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The Big Nowhere

The Big Nowhere By James Ellroy The Big Nowhere s Los Angeles The City of Angels has become the city of the Angel of Death Communist witch hunts and insanely violent killings are terrorising the community Three men are plunged into a maelstrom

  • Title: The Big Nowhere
  • Author: James Ellroy
  • ISBN: 9780099366614
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Big Nowhere By James Ellroy 1950s Los Angeles The City of Angels has become the city of the Angel of Death Communist witch hunts and insanely violent killings are terrorising the community Three men are plunged into a maelstrom of violence and deceit when their lives become inextricably linked as each one confronts his own personal darkness Told with Ellroy s characteristically forceful and relen1950s Los Angeles The City of Angels has become the city of the Angel of Death Communist witch hunts and insanely violent killings are terrorising the community Three men are plunged into a maelstrom of violence and deceit when their lives become inextricably linked as each one confronts his own personal darkness Told with Ellroy s characteristically forceful and relentless style, The Big Nowhere is the link between the Black Dahlia and LA Confidential in his masterwork, The LA Quartet It is as powerful and thrilling as crime fiction gets.
    The Big Nowhere By James Ellroy

    The Big Nowhere Ellroy, James Sandwiched between The Black Dahlia and L.A Confidential, The Big Nowhere is James Ellroy s second book in his L.A Quartet series which concludes with White Jazz For me, this book had a The Big Nowhere Set in Los Angeles in , a sheriff s deputy tries to solve a violent sex crime amid a growing paranoia over the presence of communists in the city. The Big Nowhere L.A Quartet, by James Ellroy Sep , The second book, The Big Nowhere, happens in the early fifties focused on a series of murders of gay men in L A and the L A wing of the McCarthy trials that devastated Hollywood. The Big Nowhere Mr Men and Little Miss Kindle edition Jan , Sandwiched between The Black Dahlia and L.A Confidential, The Big Nowhere is James Ellroy s second book in his L.A Quartet series which concludes with White Jazz For me, The Big Nowhere James Ellroy Wiki Fandom nd book in the L.A._Quartet Chapters Chapter , Chapter , Chapter , Chapter , Chapter , Chapter , Chapter , Chapter , Chapter , Chapter , Chapter

    • The Big Nowhere Best Read || [James Ellroy]
      106 James Ellroy

    One thought on “The Big Nowhere

    1. Jeffrey Keeten on said:

      It was written that I should be loyal to the nightmare of my choice Joseph Conrad Heart of Darkness.Newspapers labelled the death of Jos Gallardo Diaz the Sleepy Lagoon Murder because his unconscious body was found near a local swimming hole The police arrested 17 Hispanic males for the murder even though they had no evidence that a murder had occurred Diaz was inebriated and eventually died from a fracture at the base of the skull No one was able to determine exactly how the fracture occurred H [...]

    2. Dan Schwent on said:

      In the midst of the Red Scare, a violated corpse with its eyes gouged out is found and young deputy detective Danny Upshaw catches the case Meanwhile, Mal Considine is put in charge of rooting out communists in the UAES Attached to his team are Dudley Smith, a veteran cop with a mean streak a mile wide, and Buzz Meeks, the dirtiest cop in town and the man whom his first wife had an affair with while he was fighting Germans in WWIIHere we are, the second book in James Ellroy s multi volume tale o [...]

    3. Kemper on said:

      Can you dig this, hepcat It s January 1, 1950 in Los Angeles A witch hunt for commies in the movie industry is gearing up under the guise of patriotism, but its real agenda is to make the careers of the ruthless men running it and help the studios keep labor costs down Corruption scandals have created a lot of bad blood between the city cops and the county sheriff s department Rival gangsters Jack Dragna and Mickey Cohen are fighting for control of the town Everybody is too busy with their own s [...]

    4. Jeff on said:

      This isn t your Grandpa s noir.James Ellroy is a man so ornery he threatened to strangle Kemper with his lower intestines Ellroy transforms Noir the hard way He snuck up on it in a urine soaked alley outside a sleazy Sunset Strip dive, coldcocked it with a lead pipe, stuffed it in a trunk with rabid chinchillas, drove it to an abandoned warehouse somewhere in beautiful downtown Burbank, strung it up with chains, injected it with heroin, attached electrodes to its ears, jolted it with 1000 volts [...]

    5. Paul Bryant on said:

      Nasty copsNasty communists aka red scumNasty gay men aka queers, faggots, etcNasty black people aka spooks, smokes, etcNasty womenNasty mobstersNasty Jews who are also often nasty commies and faggotsNasty MexicansNasty wivesNasty smackheadsNasty sexNasty languageNasty livesOh and also nasty dogsIf you can t take the special oxyacetylene James Ellroy heat you better get out of the James Ellroy kitchen of hell so that s what I m doing, skedaddling back to wimpsville to bathe my throbbing brow and [...]

    6. Richard on said:

      Communist witchhunts B movie studio westerns South Central jazz Hollywood labor union strikes Mickey Cohen and his feud with Jack Dragna Queer sex orgies at the Chateau Marmont Howard Hughes and his penchant for underage girls and crashing airplanes Friction between the LAPD and the LA County Sheriffs The Sleepy Lagoon murder and the Zoot Suit Riots And a sick serial killer that disembowels his homosexual victims by biting into them with animal teeth.This loaded novel is about all that and , and [...]

    7. kohey on said:

      Here is a world where there just exists a category of being good or bad,you being on this side or that,with human nature,naked and lurking beneath,feeding on each other and bleeding you out Stay true to yourself,goddamnit,but with dire consequences seems of an apt phrase than that corny survival of the fittest in Ellroy s world.

    8. David Schaafsma on said:

      The focus of James Ellroy s nasty tetralogy would seem to be the depravity of American life, his particular laser focus on L A The first book was for him personal, connected to the death of his own mother, in his version of The Black Dahlia, set in the late forties The second book, The Big Nowhere, happens in the early fifties focused on a series of murders of gay men in L A and the L A wing of the McCarthy trials that devastated Hollywood Ellroy is, let s say, a tad cynical about America He mig [...]

    9. Brandon on said:

      A body is found near a local swimming hole and the brutality of the murder is frightening Deputy Danny Upshaw is charged with finding the perp and closing the case When it s discovered the victim was gay, Ellroy brings the reader into the homophobic culture of 1950s Los Angeles while pushing Upshaw to his limit in his drive to tag the guilty party.Elsewhere, both Mal Considine and Buzz Meeks become entwined in the communist red scare Mal is using it to his advantage in an attempt to advance his [...]

    10. Darwin8u on said:

      It all came down to money the great equalizer and common denominator James Ellroy, The Big NowhereProbably 4.5 stars I m leaving room, saving stars, minding the gap, because I KNOW this isn t Elroy s best Still, it is a novel that if written by any other living crime writer it might be considered their masterpiece and this is only 2nd shelf Ellroy Chew on that This is the 2nd book in Ellroy s LA Quartet Series Starts with The Black Dahlia and includes this, L.A Confidential, and White Jazz It re [...]

    11. Steve on said:

      Los Angeles, 1950 Red crosscurrents the Commie Scare and a string of brutal mutilation killings Gangland intrigue and Hollywood sleaze Three cops caught in a hellish web of ambition, perversion, and deceit Danny Upshaw is a Sheriff s deputy stuck with a bunch of snuffs nobody cares about they re his chance to make his name as a cop and to sate his darkest curiosities Mal Considine is D.A s Bureau brass He s climbing on the Red Scare bandwagon to advance his career and to gain custody of his adop [...]

    12. Emma on said:

      Wow This was a powerful book Dirty politics, policemen, corruption, sleaze, kickbacks and gangsters Jazz cubs, heroine, pimps and hookers, hitmen Set amongst the hunt for Red Communists, labour disputes and a series of sex crimes in Los Angeles, Hollywood.What really made this book for me was the characters Danny Upshaw, Mal Considine and Buzz Meeks each with their own demons and motivations all brilliantly delivered by Ellroy There is a reaching for redemption too, but whether this is achieved [...]

    13. Geza Tatrallyay on said:

      While this is an okay detective yarn, I found the plethora of characters overwhelming and the language dated and very macho, and in today s terms, rather lacking political correctness There is just too much going on in the book and the somewhat dated language and expressions makes you less keen on reading further.

    14. Andy on said:

      The best Ellroy book, hands down Better than Black Dahlia Picture a fun house mirrored Hollywood where a psycho killer tears his victims apart wearing dentures made of wolverine fangs, a closet queen vice cop investigating Communist sympathizer movie stars, and a cop who wants to smuggle his kid through Iron Curtain era Europe during the Redder than Red Communist 1950 s The roller coaster ride of the Big Nowhere lasts for 400 pages and has no brakes, so hold on tight

    15. Sandra on said:

      C tanto di tutto nei romanzi di Ellroy, ed in questo in particolare tanta tensione razziale, linfa nel sangue americano soprattutto di una L.A vicinissima al confine messicano c tanta ossessione sessuale, omo ed etero, da arrivare a pervertiti di ogni genere, ad incesti e psicosi oltre ogni fantasia di un lettore normale c tanta criminalit , dal tossicodipendente dedito ai furti al pervertito omicida all uomo di fiducia del gangster ai killer prezzolati fino al macrocriminale usuraio spacciatore [...]

    16. William on said:

      DNF only got halfwayA perfect title The Big Nothing, Nowhere, Nada Incredibly long winded and dull, often repetitive, far too many name drop then forget characters, precious few action scenes, even fewer scenes that advance the plot than an inch.Only Danny and Claire are sympathetic, and then only intermittently See notes below.

    17. M on said:

      This dark, mean, nasty hearted book had me forgetting to sleep, nearly getting in trouble for forgetting to come back from lunch hour, etc Definitely this quartet is the best hard boiled stuff I know since the Chandler Hammett Cain era But it s also doing something different from those guys, something post Chinatown all the narrative balls flying in the air are a way of trying to give you this ultra broad, kaleidoscopic perspective on the deep and ugly things that are creating 50s Los Angeles ou [...]

    18. Ben Loory on said:

      i m interested in psychopaths than communists, so the historical sociological parts of this 500 page book kinda bored me i can see how people might see this as ellroy moving into important areas of interest, but as far as i can tell it s all just a bunch of window dressing for the wolverine obsessed psychopath angle anyway it s not like the book sheds any light on politics or economics or anything like that or even tries to the world is a shitty place and people do their best, which is often [...]

    19. Michael on said:

      The Big Nowhere is two separate tales eventually twisted together into one an LA Sheriff s Deputy tries to capture a brutal sex murderer while serving as a decoy to expose communism in Hollywood Gangland intrigue and Hollywood sleaze, young deputy Danny Upshaw along with Buzz Meeks and Mal Considine find themselves caught in a hellish web of ambition, perversion, and deceit.Like the other books in the L.A Quartet, and other James Ellroy books for that fact, The Big Nowhere twists a story around [...]

    20. Bill on said:

      This is not only a great crime novel, it s a really good novel period There are basically two story lines One follows a series of murders in L.A while the other involves the Communist scare in Hollywood.As this book is all plot, it s hard to say much about it without giving anything away Suffice it to say that s it s pretty heavy going and definitely not for the squeamish, as the murders involved are among the most graphically horrific I ve ever encountered.That being said, it s a very engrossin [...]

    21. Tfitoby on said:

      Early Ellroy, prior to his discovery of removing every unnecessary word as his successful writing style, moves slow and feels bloated An interesting little tale that suffers in comparison to what would come next but is still dark and brutal and typical of his worldview I really just wanted it to be over asap however.

    22. Nate on said:

      The Big Nowhere follows The Black Dahlia in Ellroy s L.A Quartet Is the genre crime opera a thing Cause it should be Space gets one, why not crime Anyways, if crime opera is a thing then this is a classic example of it The scope has widened in this second entry to the L.A Quartet on multiple levels we have three POV characters and an omniscient perspective as opposed to the single first person POV of the first book, the single main story thread being replaced by two in this volume and it s just [...]

    23. Mark Desrosiers on said:

      It s 1950 in L.A and we enter the whirlwind some sicko is murdering queers by sucking out their entrails and deflowering their eye sockets Meanwhile a trio of cops two dirty, one so clean he knocked out his wife s teeth in a principled rage are off on a mission to destroy communist influence in Hollywood The mission gets bumbled, then intersected to the wolverine killer with a taste for human intestines, and all hell breaks loose I m still numb from finishing this Ellroy ain t afraid of killing [...]

    24. Leonard on said:

      Deputy Danny Upshaw investigates a brutal sex crime and hunts the gay middle aged killer, not knowing that from the beginning he s been led to implicate the wrong man So he could lead the investigation, he agrees to infiltrate a labor union, search out communists and uncover their un American activities But all he cares about is to find out why a killer was mutilating other gay men Zoot SuitsLieutenant Mal Considine, on the other hand, agrees to work with power hungry prosecutors, corrupted cops [...]

    25. Krok Zero on said:

      Less satisfying than The Black Dahlia but ambitious, at least narratively I think my slight disappointment stems from a lack of the emotionalism that was so prominent in Dahlia This one puts politics on the table and spins a way complex some would say convoluted, but it does make sense ultimately narrative web, but it feels less personal somehow On the other hand it s an absolutely spellbinding piece of storytelling And it s not that it s unmoving it certainly has elements of tragedy but none [...]

    26. Benoit Lelièvre on said:

      There is nothing in the world like reading a James Ellroy novel I ve been meaning to finish the first L.A Quartet for several years now, and I am proud to say that it is done THE BIG NOWHERE probably is the bleakest novel collection The bebop era themes are still present, but it s lost inside the sprawling, Machiavellian labyrinth of paranoid post war America THE BIG NOWHERE is not only dark by James Ellroy s standards, it s just an extremely dark novel period I usually don t care about era fict [...]

    27. Adam on said:

      Ellroy crossbreeds the detective novel, historical, and gothic horror so we get an analysis of the impulses and pathology behind historical events and figures, a Boschian canvas of human depravity, a crackerjack plot, and three unlovable but compelling protagonists living on the edge The plot involves Red Scare intrigue and its connection to Hollywood greed and very disturbing serial killer Also features Howard Hughes, Mickey Cohen, bestiality, teamsters, wolverines, necrophilia, heroin, blackma [...]

    28. StevenGodin on said:

      Probably my favorite of the L.A Quartet, and this happened to be the first Ellroy novel I experienced, what can I say , this had everything you would want from a piece of tough crime fiction, great set of characters, a complex plot that had complex side plots, the L.A setting was used to perfection, in places brutal, wholly gripping and with a last third that was as tense and page turning as you could ever get Ellroy is such a master of his craft, I don t think anyone can top him in terms of har [...]

    29. John Machata on said:

      Enjoyable read I have a bias against late book ending which explain the twists and turns of the police procedural ala Agatha Christie, who routinely used this device in a paragraph or two in her last chapter Ellroy s explanation is longer and fun to read, but I still wish these salient details were woven into earlier chapters permitting the reader to piece together the puzzle in the course of reading.

    30. Jeremy on said:

      Sometimes I think that if I know who this guy is and why he does it, then I ll know something so big that I ll be able to figure out all the everyday stuff like cake Ellroy is a strange fish He writes in a genre called Crime, and people that are used to that genre sometimes come a cropper picking him up, since he s actually quite a bit than that genre He s bold beaucoup staccato style, his effortless scenic vision, his in your faceness couples with subtle ironies some readers aren t up to him A [...]

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