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The Stress of Her Regard

The Stress of Her Regard By Tim Powers The Stress of Her Regard When Michael Crawford discovers his bride brutally murdered in their wedding bed he is forced to flee not only to prove his innocence but to avoid the deadly embrace of a vampire who has claimed him

  • Title: The Stress of Her Regard
  • Author: Tim Powers
  • ISBN: 9780441790975
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Stress of Her Regard By Tim Powers When Michael Crawford discovers his bride brutally murdered in their wedding bed, he is forced to flee not only to prove his innocence, but to avoid the deadly embrace of a vampire who has claimed him as her true bridegroom Joining forces with Byron, Keats, and Shelley in a desperate journey that crisscrosses Europe, Crawford desperately seeks his freedom from this vengefWhen Michael Crawford discovers his bride brutally murdered in their wedding bed, he is forced to flee not only to prove his innocence, but to avoid the deadly embrace of a vampire who has claimed him as her true bridegroom Joining forces with Byron, Keats, and Shelley in a desperate journey that crisscrosses Europe, Crawford desperately seeks his freedom from this vengeful lover who haunts his dreams and will not rest until she destroys all that he cherishes Told in the guise of a secret history, this long awaited tale of passion and terror is finally back in print after than 20 years.
    The Stress of Her Regard By Tim Powers

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      181 Tim Powers

    One thought on “The Stress of Her Regard

    1. karen on said:

      this will be my reading challenge goal meeting book unless i change my goal again but i don t have much time leftal review twas the week before christmas and all through the apartment, not a creature was stirring except for this varmint.he jumped onto the bed and slapped me in the face and said reading the same book for a week let s pick up the pace he continued his abuse, kicking me in the spine, and eventually gave up any pretense of rhymeriously it took me nearly a week to finish this book an [...]

    2. Jeffrey Keeten on said:

      Quaff while thou canst another race,When thou and thine, like me, are sped,May rescue thee from Earth s embrace,And rhyme and revel with the dead Lord Byron Lines Inscribed upon a Cup Formed from a Skull Anybody who has spent any time in an English Literature department at a University will find that even though the centennial of Lord Byron s death is fast approached women still find him fascinating and men still attempt to emulate him Lord Byron, those curls made women swoon.He was the quintess [...]

    3. K.J. Charles on said:

      This is a rage review I m at 27% on this book The premise is that lots of men are victims of lamia, which are sexy female vampires who forcibly marry them or claim them as part of a birth process , and go on to bleed them dry and ruin their lives But they are so sexy the men just can t help themselves, they just have to have sex with them and then they get bled dry as a result COULD IT BE A METAPHOR IDK WHAT DOES IT MEAN.So far the only woman with a speaking part who isn t a sexy vampire, prosti [...]

    4. Mike (the Paladin) on said:

      Odd book this It s very interesting and very well written I go only three stars on it because the interest at least my interest wains badly at places in the book.This is in a way a vampire story As is so often the case today the author rewrites the vampire myth tying it in with or correctly making it hybrid with several other legends from myth, folklore and fiction This isn t a bad thing view spoiler at least he didn t go the route of friendly helpful vampiresI really don t care for that hide s [...]

    5. Glen Engel-Cox on said:

      If you have yet to discover Powers, what a treat awaits you For those of you who have read his earlier work, such as The Anubis Gates and On Stranger Tides, I know I ll be preaching to the converted when I say that Powers is one of the most exciting authors writing fantasy today He is one of the progenitors of the gonzo fantasy, a style in which the author uses actual history for the majority of the plot, but inserts fantastic elements that explain actions left mysterious by time and which will [...]

    6. Res on said:

      The one where a hapless doctor accidentally gets himself involved with a race of strange vampirish creatures, which gets him involved with Byron and Shelley.I liked what this book did with the creatures, combining all different strands of folklore and of science But I didn t like the book, chiefly because there was no period feel to it at all It was full of anachronisms in language How the hell much do you expect me to believe John Keats , in attitudes It s a sexual perversion, actually John Kea [...]

    7. Nikki on said:

      I ve always heard amazing things about Tim Powers work, but I ve tried The Stress of Her Regard before, and didn t really get on with it I didn t do much better this time, although I persisted and read the whole thing I feel like if I knew the life stories of Byron, Shelley, Polidori and Keats, I d understand exactly what was going on better It spends so much time on those characters, who from my point of view act erratically and often unpleasantly Dead child marionette I won t say , just Yeah F [...]

    8. Gavin on said:

      Weighty, sloppy, thought provoking, ill disciplined, moving, incredibly researched, boring, electrifying, intelligent fantasy.This one very nearly became the first book on my abandoned pile a great many times, it is a novel that demands work from you in exchange for the most meagre of rewards for roughly 60% of it s length When you re writing double spaced, large font airport trash that s one thing, but when you ve penned a granitic 500 page tome you ve really got to have your pacing and prose l [...]

    9. Oscar on said:

      Los argumentos de Tim Powers siempre son sorprendentes Alrededor de hechos hist ricos, empieza a tejar su particular tela de ara a ficticia, arrastrando a su protagonista, generalmente perdiendo miembros por el camino, e incluso el cuerpo, a un viaje fant stico y terrible La fuerza de su mirada The Stress of Her Regard, 1989 , ambientada a principios del siglo XIX, tiene como protagonista al doctor Michael Crawford, que el d a antes de su boda, durante una fiesta con sus amigos, comete un desliz [...]

    10. Sandi on said:

      It took a long time to get through this book I downloaded it as an ebook from a really good independent because it wasn t available for my Nook from Barnes Noble The formatting of the ebook made it really hard to read and the material, like most of Tim Powers work, is very dense That said, The Stress of Her Regard was very enjoyable, especially for anyone who loves English Romantic literature Some of the main characters include Lord Byron, John Keats, and Percy Mary Shelley I did move the book f [...]

    11. Michael on said:

      I like reading Tim Powers But once you read than one or two of his stories, you realize they re very, very formulaic And they all share or less the same flaws to varying degrees I m pretty sure there s marriage at the end of every last one of his stories, for instance And the heroine may or may not I don t know have any lines that aren t shouting for rescue.This book, while a very imaginative take on the vampire thing, kind of fell flat for me You can t have Mary Shelley, mother of science fic [...]

    12. cris on said:

      Necesito urgentemente una adaptaci n dirigida por Guillermo del Toro Divertid sima, inteligente incre ble trabajo de documentaci n de Tim Powers, absolutamente todo encaja en la premisa m s loca que se pueda pensar , acci n original, trepidante y bien escrita me ha encantado la parte en los Alpes, me ha parecido brutal Puedo entender que a alguien le parezca un poco fan fiction , pero el detalle y atenci n en el desarrollo de los personajes y las tramas me ha parecido una delicia, sobre todo con [...]

    13. Melissa McShane on said:

      Read 1 15 16 The line of reasoning with myself was thus Tim Powers has a new book coming out on Tuesday I feel like re reading one of his books I ve only read Hide Me Among the Graves once Dummy, that s because it goes best with The Stress of Her Regard, and you really regretted not reading that with it last time I should re read The Stress of Her Regard So I did Though Hide Me Among the Graves still isn t grabbing me the second time around This was the very first Tim Powers book I ever read, an [...]

    14. Simon on said:

      There s lots to like in this book The way in which it interweaves known points in the lives of some of the Romantic poets into its own plot of vampiric possession and uses their own writings to very good effect in the epigraphs to the chapters is all very clever There are sympathetic and well drawn up to a point characters The conception of the vampires is original and interesting Yet for all these virtues, I did not love this book It took me a long time over half of a quite long book really to [...]

    15. boogenhagen on said:

      I liked this one cause it has the mostunusualcesarean delivery in the history of fictional medicine ever It was a brilliant idea and kept my interest, plus it reinforced that early learned edict that vampires are just plan BAD Tho garlics could be an issue really and now I need to go to Venice and test some coin throwing for my own mental comfort, I am sure Mr Booge will be on board with that However I am taking extra aerosol hairspray and a lighter.

    16. Punk on said:

      Fantasy This is a vampire story that includes all the classic vampire myths Likes blood, having people under thrall, invitations, their native soil Dislikes garlic, sunlight, running water, mirrors, wood , but with a twist Powers blends vampires with succubi, trolls, the Muses, and Frankenstein s monster, and comes up with a unique creature that feeds off men while allowing them almost eternal life and a flair for poetry Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelly, Mary Shelley, and John Keats are all intim [...]

    17. peaseblossom on said:

      Rereading this in preparation for the new book Very disappointed in both Powers and myself as a young reader While I enjoyed the fantastic elements well enough, I found a lot of things very problematic The book heavily relies on the monstrous female without any examination as to how these tropes are harmful to women The author and his male characters have nothing but contempt for the women characters Women are irrational, uncreative, weak, hysterical, prone to mysterious ailments Even the female [...]

    18. Adam on said:

      A secret history involving the romantic poets, children of Lillith Lillim or Nephelhim , the Hapsburgs, and vampire legends The way the story is interwoven with the literature of the poets Keats, Byron, and Shelley and their hangers on and relatives especially Mary Shelley s Frankenstein, and Polidori s Vampyr and with their history and the political strife in Europe is terrific Great atmosphere and an air of creepiness and dread through out and the attitude towards the poets by the protagonist [...]

    19. Chris on said:

      So at times I felt a little angry with this book, mostly because of the Mary Shelley character However, I love the amount of research that Powers put into it and found myself respecting what he did in terms of two of the characters.And the vampires had bite.

    20. [Name Redacted] on said:

      Of lamias and muses, gorgons and graeae, vampires and leanhaun side, Romantics and religion Rich Satisfying Exquisite And now, over 20 years later, he has published a sequel

    21. Ian Tregillis on said:

      Tim Powers Lord Byron Percy Shelley John Keats Muses Lamiae Vampires.Wonderful.

    22. Shadowdenizen on said:

      3.5 stars.While certainly not nearly as good as the classic The Anubis Gate , this was a decent read it held ny interest throughout, and Tin Powers can definitely tell a story.But at the same time it was also a somewhat uncomfortable read, as the book IMO gave off mixed messages in it s depiction of women overall, even though I m not sure that s the intent.I think this book WANTS to be just a straightforeward alt history fantasy romp, but given the premise, it seems to have turned into a bit if [...]

    23. Jamie Collins on said:

      During the first several chapters I was afraid I wasn t going to like this It s quite well written, but it s weird and macabre, with self mutilation and blood consumption than I generally care to read about The story grew on me, though, and I really enjoyed the last half of the book, and particularly the final scenes with Lord Byron battling monsters, by proxy, in Venice.I know little about the Romantic poets, and I found myself hitting to reconcile this fictional version of Byron, Keats and Sh [...]

    24. William on said:

      One of my favorite Powers books, and that s saying something, this ranks up there with THE ANUBIS GATES and LAST CALL in the pantheon of greatness Again, it s a simple enough idea what if the muses of the great Romantic poets were actual supernatural beings, a kind of psychic vampire From that Powers imagination takes flight and we get Nephilim, Byron, Shelley, Keats and all manner of innocent bystanders pulled under the influence of ancient creatures, Lamia, trying to find a foothold again in t [...]

    25. Stacia on said:

      The Stress of Her Regard by Tim Powers is pretty great It s really intricate detailed in many of the parts, and entwines lots of historical fact lives of Keats, Byron, the Shelleys, etc with much religious story myth folklore nephilim, Lamia, the Graeae, vampires, etc Thought it was a very neat twist on the very tragic lives of the Shelleys Byron, using the story to explain many of the tragic terrible events that happened to them I m glad I read a bio of the Shelleys Byron a few years ago, so I [...]

    26. John Eich on said:

      When I read the plotline, a historical fiction of The Romantic Poets Fight Vampires , I couldn t resist checking it out C mon, who could walk past that Sadly, I wish I had.I think the author started with some mysterious lines in their poetry, saw some similarities, and made a fun supernatural explanation for it all Then, they opened up the poets biographies and started fitting this new explanation to them They even added another fictional main character to fill in the gaps But the act of craftin [...]

    27. Captain Sir Roddy, R.N. (Ret.) on said:

      A quick read, and a fun read If I could, I d give this 3.5 stars too I think what really made this enjoyable for me, and not just your basic scary tale, was Powers clever integration of history and fantasy in telling the reader a story about the lives of the second generation Romantic poets John Keats, George Gordon Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and Mary Shelley, and even several cameo appearances of John Polidori the uncle of the Victorian poets Christina and Dante Gabriel Rossetti Interest [...]

    28. Banner on said:

      This was like reading someone else s dream There were moments of haze where you had a feeling about what was happening but it was not very clear and at other times, things were very bright and clear When something weird would happen, like someone biting off their own finger, you would think, that s seems a little off , but no great shocker I don t mean the plot was difficult to follow the story was well told, just the style was a little different The characters were interesting Historic authors, [...]

    29. Maria Arazo on said:

      It s been quite a while since I enjoyed a book as much as I enjoyed The Stress of her Regard I in fact think it will become one of my favourites books from on now, despite the endless first interlude and the long second part And that s all My review ends here I ve been than a week thinking about the review of The Stress of her Regard, and now that I ve finally finished it, I find myself unable to write something decent What a shame I think I ll take advantage of the situation and use this lack [...]

    30. J.A. on said:

      Original Review Aug 08 Fans of The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova such as myself sit up and take note Tachyon Publications has reissued The Stress of Her Regard by Tim Powers Originally published in 1989, this is a dark, decadent, Romantic fantasy That s Romantic with a capital R, as Byron, Keats, and Shelley are all characters in this immensely imagined and thoroughly researched novel The protagonist, one Michael Crawford, is carousing the night before his wedding when he places his intended s [...]

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