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Borderliners By Peter Høeg Barbara Haveland Borderliners Strange things are happening at Biehl s Academy when this elite school opens its doors to a group of orphans and reform school rejects kids at the end of the system s tether The school is run by a pe

  • Title: Borderliners
  • Author: Peter Høeg Barbara Haveland
  • ISBN: 9780385315081
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Paperback
  • Borderliners By Peter Høeg Barbara Haveland Strange things are happening at Biehl s Academy when this elite school opens its doors to a group of orphans and reform school rejects, kids at the end of the system s tether The school is run by a peculiar set of rules by which every minute is regimented and controlled Soon, they suspect they are guinea pigs in a bizarre social experiment and that their only hope of escStrange things are happening at Biehl s Academy when this elite school opens its doors to a group of orphans and reform school rejects, kids at the end of the system s tether The school is run by a peculiar set of rules by which every minute is regimented and controlled Soon, they suspect they are guinea pigs in a bizarre social experiment and that their only hope of escape is to break through a dangerous threshold of time and space Peter H eg s brilliant and dystopian Borderliners is a uniquely philosophical thriller Boston Sunday Globe and a haunting story of childhood travail and hope.
    Borderliners By Peter Høeg Barbara Haveland

    • ☆ Borderliners Û Peter Høeg Barbara Haveland
      241 Peter Høeg Barbara Haveland

    One thought on “Borderliners

    1. Debbie Zapata on said:

      Ever since I read Smilla s Sense of Snow years ago, I wanted to read by this author, but none of his books were available at my local library in those days Last year I treated myself to plenty of online buying of used books, and this was one of quite a few Peter H eg titles I purchased It is not an easy book to read The style is complex and a little confusing, with the narrator using I , you , and one interchangeably but always meaning I Once you adapt to that, the reading gets easier, but the [...]

    2. Harry on said:

      Peter HoegOnce you have realized that there is no objective external world to be found, that what you know is only a filtered and processed version, then it is only a short step to the thought that, in that case, other people, too, are nothing but a processed shadow.This is the experiment There is no objective reality Whatever we see is edited by our senses, what we see is nothing but our perception of it The world exists because we are looking at it And even other people aren t real, they are e [...]

    3. Abailart on said:

      Nearly finished Enjoying most of all the peculiar leakage between moments in the textual flow which disturbs any idea of a neat linear process The novel is about the tyranny of time, and has some aphoristic points to make, as would any writer dealing with time as content Neatly done A flatness of delivery, possibly reverberating with the emotional numbness which affects each character in different ways, then standing out here and there an image, or a sentence or two of vivid clarity.The teatise [...]

    4. Christina on said:

      When you have children, you find out that you have so much to learn Not all of it makes sense at first One of the things I ve had to learn, was how to praise my child That if your child has climbed high up on top of something and she says look at me , you re not supposed to say oh how good you are but rather, oh look how high you ve climbed You do this to praise the action, not the child itself, so the child doesn t think it has to do such things to have value I think.In part, this novel is abou [...]

    5. cristina on said:

      Mi sono svegliato di notte, la bambina si scoperta, non so se aveva troppo caldo o paura di essere imprigionata Le ho coperto solo le gambe, cos almeno non avr freddo E se fosse colta dalla disperazione potr liberarsi in un attimo Poi non sono pi riuscito a dormire, sono rimasto seduto al buio a guardarle, la bambina e la donna E allora il sentimento diventato troppo grande Non n dolore n gioia, il peso, la pressione di essere stato introdotto nella loro vita, e di sapere che essere separato da [...]

    6. Ginny_1807 on said:

      CapolavoroQuando chi ama leggere si imbatte in un libro come questo, si sente come se fosse stato baciato dalla fortuna Un passaggio, tra i moltissimi indimenticabili Il tempo lineare inevitabile, uno dei modi per restare aggrappati al passato, come punti su una linea, la battaglia di Poitiers, Lutero a Wittenberg, la decapitazione di Struensee nel 1772 Anche quello che scrivo qui, questa parte della mia vita, ricordato in questo modo Ma non l unico La coscienza ricorda anche campi, passaggi flu [...]

    7. Susan Emmet on said:

      I d liked Smilla s Sense of Snow, so thought I d try Hoeg s next book Dark and frightening, it is the fictional tale although there are big hints of autobiography of Peter, without parents, in and out of various Danish schools for children in abnormal circumstances, without families, without supposed normal intelligence Turns out that Biehl s Academy, where time and space are clearly defined and monitored, is actually part of a Big Deal to weed out darkness abnormality in humanity Peter is close [...]

    8. Cynthia Davidson on said:

      Understanding is something one does best when one is on the borderline, Hoeg writes in this book That wisdom can be applied to borderlines of all kinds, and the borderliners who straddle them In this novel the border is primarily between the adult and adolescent worlds, which is inhabited by children at boarding schools, but also by the staff Some of these adults are misfits, teetering on the border of mental illness No child in their right mind would want to grow up if it means emulating the be [...]

    9. Cynthia Collu on said:

      Ci sono dei libri finiti sembrerebbe nel dimenticatoio, seppelliti dalla mille cose che nel frattempo ci hanno riempito la vita Alcuni di loro, li leggi e non gridi al miracolo, e invece il giorno dopo, una settimana dopo, un anno dopo, eccoli l , con la forza delle frasi, forse solo una, una soltanto, ma ritorna, ingigantisce, diventa il libro intero e tu ti dici che quello stato proprio un romanzo memorabile, e improvvisamente senti il bisogno di dirlo a tutti Ecco, per I quasi adatti il momen [...]

    10. Jeanne on said:

      Strange book.Non sequential sort of story line about a boy, Peter, who s been in institutions his whole life He gets to a school that s being used as an experiment to incorporate both normal and defective students He meets a girl, Katarina, who has plans for their own experiment in understanding time She s recently orphaned They both take responsibility for another boy, August, who killed his parents The school s experiment fails when August kills himself Peter s experiment continues throughout [...]

    11. Ess Wynspinner on said:

      I came to this after reading Miss Smilla etc and wow what an assault it was I was truly and deeply unsettled by this psychological thriller So many reviews already have most said Peter Hoeg is brilliant and translated his works are fantastic I would love to know what is lost and what is gained in translation of this novel Seriously good, seriously terrifying, brilliantly written, just fantastic.

    12. Tara on said:

      First time, in a very long time, that I ve felt the need to underline passagesI ve kept my pencil by my side Looking forward to Peter H eg.

    13. Stephanie on said:

      This book makes a valuable contribution to the literature on the horrors of boarding school, partly for its intriguing focus on time as an instrument of power One begins questioning one s obedience to the clock, and questioning the culture of achievement in general I had already been thinking a lot about how my own anxiety about time was affecting my interactions with my children, and had started to reject the tyranny of schedules, as far as children are concerned As I read, my vague misgivings [...]

    14. Liedzeit on said:

      Sehr z h Langweilig, wird erst am Schlu berhaupt ertr glich, wo der Icherz hler berichtet, was seit den Ereignissen passiert ist Eine Sch lergeschichte.

    15. Holly on said:

      A few interesting ideas and H eg has definitely presented me a lot of things to think about and new perspectives, but overall this book, especially towards the end, felt like a diary of notes where H eg has written all his opinions and thoughts on certain things and tried to express them all in this fictional novel but instead of making the reader value what he is saying, to me, makes it feel like he s just trying to get his opinions out despite their irrelevance to the story making it a bit mum [...]

    16. Stephanie "Jedigal" on said:

      I chose this for my most recent book club selection, based on the synopsis, the high rating, and the fact that I d seen and loved the movie Smilla s Sense of Snow I don t wish to belabor points already raised by so many reviewers before me, so I ll just comment on how I experienced it To be candid, I didn t like it very much the first time though I wouldn t have said it was bad Because I had to lead the upcoming book club discussion, I read it again, and the second time through I really enjoyed [...]

    17. Angela Mitchell on said:

      I love Peter Hoeg, who writes these odd, distinct, and incredibly memorable characters.I discovered Borderliners after reading Hoeg s mainstream hit Smilla s Sense of Snow, and it s a gorgeous book at times a slightly dense and difficult read, but it s ultimately become one of my all time favorites With inspired dashes of both Einstein and Darwin, Borderliners is a hugely rewarding book in spite of its occasional dryness, although I should warn you that it s not nearly as accessible or humorous [...]

    18. Ruth on said:

      I read this a few years ago and remember enough of it to keep my eye out for Peter Hoeg books whenever I am lucky enough to be in the vicinity of a book shop It doesn t hurt that he is Scandavian as I have been on a Nordic craze as of late.Borderliners is not an easy book to read In places it is difficult to follow, which makes sense because our narrator is a child, who though bright is, as the back cover says, damaged what does that mean, anyway, damaged and he is in a situation which is uncle [...]

    19. Camille McCarthy on said:

      Peter Hoeg s style is simple and yet very deep This one in particular felt effortless in the way he continuously jumped around in the story line, and yet it wasn t confusing, it just felt like a friend confiding their life s story to you.I greatly admire Hoeg s subtlety He shows, in this book, the horrors of rationalizing everything, of judging, of measuring, and of discipline The school that the characters attend is frightening not because it is so different from the schools we all went to, but [...]

    20. Femke on said:

      Simpelweg een vreemd boek Bizar, verwarrend, met momenten een beetje saai, maar toch intrigerend en op een bepaalde manier goed geschreven Verwacht je niet aan wat er op de achterflap omschreven staat, het boek gaat dan wel over probleemjongeren die opgenomen worden in het normaal onderwijs, je komt er vrij weinig over te weten Met flarden tekst die niet altijd evenveel steek houden, plotselinge veranderingen van setting, vage omschrijvingen van gebeurtenissen en weinig diepgang in de personages [...]

    21. Steve on said:

      Low 2 This roman a clef places so much emphasis on the author s philosophical treatment of the nature of time that the characters and plot remain in the shadows and are never fully drawn Hoeg contrives a plot which has three emotionally scarred children placed in an academy serving as a front for a social darwinist experiment to fictionalise his own childhood experiences of social services, and to moralise on how adults can institutionalise a conceot such as time to condition children to expecte [...]

    22. Donatella on said:

      E un libro terribile, una storia di piccoli e grandi soprusi da parte di un mondo che accetta o rifiuta i bambini in base a discutibili parametri e ne considera alcuni adatti ed altri non adatti Uno strano esperimento scientifico estrapola dal secondo gruppo alcuni bambino definiti quasi adatti.Storia raggelante e, purtroppo, con precisi riferimenti autobiografici.

    23. Isadora Goudsblom on said:

      I loved this book, it was deeply enthralling and beautifully poetic However, it was also very somber and whilst not reading it I found myself wondering off into the world of the borderliners, which trust me, is not joyous.

    24. Stephen Hayes on said:

      Borderliners is the second book about abnormal children I ve read this week, the first one being The outcast The Outcast was about my contemporaries, those who were at school in the 1950s Borderliners is about those at school in the 1970s, and I remember the 1970s quite well What do I remember about the 1970s I saw the film If I was on the board of governors of St George s School in Windhoek I was manager of several farm schools in Northern Natal Borderliners is set in Denmark What did I know ab [...]

    25. Lupo on said:

      Bellissimo, squarcia e espone il mondo di ipocrisia e crudelt intorno ai ragazzi difficili , anche in un paese che consideriamo tra i pi civili Ma l Uomo non vuol capire che le differenze sono la ricchezza, che la banalit della normalit sempre che questa parola abbia senso, e non lo ha, anche da un punto di vista sessuale porta al male delle persecuzioni, fino ai campi di sterminio.Un libro crudele e da leggere, che avvicino a la citt e i cani di Vargas Llosa per lo spirito che via aleggia la vi [...]

    26. Cyd on said:

      Disturbing, at times almost too vague, but compelling Sort of a postmodern Dickensian story of an orphan s struggle to understand himself and his traumatic childhood, as well as his significance in the larger world.

    27. Bram Van Langen on said:

      heel goed en ook schokkend alleen die filosofische verhandeling over de tijd hadden van mij niet gehoeven

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