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Nine Stories

Nine Stories By J.D. Salinger Nine Stories None

  • Title: Nine Stories
  • Author: J.D. Salinger
  • ISBN: 9780316767729
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nine Stories By J.D. Salinger None
    Nine Stories By J.D. Salinger

    Nine Stories Salinger Nine Stories J D Salinger Books Nine exceptional stories from one of the great literary voices of the twentieth century Witty, urbane, and frequently affecting, Nine Stories sits alongside Salinger s very best work a treasure that will passed down for many generations to come. Nine Stories by J.D Salinger Nine Stories is a collection of short stories by American fiction writer J D Salinger published in April It includes two of his most famous short stories, A Perfect Day for Bananafish and For Esm with Love and Squalor. Nine Stories Study Guide GradeSaver Nine Stories, published in , is a collection of Salinger s short stories, and is considered one of the finest short story collections in the English language Taking his cues from such masters of the medium as Guy de Maupassant and James Joyce, Salinger presents a series of brief narratives or vignettes rarely over twenty pages in length in the average edition in which small scale reversals occur. Nine Stories Productions Founded in by Jake Gyllenhaal and Riva Marker, Nine Stories is a New York based production company dedicated to working with visionary storytellers in all fields. Nine Stories J D Salinger Books Nine stories The Modern library of the world s best books J D Salinger . out of stars Hardcover . Only left in stock order soon Next Special offers and product promotions Business For business only pricing, quantity discounts and FREE Shipping.

    • [PDF] Nine Stories | by ☆ J.D. Salinger
      420 J.D. Salinger

    One thought on “Nine Stories

    1. brian on said:

      i know of three people who are totally obsessed with j.d salinger john hinckleymark david chapman david i know of four reasons why i must love this book 1 because i don t want to see a list that looks like this ronald reaganjohn lennon brian2 because in the early 80s salinger was a huge fan of the sitcom mr merlin which was based on the premise wait for it wait for it that merlin yeah, that merlin is alive and well in san francisco and working as a mechanic and it gets better salinger became tot [...]

    2. Duane on said:

      This is as good of a short story collection that one could hope to find Salinger was a heck of a writer, certainly well known for his classic, The Catcher in the Rye, but there is much out there, like this little jewel for example I give this 5 stars on the strength of two stories alone, but they all were good The two stories I mention are A Perfect Day for Bananafish, and For Esme With Love And Squalor Both have themes involving troubled soldiers returning from World War II Salinger s experien [...]

    3. David on said:

      If I can get serious for a moment, and cast aside the brittle, smartassed, persona that the social networking aspect of tends to bring out, I d like to try to express what it is that drives me in this life It is the following belief, instilled primarily by my mother, an exceptionally smart woman who never suffered fools gladly, but had the mitigating grace to be one of the warmest, most generous women you could ever hope to meet, as well as having one of the greatest voices you can imagine Butte [...]

    4. Ahmad Sharabiani on said:

      Nine Stories A Perfect Day for Bananafish 1948 , Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut 1948 , Just Before the War with the Eskimos 1948 , The Laughing Man 1949 , Down at the Dinghy 1949 , For Esm with Love and Squalor 1950 , Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes 1951 , De Daumier Smith s Blue Period 1952 , Teddy 1953 , J.D Salinger, Ahmad Golshiri Translator 1998 1364 263 1377 1380 1381 1382 1385 1386 1387 1388 1389 9789643111564 20 1394 224 9786007364246 20 1364 1381

    5. Paul Bryant on said:

      If kidnappers had snatched up J D Salinger some time in the early 1970s, driven like madmen through the night and the next day too and imprisoned him in a small but pleasant room somewhere near Boise, furnished him with with all mod cons, and told him he wasn t going anyplace soon until he d finished at the very least another nine stories, and at best three or four complete novels and if the kidnappers due to an endearing cocktail of naivete and compassion because you know they were just literat [...]

    6. Rolls on said:

      Salinger s Nine Stories should be renamed How to Write Short Stories While many hold up Catcher in the Rye as the zenith of his achievements for me it will always be this wistful and brave little book I re read it two or three times or year I love it that much To be honest out of the nine stories collected here I would say that only a third are Salinger s best Perfect Day for Banafish, For Esme With Love and Squalor, and The Laughing Man are to me the peaks of short fiction Everything that Salin [...]

    7. Kenny on said:

      Each of his phrases was rather like a little ancient island, inundated by a miniature sea of whiskey Oh J.D why couldn t you have published of these amazing stories in your life time Nine Stories a collection of brilliant short stories from J.D Salinger It is in this collection where the Glass family, the main constituents of Franny and Zooey, is first introduced In the next eight stories, we meet and get to know characters with an assortment of mental and physical ailments, and self discoverie [...]

    8. Pantelis on said:

      Published in 1948, 3 years before The Catcher in the Rye, A Perfect Day for Bananafish is the scariest and bleakest short story I know World War 2 did to Salinger what World War 1 did to Celine and suicidal Seymour s ghost haunts all of Salinger s subsequent works, what we have read and certainly what remains to be read Everything he read is interconnected, a hall of mirrors magic mirrors , a labyrinth, and Seymour is both Asterion and the guest star from Athens

    9. Chloe on said:

      I was sitting at my cube farm today, moving numbers from one spreadsheet to another, cursing the internet tracking that keeps me from daytime Goodreading and daydreaming of pixies and unicorns when I received an email from my wife that utterly rocked my world Salinger s dead, read the short missive, and with that my world grew a little gray Normally news of celebrity death does little but placate my immense Schadenfreude, but Salinger s death is a serious blow to me and I feel compelled to emot [...]

    10. F on said:

      I worked through this book slowly One story every few days because thats all i could handle I found this a really boring read Didnt enjoy any of the short stories and didnt enjoy getting to know the characters in any Seemed to have a theme of varied wealthy people in solitude in someway or another Not for me

    11. Mariel on said:

      It has been a long time since I read Nine Stories For once I don t care about getting older This wasn t about that So I started rereading Nine Stories in my car on my work lunch breaks Getting through the day necessities stuff I really needed an old friend I was at a loss in a bad depths of despair kinda way that I cannot put in a meaningful way that will mean shit to anyone else I remembered Nine Stories was good to me I m in no mood for anything than that Friends.This probably won t make any [...]

    12. Helle on said:

      A slightly mixed bag of stories with some gems among them, notably A Perfect Day for Bananafish and, especially, Teddy All the stories, even when I didn t love them, had small moments of either brilliance or craziness And Salinger was a master of the quirky, zany dialogue full of 50s slang, non sequiturs and sarcastic repartees There were laugh out loud moments, there were bizarre moments where I had no idea what he was on about, there was hyperbole galore, and there was much of the 1940s swagge [...]

    13. Jeanette"Astute Crabbist" on said:

      This is one of those books The ones where I turn the final page and sigh and wonder how I can convince other people that it s worth reading Consider this There are 30,520 ratings for this book here on Good Reads The average of all those ratings is 4.18 Nothing I could say would be convincing than that Read it and marvel My two favorite stories are For Esme With Love and Squalor, and Down at the Dinghy I think I liked these best because I love the way Salinger writes about children Tender and ch [...]

    14. Ginny_1807 on said:

      Quando ho iniziato questo libro, attratta dalle numerose recensioni entusiastiche, le mie aspettative erano piuttosto elevate, ma mai mi sarei aspettata una simile incantevole suggestiva prodigiosa opera d arte I nove racconti sono, nessuno escluso, tra i pi belli e stilisticamente perfetti che abbia mai letto, e ci anche per merito della eccellente traduzione di Carlo Fruttero, che ne sottolinea la ricchezza linguistica esaltandone la pregevole fattura Si intuisce, a monte di questa prosa essen [...]

    15. Tristan on said:

      Not being too fond of Salinger s Catcher in the Rye and having, in fact, a vivid recollection of me chucking it after about a 100 pages into a far flung, dusty corner out of sheer tedium in high school reading assignments are hemlock for stubborn minds I wasn t particularly looking forward to his short story collection Would it just be an assortment of variations on Holden Caulfield I feared the worst Boy was I happy to be proven wrong Talk about rising to low expectations, huh How I wish now th [...]

    16. Hugo on said:

      Um dia ideal para o peixe banana Pai torcido no Connecticut Pouco antes da guerra com os esquim s O homem que ri Em baixo no bote Para Esm com amor e sordidez Linda boca e verdes meus olhos A fase azul de De Daumier Smith Teddy Contos que n o acabam com a ltima p gina Apetece me ler tudo de novo e conjecturar mais um pouco.

    17. Ben on said:

      Most of these stories make a statement or two, or about how our past, and our interactions with each other, affect our lives I had this feel that in some way, the stories represented our disconnections from one another, from reality, and from full knowledge the slippery grasp we have of our perceptions, and our tendency to judge too quickly Salinger often gets this across through arresting dialogue among individuals, typically with at least one of the individuals in some way being different fro [...]

    18. Ubik 2.0 on said:

      La vita un caval donatoNon star a ripetere il solito mea culpa sulla narrativa breve, trascurata e subordinata ai romanzi, ritenuti a lungo non solo la migliore ma l esclusiva forma letteraria degna di nota.Poi mi sono imbattuto in Wallace e Carver, Saunders e la Munro ed altri ancora e le eccezioni sono diventate regola, ma ci non mi ha impedito di stupirmi di fronte a questa ennesima dimostrazione, firmata J.D.Salinger, della sottile mal a del racconto e delle sue pressoch infinite potenzialit [...]

    19. Sara on said:

      Reading this short story collection helps me to understand why Salinger was hounded to the ends of the earth in an effort to make him write again His characters are so poignant and so real his children so precocious and on the brink of something wholly indefinable I bought the book with a desire to revisit For Esme With Love And Squalor and found it as captivating and moving as I had remembered, but the unexpected treasures of The Laughing Man and Teddy left me breathless Salinger knows complete [...]

    20. Fernando on said:

      Nunca hab a le do nada de J.D Salinger, es por ello que decid comprarme este libro de cuentos, que es uno de sus tres t tulos principales, junto con el aclamado El Guardi n entre el Centeno y Franny and Zooey Respecto del primer libro debo decir que luego de leer brevemente de qu se trataba la historia desist de leerlo al instante, puesto que no me atrae en absoluto leer la vida de un adolescente inconformista aunque este comentario moleste a algunos lectores y me traiga inconvenientes Mucho men [...]

    21. Patricia Nedelea on said:

      Spotless short stories Perfectly constructed, not even a single extra word And they fit perfectly together.

    22. Chiara Pagliochini on said:

      Poi accadde una cosa assolutamente orrenda Mi trovai come trascinato a pensare che qualunque cosa facessi per diventare un uomo capace di amministrare la sua vita con distacco, con buon senso o con eleganza, sarei sempre stato tutt al pi un visitatore in un giardino di orinali e pappagalli smaltati, con una cieca divinit di legno ritta in un angolo, vestita d un cinto armato.Sono felice, persino orgogliosa di aver salutato il 2015 e inaugurato il 2016 in compagnia di un tipetto come Salinger Fec [...]

    23. Andrew Smith on said:

      To me, short stories always feel like sampling the chef s taster menu afterward I never feel fully sated and just wish I could have had of the courses I liked the most It s set of appetisers without the satisfaction of a full meal That said there was a lot here to admire and enjoy.Even a minimal amount of research on Salinger throws up the fact that as a GI in World War 2 he was traumatised by the Battle of the Bulge and Nazi concentration camps So, it s not surprising to see this reflected in [...]

    24. Greta on said:

      Mi bastato leggere il primo racconto, Un giorno perfetto per i pescibanana , per abbattere ogni barriera La barriera della razionalit , gli argini costruiti dall esperienza, le consuetudini del cercare determinate cose e fare attenzione ad altre, durante una lettura.Potrei quindi dire tantissime cose su questi racconti potrei parlare della maestria di Salinger nel tratteggiare storie brevi, che nascono da frammenti di frasi e gesti precisi, si costruiscono quasi da sole e improvvisamente si dipa [...]

    25. Himanshu on said:

      I took 4 days to read this thin book, not because I didn t get enough time, but because all the nine stories had such an engrossing impact on me Every time I finished reading a story, I d HAVE to set the book aside and think about what just happened there Every time it was like a big blow inside my head that d block all other thoughts for some time, all but one.I usually don t prefer short stories because I enjoy my reading mostly when I get a feeling that I know each and every character in and [...]

    26. Ammar on said:

      3.5 StarsSome stories were amazing, like the first story and that ending of it written so calmly that it shocks Some were good and some just felt dated

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