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Jango By William Nicholson Jango Seeker Morning Star and the Wildman return in this gripping sequel to Seeker and discover that the mysterious warrior sect they were so desperate to join is not what it appeared to be from the outsi

  • Title: Jango
  • Author: William Nicholson
  • ISBN: 9780152060114
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jango By William Nicholson Seeker, Morning Star, and the Wildman return in this gripping sequel to Seeker and discover that the mysterious warrior sect they were so desperate to join is not what it appeared to be from the outside Deeply disillusioned, the three escape and head off on what they think are separate quests but that soon become intertwined and desperately life threatening Fortunately,Seeker, Morning Star, and the Wildman return in this gripping sequel to Seeker and discover that the mysterious warrior sect they were so desperate to join is not what it appeared to be from the outside Deeply disillusioned, the three escape and head off on what they think are separate quests but that soon become intertwined and desperately life threatening Fortunately, they have acquired the remarkable physical skills of the Noble Warriors, for they are certainly going to need them The mighty warlord of the Orlan nation is gathering his forces and has vowed to destroy Anacrea and everything and everyone that crosses his path With its riveting and deft handling of myriad themes including love, courage, friendship, desire, faith, and redemption, Jango will mesmerize every reader who dares to take the journey.
    Jango By William Nicholson

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    One thought on “Jango

    1. Elizabeth on said:

      The Noble Warriors haven t ever gripped me as good books They re okay but not spectacular I know several people who like them, though, so maybe I m just missing something.

    2. Mark Buxton on said:

      My name is Echo, and I must find a Noble Warrior to save our Glimmen An invading tyrant captured me and has threatened to burn it down if I refuse to marry one of his disgusting sons I m forced to travel with the Jahan s army as villages are destroyed and the male peasants are murdered The Jahan will slaughter everyone in the city of Radiance if the Radiant Leader refuses to kneel before him I ve heard the Nomana have great power and may be able to stop the Jahan s juggernaut Unfortunately, the [...]

    3. Aelvana on said:

      Seeker, Morning Star, and Wildman are in training to become Noble Warriors They ve achieved nearly everything they set out to do and nothing is what they thought For Seeker, the power of becoming a Noble Warrior comes with burdens, questions, responsibilities, and no way to know for sure if his path is the right one For Morning Star, the unexpected revelation of her own heart seems a contradiction to continuing onward in her training And for Wildman living by the rules has never been his style [...]

    4. Scotty Buthker on said:

      Jango is the sequal to the fantasy book Seeker, about three aspiring noble warriors The Noble Warriors are a group dedicated to searving the All and Only, and posess formidible power After becoming a member of the Warriors in Seeker, the pact between Wildman, a former spiker captain, and Seeker after Truth, the Protagonist, is broken Wildman dives off a cliff, and is presumed dead Seeker, after unlocking his latent power in training, is told that a traitor is among the Warriors He is told to lea [...]

    5. Lucinda on said:

      An elegantly written action adventure story which is deeply engrossing and utterly convincing As my first encounter with author William Nicholson author of the Wind Singer Firesong , I was greatly impressed by this spectacularly thrilling tale I adore fast paced adventure full of intense drama and exciting twists, hence I fell instantly in love with this book after reading the blurb Jango is the second book within the noble warriors trilogy and which beautifully blends fantasy fiction with a con [...]

    6. Jennifer Wardrip on said:

      Reviewed by Carrie Spellman for TeensReadTooFYI This is Book 2 of THE NOBLE WARRIORS series, and therefore a sequel to SEEKER If you don t want the end of SEEKER spoiled for you, STOP If that s not a concern, I invite you back to Anacrea Seeker, Morning Star, and Wildman are with the Nomana, training to be Noble Warriors themselves It s been nine months and they are about to face the most difficult test in their training so far On their first day of the new lessons, Wildman does the unthinkable, [...]

    7. Caitlin Mininger on said:

      These books are an interesting mix of Star Wars and Avatar the Last Airbender, with a touch of Game of Thrones thrown in for good measure But for a series that claims on the book jacket to be about friendship, there isn t a whole lot of interaction between the friends In truth, at least in Seeker and Jango it s been about their separate journeys, which is fine, it just doesn t fulfill the claims of the book jacket It seems that the only proof of the friendship between the three heroes is when t [...]

    8. Rhys on said:

      This review was originally posted on ThirstforFictionSeeker, Morning Star and the Wildman are all learning how to serve the All and Only and be Noble Warriors But soon a time will come when they have to decide whether they wish to continue serving the Nomana Soon, an unstoppable force shall sweep across Radiance, and shall endanger event the strongest the Nomana Soon, Seeker shall be called to test the very limits of his strength.William Nicholson has always had an ability to write touching but [...]

    9. Madison on said:

      The Noble Warriors are a group of people with extraordinary power, yet they use it only for the good of others and never for themselves Seeker, Morning Star and Wildman are on the way to completion of their training Soon they will be ready to fight among their brothers and sisters, the Noble Warriors But they better hurry because there are enemies coming When Seeker is given the greatest gift of all of them it seems that he will be the only one who can save the Noble Warriors and the people they [...]

    10. Tyler Carlson on said:

      I read the first novel when I was in high school now I am a senior in college I didn t expect to have the same I love this book reaction as I did with the first, but I also didn t expect to completely hate it Even in my state of preparing myself to be let down, I was not truly prepared for how boring this novel was There seemed to be little character development, and I found myself not caring for them as a result I wish that Nicholson had devoted time to the main three than delve into needless [...]

    11. Ali M. on said:

      William Nicholson has a knack for middle stories I remember being equally invested in the second volume of his Wind on Fire trilogy Perhaps it s the fact that all three characters step out from under the shadows of their archetypes here, whereas in the first volume, they were almost too easily cast I don t know I just know that I very much appreciate the rich themes and ideas Nicholson allows to breathe in his work He never softens the impact of certain actions His stories feel true That s perha [...]

    12. Barbara Ell on said:

      This is the second book in the Noble Warrior Trilogy I didn t think that anything would top the first Seeker , but I really enjoyed this one just as much.Seeker of the Truth, Morning Star, and Wildman are now novices as a Noble Warrior All three feel undeserving for their training for different reasons Soon all three sense their destiny The Nomana have a traitor amongst them, Radiant Leader is still seeking to destroy the Nom, a new warlord appears to take over the world Can the Lost Child be sa [...]

    13. Josh on said:

      Alright so I went into this book with high expectations I did really enjoy the story but was let down a bit as well.First of all I think it s awesome that Seeker has such great power now Finally we re getting to the Noble Warrior part I wish we would have gotten to seen a complete view of his power however.The part that does bother me is the title With a title of Jango one would expect in the story about Jango I can guess where it s leading and am interested to see how it gets pulled off in th [...]

    14. Jayne on said:

      Part 2 of the Noman trilogy has a typical unfinished quality Although the first book was called Seeker , it was a good mix of Seeker, Morning Star and Wildman s story.Jango is mostly about Seeker which was a little disappointing Morning Star especially has been reduced to a love interest whereas in Seeker she was a somewhat feisty, self sufficient interesting person.I hope we get to read about Wildman and Morning Star in the next book.

    15. Mimi on said:

      The writing was nice and some events were worth reading for the ideas, but I didn t like the plot in general, and the part about the Land Cloud was a little revolting and didn t involve much of the story Maybe it s because I haven t read the first book The author was a screenwriter, and as far as I know, the movies he s done usually contain fighting and no humor It definitely showed in his writing.

    16. Jennifer on said:

      After the first book, I expected unity and adventures of the three characters together Instead several new characters are introduced which confuses the story Also, the mystical parts of the Nomana beliefs is not as imaginative For instance, the trial that Seeker experiences locked in alone in a room could have been creative.

    17. Tara on said:

      It was an interesting follow up to the initial book of the series The concepts and plot twists were interesting It is well set up to get you to read the next in the series The question of the quest for power and why people strive for it, as well as the people that are given powers that don t necessarily know what to do with it.

    18. Alex on said:

      Book Two of the Noble Warrior series, sees the return of the main characters poised between two great armies intent on splitting up the land for their own end Seeker for Truth discovers a new power and suddenly finds himself alone with the ability to take life I enjoyed the newest character, Echo Kittle of the Glimmen It really helps to have read the first book before you read this one.

    19. Kit on said:

      The second book in a projected trilogy that started with Seeker, Jango revisits almost all of the characters in the first book which is a great thing and raises the stakes even higher It s an epic struggle between good and evil, but with fully formed characters who seem like real people, with all their goodness and their flaws I can t wait for the third book to come out this summer

    20. Perry on said:

      I love this book series the writing is amazingly descriptive and they are just the right length not too long or too short but about six or seven hundred pages this is a amazing book series that I would recommend all fiction lovers.

    21. Karin on said:

      second in trilogy, this one is very good, but a little confusing the three characters from seeker all start nomana training, but end up going separate ways great climactic battle at end will have to wait and see how author pulls it all together

    22. Zoe Stuart on said:

      i read it for i book report book and i thought it was very interesting.

    23. Casey on said:

      Everyone seems to go insane in this book I much preferred the Seeker, the first of the Noble Warriors trilogy.

    24. R Cloake on said:

      Fast paced and very enjoyable As always for the middle book of a trilogy, it feels like something is missing hopefully because things will be explained in the next book.

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