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The Crimson Petal and the White

The Crimson Petal and the White By Michel Faber The Crimson Petal and the White Sugar prostitute in Victorian London yearns for a better life From brutal brothel keeper Mrs Castaway she ascends in society Affections of self involved perfume magnate William Rackham soon sme

  • Title: The Crimson Petal and the White
  • Author: Michel Faber
  • ISBN: 9781841954318
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Crimson Petal and the White By Michel Faber Sugar, 19, prostitute in Victorian London, yearns for a better life From brutal brothel keeper Mrs Castaway, she ascends in society Affections of self involved perfume magnate William Rackham soon smells like love Her social rise attracts preening socialites, drunken journalists, untrustworthy servants, vile guttersnipes, and whores of all kinds.
    The Crimson Petal and the White By Michel Faber

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    • ✓ The Crimson Petal and the White ☆ Michel Faber
      321 Michel Faber

    One thought on “The Crimson Petal and the White

    1. Steve on said:

      A word of warning, my friends I ll be giving this the hard sell To begin, please create in your mind s eye and ear the most interesting tour guide imaginable He knows all about Victorian England its people, its paradoxes and what s , he knows what you don t know but would find fascinating Transitions back and forth between our modern perspectives and their older, circumscribed ones are virtually seamless He s wise about people, too, their quirks and motivations, independent of setting Oh, and t [...]

    2. Teresa Jusino on said:

      I ve been of the mind recently that there is something slightly worse than bad And that is almost Bad, one can deal with It s easily classifiable, and can be to paraphrase Susan Orlean in The Orchid Thief whittled down to a manageable size Almost is harder Almost teases you with what could have been, only to disappoint you with what is Almost is wasted potential Almost lingers inside you like a dust bunny under a bed in a clean room The Crimson Petal and the White by Michel Faber almost lives u [...]

    3. Paul Bryant on said:

      You know in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind they ve invented this brilliant device for erasing specific memories and the whole plot revolves around people who meet each other after they ve had their memories of each other already erased, so they re meet and re love and it s all poignant and kind of whoah and oops I kind of gave the plot away well, you should have seen it by now, come on, it s years old Anyway, I d love that particular invention to be true true true so that I could hustle d [...]

    4. Emily on said:

      If you don t like reading about sex, don t read this book And when I say sex, I don t necessarily mean the pleasant kind of reading about sex, or the titillating kind of reading about sex I mean, there are plenty of gory details in here about the everyday lives of Victorian women and prostitutes And many of them aren t pretty.The thing that fascinates and attracts me to this book is that it could only take place in Victorian London, and yet it could only have been written in the modern era Dicke [...]

    5. Rick Riordan on said:

      Adult historical fiction Very adult After enjoying Faber s most recent novel, The Book of Strange New Things, I decided to try this his earlier novel set in 1870s England I have to admire someone who can evoke science fiction worlds and Victorian London with equal aplomb The surety with which Faber resurrects the world of the 1870s is astounding You will feel like you are there gritty streets, coal blackened slums, high society balls and all This is basically the story of a young prostitute Suga [...]

    6. Kelly on said:

      Watch your step Keep your wits about you you will need them This city I am bringing you to is vast and intricate, and you have not been here before You may imagine, from other stories you ve read, that you know it well, but those stories flattered you, welcoming you as a friend, treating you as if you belonged The truth is that you are an alien from another time and place altogether Thus does Faber begin his beguiling spell of a novel, the Crimson Petal and the White He sets the bar rather arrog [...]

    7. Marita on said:

      Ain t nuffink Sugar won t do, sir Nuffink It s common knowledge, sir, that special tastes as can t be satisfied by the ordinary girl, Sugar will satisfy The seamy and the salubrious live cheek by jowl in Victorian London The opulence of Bedford Square and the British Museum may be only a few hundred yards away, but New Oxford Street runs between there and here like a river too wide to swim, and you are on the wrong side Once on the wrong side , the alleys are narrow, filthy, poverty stricken and [...]

    8. Cecily on said:

      Watch your step Keep your wits about you you will need them From that captivating opening echoed several times later on , you are a voyeur, on an extraordinarily vivid journey I was enthralled from the start, raced through the 800 pages at every opportunity, and remain in awe of the way the story is told Regularly addressing the reader in conspiratorial tones, lends an air of intimacy that suits the subjectARACTERSThe central character is Sugar, a young prostitute who is uncommonly intelligent a [...]

    9. Joe Valdez on said:

      The Crimson Petal and the White is the 2002 novel by Michel Faber, a resplendent eight hundred fifty page saga that chronicles the rise of an exceptionally clever London prostitute known as Sugar in 1874, her fall from grace the following year and how she impacts a multitude of characters along the way That story isn t at all complex and given the political machinations that existed in high and low society of Victorian England, the secrets between powerful men and their cunning mistresses, as we [...]

    10. Michael on said:

      I was totally captivated by this novel about class differences and sexual s of late Victorian London its rich and lively writing, its cast of engaging characters, and a plot that wavers among entertaining romp, serious social commentary, and tragedy A key device is an omniscient narrator who speaks directly to the modern reader, in the beginning but also at turning points in the long story Rather than pulling you out of participation in the story, the approach works well to stoke compassion for [...]

    11. Priya on said:

      Ugh This book, and the length had nothing to do with it, took me about three weeks to read If it was any good it would have taken about a week, even with its 700 pages This book was beyond bad If I could give it zero stars I would Not only was the writing atrocious, but the narration was awful I hate it when the narrator is not only third person omniscient but also directly addresses the reader in a very obnoxious voice that basically drove me mad I have to say that the book was probably very we [...]

    12. Martine on said:

      If I had to give a one word response to the big, sprawling monster of a faux Victorian novel that is The Crimson Petal and the White, it would be WOW With capitals Yes At 895 pages, it s a big book, and it s not without its flaws, but such is the quality of the writing, the characterisation and the staggering amount of research that went into it that I was enthralled from beginning to end and stayed up until 4am on a weekday night to be able to read the last four hundred pages I don t regret the [...]

    13. Vanessa on said:

      I made it Okay, so I finished it a couple of days late, but I finished up my 2016 TBR by finally reading The Crimson Petal and the White As I wanted to read Michel Faber s main novels in order, this has been on the cards for me ever since I read Under the Skin back in the summer of 2015 I kept putting it off though, partly for its length, and partly because I was determined to read it in the autumn winter months I m glad that I finally got to it though, because it was definitely worth the wait.T [...]

    14. Laurie Neighbors on said:

      Okay, I read this book I read every page because, you know, Michel Faber, right I mean, his prior work was not without merit.What the hell was he thinking, though, when he wrote this book Was he aiming for mediocre language and predictable plot with lots of crusty, nasty Victorian sex Cause if so, bravo Still, I did read it all the way through So what does that say about ME I think what it says about me was that I hang in, even against my better judgment I read all the way through because I just [...]

    15. Siria on said:

      Enjoyable and rather compulsively readable, but not particularly impressive, The Crimson Petal and the White is essentially an 18 rated version of Dickens a cautionary tale set in Victorian London, but with mention of prostitutes, erections and human excretions than you could shake a reasonably sized stick at.The prose is quite solid, though it feels a little padded in places, particularly in regards to the Henry Rackham Emmeline Fox subplot similarly, the narrative flows well, though I would q [...]

    16. Trevor on said:

      When this book started I thought that it was going to be quite a different kind of novel I thought it was going to be a bit like Calvino s If on a Winter s Night a Traveller a series of beginnings tripping over one another, but never getting further on than that I thought that this would be a kind of day in the life of Victorian London one seen through the eyes of prostitutes and their clients What is it, I wonder, that has us so fascinated by Victorian prostitutes Is it just that Victorian Engl [...]

    17. Alex on said:

      Here s a sprawling behemoth of a love letter to Victorian novels Like Sarah Waters Tipping the Velvet and John Fowles The French Lieutenant s Woman, it gets a charge out of paying homage to Victorian tropes while undermining them Victorian novels were famously prudish, so Faber gives us descriptions of the toxic prophylactic methods of Victorian prostitutes This is all good fun.The gothic and sensation genres are Faber s main touchstones here Sugar s stint as an infiltrating governess recalls La [...]

    18. Liz on said:

      In an interview, The Crimson Petal and White s author, Michael Faber says I use the metaphor of a novel being like a prostitute, promising the reader a good time, promising intimacy and companionship If this is the case, boy did I feel like I got a good fuck for my moneys worth At 850 pages, I thought this tome of a novel was magnificent Faber led me by the hand, and brought me to Victorian London, where I fell in and out of love with the characters The robust writing and detailed descriptions i [...]

    19. Helene Jeppesen on said:

      Wow, that ending After having read so many pages and gone through such an immense journey, I do feel kind of cheated by that ending Nevertheless, I absolutely loved this book and its characters I loved how it portrays life in Victorian London so realistically and brutally, and I really liked how Michel Faber leaves nothing to the reader s imagination when it comes to the prostitutes and their work.Yes, this book is about prostitutes and in particular about Sugar and her rises and falls in life I [...]

    20. Sally Howes on said:

      THE CRIMSON PETAL AND THE WHITE both is and is not a book about sex Yes, it follows the life of Sugar, an unusually talented in ways than one whore in Victorian London, but its sex scenes are brief, perfunctory, and relatively infrequent considering the subject matter If you re looking for a Victorian era FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, look elsewhere, you won t find it here What you will find is a uniquely brilliant, unabashedly feminist character study of some memorable examples of women and men dealin [...]

    21. Gabrielle on said:

      I have a weakness for Victoriana, even the faux Victoriana like Sarah Waters, and who doesn t love a good prostitute story Many friends reviewed The Crimson Petal and the White very highly, so when I spotted it at my favorite used book store, I grabbed it immediately.This book had me, hook, line and sinker, after just a couple of lines The enthralling tone all but hypnotized me and I spent the whole long Easter weekend with my nose buried in Faber s novel The slightly sarcastic omniscient narrat [...]

    22. Jennifer (aka EM) on said:

      Fantastic The perfect book to end a great year of reads Come for the sexy story, stay for the character portraits and technique There are lots of good reviews of this see Kelly s, Paul s, Cecily s, Trevor s, and Simon s lots of them focus on the length ho, ho, ho , so besides the rampant double entendres that popped up everywhere, I ll just tell you a dozen things that I loved about TCP 1 The narrator without him it, the ending would have been unthinkable And the ending is perfect No, I m not g [...]

    23. B the BookAddict on said:

      Rather like an expose on life in 1870s England it is a sumptuous, richly textured and deeply satisfying novel A stonkingly good read 4.75

    24. El on said:

      February 22, 2014 I have just finished watching all four discs of the BBC miniseries, the same one that I referenced in this book review a couple years ago, stating that the miniseries couldn t be as good as the book I am so full of shit It could be as good as the book I still want everyone to read the book, but the miniseries captures the story so well and so faithfully I found myself falling in love with the story all over again The actors were fantastic, right down to little Sophie.Or maybe I [...]

    25. Anastasia on said:

      GLI UOOOOOOMINIIII NON CAAAAAMBIANOOOO leggere con la giusta intonazione prego, non facciamo gli altoparlanti Faber, oltre ad avere un esilarante antipatia per il genere maschile, ha anche il sacro fuoco della narrazione che gli circola a go go in tutto l organismo E infatti adotta quel mezzo quasi sleale, affabulante, che il considerarti come effettivo lettore, non semplicemente la finestra su cui poggiare i gomiti Assomiglia molto alla rottura della quarta parete Attento Tieni la testa a posto [...]

    26. Cher on said:

      3.5 stars It was really good.The way Faber wrote this novel reminded me of a Dickens tale atmospheric with memorable, flawed characters and an underlying examination of the societal class divides Some parts were interesting than others and at 900 pages it felt a bit long in the tooth also reminiscent of Dickens I personally preferred his other novel, The Book of Strange New Things, to this one, though both were satisfying worthy reads Favorite Quote Isn t Heaven reward enough, without needing t [...]

    27. Olivier Delaye on said:

      A wonderful trip back in time to Victorian London is what The Crimson Petal and the White is to me, a slice of life about a young prostitute named Sugar whose determination to pull herself out of the gutter and rise in society embodies in itself the very definition of rags to riches I was hooked from the beginning, and while this book is positively huge, it also possesses that page turning quality which will surely keep you awake many a sleepless night I only found the ending somewhat wanting, h [...]

    28. Beth F. on said:

      Watch your step Keep your wits about you you will need them This city I am bringing you to is vast and intricate, and you have not been here before You may imagine, from other stories you ve read, that you know it well, but those stories flattered you, welcoming you as a friend, treating you as if you belonged The truth is that you are an alien from another time and place altogetherWhat a beginning I passed my copy on after I originally read this in 2005 I gave it to my mom who gave it to her si [...]

    29. Arwen56 on said:

      Questo libro l ho pescato a caso, perch nulla conoscevo e, a tutt oggi, nulla conosco del suo autore, tranne le poche notizie riportate in quarta di copertina nato in Olanda nel 1960, ma cresciuto in Australia e, dal 1993, vive in Scozia Queste 985 pagine sono il frutto di 20 anni di ricerche Accidenti , direte voi l ho detto anch io, anzi, l ho solo pensato, perch non che potessi mettermi a esclamare accidenti nel bel mezzo di una libreria.Ma 20 anni di ricerche su cosa Sul periodo vittoriano I [...]

    30. Dagio_maya on said:

      una vita intera andata come piscio sulla strada Ma i romanzi non sono forse verit mascherate , si chiede ad un certo punto uno dei protagonisti della storia.Direi che cos dovrebbe essereNon metto in dubbio il tanto pubblicizzato lavoro ventennale che Faber ha compiuto per riprodurre la Londra di quegli anni 1874 1875 Per quanto mi riguarda il clima ben riuscito sia nell ambientazione dei bassifondi sia degli ambienti alto borghesi.Il neo, per quanto mi riguarda sta nella credibilit dei personagg [...]

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