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Cragside By L.J. Ross Cragside Are you afraid of the dark After his climactic battle with notorious serial killer The Hacker DCI Ryan is spending the summer with his fianc e within the grounds of Cragside a spectacular Bavarian s

  • Title: Cragside
  • Author: L.J. Ross
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cragside By L.J. Ross Are you afraid of the dark After his climactic battle with notorious serial killer The Hacker, DCI Ryan is spending the summer with his fianc e within the grounds of Cragside, a spectacular Bavarian style mansion surrounded by acres of woodland When they are invited to attend the staff summer party a Victorian murder mystery evening it s all a joke until the lighAre you afraid of the dark After his climactic battle with notorious serial killer The Hacker, DCI Ryan is spending the summer with his fianc e within the grounds of Cragside, a spectacular Bavarian style mansion surrounded by acres of woodland When they are invited to attend the staff summer party a Victorian murder mystery evening it s all a joke until the lights go out and an elderly man is found dead It looks like an unfortunate accident but, as the dead man s life begins to unfold, Ryan and his team of detectives realise that all is not as it appears When a second body is found, terror grips the close knit community and Ryan must uncover the killer who walks among them, before they strike again
    Cragside By L.J. Ross

    Cragside National Trust Celebrating over years of the National Trust at Cragside In , architectural historian Mark Girouard was asked by the National Trust to compile a list of the most important Victorian houses the charity should save should they become available He placed Cragside at the top of that list, and in , Cragside Cragside Discover the house National Trust Cragside, the dream home of Lord and Lady Armstrong a Victorian house that was light years ahead of its time The home of hydroelectricity, Lord and Lady Armstrong used their wealth, art and science in Cragside House, Gardens and Estate Historic sites in Cragside is a garden of breathtaking drama, whatever the season Armstrong constructed lakes, one of Europe s largest rock gardens, and planted over million trees and shrubs Today this magnificent Cragside DCI Ryan Mysteries, by L.J Ross Jul , Cragside is the sixth book in the DCI Ryan Mysteries series I think it would help to have read some of the previous books but wouldn t say it s essential I m not sure if it s because the story Exploring Cragside Estate Welcome Are you ready to Cragside Cragside was the home of Victorian engineer Lord William Armstrong and his wife Lady Margaret Armstrong Together, Lord and Lady Armstrong created Cragside, the first home in the world to be lit by hydroelectricity using Sir Joseph Swan s newly invented filament lightbulbs Come and explore Cragside

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      450 L.J. Ross

    One thought on “Cragside

    1. Kate~Bibliophile Book Club on said:

      Cragside is the latest installment in the DCI Ryan series by LJ Ross, and to be honest, these books improve with every new book LJ Ross is one of the authors whose books I eagerly await, and will ALWAYS buy because I am never let down And its safe to say Cragside is another winner Still reeling from the investigation into The Hacker, when we meet Ryan in Cragside, he and Anna are holed up on a country estate as it was the easiest option until they can find somewhere to live They are attending a [...]

    2. Joanne Robertson on said:

      L J Ross is my hero I love her story of how she started to write her first book while she was on maternity leave and I m sure she had no idea that 6 books later she would be living her dream as a full time writer This wonderful series is a big personal favourite of mine and whenever I pick up one of her books I feel as though I m amongst friends And this time I really was, as I noticed a certain Jen Lucas making an appearance in a rather different role to her usual blogger extraordinaire I was r [...]

    3. Sarah on said:

      Cragside is the sixth book in the DCI Ryan Mysteries series I think it would help to have read some of the previous books but wouldn t say it s essential.I m not sure if it s because the story centres around a big house or not but it had a feel of an Agatha Christie novel Which I loved by the way The setting as always in these books is just perfect The author has a way of bringing the story to life with the fantastic descriptions of the surrounding areas so that the readers can easily visualise [...]

    4. Joseph - Relax And Read Reviews on said:

      The DCI Ryan mystery series by LJ Ross is absolutely one of the best I ve ever read Brilliantly written, I enjoyed and loved each and every one of these books So when the author offered me an advanced review copy of book 6, Cragside , I could hardly refuse Once again the author has done an outstanding job and kept me entertained and intrigued from start to finish For me Louise Ross is the Agatha Christie of the twenty first century Following events taking place in High Force , Ryan and Anna are [...]

    5. Michelle Ryles on said:

      Whoosh That s the sound of me clearing my TBR pile when a new LJ Ross book appears on my kindle Just try and stop me from reading this immediately So the latest outing for DCI Ryan is entitled Cragside this is a well known country house in the North East of England that was the first to be lit using hydroelectric power, and I could say the I ve never been to Cragside but that would feel like a lie because I have now virtually been to Cragside LJ Ross writes with so much passion and descriptive i [...]

    6. Trish R. on said:

      Another great murder mystery with DCI Ryan and Anna, Phillips, MacKenzie, Lowerson and Yates They make a wonderful team, book after book Whether it s about a murder or two or a serial killer it s always such a thrill to read it and be shocked when you find out who the killer is.This was about two murders but one was not a murder after all but an accident, though the one accidently killed was a blackmailer, so that was no great loss The next WAS a murder and she certainly didn t deserve it THEN s [...]

    7. Cathy Ryan on said:

      Detective Chief Inspector Maxwell Ryan and his fianc e, Doctor Anna Taylor are spending some downtime after the traumatic events of the previous case Both their homes were lost in different ways during the course of the investigation and, although that was bad enough, it could have been a lot worse They ve been enjoying a quiet temporary stay at a holiday cottage in the grounds of the beautiful Cragside estate Invited to the staff summer party, Ryan was less than happy about dressing up for a Vi [...]

    8. Neats on said:

      I love DCI Ryan and this amazing series of books so when author LJ Ross emailed me to ask if I d be interested in reading and reviewing Cragside I jumped at the chance.Having had to relocate Ryan and Anna are temporarily living in a cottage within the grounds of Cragside They have been invited to a Victorian themed murder mystery evening and while history lover Anna is looking forward to it, Ryan isn t relishing the idea of dressing up Once there though, Ryan sees everyone else in costume and se [...]

    9. Dee-CeeIt's all about the books on said:

      In the sixth DCI Ryan mystery the setting is the beautiful Cragside, we re back with Ryan and Anna who are living in a cottage on the Cragside estate Invited to a Victorian style murder mystery party, what should be a fun evening ends up being a real life murder mystery and Ryan finds himself in the thick of it again.I seriously have a soft spot for Ryan, he s a gentleman and obviously rather dishy too I m really enjoying following his story and his relationship with Anna even if I m a wee bit j [...]

    10. Tripfiction on said:

      Crime mystery set in NorthumberlandThis is No 6 in the 1 bestselling series featuring DCI Ryan or, Detective Chief Inspector Maxwell Finlay Ryan to give him his full name , written by L J Ross, who is successfully pursuing a self publishing career, having turned down a traditional publishing deal She is the author who knocked The Girl on the Train off the bestseller top spot link She has sold well in excess of 1,000,000 yes, a million copies of her books to date and her star continues to rise Al [...]

    11. Shell Baker on said:

      Cragside is the sixth book in the DCI Ryan Mysteries and what a series this has turned out to be even though I absolutely loved the first book Holy Island each one just gets better and better LJ Ross always brings us something new This is definitely an Agatha Christie eat your heart out story And has always I loved it When I finally got chance to read this I devoured it in one sitting.Yes I am a little late to the party and wish that I would of had chance to read it sooner because it is that goo [...]

    12. Lorraine on said:

      Who fired the shot when DCI Ryan was fighting The Hacker during the ending of High Force I found out in LJ Ross Cragside, but not at the very beginning I thought that I might not discover the answer and thought Oh, no , but I should not have worried The author does not let down the reader I found that the way the author answered my query quite clever Cragside, a Bavarian style mansion in Northumbria in NE England, is where DCI Ryan and Dr Anna Taylor, his fiance are staying for the summer before [...]

    13. Kerry on said:

      DCI Ryan and his team might have thought things would slow down a little since the demise of The Hacker, but unfortunately it isn t to be When a staff member is found dead at Cragside, at the bottom of the stairs, it looks as though he probably lost his balance and fell, but did he Something seems amiss to Ryan and he s as determined, as always, to get to the bottom of things I love that Ryan and Anna are attending a murder mystery evening at the beginning of this book Brilliant This is quite a [...]

    14. Bev on said:

      Cragside is the latest instalment in the brilliant DCI Ryan series and one I couldn t wait to start and I wasn t disappointed DCI Ryan and Anna his fianc e are temporarily living in a cottage situated in the beautiful grounds of Cragside The Gilberts, owners of Cragside throw a murder mystery evening known as a staff party, to which they are both invited and attend, all dressed up in Victorian refinery As can be expected, Ryan is not impressed and feels uncomfortable all dressed up but attends n [...]

    15. Gail Haigh on said:

      More 3.5 than 3 stars really I came to enjoy this book than I expected to I haven t read any of the other books in the DCI Ryan series, so wasn t familiar with any of the background, but the story was readable if not a little predictable standard crime fiction Set in Northumberland where I m from though, so I enjoyed the local area being put in the spotlight.

    16. Alexina Golding on said:

      We catch up with the team after the breath taking ending from High Force.Cragside sounds like an idyllic place to recover until Ryan is caught up in a true old style Agatha Christie, locked room who dun nit L.J Ross brings to life the amazing sounding mansion and although an old style format is given to the story it has been brought kicking and screaming into the modern times.With Ryan and his team totally flummoxed with very little to go on Within trying to work out what is going on, brought in [...]

    17. Alison on said:

      3.5 stars really.I don t usually read crime mysteries, but I did enjoy this one I loved that the setting is local to me, and the characters I felt like I missed out by not reading any of the previous books my own fault but the story did work quite well as a standalone.

    18. Elisa on said:

      Another excellent entry in this series A charming throwback to the classic format of the detective novel Several suspects, a castle, even a blackout during which someone is murdered Ryan and his colleagues bring the heart to the story.

    19. kathryn greenwell on said:

      Exceptional.Couldn t put this book down Really enjoyed it and her writing style is fantastic It is such a pleasure to read books about my area.

    20. Wendy Galloway on said:

      Well doneAnother great Detective Ryan mystery Easy intriguing read I did not guess the killer Looking forward too next installment There is unfinished business

    21. Susan Hunter on said:

      Yet another fantastic 5 star read from Louise Ross I absolutely love this series and its characters DCI Ryan and his fianc e, Anna are now living on the historical Cragside estate after recent events destroyed Anna s cottage in Durham Ryan and Anna attend a murder, mystery evening at Cragside along with the members of staff of the estate.As the evening draws to a close there is an actual mystery death An investigation begins involving Ryan s team of Frank Phillips, Jack Lowerson, Denise Mackenzi [...]

    22. Susan E Thomas on said:

      Great book with the mother of all cliffhangersI don t do very many reviews Which you will be able to tell shortly I read and listen to tons of books I can t seem to do anything in the kitchen without listening to a book I guess I m really lazy But I will write something on this book and I ll go back to the first book and write a review so people will know I ve read the whole series, in order I am from the US and love to read books from the UK You are the closest to us Some words are different bu [...]

    23. Rachel on said:

      This is the first book that I have read in the DCI Ryan Mysteries and I really must have been living under a rock or something with it being book 6 A small part of me did wonder if I would be able to pick up Cragside and follow everything However as soon as I started reading it s safe to say that I was hooked Events from the previous book are mentioned and they are done in a way that let me understand what happened but not in an overly descriptive way that it managed to interrupt the flow of thi [...]

    24. Angela on said:

      I was first attracted to the DCI Ryan series purely because of the location they are set in, beautiful Northumberland The stories come alive as we ve taken holidays in many of the places mentioned in the books and I can imagine myself alongside the team LJ Ross quickly became one of the authors whose books I eagerly await, knowing that I will become completely absorbed after the first page The only problem is once started it s difficult to put done and then I m cross with myself for reading them [...]

    25. Gary Dowden on said:

      DCI Ryan is back for his sixth outing in this excellent series by Louise LJ Ross and although I ll freely admit that the first in the series didn t grab me, I m so glad I stuck with it, as it s rapidly becoming one of my favourite crime fiction series.Cragside is a stately home in the North East of England, sedate and historic but the serenity is shattered when an elderly employee is found dead at the foot of some concrete steps as he investigates a power outage Ryan and his fianc e Anna are tem [...]

    26. Livia Sbarbaro on said:

      CragsideGood to have you back RyanRyan and Anna attend a murder mystery night at Cragside.e drinks are flowing everyone is enjoying the night when the lights go out.Ryan goes to investigate and finds Victor Swann deadEveryone assumes it is a fall, an accidentRyan being Ryan wants to delve a little deeperJust to be sureThen when Alice Chapman s body is found floating in the river Ryan s gut instinct kicks inAlice a painter and restorer didn t have an enemy in the worldTwo deaths of the deceased h [...]

    27. Eolake on said:

      The detective attended a society party, the lights went out, and an older man fell down a stone stair case, bashing his head all to smithereens Like I said, there is too graphic violence in modern stories The detective found him and then locked down the house with all guests, and called another police detective and the coroner When the coroner had looked at the body, the supposedly clever and experienced detective asked him is it possible he was pushed Whu 1 Isn t that a question for a detective [...]

    28. Jen on said:

      If you read this book s predecessor, High Force, then you will know that DCI Ryan and his team are long overdue a little bit of a break when it comes to the cases they are caught up in If you haven t read it then do not worry, I am not going to let you in on any spoilers, but suffice to say that the tension was high, the threat severe and the action so hearth thumpingly fast that you will be caught somewhere between an absolute desire to read the next instalment immediately and the real need for [...]

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