because she is utterly ferocious on an investigation She has the focus of a laser and simply does not know when to quit One of the reasons why Ha [...]

    29. Pam Serra on said:

      Another page turner for me From the very first Fiona adventure I have been hooked I love her quirkiness and abstract way of thinking I appreciate her ability to realize that she is not like everyone else and that her ability to disconnect doesn t completely prohibit her from caring If anything she cares too deeply for everyone else because she only just takes care of herself She is brilliant in her crime solving because it is NOT linear I can t wait for her next corpse to appear hopefully sooner [...]

    30. Mary Picken on said:

      Fiona Griffiths is a Sergeant in the Major Crimes Unit in Cardiff She loves the adrenalin rush that a murder hunt gives her and she has been counting the days since she last had a dead body to investigate in this case 453 days to be precise As she sits twiddling her thumbs, there are other things on her mind Her boss, D.C.I Jackson has gone off on a break and rumours abound that he may make it permanent That s disappointing for Fiona, because she knows her boss understands her way of working, bu [...]

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