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Crown of Shadows

Crown of Shadows By C.S. Friedman Crown of Shadows Crown of Shadows The Coldfire Trilogy Book

  • Title: Crown of Shadows
  • Author: C.S. Friedman
  • ISBN: 9780886777173
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Crown of Shadows By C.S. Friedman Crown of Shadows The Coldfire Trilogy, Book 3
    Crown of Shadows By C.S. Friedman

    Locke Key Crown of Shadows TV Episode Feb , Storyline Dodge comes for the Omega Key, bringing an army of shadows with her that she controls using the Crown of Shadows The Locke children desperately try to defend Key House, and call on Scot, Gabe, Jackie, and Eden for help however, it turns out that one of their friends is Crown of Shadows Crown of Shadows The Coldfire Trilogy, by C.S Friedman Crown of Shadows Or Sorry, Priest, He s Just Not That Into You Because He s an Undead Vampire and also Heterosexual all the standards established by the prior two novels are in place for the grand finale of this fitfully entertaining trilogy at times amazing ideas and a compellingly realized world check Crown of Shadows Locke Key Wiki Fandom Crown of Shadows The Coldfire Trilogy, Book Friedman The Crown of Shadows is filled with actions, and the same complex characters There are changes and compromises, and filled with friendship and honor and struggles with faith Many questions are answered and loose ends were tied together in unexpected and surprising ways. Locke Key Season Finale Recap Episode Crown of Shadows Seriously, do with Nina Locke next season, writers Back at Key House, the Lockes are waiting for Ellie to return with the Crown of Shadows, but something else comes home first It s Dodge, Crown of Shadows, a roleplay on RPG The Crown of Shadows is the prize There is no actual crown, or any object at all, for it is rather a hypothetical term The faction that holds the most influence and power in the city is the most powerful faction, in turn making the head of that faction the most powerful person in the city. Crown of Shadows Locke Key Wiki Fandom Crown of Shadows The Coldfire Trilogy Friedman, C.S Nov , In audio format Crown of Shadows is only hours long book was hours and book was hours long but it is still longer than it needs to be with too much page time spent describing travelling This is my main complaint about the series The trilogy could have been condensed to two volumes and it would have been better.

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      117 C.S. Friedman

    One thought on “Crown of Shadows

    1. mark monday on said:

      Crown of Shadows Or Sorry, Priest, He s Just Not That Into You Because He s an Undead Vampire and also Heterosexual all the standards established by the prior two novels are in place for the grand finale of this fitfully entertaining trilogy times amazing ideas and a compellingly realized world check fascinating 200 page novel filled with those amazing ideas but force fed nonsense until it bloats into a 500 page novel check all the things a goth teenager would love in a genre novel romantic desp [...]

    2. Ivan on said:

      4.5 stars for this book but I m reducing rating of previus books from 5 to 4 stars.More detailed impressions to come.

    3. Ðawn on said:

      SPOILERS 5 stars.This is the third, last and best book of the series.There were aspects that I didn t like due to personal perference of content and not writing, but I cannot in good faith, lower the stars because of that.The writing Technically speaking was excellent The beginning drew me right in and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire 500 pages There was good conflict from start to finish which kept the pace steady I did not skim I felt connected to all the characters this ti [...]

    4. Cynth on said:

      Spoiler Alert The first book was good, the next not bad, and the last was horrible and filled with information that had no business being there Not to mention the timeline at the end of the book was off.My first issue with the book was the romance between Andrys and Narilka The book could have done without it This author sucks at making the romance between characters natural and believable She did a bad job with Damian and Ciani and worse with Andrys and Narilka The romance between the last two [...]

    5. Stephen on said:

      4.5 to 5.0 stars Very satisfying conclusion to the Coldfire Trilogy after the excellent Black Sun Rising and When True Night Falls I am a big fan of C S Friedman and this trilogy is a big reason why.

    6. Molly Amory on said:

      The final book in this trilogy is a kind of mixed bag The bits of Tarrant s history that are revealed, the Church lore, everything about Vryce and Tarrant s interactions, the revelations about the fae, the resolution of the plot it was all great pay off and I loved it But it was interspersed with bits about one of Tarrant s descendants and about the Church s Patriarch that bored me to tears and that I now skip every time I re read it The key there is every time I re read it, which is many, many [...]

    7. KatHooper on said:

      3.5 starsCrown of Shadows brings C.S Friedman s COLDFIRE trilogy to a close This review may contain spoilers for the previous books, which you really must read before beginning Crown of Shadows In the previous book, When True Night Falls, the unlikely allies Reverend Damien Vryce and undead vampire Gerald Tarrant battled their way across hostile foreign countries to combat the evil force that was threatening humanity Just when they thought they were finished, they were essentially told But wait [...]

    8. Dave on said:

      The story of Damien Vryce, the knight priest of the One God, and Gerald Tarrant, the founder of Vryce s church who sold his soul for immortality, comes to a satisfying ending These companions, who have become friends due to their working together in common interests in the previous books despite the fact that they should be mortal enemies, along with the help of Karril work to stop Calesta from dooming humankind on Erna While this is all happening, the Patriarch leads Tarrant s only surviving he [...]

    9. Laurie on said:

      Finally, I m on the last book of this C.S Friedman series, although now I ll be sad to leave this world and all of its compelling characters Gerald Tarrent is one of the best and one of the complex villains I ve yet to encounter, even so than the Shrike from Dan Simmon s brilliant hyperion series The Shrike was ultimately servile to a mysterious evil force and not necessarily autonomous, unlike Tarrent who is completely in charge of his awful destiny The choices he makes are so horrific yet so [...]

    10. Eric Allen on said:

      Crown of ShadowsBook 3 of The Coldfire TrilogyBy C.S FriedmanA Retroview by Eric AllenI still can t believe that I had never heard of this trilogy until recently It has been around for twenty years and I only just discovered it Although, I do have to admit, that my younger self would probably not have been wise enough to pick up on a lot of the themes and subtlety involved, and may have come away bored by them.Crown of Shadows picks up several months after the previous book Damien and Terrant ha [...]

    11. Chy on said:

      Quick Gut reaction Well, I like the cover art.Short Summation This is third in a trilogy My reviews for the first two are around here somewhere We have to stop the Iezu, Calesta That s kinda like a demon The Church is heavily involved, working separately from our main characters, Gerald and Damien Also, we get to meet Gerald s descendant, Andrys Rah.Why this book I read the first two I was hoping for entertaining exchanges between Damien and Gerald I wanted to see Damien help Gerald save his ow [...]

    12. Nathan G on said:

      Clearly the best of the trilogy Pretty much no filler, and engaging from beginning to end.

    13. Laura Fraser on said:

      Yawwwwwwnnnn.I enjoyed the first book in the series, thought it had lots of potential The second also kept my attention, though I was getting tired of the endless journeying that serves as plot in these novels.Unfortunately, the third failed to ignite I ve been slogging through it for weeks without finishing it, and ultimately I ve lost interest The bromance sort of fun, but it s not enough to keep this one afloat.

    14. Suzie on said:

      I have really tried hard to like this series, probably too hard But I just can t get there It s ok, but not great Not for me anyway There was definitely potential, anything with demons and things that go bump in the night are right up my alley, but this series just lacked so much despite the constant duplication of themes, plots and characterisations.Another review I read really nailed one issue perfectly sorry I can t remember who it was to give credit where due , the author really doesn t know [...]

    15. Patrick on said:

      It s been a really long time since I last finished a fantasy book I managed to read all 500 pages of this book in a matter of weeks I haven t read a trilogy with books this long since the Night Angel books I read in college Gotta say that I was pleasantly surprised with Crown of Shadows Like its predecessors, Crown of Shadows is primarily an adventure book with the two main characters, Damien and Tarrant, both trying to vanquish an evil enemy This time, the enemy is Calesta, the demon who revels [...]

    16. Peter on said:

      This review is for the whole Coldfire trilogy, including Black Sun Rising and When True Night Falls.When I started this trilogy I was in the mood for some science fiction, as someone had recommended this to be Well, while it turns out these books have some SF background they are mostly sword sorcery fantasy but quite good enough to keep me reading through all three books in no time The world building here is intriguing Being descendants of an Earth colony, the protagonists have quite advanced kn [...]

    17. Jennifer on said:

      This trilogy is beautifully written, and is emotionally compelling What I loved the most about this series is the astonishing amount of self sacrifice and the reflection of the consequences by Damien Usually in novels I read about the hero doing acts that might not be entirely noble, but still for the greater good, and it is taken in stride by the hero and cast A little frown or solemn look off in the distance, but not much else Not these characters In the first book each character is set in the [...]

    18. Alex Andrasik on said:

      Oddly for a third book in a series I d been enjoying, I had trouble getting into and through this volume I found the plot somewhat preposterous, with digressions to new plotlines and characters that I cared little for It felt like the beats that Friedman planned for Damien and Tarrant weren t enough to sustain a full novel, so there was this whole other thing going on that didn t connect to the main action until late in the bookBut than that, my big disappointments Friedman did some cool world [...]

    19. Bryan Stevenson on said:

      Crown of Shadows is an excellent conclusion to a solid fantasy series by C.S Friedman I kept waiting for some of the elements from the 2nd book to show up in the 3rd, but they never did Other pieces, however, were woven together nicely I was afraid that the ending was going to be rushed, but it turned out great All of the loose ends were tied up succinctly.Friedman s writing style reminds me a bit of Frank Herbert She gives you just enough detail to imagine the world for yourself, and then build [...]

    20. Rob Towell on said:

      This is by far the best series I have ever read From the start I was a little mixed about the idea of mixing Sci Fi with my fantasy although they are my two favorite genre s and Sci Fi usually has fantasy mixed in I prefer it to be a one way street.By the time Damian was in town and the Hunter was introduced I was completely convinced this lady has skills I enjoyed everything from the basic background elements and the implied and actual politics, down to the actual physics of the magic In the en [...]

    21. Xara Niouraki on said:

      A fine ending to the trilogy I think the book drags a lot and it could have been a lot shorter The moral pangs the Reverend faces are totally useless here He had two books to come to terms with the Hunter and his ways I don t need to read again and again about his spiritual agony.Generally, I liked the ending and I believe that the author resolved everything nicely I can t help but feel that the world emerging after that is not one I would like as much Magic dies and the world becomes ordinary I [...]

    22. James Maxon on said:

      This is a great ending to the series everything wrapped up well and concluded satisfactorily While tragic, there is also a positive spin The strongest message centers on the power of sacrifice I have read many series in my day, and while I wouldn t rate The Coldfire Trilogy as the best of the best, I will say it leaves a lasting impression One that both haunts and edifies This series speaks not only to the mind, but to the depths of spirituality There are books I ve read like eating candy, then [...]

    23. Mae Clair on said:

      This book is freaking awesome The entire Colfire Series held me riveted, but book three is by far my favorite Both Damien Vryce and Gerald Tarrant have reached turning points in their personal viewpoints and the way they relate to each other I don t think I ve ever read a series with an enemy friend relationship that was developed so believably or so satisfyingly My only regret is that the series ended If I could give it than five stars I would

    24. Tammy Witzens on said:

      This was one of those books that made me sit very still for a long time and just reflect on the journey I had just completed with the characters of this story Of course I had already fallen in love with them, and their journey had gotten extraordinarily complex The climax definitely delivered.

    25. Meru on said:

      A reasonable end to the story It s an unremarkable series, but well done for what it is The storyline with Tarrant is essentially the only part of the series that is consistently intriguing, but I don t regret having read it.

    26. Heather on said:

      My favorite of the three The ending is worth all the effort of reading the three books.I m not sure how Friedman does it But he makes a bad guy Tarrant so darn likable I end up rooting for him through the whole thing.

    27. Lara Durrant on said:

      This series is really great at not being predictable The author C S Friedman is also great for creating complex, morally ambiguous, and interesting characters Though I ultimately didn t find myself as excited about this book, and it took me awhile to finish, I did find it to be a satisfying end to the series It s a good read if you like your fantasy sci fi stories to be darker in nature It is definitely not for the squeamish as there were a few scenes that were violent or disturbing Admittedly, [...]

    28. Tyler Hayes on said:

      An excellent finish to an excellent trilogy As in both the preceding volumes, Friedman does an excellent job here both embodying the tropes of epic fantasy and taking them on a decidedly different tack, without ever feeling smug or like she s trying to forcibly engineer surprise every time I thought I knew exactly what was coming, she either subverted it in a way that enriched the story, or played it straight in a way that heightened emotion The plot in this one is perhaps the most straightforwa [...]

    29. James Learman on said:

      wonderful series with an interesting version of evil the spirits that run the magic remind me of the christopher stasheff warlock series and the witch moss even the bad guys can be good and you can trust noone

    30. Amanda Williams on said:

      I am so sad this series is over I enjoyed it very much.

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