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Vita Nostra

Vita Nostra By Marina Dyachenko Sergey Dyachenko Vita Nostra

  • Title: Vita Nostra
  • Author: Marina Dyachenko Sergey Dyachenko
  • ISBN: 9785699206735
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Vita Nostra By Marina Dyachenko Sergey Dyachenko , , , , .
    Vita Nostra By Marina Dyachenko Sergey Dyachenko

    Vita Nostra A Novel Sergey and Marina Dyachenko Vita Nostra, a Russian urban fantasy novel, audaciously expands the concept of magic and philosophy well past their current comfortable doctrines The strenuous, stressful lessons that Sasha Samokhina assimilates at the Institute of Special Technologies forces Sasha and her classmates to rethink their assumptions and break past mental barriers even when the barrier is simply identifying as human. Vita Nostra Vita Nostra by Marina Dyachenko Vita Nostra, first published in in Ukraine, tells the story of Alexandra Sasha Samokhina, who whilst vacationing with her mother meets Farit Kozhennikov, a strange and sinister looking man who forces her to attend a remote and mysterious university This novel follows her adventures and exploits. Vita Nostra Book The Seattle Public Library Vita Nostra Book Di achenko, Marina Vita Nostra a cross between Lev Grossman s The Magicians and Elizabeth Kostova s The Historian is the anti Harry Potter you didn t know you wanted The Washington Post Vita Nostra has become a powerful influence on my own writing It s a book that has the potential to become a modern classic of its genre, and I couldn t be excited to Book Review Vita Nostra by Marina Dyachenko BookPage Vita Nostra starts out simply enough, with teenager Sasha Samokhina colliding with a strange man who exudes an unexplainable influence over her Drawing her under his spell, the girl s unbidden mentor persuades her to enroll in the Institute of Special Technologies, much In Vita Nostra, the Study of Magic is Scientific, Sinister Nov , Vita Nostra published in Russian in and only the second novel by the Dyachenkos, revered for than novels penned in their native tongue, to be translated into English is a remarkable story in many ways, not the least of which is because of how terrifying its supernatural school is only attended out of coercion, with a magic that doesn t feel desirable, but VITA NOSTRA Kirkus Reviews Nov , VITA NOSTRA by Sergiy Dyachenko Maryna Shyrshova Dyachenko translated by Julia Meitov Hersey RELEASE DATE Nov , Punishingly intense academic pressure transforms a university student into a transcendent being in this harrowing fantasy novel by a married Ukrainian couple, the first in a trilogy NOSTRA VITA Yacht for Charter in Croatia Gulet Nostra Gulet Nostra Vita is a luxury yacht sailing in a peaceful and tranquil environment You can return home rested and reinvigorated after discovering the pristine turquoise waters and the beauty of the Adriatic. Nostra Vita Winery Nostra Vita Italian for our life Family Winery is a place of community, acceptance, discovery and, family We invite you to visit with us, join in the discovery of each vintage, and share this exploration with your friends and family. Vita Nostra Audiobooks Audible Vita Nostra Our Life Publisher s Summary The definitive English language translation of the internationally best selling Russian novel a brilliant dark fantasy with the potential to be a modern

    • ☆ Vita Nostra ☆ Marina Dyachenko Sergey Dyachenko
      388 Marina Dyachenko Sergey Dyachenko

    One thought on “Vita Nostra

    1. David on said:

      This is a most unusual novel, especially for Western readers It s strange and thoughtful and dark, full of psychological twists and turns, metaphysical tangents, and the desperately humorous shenanigans of young adults carrying on at a grim Russian boarding school that is turning them all into what, they do not exactly know.I described Marina and Sergey Dyachenko s novel The Scar as swords sorcery if written by Fyodor Dostoevsky I don t think I m stretching the Russian lit analogy too much to ca [...]

    2. Tatyana Naumova on said:

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    3. Kilian Metcalf on said:

      Just finished a reread of this book, and it was just as good the second time around Maybe better because I was aware of small details I had overlooked in my rush of a first reading to find out what was going to happen next Love you, Sasha, you rock.

    4. Cheshirka on said:

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    5. Aliette on said:

      cross posted from my blog review Sasha is a normal, straight A high school student until, on a holiday with her mother, a strange man with dark glasses approaches her, and asks her to get up at 4am every morning and swim to a buoy on the beach She tries to ignore him, but when she does so, time stops passing the same day loops over and over, trapping her in a morass of impending dread When she finally takes the man s advice and swims, she finds herself vomitting gold coins on the beach and, befo [...]

    6. Spigana on said:

      P c gr matas pabeig anas ir v lme vienlaikus gan klus t, gan nebeidzam straum izsp aut visus neatbild tos jaut jumus un sp c g s emocijas Neparasta gr mata un oti at ir ga no visa, ko las m rietumu kult r Melna, iespaid ga un lieliska gr mata, kas ievelk sev un piln b nost da galven s varones viet Izcili uzb v ta un p rliecino a ma ija, kura ir tikpat br ni ga cik b stama Te nav nek vienk r a vai pa saprotama un autori ir paveiku i to, kas gr mat nebija iesp jams cilv ku valod izst st ju i pasau [...]

    7. pax on said:

      I m so looking forward to the official English translation please, please, please be a good translation and to being able to recommend it to everyone A proof that a book can be different I will not even talk what the book is about, but just say that here is a fantasy book or perhaps a speculative fiction book or a postmodern book that kept me reading non stop for four days A book that does not have an antagonist A book that is not about saving the world or even just a country A book that is not [...]

    8. Sadie Forsythe on said:

      Oh, this was a wonderful read slow and meticulous, with a tendency to make my brain quiver, but wonderful all the same There is just so much atmosphere to it It s easy to follow why Sasha does what she does, even though it should defy all logic She s also a really relatable character, even in such an alien environment There were some interesting side characters, who all played important roles and the story kept me on the edge of my seat I would have liked to know a bit about the other students [...]

    9. Marina on said:

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    10. Юля Білоус on said:

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    11. Anna on said:

      I surprised myself by finishing it, and doing it so quickly I am of the generation that grew up in Poland under communist rule and had Russian at school Unlike many other kids, I loved Russian language, I thought it was so like music, and enjoyed the learning But many years passed and apart from odd Russian website or a song I never had much contact with it since The reviews of this book intrigued me Just my kind of a book, I thought I ve tried very hard to get my hands on the English translatio [...]

    12. Aleksandra on said:

      Amazing book So interesting, great characters Somehow this book change me and my views I like the way how the authors show us the change and feelings of main character What can I say I m still shocked after reading Vita Nostra

    13. Ints on said:

      Sa as Samohinas dz ve ir p rv r as murg Vi ai ir izteikts pied v jums, no kura nav iesp jams atteikties Pabeigusi skolu, Sa a iest jas d vain instit t Speci lo Tehnolo iju instit t studenti ir l dz gi briesmo iem, bet pasniedz ji d moniem Te vi u m ca, tikai nevar saprast ko un k d nu nepavisam nav Harijam Poteram l dz g gr matas par to, k jaunie burvji sasniedz savu pilnbiedru un dodas pasaul nest labo un gai o Gr matas kop jo si etu fant zijas klasifik cij varam ielikt pie varo a ce a Te gan p [...]

    14. Rafal Jasinski on said:

      Powie o raczej umiarkowanej zawarto ci pierwiastka fantastycznego, tudzie nadprzyrodzonego To, co najzwyklejsze, jest w tym przypadku najwi kszym atutem ksi ki W Vita nostra w spos b niemal perfekcyjny sportretowano wszystko to, co wi e si ze studiowaniem, ujmuj c zar wno negatywny, jak i pozytywny aspekt tego etapu ycia Pierwsze mi o ci, pierwsze kontakty , zakrapiane w dk zagryzan kiszonymi og rkami imprezy, ale te stres zwi zany z zaliczeniem sesji, tyle e w przypadku niezaliczenia kara jest [...]

    15. Roman Kurys on said:

      Wow This book went beyond my wildest expectations My first read from C.M.Djachenko, I randomly picked it up while visiting family in Ukraine, because Roxi, my sister, said they were good A year it sat on my shelf.I opened it one dayd it was over from the first 3 pages Books is absolutely great It is written for the eastern block audience, who will understand details and subtle difference of life Some will think it strange and weird.I can t see this book finding much common ground You will either [...]

    16. Michele Marques on said:

      I read the English translation This book is unusual and amazing Sasha starts the book on summer holiday with her mother before starting her senior year at high school Everything seems normal, until she meets Farit He places demands on her The early morning swims might just seem a weird order, if it weren t for the gold coins that Sasha vomits up after completing the task Like Harry Potter, Sasha heads off to school to learn magic Except that school is demanding to the point of cruelty Magic requ [...]

    17. Mary Regan on said:

      One of the strangest and most amazing reading experiences of my life I only read it because Lev Grossman, author of The Magicians series great urban fantasy like this one , recommended it so highly, otherwise it s cheap price on Kindle would have made me look askance Utterly compelling from the beginning and SO strange I likened it to a Twilight Zone type story and that s a good way to characterize it, but it s MUCH richer and deeper, than those old TV scripts Hidden cavernous depths It also fee [...]

    18. Katie on said:

      I am not exactly sure what the ending was about, and something makes me think this book was too intellectual for me to fully understand I loved the suspense, the Institute, Sasha s character and the idea of metamorphosis from human to something other The other that the authors went with was not what I was expecting and I was somewhat puzzled by their choice I was expecting Angels or some sort of spiritual conversion and maybe a resulting kind of religious statement icription of God outside of th [...]

    19. Evelyn on said:

      I really loved this book, the process was described beautifully Can t wait to read another of this series I think anyone can relate to the ideas described in the book, even if you won t agree with them.

    20. Sylvia on said:

      Przesz am ju przez jedn pozycj ma e stwa Diaczenk w, konkretnie Wiosenn ofiar , kt ra zawiod a mnie naiwnym pomys em i partackim wykonaniem Mimo wszystko postanowi am spr bowa , chocia podchodzi am do Vita nostra jak pies do je a Nic dziwnego, bo pocz tek nie jest porywaj cy Ot, mamy g wn bohaterk o infantylnym imieniu Saszka nastoletni idealn c rk , wychowan samotnie przez pracowit matk Po kilku latach oszcz dzania wyje d aj w ko cu na wymarzone wakacje nad morzem, gdzie nie dzieje si po prostu [...]

    21. Viktor Malafey on said:

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