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This Alien Shore

This Alien Shore By C.S. Friedman This Alien Shore Sheltered all her life in a corporate satellite in Earth s outer orbit Jamisia must face the truth about her origins and her role in the power struggle between the Guerans who dominate intergalactic

  • Title: This Alien Shore
  • Author: C.S. Friedman
  • ISBN: 9780886777999
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • This Alien Shore By C.S. Friedman Sheltered all her life in a corporate satellite in Earth s outer orbit, Jamisia must face the truth about her origins and her role in the power struggle between the Guerans who dominate intergalactic transportation and the rest of Earth s far flung and genetically mutated colonies who are trying to break the Guera Guild s monopoly.
    This Alien Shore By C.S. Friedman

    This Alien Shore The Outworlds series A wide ranging, action packed space opera This Alien Shore is guaranteed to entertain those who like to be swept up in an adventure with lots of characters, dangers, and revelations Science Fiction Chronicle Concept and culture building wise, This Alien Shore is brilliant. This Alien Shore This Alien Shore by C.S Friedman This Alien Shore delights with a detailed thought out worldbuilding on a technical as well as a social level Friedman created an intriguing scenario of the human evolution due to space travel. This Alien Shore Kindle edition by Friedman, C.S Jul , This Alien Shore is one of the most beautiful implementations of starfairing humanity I ve seen The Guild is a hybrid of the Bene Gesserit and the Navigator s Guild of Dune, with politics and powerplays and complexity, but ultimately an entirely ethical worldview and objective It s Dune without the soul twisting. This Alien Shore by C.S Friedman About This Alien Shore This lauded work of science fiction and New York Times Notable Book of the Year explores a universe where genetic mutations have allowed certain individuals to This Alien Shore by C S Friedman, Paperback Barnes Sep , An acknowledged master of dark fantasy and science fiction alike, C.S Friedman is a John W Campbell award finalist, and the author of the highly acclaimed Coldfire Trilogy, New York Times Notable Book of the Year This Alien Shore, In Conquest Born, The Madness Season, The Wilding, The Magister Trilogy and the Dreamwalker series.

    • á This Alien Shore ↠ C.S. Friedman
      181 C.S. Friedman

    One thought on “This Alien Shore

    1. Aldous Mercer on said:

      TL DR version The bastard love child of Dune and Neuromancer, but the awesome kind of bastard child, the one that ends up forging his own destiny and writing his name in the stars.Longer version I read this book as a teenager, and was deeply affected by it Later, I read it as an adult, as was not quite so impressed any, but C.S Friedman s world had sunk its claws into my mind, deep the idea of Code as poetry, as art, became a bit of an obsession with me.If this review is vague and lacking in som [...]

    2. Stephen on said:

      5.0 stars would give it if i could This is the sixth book of C S Friedman s that I have read and they have all been outstanding and several of them including this one are on my list of all time favorites This book has a massive scope and is some of the best world building I have ever seen especially for a stand alone novel It also has very well thought out and extremely interesting concepts and aliens Finally, to complete the trifecta, this book has well drawn, complex characters especially the [...]

    3. Kirsten on said:

      This book was incredible It reads like a thriller and has some incredible world building This is in the far future Mankind s first experience had tragic effects It scarred the early pioneers and destroyed spaceflight on the homeworld In this future, there are many innovations This is yet another book I ve read along with the Budayeen trilogy by George Alec Effinger and Blue Remembered Earth by Alastair Reynolds where man has developed a society and a dependence on technology implants.This is ver [...]

    4. KatHooper on said:

      4.5 stars Originally posted at Fantasy Literature.This Alien Shore is another outstanding science fiction novel by an author who I ve come to respect immensely for her extraordinarily creative worlds, fascinating ideas, complex characters, and elegant prose If there s one flaw from my perspective with Friedman s work, it s a difficulty in actually liking many of her characters, but even if you find that it s hard to sympathize with them, it s also hard not to admire them, or at least to see them [...]

    5. Chuck on said:

      Transcendently good, pardigm shifting, mind blowing SF Can t say enough good things about this book I haven t read an SF book that made me think this much since I first read Neal Stephenson s Snow Crash ultimate high praise coming from me.The novel deals with the cost to humans of interstellar travel, of, quite literally, what it means to be human In Friedman s world, the first wave of Faster Than Light FTL was accomplished by the Hausman drive, which, unbeknownst to its passengers, caused an al [...]

    6. Donna on said:

      I ve said this many, many times this year, and I m gonna say it again Thisbook was great, but just far too long I was thoroughly enjoying until thehalfway point when the storyline just began to drag on and on and on I wasreally glad when it was done A sci fi novel set in the distant future,when human brains have computers implanted in them at birth, you no longerread a monitor because you can connect to the net just by deciding to andthe info is fed directly to your brain Not the internet by the [...]

    7. Peter on said:

      The first age of spaceflight ended abruptly when it was discovered that the faster than light drive had side effects, altering the genetics of those who used it, which already included millions of colonists bound for different worlds Earth shut down all travel and left the colonies isolated to survive or fall on their own, and their variants on the human form to develop into their own standards of normal Centuries later, one of those colonies discovered a new way to travel faster than light, and [...]

    8. Charles on said:

      Stuff I Read This Alien Shore by C.S Friedman ReviewThis is my first taste of C.S Friedman s writing, though I ve meant to read the Coldfire books for quite some time It just never worked out, though now I might have to try even harder, because This Alien Shore is a very interesting book that explores what is alien, what is human, what is sane, and what is crazy It s a big book, with quite a bit happening, but it really swirls around a very small number of characters, mostly Jamisia and Masada, [...]

    9. S.A. Parham on said:

      I hadn t realized I d read anything by Friedman before, until I glanced inside the cover and saw Black Sun Rising This led me to anticipate a good read, an expectation that was not disappointed The science is explained in layman s terms, including the computer hacking that is central to the book s plot of a major virus infecting and killing the Guild Pilots who provide the only means of transport between the far flung human worlds and space stations While I was not all that fond of the lead fema [...]

    10. Km249 on said:

      Long, long ago Earth humans discovered a way to do a kind of warp travel to travel quickly to far reaches of the universe to colonize human friendly planets Unfortunately, no one had realized that traveling in this manner caused all sorts of DNA mutations in the people who traveled in this manner Earth humans freaked out and this manner of travel was abandoned People transported to these worlds were left to fend for themselves This abandonment caused the mutant descendants of these abandoned hum [...]

    11. Sandra on said:

      I finally finished it It was frustrating, complex, and ultimately emotionally unsatisfying All the unanswered questions did get answered I had a hard time figuring out who the protagonist protagonists were Masada was the most sympathetic Jamisia was too unstable and flighty and the computerized brain business too hard to wrap my mind around completely The whole concept of the ainniq was bizarre and unreal to me and depersonalized I guess that s probably the best word for the whole book Depersona [...]

    12. Ron on said:

      Good story, well written Uneven pace parts dragged.Frankly, the ending felt like a cheat We are only told, not shown, what happened to the protagonist.An odd note Friedman uses Christian expletives throughout, but there s not other indication that any form of Christianity exists in these far future cultures.

    13. Ethan on said:

      This is one of the deepest science fictional meditations on diversity I ve encountered Not only do the people look differently from one another, they think differently Physiological diversity is paired with cognitive diversity And as scary as all this can be at first, the message here is that humanity is better off for our differences See also the version of this review on my blog examinedworlds 20.There s a lot of Dune here there s even a Guild with a dose of computer capers la Neuromancer or S [...]

    14. Ian McKinley on said:

      Science fiction isn t usually my thing, but this was recommended to me by a friend, so I picked it up Don t let the amount of time I took to read it fool you there was a move, which necessitated a return of the borrowed book, then a chunk of time to organize and conduct the move and settling in, then some time to track it down again This book is worth picking up and treating better than I did It s interesting, has a compelling universe built to house the story, and the characters are interestin [...]

    15. Craig M on said:

      Good but can be overwhelmingIt s a good read and picks up half way through The alien culture and races can be confusing at first, but once you understand those facets of the story you can enjoy it .

    16. Leighann on said:

      I enjoyed this book thoroughly The setting, full of aliens who, when it comes down to it, are not really alien at all, was fascinating, though it was The technology was intriguing, even if bioware type brain computer interfaces are hardly a unique idea I found the use of the technology, particularly the day to day examples of it, was well handled Not overly complex, but enough to make it feel like a real part of the setting And the mystery parts of the story, both the mystery of the Lucifer vir [...]

    17. Rosu Aquabutts on said:

      This is really of a 3.5 than a base 3, but yes I had a lot of problems with this book, mostly that it was really hard to identify with any of the characters because it was hard to figure out who I was ALLOWED to identify with There were SO many people with point of view chapters and many of them ended up not mattering at all or quickly dying, so other than Jamisia, it was hard to tell who to connect with Phoenix, who was probably the main characters other than Jamie, wasn t even introduced unti [...]

    18. ambyr on said:

      I loved, loved this book as a teen As an adult I m a bit critical the science is flawed in a lot of places, and it could have used an editor s attention to the numbers given for times, distances, and populations, which frequently change by an order of magnitude from scene to scene but you know what It s still a fun book And sometimes, what I really want isn t something shocking or deep or gorgeously written, but just reasonably paced adventuring fun This has that in spades Add some characters w [...]

    19. Karina on said:

      What did I think I didn t really like the main character much because she was so helpless and frightened most of the time As before, I did like Friedman s giant context in which the story plays Earth cures all its non standard emotions and personality traits with brainware Palpitations Calm them down Unwanted tears Seal of the tearducts The outerworlds however, have by necessity embraced all of human s variations Aspergers are equipped with social interpretation software and appreciated for thei [...]

    20. Christine on said:

      A great SciFi book When an overcrowded earth sends humans off to distant worlds, they eventually find that the spaceships drive causes DNA mutations in the people aboard they immediately abandon all space travel effectively marooning those who have already left This book is set at a distant time well after this happens when trravel between habitats is via the annique some sort of rapid transit which runs like a vein through space on ships piloted by members of The Guild who are the only humans w [...]

    21. Suzanne on said:

      I had high hopes when I started this book A world split between Earthlings and their outerworld mutant descendants, whose mutual hostility has generated a dna like killer computer virus with devastating potential whats not to like I like the idea of the protagonist, Jamisia, suffering from multiple personality disorder and being on the run from everyone, though we and she have no idea why The first half of this book set up an intriguing story of subterfuge and intrigue, but as I got closer to th [...]

    22. Aj on said:

      I started reading this out of curiousity of what Jamisia s secret was Overall it was an entertaining read but the ending felt rushed It left me disappointed and unsatisfied For a book that over 550 pages long, it s conclusion took a mere 50 pagesquite the build up for such a quick and tidy ending.

    23. David Cain on said:

      This was a fun read The plot pulls you in and I sped through this in about 12 days faster than I would normally read a book this long but I couldn t put it down I really enjoyed the themes that dealt with the value of diversity and the inherent worth of people who live with mental illness If you enjoy science fiction, you won t go wrong with this one.

    24. Erinn on said:

      I absolutely love this book I ve read it several times and convinced several other people to read it too In each case they really liked it too I wasn t a huge fan of this author s previous books, so it was surprising to me how much I got into this book.

    25. Jake on said:

      Friedman is pretty heavy and sometimes hard to understand in this novel I still don t remember much about the plot of this one, just bits and pieces.

    26. Heather on said:

      The worldbuilding here is amazing, and well ahead of its time It would be ahead of its time even now, and this book was published in 1998 The Guerans are the Variation that includes outpilots In fact, Guerans are made up of people who were warped mentally than physically, and we d consider them mentally ill or handicapped Instead, the Guerans recognize that each type of personality has its benefits and drawbacks and role in society, and it s considered part of their responsibility to respond ap [...]

    27. Douglas Owen on said:

      Actually a good read, but fell a little short of 5 stars due to the repetition factor This comes into play when the author uses key words repeatedly within a short period of time, like within a paragraph.A good edit would fix the problem, but they failed to do so.The story unfolded well, with the main characters coming out in a steady place and the backstory being fed in small parts so they didn t feel like info dumping.I would recommend this story, for the read went well.

    28. Tayva Case on said:

      It s been years since I read this book and I m still thinking about it all this time later People owned by corporations, mental disorders classed merely as accepted differences, hackers on a brain connected web, a particular kind of seeing required in order to survive wormhole jumps Fascinating stuff Probably PG 13 for some language and adult situations.

    29. Kamil Muzyka on said:

      To be honest, although the main topic is the protagonist s Multiple Personality, the thing that I loved about this book was the setting and some witty lines about racism, the nature of the world wide web and colonization,

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