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The Golden Mean

The Golden Mean By Nick Bantock The Golden Mean I received your Paris card I waited but you did not returne the rd I waited until the st but you did not return What happened Where are you SabineSabine s Notebook ended with a disturbing disclos

  • Title: The Golden Mean
  • Author: Nick Bantock
  • ISBN: 9780811802987
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Golden Mean By Nick Bantock I received your Paris card I waited but you did not returne the 23rd I waited until the 31st, but you did not return What happened Where are you SabineSabine s Notebook ended with a disturbing disclosure Griff and Sabine had somehow eluded each other once again The Golden Mean beings with an even disturbing development I was sure I understood Yet you were notI received your Paris card I waited but you did not returne the 23rd I waited until the 31st, but you did not return What happened Where are you SabineSabine s Notebook ended with a disturbing disclosure Griff and Sabine had somehow eluded each other once again The Golden Mean beings with an even disturbing development I was sure I understood Yet you were not here when I returned and there was no sign that you ever had been here Today comes your card saying you were in this house for three days after my return I am bewildered GriffinIt seems that each cannot exist in the presence of the other Yet neither can continue without the presence of the other And so, in this final volume of the Griffin Sabine trilogy, they struggle against the mysterious forces that keep them apart Time is running out Sabine s crystalline visions of Griffin s artwork grow cloudy and dim, and a threatening stranger begins to appear everywhere she goes The Golden Mean is the tale of Griffin and Sabine s journey towards one another, sometimes dreamy, sometimes desperate, sometimes nightmarish The golden mean the harmony of perfect balance is what they seek in the haunting conclusion of this extraordinary correspondence.Told in the compelling style of the first two best selling volumes of the trilogy, The Golden Mean allows readers to open richly decorated envelopes and draw forth intricately illustrated letters, to decipher the quirky handwritt
    The Golden Mean By Nick Bantock

    Golden ratio Golden mean philosophy New World Encyclopedia What is the Golden Mean Definition Examples Study Golden Mean philosophy Britannica function in Aristotelian ethics to be known as the Golden Mean it is essentially the same as the Buddha s middle path between self indulgence and self renunciation Thus, courage, for example, is the mean between two extremes one can have a deficiency of it, which is cowardice, or one can have an excess of it, which. The Golden Mean In Which the Extraordinary The Golden Mean In Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin Sabine Concludes Hardcover August , by Nick Bantock Author Visit s Nick Bantock Page Find all the books, read about the author, and . What is the Golden Mean in Philosophy Mere Liberty The Golden Mean is a sliding scale for determining what is virtuous Aristotle believed that being morally good meant striking a balance between two vices You could have a vice of excess or one of deficiency This is known as Virtue Ethics. The Golden Mean biblehub THE GOLDEN MEAN IS THEREFORE TO BE DESIRED AND SOUGHT Comp Philippians , Timothy Horace says, Whoever loves the golden mediocrity is safe, free from the sordid misery of the tumble down dwelling, free from the envied hall in his sobriety Carm . Golden Ratio MATH The Golden Ratio is also sometimes called the golden section, golden mean, golden number, divine proportion, divine section and golden proportion Footnotes for the Keen Where did come from With the help of Pythagoras A designer s guide to the Golden Ratio Creative Bloq Oct , It can be used to create visually pleasing, organic looking compositions in your design projects or artwork Whether you re a graphic designer, illustrator or digital artist, the Golden Ratio, also known as the Golden Mean, The Golden Section, or the Greek letter phi, can be used to bring harmony and structure to your projects.

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      337 Nick Bantock

    One thought on “The Golden Mean

    1. Mohsin Maqbool on said:

      An enlarged cover of the bookCK Bantock s The Golden Mean Griffin Sabine trilogy 3 continues where Sabine s Notebook left off The book is in the form of correspondence between two lovers Sabine and Griffin It contains 15 beautifully illustrated postcards and four letters that are tucked inside intricately designed envelopes.Griffin s postcard to Sabine, telling her about the storybook he is writing for children.I had bought the tome towards the beginning of the new millennium and kept it in my l [...]

    2. Hannah Greendale on said:

      Just when Griffin and Sabine s story is starting to feel a bit stagnant, a postcard appears with unfamiliar handwriting from a character yet unseen in the series The new character makes an odd request, and the result is an unexpected twist that shifts the tone from surreal to unnerving With few words, Nick Bantock stirs the imagination and hints at something from a veiled realm Academically bright as he is, he never has been able to smell a shadow I will take you to the garden and show you the d [...]

    3. Staci on said:

      I once went to a Nick Bantock reading where he boasted of his success in the face of his teachers of English literature who had, to put it nicely, not encouraged him This reading, and I suspect a large part of the book tour, was a proud snub in the face of all that He was intent upon getting the message out that his teachers had told him that he couldn t write and, boy, had he shown them Having read the first book of the series, I would have proudly stood to his defense, in full agreement This b [...]

    4. Elizabeth A on said:

      This is the final book in the Griffin and Sabine trilogy, and I would highly recommend reading all three of these visual novels back to back Love how this story unfolds Am checking my mailbox now to see if I got a postcard from a stranger.

    5. Korri on said:

      I read all three books in one go, excited by the tactile experience of snooping through personal correspondence and charmed by the imagery But at the end of this strange journey I feel like there really wasn t much substance Sure, there s the mystery of how Sabine Griffin can exist in different planes or parallel times Sure, the images on their one off postcards could probably be scrutinized for deep orientalist fanatasies, class distinctions, or whatever But so many elements the villain interes [...]

    6. Amanda on said:

      So weird and cool I definitely want to read the other books attached to the series.

    7. Kim on said:

      The mystery concludes, but is not solved I didn t enjoy this book as much as the first two mostly because the number of unanswered questions was too large I still think it was really good, just slightly unsatisfying in a way that is actually appropriate to the nature of the book The only narration comes from the characters who are living their lives oblivious to being observed, when they stop writing letters you stop hearing about their lives As their relationship changes they maintain it in dif [...]

    8. Erin Germain on said:

      The final book of the trilogy, and Griffin and Sabine have yet to meet one another, other than through the gorgeous postcards and letters in the book.This one introduces a third character, who appears to have something to do with their inability to actually meet, but who he is and what his actual intentions are is left somewhat vague Griffin is back in England and Sabine in her home It looks as though they are back to where they began, but they are also determined to meet one another.Again, ther [...]

    9. Joanna Marie on said:

      While I expected to ask a lot of questions to unveil the whole trilogy s mystery, specifically the extraordinary telepathy and correspondence, I did not like how it ended It may have been a happy ending for Griffin and Sabine but I felt I needed of that suspense from Victor in this finale.But I still recommend this series especially if you like opening letters, reading postcards, and you are into experimental and abstract art.

    10. Jessica on said:

      The beautiful conclusion of the trilogy I love these beautifully drawn letters and cards, and piecing together the story through Griffin and Sabine s correspondence

    11. Kelly H. (Maybedog) on said:

      Weak ending but otherwise as good as the first two Love the artwork and the premise is very clever.

    12. Mary on said:

      Maybe I m too much a seeker of happy endings and one s that make sense , but this left me dissatisfied I liked elements of it new characters, new places, beautiful envelopes , but I had too many WHAT moments to feel really settled here Ending felt like the author didn t want a mystery but instead wanted to write books, which I later found out he did, so that was no fun Glad I read the whole series though, an interesting escape and still a nice testament to love

    13. Lynn on said:

      Today s post is on The Golden Mean by Nick Bantock It is the third in his Griffin Sabine trilogy It is 46 pages long and is published by Chronicle Books The cover is green and gold with postcard in the center The intended reader is someone who has read the two books, likes reading other peoples mail, and love stories There is mild language, no sex, and no violence in this book The story is told from the first person perspectives of Griffin and Sabine There Be Spoilers Ahead.From the dust jacket [...]

    14. Matthew on said:

      If I could sum up my feelings about this particular book and series it would be this I wasted my valuable time believing that this series would get better and have the ending resolved but I was wrong Knowing that now I believe this should have been one long standalone book to hell with it I love the artwork, the letters, and the whole creative part of this book but I believe this story did not stand up to par with the creative artwork I believe in my humble opinion that the first book was the be [...]

    15. Allison on said:

      As beautiful as the other three books in the trilogy, we get a little closer to conclusion in this book I do still love them all, but have to say that I was disappointed in the ending Maybe I m not artsy enough philosophical enough tarot card reading enough to get it Of course, I still recommend the entire trilogy for the experience they give, but I do wish the ending was comprehensible, as I sit here scratching my head Seems such a lost opportunity somehow

    16. Namitha Varma on said:

      This is a review for the entire trilogy When my friend gifted this set of books to me, I was awed simply at the design and presentation of the book The concept was so unique, and new to me, that it blew me away I kept staring at the book and the art till my eyes ached I love and appreciate art, though I can t claim to understand every artwork I see Possessing a hardcover book with so much art in it added to the overwhelming feeling And then I started reading The epistolary is a voyeuristic genre [...]

    17. Barbara on said:

      I discovered this Trilogy by Nick Bantock when I picked up Griffin Sabine for a dollar at our local library book sale The joy of books advertisement for reading is that this early 1990 s series was vibrant and new to me in 2015 I immediately went to the library and checked out all of the Nick Bantock s books also an advertisement for libraries The story and artwork are as engaging today as they must have been 20 years ago.I was immediately hooked by the intriguing story, quirky format and beauti [...]

    18. Sarah T on said:

      3 Finally I have reached the end of the series This book has definitely met my expectations and beyond, the end ties everything together and answers all the questions that were bubbling in my brain ready to explode Yes, Griffin and Sabine are living together and have a child It is so thrilling to leave these series on a happy note I love how Griffin and Sabine knew there love was so strong They were willing to sacrifice anything and everything in their life just so that they could be together I [...]

    19. Amanda Cook on said:

      This beautiful trilogy of fascinating novels, in which the reader pulls out the letters and reads the postcards of the two main characters, was a quick, but not entirely easy read for me One could finish the entire trilogy in an hour or two, but I found myself lingering over the artwork, trying to discover the hidden messages and meanings in the drawings and paintings The ending of The Golden Mean the last of the trilogy left me a bit dissatisfied, until I realized it had to end that way When th [...]

    20. Emmypeaches on said:

      This is the last in the trilogy and again in trying so hard to be different and an unusual and beautiful format, the plot is seriously lacking Again, took me ten minutes to read, and the sudden introduction of the villain is a little amusing rather than scary The book lacks depth even the letters could be longer and detailed.Not to spoil anything but the ending is completely random and feels like the author s attempt at fobbing off the reader as he can t be bothered to keep the stories going Le [...]

    21. Sharon on said:

      Well.fascinating Just fascinating A discussion group on this series should be lively Oh the possibilities Anyone can read this series in a day For some, the story and its myriad facets will remain for a long time What really did happen I would like to recommend these books to everyone, but they aren t for everyone Some won t appreciate the quirky, odd, meaningful art Most would like the format, I d guess Some won t like the unknowns, but I find them delicious Food for the mind And the details If [...]

    22. Eyehavenofilter on said:

      Here s the BIG pay off And it s TOTALLY worth it If you ve been following along wondering, will they Won t they Where the hell are they and why the heck can t they get their shite together Then this is the greatest artistic love story, EVER With the most beautifully illustrated postcards, notes, envelopes, that transcend even the most hard hearted of you out there Like me Art is life, and if you throw some love in there with it, it s magical.

    23. Mary on said:

      As with the 2 earlier books I liked the postcards and the envelopes as artwork However I didn t feel like the tone of the cards envelopes matched the content of the letters as well as it did in the first book I also felt, despite the subtitle, that nothing was really concluded which was disappointing.

    24. Tiffany on said:

      For a conclusion to a trilogy, this book is really lacking I just don t get the hype Griffin himself says it best To tell the truth, I don t know about the story, but I quite like the pictures.

    25. Valerie on said:

      These books were some of my favorites when I was in high school I read this in 1997 My notes then were Excellent artwork, as well as a compelling story Easy read, but fascinating and unique.

    26. Jeanette"Astute Crabbist" on said:

      Ooooh Cue the Twilight Zone theme And check your letter box DThis one has the best artwork of the trilogy.

    27. Shivani Dayal on said:

      This was again, very mysterious I really love both the characters in this series

    28. Hope on said:

      I can t at all explain how nor why I love this series so very much Perhaps I crave such a powerful, impossible relationship Regardless of why, I do adore these books

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