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The Malady of Death

The Malady of Death By Marguerite Duras Barbara Bray The Malady of Death A man hires a woman to spend several weeks with him by the sea The woman is no one in particular a she a warm moist body with a beating heart the enigma of Other Skilled in the mechanics of sex he

  • Title: The Malady of Death
  • Author: Marguerite Duras Barbara Bray
  • ISBN: 9780802130365
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Malady of Death By Marguerite Duras Barbara Bray A man hires a woman to spend several weeks with him by the sea The woman is no one in particular, a she, a warm, moist body with a beating heart the enigma of Other Skilled in the mechanics of sex, he desires through her to penetrate a different mystery he wants to learn love It isn t a matter of will, she tells him Still, he wants to learn to try .This beautifuA man hires a woman to spend several weeks with him by the sea The woman is no one in particular, a she, a warm, moist body with a beating heart the enigma of Other Skilled in the mechanics of sex, he desires through her to penetrate a different mystery he wants to learn love It isn t a matter of will, she tells him Still, he wants to learn to try .This beautifully wrought erotic novel is an extended haiku on the meaning of love, perhaps a sudden lapse in the logic of the universe, and of its absence, the malady of death The whole tragedy of the inability to love is in this work, thanks to Duras unparalleled art of reinventing the most familiar words, of weighing their meaning Le Monde Deceptively simple and Racinian in its purity, condensed to the essential Translation Review.
    The Malady of Death By Marguerite Duras Barbara Bray

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      192 Marguerite Duras Barbara Bray
    The Malady of Death

    One thought on “The Malady of Death

    1. Magdalen on said:

      You say you can t know why, that you don t understand the malady you suffer from.She smiles, says this is the first time, that until she met you, she didn t know death could be lived Your death has already begun quote Oscar Suffering is permanent, obscure, and dark and has the nature of infinity quote .Even so you have managed to live that love in the only way possible for you Losing it before it happened.

    2. Sophie on said:

      You ask how loving can happen the emotion of loving She answers Perhaps a sudden lapse in the logic of universe She says Through a mistake for instance She says Never through an act of will You ask Could the emotion of loving come from other things too You beg her to say She says It can come from the flight of a night bird, from a sleep, from a dream of sleep, from the approach of death, from a word, from a crime, of itself, from oneself, often without knowing how , , , , , , Marguerite Duras [...]

    3. Nate D on said:

      This is a kind of pure concentrate of late Duras, the brief scenario focused into a streamlined intensity of plot and signifiers A repeated series of nights, an absent love, an absence, tears waves, and night, always night, only night She also takes the form to its furthest extent unstable tenses unsettle and amplify the salience of the story , these are words carving out meaning from the very point of their conveyance, the signs are the signified, rather than an attempt to convey a narrative tr [...]

    4. Misha on said:

      4.18.09 The washing machine in my house is broken and I had to take a couple of loads of clothes to the laundry mat today I took this book along because it s short and seemed like it would fit the time span I needed to fill I jotted some notes in a journal as I read, although I didn t quite finish.A man hires a prostitute not just for sex, but to try to love Love is expensive than sex Is this foreshadowing Will the loving of this woman cost the man than he bargains The story is told in second [...]

    5. Proustitute on said:

      If I ever filmed this text I d want the weeping by the sea to be shot in such a way that the white turmoil of the waves is seen almost simultaneously with the man s face There should be a correlation between the white of the sheets and the white of the seaAll this by way of general suggestion.

    6. Nihan on said:

      Yazar vermek istedi i mesaj yle derinlere g mm ki st ne d nd k e durmadan yeni bir eyler kavr yorum Olduk a etkileyici ve yer yer zordu.

    7. صهبا on said:

      You ask Why is the malady of death fatal She answers Because whoever has it doesn t know he s a carrier, of death And also because he s like to die without any life to die to, and without even knowing that s what he s doingThe fact that you ask the question proves you can t understand.

    8. Duygu Pınar on said:

      Edebiyat b l mlerinde bu kitap tart lmal Ne anlatt n , alt mesaj tart n nk g r nenin, yaz lan n d nda bir eyler var ama yazar derine yle bir g mm ki, ya da asl nda yok, anlad n z n varl bir pheli Puanlamak o y zden zor oldu benim i in Baz k s mlar ok g zel olsa da di er k s mlar del zyon gibiydi Belki de buydu verilmek istenen O y zden zerinde d nd k e daha g zel geliyor

    9. metaphor on said:

      You go out again onto the terrace facing the black sea Inside you there are sobs you can t explain They linger on the brink of you as if they were outside, they can t reach you and be wept Facing the black sea, leaning against the wall of the room where she s sleeping, you weep for yourself as a stranger might You can t understand how it s possible for her not to know of your tears, for her to be protected from you by herself, for her to be so completely unaware of how she fills the whole world. [...]

    10. Ali on said:

      a short review for a short story The Malady of Death left me with a mayhem of questions about myself Unaware, She, the author, stripped me naked.

    11. Roberta Pearce on said:

      I was turned onto Marguerite Duras work by a comment made in an interview of Camilla Monk, wherein Ms Monk credited Ms Duras as one of her influences in romance I ve spent the last couple days scrounging up books and watching the phenomenal Hiroshima Mon Amour I m a bit exhausted But still going, adding The Lover and The Ravishing of Lol Stein to my TBR Pretty sure Lol isn t really LOL Just had to add that aside I need a bit of lightness after a few days of Ms Duras Not that Malady was oppressiv [...]

    12. Trever Polak on said:

      2.5 I admire Duras s writing, I really do There s just something about it that makes it teeter between great and bad This book particularly shows when it tips towards the bad side It s not that there s anything missing in it, it s just that it comes so close to being erotic fiction with no depth But what it is is impenetrable ha ha Duras is trying to say something inexpressible, and it feels almost like it would make a better short film than a novel But then you watchHiroshima mon amour and real [...]

    13. Ada on said:

      Usted sigue hablando, solo en el mundo como usted desea Usted dice que el amor siempre le ha parecido fuera de lugar, que no ha comprendido nunca, que siempre ha evitado amar, que siempre ha querido ser libre de no amar Dice que est perdido Dice que no sabe de qu , en qu est perdido.

    14. Lede on said:

      Very short erotic story about a man who hires a woman for a few days of sex He wants to inhale her, consume her She tells him, it s not gonna happen dude cause you re dead, dead inside You ve just been using our bodies for sex and now that you want to experience the whole thing you find that that other organ is not working You get what you give, so there The man is very sad and tries harderbut he has a heavy metal heart poor thing Duras had lots of preachy fun with this.

    15. Scarlett on said:

      More than a novella, this reads like a poem The beauty of this work is that the story is boiled down to its essentials, an economy of words with a cyclical feeling Death and Life co existing together briefly in one room A narrator that tells the story through the second person, perhaps forcing the character Death to act, as if he himself couldn t bring himself to do it As he cannot bring himself to love.Beautiful and evocative reading for a short break in the day.

    16. Danica Janković on said:

      Pitate je kako se mo e desiti osje aj voljenja Odgovara vam Mo da zbog neke neo ekivane oma ke u logici svemira Ka e Na primjer zbog kakve gre ke Jo ka e Nikada zbog ne ije volje Pitate je Mo e li se osje aj voljenja dogoditi jo zbog ega drugoga Preklinjete je da vam ka e Ona ka e Iz bilo ega, iz no nog leta ptice, iz usnulosti, iz sna o usnulosti, zbog pribli avanja smrti, iz jedne rije i, jednog zlo ina, iz sebe, iz samog sebe, esto a da i ne znamo kako Presretna sanja da je sva ispunjena mu k [...]

    17. Ali on said:

      Margareth Duras is a long poem, in different books with different verses 80 1959 .

    18. Tony on said:

      Duras, Marguerite THE MALADY OF DEATH 1986 Ms Duras first came to my attention when I was in school and we all went to see the film, Hiroshima, mon Amour She wrote the screenplay for this art film and after that, her books began to be translated into English This novella tells the story of a man who hires a woman to come and stay with him for three days so that he can learn the basics of loving This is not just about sex although sex plays a role but about what love is and might be for him He h [...]

    19. Aaron Gallardo on said:

      Usted pregunta c mo podr a surgir el sentimiento de amar Ella le responde Quiz de un fallo repentino en la l gica del universo Dice Por ejemplo de un error Dice Nunca por quererlo Usted pregunta El sentimiento de amar podr a surgir de otras cosas a n Usted le suplica que diga Ella dice De todo, de un vuelo de p jaro nocturno, de un sue o, del sue o de un sue o, de la cercan a de la muerte, de una palabra, de un crimen, de uno, de uno mismo, de pronto sin saber c mo Dice Mire Abre las piernas y e [...]

    20. Addy on said:

      I got into Duras through French auteur Alain Resnais I can see why they liked working with each other Like Marguerite Duras, Resnais also relies heavily on memories and remembering The Malady of Death is a precursor to Duras most famous book The Lover Far from examining love as an Ideal, it is a graphic account of sex and obsession Specifically, it is less about love and about how to love or not knowing how to love This novella was written in a drunk stupor by Duras There s a looseness, a strea [...]

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