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Unchained By Shayne Silvers Unchained Meet Callie Penrose Is she Heaven s Devil or Hell s Angel Callie is a middle class Midwest American girl And a wizard in training She works for Roland a member of the Vatican Shepherds an elite gro

  • Title: Unchained
  • Author: Shayne Silvers
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Unchained By Shayne Silvers Meet Callie Penrose Is she Heaven s Devil, or Hell s Angel Callie is a middle class, Midwest American girl And a wizard in training She works for Roland, a member of the Vatican Shepherds an elite group of twelve warrior priests who travel the world smiting whatever offends them or their Good Lord.One problem Callie isn t a huge fan of churches Not even a minor fa Meet Callie Penrose Is she Heaven s Devil, or Hell s Angel Callie is a middle class, Midwest American girl And a wizard in training She works for Roland, a member of the Vatican Shepherds an elite group of twelve warrior priests who travel the world smiting whatever offends them or their Good Lord.One problem Callie isn t a huge fan of churches Not even a minor fan, really.She trains with Roland only to learn how to use those strange magical powers inside her And because Roland had once saved her and her friend from monsters in a dark alley.But when a Heavenly spear enters an auction in Kansas City, and Roland is gravely wounded, Callie finds herself forced to step up as an interim Shepherd, and her first night on the job puts her in a bidding war against the infamous Nate Temple the billionaire wizard from St Louis And when demons, shifter bears, vampires, and Nephilim attack the auction for the spear, Nate and Callie are forced to join teams, and one time foes become hesitant allies.Callie must learn where she stands as a wizard Will she hide behind a man, or light Kansas City afire with a name of her own And will she finally come to appreciate God Or will the demons and monsters in the shadows take her for themselves Because Callie soon learns she isn t just a wizard, and it was never just about the spear Monsters have evidently been hunting Callie her entire life, and now, they ve finally found her
    Unchained By Shayne Silvers

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      113 Shayne Silvers

    One thought on “Unchained

    1. Runningrabbit on said:

      Swinging in chains A great new find for to add to my series to follow list A tough female protagonist with some good side kicks There were, unfortunately, a couple of plot scenarios that the reader can see coming, but it is a rare occurance with any novel where there is a true twist so I can t say that this is a surprise I m desperately waiting for book 2 and keeping an eye open for any fresh work from this author.

    2. Kate Williams on said:

      Unchained Review If you want an urban fantasy that has a lot of action and excitement then Unchained is a great book for you to read Unchained is about Callie and her friend, Claire They work together to stop the end of the world as we know it Callie is a fierce wizard with white hair Callie uses mainly magical rods, but also uses fireballs and staves When contrasting Callie and Nate Temple, the main character of the authors previous series, you could say that Callie is self reliant, serious an [...]

    3. xxkitsunexx on said:

      I first read The Nate Temple series books 1 6 before i started this book and absolutely loved that series although it not necessary they do cross paths in this series.This arthur has what it take to keep the reader reading so many other worldly creatures you name it this arthur brings them all to life in both series, i really enjoyed Callie and her story strong willed sassy but not overconfident gets as many knock as wins this book was none stop page turner of action i found myself laughing out [...]

    4. Ron MacQuarrie on said:

      Couldn t finish itThe premise is good wounded little girl rescued from a vicious attack, but no details Who attacked her, why when, etc So now she s caught in extreme PTSD to the point of being helpless under stress Again, no details was she treated Anyway, as far as I read it it was like that Constantly, irritatingly vague Silvers seemed interested in pacing than in creating a good story.

    5. May on said:

      Great story Character development for Callie was good, and she was really relatable She likes to take charge and not rely on anyone, but I think it would ve been nice if she were accepting of Nate s help There were some cute NatexCallie moments though Also it was kind of obvious what Jonathon was, and I think the ending was too rushed There was a lot of new info at once and it was hard to digest I m sure it goes into detail in the next book though Overall a great start to a new series.Summary [...]

    6. Lora Shouse on said:

      Callie Penrose is a girl wizard Her mentor, Roland, works for the Vatican as a Shepherd He and Callie are trying to retrieve a magical artifact for the Church when something goes wrong, and Roland is seriously injured This leaves Callie to take care of the business on her own Only she is convinced she isn t ready.They have information that a piece of the artifact they want will be up for bid at an auction open only to the very wealthy Roland sends Callie, and she invites her best friend, Claire, [...]

    7. Glenn Adams on said:

      OK Really 2 1 2 stars Perhaps if I d started with the origin series and not the spin off, my experience would ve been better Maybe.I ve been looking for new authors in UFF and SF, and was fed this book via the usual teaser ads The carefully crafted blurbs got me interested yes, I m a sucker for many of these stories , and having grown up in the town the setting takes place was a big hook So I bit About 1 3 of the way through the book I realized two things One, there s zero depth about the city t [...]

    8. Alex on said:

      I really wanted to enjoy this The author has a huge following, so I was sure I was in for a really good read, but I couldn t get past the first few chapters I can forgive a few typos in the first few pages They happen But when the character has three paragraphs, one after another, all with I realized in them, and then we get the my mentor repetitions, he s my mentor oh by the way, did I mention he s my mentor plus the clunky sentences It s so frustrating because an editor will pick up these sill [...]

    9. Sydney on said:

      Great start to a series Very enjoyable read Super entertaining, super realistic, and I m super grateful it wasn t laced with ridiculous and unrealistic romance on every page The book focuses on a bad ass female heroine that s forced into finding and owning her identity magic with only a small hint of her story focusing on her romantic life Reading this as a woman idk, maybe guys understand or read it differently , it was weird and gave off a slightly immature and perverted vibe when breasts were [...]

    10. Gemma Cameron on said:

      If your a fan of urban fantasy this is the book for you The story focus around Callie, a magician who works for a shepherd connected with the Vatican Church.Callie is strong, sassy and may just harbour secrets that the reader can suspect but not all are confirmed She is left to go on a mission collecting theee pieces of an ancient relic which sees her walk from one adventure to the next Fighting vampires, bear shifters, wolves and demons will she win over Callie is strong in her efforts despite [...]

    11. Fleur on said:

      I just love Shayne s The Temple Chronicles so there was high expectations for this series not only because the lead was a female, but also a wizard in training as well I was so happy to see Callie is her own women and in her own world that just intertwines with Nate but she is definitely a series all of her own Callie is a strong young women who has her demons to face and is thrown into helping her mentor Roland after he is injured, it is great how she has her strengths and weaknesses so you rea [...]

    12. Brett on said:

      Fans of Shayne Silvers find themselves presented with a new protagonist, Callie Penrose This book is slightly different from Shayne s work in the Nate Temple series You still have many of the expected urban fantasy tropes magic, powerful enemies, potential world ending problems, these are all there However, the tone of this story is different than the Temple series There isn t the chaos the you expect from Nate, even though he does make a guest star role in this book This story is much about th [...]

    13. Kellie Allen on said:

      Another wonderful book I ve read the entire Nate Temple series to date Love the books, fun, thrilling, snarky, with laugh out loud moments This book is of the same I cannot put the books down once I start reading.Callie is the new main character in this book The only issue I had with her, which is a personal aside, is her take on being adopted She saw it as failure on her part Not the agonizing decision a woman makes Redeemed at the end as it turns out it was a parental sacrifice This book is c [...]

    14. Pam Martin on said:

      I really enjoyed Unchained I thought Callie was great and that she d be much better for Nate than Indie I loved the religious aspect and thought Roland was a pretty cool kind of guy too for a holy warrior if a holy warrior can be that grumpy Callie was just discovering all her aspects of magic and that was fun and then we got Nate tossed into the mix Nate has always been pretty hot anyway and I personally liked him better in this than his own series only because he has SO much to do in his own w [...]

    15. Mary Anne on said:

      I loved the Nate Temple series, so of course I m going to continue my reading with the next series.We met Callie in Nate s series, this one is hers and WOW We don t even begin to know her in the other series, who she truly is is amazing She works for a Shepard one of the 12 who hunt supernatural artifacts for the Vatican and are equiped to kick supernatural butt in the process Let s just say there s a lot to Callie than even she knows when the story begins.Like the Nate Temple series these char [...]

    16. Ken on said:

      Good read, worth a lookI ve read the entire Nate Temple series I picked this up because Shayne Silvers had written it My interest was piqued but not enough to select the book over many others for priority I found the book entertaining enough to keep me reading it I found it difficult to get into at first Perhaps this had to do with the fact it was a new hero It might have been that it was heroine I can t say The book and the heroine grew on me The book is well written I can t wait to read the ne [...]

    17. Lani on said:

      One thing I can say about Mr Silvers is he really knows how to develop a character I was pleasantly surprised and loved that Nate Temple from his other series was a part of it If you haven t read the Nate Temple books you can still enjoy this as a stand alone book I highly recommend though if you do read and enjoy this book as much as I did, read the Nate Temple books too If you enjoy adventure, lore, history and magic all rolled into a tale of growing into who you were meant to be, then this is [...]

    18. Wendy Schindler on said:

      Welcome to the Great and Powerful, Wonderful Wizard of Kansas City An off shoot from the Nate Temple Universe, Unchained takes us into the world of Callie Penrose a very powerful fledgling wizard Even with Nate s assistance, will Callie be able to rise to the challenge of saving a mystical religious relic that could release Hell on Earth She uses her training, magic and heart to tackle the threat while dealing with her recurring nightmares, insecurities, and need to keep her city safe She faces [...]

    19. Books In Brogan on said:

      This is the first book I have read by this author and I really enjoyed it and look forward to reading the next one in the series While this one is the first in this series a few of the characters from this book are cross overs from another so this one can be read as a stand alone you might get out of it by also checking out the other series.This review was originally posted on Books In Brogan

    20. Lucinda on said:

      I accidently read this before I read the Nate Temple series but I very much enjoyed it without having read it first Set in the same world and he turns up in it.Callie really wants nothing to do with the life she s currently ended up living and voices it a lot.Sadly she won t be able to get away with it with some massive secrets revealed at the end I was disappointed to realise I d started a series with only one book currently written So I ve definitely been left hanging wanting Plenty of magic [...]

    21. Jennifer on said:

      Callie could give Nate a run for his money.This new series by Shayne Silver is in my opinion even better than his Nate Temple series Though Nate does have a cameo in this book Callie is wow Hard to put into words She has a little bit of Nate sass and a whole lot of kickassadry With training she will be giving Nate a run for his money I can t wait to see how she compliments the rider of hope in the future, and how her budding powers will be shown and used I read this one so fast I may need to re [...]

    22. Larry Tushman on said:

      Really enjoyed this brand new series, where we meet Callie Penrose, a rising wizard with her own mysteries to unravel and her own personal demons to overcome Set in the Templeverse but in Kansas City , the foundation is set for a new, wonderful magic slinger But, with the supernatural scene exploding, as well as the arrival of Temple himself, Callie has to determine friend from foe while trying to find her way personally and make her mark on her city Will she drown or thrive in the chaos Kind of [...]

    23. Janice Rose on said:

      A new series from Shayne Silvers A new book new series and a female wizard with stunning kickassery After devouring all of the Nate Temple series I didn t think I could be wowed by a story Boy, was I wrong The blend of characters between the two series and the appearance of the wizard of snarkiness, Temple himself, combined with the new white haired wizard Callie rfection Humor, intrigue and thrilling mythological and fantasy characters brought to life on the page in a way,quite obviously, only [...]

    24. Sheryl Olszewski on said:

      Wow Already a fan of Shayne s Nate Temple series, I was eager checkout this book with a female protagonist I purchased it soon after it was released, but didn t get to start reading it until a quiet weekend I picked it up at 3 pm and read it straight through then reread the last 5 chapters again It s so good Strong characters that you quickly come to care about A whodunnit mystery thread foreshadowing of tales still to come winner And anyone who might have concerns how the creator would portray [...]

    25. Janet Swiftbird on said:

      Angels Magic Oh my gosh what a fabulous read.Callie is so awesome, she has to overcome her deepest, darkest fears to become one kick arse lady.Thanks to the two significant men in her life she has strength and endurance for the life ahead of her.Master Nate Temple s and his friends show up to help her keep her city under control from the monsters.Can t wait to read about her and Name s possible relationship.Read the latest Nate Temple s book to see where is might possibly lead.

    26. kelly r engler on said:

      Well done This book was written very well Lately, all the books I ve read have been full of grammatical mistakes, boring magic of witches and the usual bad guy hero standoff This was a breath of fresh magic No mistakes in grammar, wording, or added vocab that nobody knows the definition of I enjoyed the heroine s cheeky attitude There was only one problem that I saw that was a bit confusing but that s to be expected Nobody s perfect I am buying the second book now and am excited to get reading

    27. Nora on said:

      Unchained Feather and Fire book 1 is a new novel by Shayne Silvers If you have read any of the Nate Temple novels you will love this one too If you haven t this is still a great starter for what is known as the Shayne Silvers Nate Temple experience.Callie is a young wizard who has been trained by the hidden branch of the church known as the Shepards Roland who is training Callie becomes injured on Callie first time out So on her first lone assignment she meet Nate Temple when they both are biddi [...]

    28. Sandy on said:

      The great thing about first person POV is that you form such a connection with the main character Unfortunately, it s also the bad thing about first person POV When the POV character is one you dislike or can t connect with, it colors the entire story That was the problem I had with this book The plot was interesting and original even though the mystery was fairly obvious from the beginning, but I found that I disliked the POV character I just couldn t connect with her and found her immature and [...]

    29. Karen Ireland-Phillips on said:

      A Paranormal Romance with some promiseThe author takes bits from various paranormal genres and weaves them into the beginnings of a story with action and a fair amount of character development A young female wizard, trained in the church Catholic, though never specified attempts to track down a religious relic Her quest endangers her mentor, friends and family, but also exposes her to paranormal who teach her new skills On the minus side, I did find numerous instances of poor editing, which dama [...]

    30. Amy on said:

      Shayne Silvers Feathers and Fire series is going to be hot I love that Nate Temple was in this first book from The Temple Series Callie has a complicated life, she is a wizard and maybe something There are shifters, wizards, vampires, demons, nephilim, a wizard from the Vatican and I m sure I m missing others, but having said this if you are into all things paranormal you are in for a sweet ride This is definitely a must read book I would start with the Nate Temple series book one Obsidian Son [...]

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