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R.U.R. By Karel Čapek Paul Selver Nigel Playfair R U R R U R written in garnered worldwide acclaim for its author and popularized the word Robot Mass produced efficient and servile labor apek s Robots remember everything but lack creative thought

  • Title: R.U.R.
  • Author: Karel Čapek Paul Selver Nigel Playfair
  • ISBN: 9780486419268
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback
  • R.U.R. By Karel Čapek Paul Selver Nigel Playfair R.U.R written in 1920 garnered worldwide acclaim for its author and popularized the word Robot Mass produced, efficient and servile labor, apek s Robots remember everything, but lack creative thought, and the Utopian life they provide ultimately lacks meaning When the Robots revolt, killing all but one of their masters, they must attempt to learn the secret of selfR.U.R written in 1920 garnered worldwide acclaim for its author and popularized the word Robot Mass produced, efficient and servile labor, apek s Robots remember everything, but lack creative thought, and the Utopian life they provide ultimately lacks meaning When the Robots revolt, killing all but one of their masters, they must attempt to learn the secret of self duplication But their attempts at replication leave them with nothing but bloody chunks of meat It s not until two robots fall in love and are christened Adam and Eve by the last surviving human that Nature emerges triumphant.
    R.U.R. By Karel Čapek Paul Selver Nigel Playfair

    R.U.R TV Movie Directed by Jan Bussell With Anthony Eustrel, Eugene Leahy, Derek Tansley, Maurice Bannister A story of robots leading a revolution against their human creators It explored dehumanization through technology and the failure of a technologically driven utopia. R.U.R play by apek Britannica R.U.R in full R.U.R Rossum s Universal Robots, drama in three acts by Karel apek, published in and performed in This cautionary play, for which apek invented the word robot derived from the Czech word for forced labour , involves a scientist named Rossum who discovers the secret of creating humanlike machines. R.U.R by Karel apek R.U.R, Rossum s Universal Robots Written in by Czech writer Karel Capek It is a science fiction play, and it has the distinction of introducing the word robot into the English language Here comes a big spoiler humans build robots to make their life better, robots become self aware and kill R.U.R TV Short Feb , With Derek Bond, Harvey Braban, William Lyon Brown, Cherry Cottrell Technological progress, in the shape of Rossum s Universal Robots, threatens to dominate and wipe out mankind. R.U.R.U.R R.U.R Rossum s Universal Robots Capek, Karel, Wyllie R.U.R or Rossum s Universal Robots is a simple play by Czech science fiction and social commentator Karel Capek It was first published in and Gibel sensatsii R.U.R Aleksandr Andriyevsky Mar , Gibel sensatsii R.U.R Aleksandr Andriyevsky full length Movie SF Roboter Robot R U R Rossum s Universal Robots R U R Rossum s Universal Robots by KAREL CAPEK Translated by Paul Selver and Nigel Playfair Robots of the world The power of man has fallen A new world has arisen the Rule of the Robots RUR Summary Shmoop RUR Summary The play opens at the offices of Rossum s Universal Robots Helena Glory, daughter of the president, comes to visit the factory She is greeted by Harry Domin, who agrees to show her around.

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      386 Karel Čapek Paul Selver Nigel Playfair

    One thought on “R.U.R.

    1. Glenn Russell on said:

      Here are ten philosophical insights embedded in the extended prologue to this highly inventive 1920 science fiction three act play by Czechoslovakian author Karel apek And, yes, this play marks the very first appearance of the term Robot as in R.U.R Rossum s Universal Robots mass produced, human like machines to perform manual labor and function as servants 1 Old man Rossum was a biologist who failed to create actual humans in his laboratory engineer son Rossum invented the living labor machine, [...]

    2. Duane on said:

      R.U.R, Rossum s Universal Robots Written in 1920 by Czech writer Karel Capek It is a science fiction play, and it has the distinction of introducing the word robot into the English language Here comes a big spoiler humans build robots to make their life better, robots become self aware and kill humans to make the world better All the other species in the world gave a big thank you to the robots That wasn t in the play, I just added that.

    3. Sidharth Vardhan on said:

      This is the book that introduced concept of robots And the play seems to get a lot of things about dynamics involved right too, and surprisingly right It is criticism of result and productivity centered approach that seems to have taken over the world ever since industrial revolution From a technical point of view, the whole of childhood is quite pointless Simply a waste of time Or He took a good look at the human body and he saw straight away that it was much too complicated, any good engineer [...]

    4. Stephen on said:

      People who pick this up to read probably know already that this is the first time that the word robots was ever used, and that s only interesting, I think, because all of the thematic explorations found in robot literature and art such as in Asimov and Kubrick and all those little Terminator movies were already there in the play There s the what does it mean to be human , the war on the humans, religious implications did mankind kill god , all that stuff There was an interesting forward to the b [...]

    5. Khashayar Mohammadi on said:

      Frankly, I can t remember the last time I read a play I enjoyed Its adequate, even witty but feels incredibly outdated By Outdated I do not mean technologically, but when I read the words spoken by the female characters I damn near wanna pull my hair out.Homicidal Robots I can tolerate but when Helena timidly asks if she s going to be punished for having audaciously underestimated the technological capabilities of a Robot, its hard to imagine this book was written by a leading Czech thinker, and [...]

    6. Arun Divakar on said:

      Popular culture makes us think of Robots as entities that achieve a near mythical status over time and thereby replacing humans in the natural order of things In a multitude narratives across books and movies we see them rising up in rebellion over humans and being superior beings they pulverize human resistance in no time This plot has now be rehashed so many times that it is a clich and yet at a very early stage in the life of sci fi this might have been an amazingly fresh idea This little boo [...]

    7. Muthuvel on said:

      Indeed it was the first contact in literature through this relatively short play script.Many thematic philosophical notions being set by the author, is something extraordinary when considered that early timeline in which almost none maybe except for a woman named Mary Shelley had the mind to think about No doubt, the work inspired great sci fi legends like Asimov, Clarke A man is something that feels happy, plays the piano, likes going for a walk, and in fact, wants to do a whole lot of things [...]

    8. Bên Phía Nhà Z on said:

      3.5 sao m u c nhi u o n h i, n i chung l m t v k ch g n g ng nhi u ch h ng D Capek vi t k ch kh ng c g l xu t s c c , nh ng h u nh t ng ch o c a Chi n v i b n sa gi ng u tr nh b y y M n Robot to n th gi i li n hi p l i c ng c Sang Sa gi ng th l n m t b c v c i g i l style K t c ng y lo ng m n t ch c c t n th t nh i lai l ng ch y c n c

    9. sologdin on said:

      Probably important as the prototype for the basic robot narrative, which is as follows a Humans manufacture slave laborers whose own needs are minimal in order to lower costs and break unions b Humans equip slave laborers with skills sufficient to carry out productive tasks, including heavy industrial, technical, academic, and military functions c Humans construct slave laborers who lack any desires of their own and are accordingly not market participants and therefore require no wages d Humans [...]

    10. Jordi Sellarès on said:

      Un 4,5M ha encantat per la profunditat del seu missatge i per la quantitat de temes que toca.Aqu en trobareu la ressenya sencera especulacionsapeudepagina

    11. Kayıp Rıhtım on said:

      1920 y l nda yaz lm ve ilk kez 1921 de sahnelenmi , perdelik bir tiyatro oyunu R.U.R Bu eserle ilgili tek bilgim ek e oldu u ve robot s zc n n ngilizce ye bu oyunla ge ti inden ibaretti R.U.R un yaz lmas n n zerinden doksan d rt y l ge mi Kulland m z anlam yla robot kavram n n bu kadar yeni olmas na a r yorum kitap Cyrano de Bergerac n bilimkurgular gibi 1600 lerde yaz lm olsa daha az a racakt m san r m Bir yandan da, y z y ld r robotlarla ilgili yaz lan, ekilen, izilen neredeyse her eserde kar [...]

    12. Anna Pavlíčková on said:

      Pane apku, tohle bylo skv l J jako to lov k, kter nem m r d klasiku nav c eskou klasiku , jsem si toto d lo obl bila a m u ho v ele doporu it e tina je nav c v R.U.R jednoduch a lehce srozumiteln T m se na obhajobu u maturity Kdybych si to vyt hla, zn te to D

    13. Chazzbot on said:

      This short play is primarily of historical interest, since the story is now very familiar and the characterization is quite meager The play is additionally hampered by a poor translation I read two different editions of the play, both crediting the same translator, but found stark differences between them The version pictured here seems complete, but I found several passages truncated or entirely removed from the Dover Thrift Edition go figure.If you are at all interested in the history of robo [...]

    14. B.M.B. Johnson on said:

      Occasionally oddly told bit of satire, this is a play that should be seen and read by everyone Where the term robots originates, the story tells of the sad eventual outcome of humans over reliance on soulless workers.

    15. Brendan on said:

      RUR stands out for that third R, the first place robot was used to describe mechanical golems In Capek s play, the robots are like the modern cylons in BSG, indistinguishable from humans The play tells the tale of the island factory where the robots are made, the worldwide demand for robot labor fast bottoming out the world work economy The people who make the robots want to use them to introduce utopia, but the people who run nations use them to fight wars Only instead of following the advice [...]

    16. Steven on said:

      It was a great thing to be a man There was something immense about it 47 These words are uttered in the face of a robot uprising and imminent takeover, when all seems lost for human beings I am not a big science fiction fan, but R U R had intrigued me for some time Written in 1920, it introduced and popularized the word robot the term derives from a Czech dialect word for drudgery it was suggested to Karel by his older brother Joseph An early classic of artificial intelligence, the play looks to [...]

    17. Riona on said:

      I don t read that many plays, but I should probably read considering that I work in theatre I picked this one up primarily because it s famous for coining the term robot The creatures in apek s work aren t really what we typically consider robots today, though they re biological than mechanical Written in 1920 and first performed in 1921, this was way ahead of its time The machines rebelling against their masters trope is ubiquitous in contemporary science fiction, and R.U.R is arguably where [...]

    18. Filip on said:

      Tohle je teda drama Nap nav , zaj mav a n dhern esk Sice m po d udivuje, jak dok e kdokoli vecpat tak obs hl n m t do sta str nek a p esto si zachovat d myslnost, n paditost a dokonce i ne ekan zvraty Karel apek je super, R.U.R stejn tak a je vtipn , e i v n jak m 20 stolet byl tenhle autor tak pokrokov , e jeho d la jsou mnohdy re ln i dnes Fakt se t m, a se dostanu k dal m jeho d l m

    19. Greg on said:

      In the introduction, Klima notes that you can detect relativistic philosophy in this play, that everyone has their own truth Coining the term robot, Capek introduces a science fiction play all the way back in the 1920 s Rossum, in the play, invents robots who will take on the role of work Domin states that, Those two quarreled brutally The old atheist didn t have a crumb of understanding for industry, and finally young Rossum shut him up in some laboratory where he could fiddle with his monument [...]

    20. Tony on said:

      R U R Rossum s Universal Robots 1920 Karel Capek Capek 1890 1938 was a Czech writer and playwright This is probably his most famous play Why Because it s where we get the word robot There is some argument as to who really invented the word some scholars say that it was his brother, but what s the difference The play is set in some country in some period of time in the future We first meet Mr Domin, the General Manager of R.U.R It is announced that he has a visitor It turns out to be Helena Glor [...]

    21. Penelope on said:

      Hovering somewhere between 3 and 4 starsI loved the humor in this play Also, something about organic robots is just really cool I generally think of robots as being metal human shaped computers, but the robots of Rossum s Universal Robots are made of flesh and bone They re like us, but minus all that extra stuff, like souls and reproductive organs.That said, I was disappointed by Helena s role in the whole story When I stumbled across this book at the library, I was excited to read a story with [...]

    22. Mel on said:

      I can t believe I d never read this before I love Robots, I love robot revolts and the end of man This is the book where we get the word robot from and I d still not gotten around to reading it But I am SOOOO glad I did It was brilliant Everything that modern scifi has been trying to say about robots since is all here It s the perfect continuation on from Frankenstein It s depressing and sees the destruction of the human race, yet it has a happy ending I would love to see it performed as a play [...]

    23. Alistair Sewell on said:

      This play captivated me, I have had a fascination of the obsession Man has with the self I hope I to have the pleasure of seeing this one day The comparison between Young and Old Rossum was especially interesting to me, it seemed Old Rossum recognized God by shaking his fist and saying I can create just like you, I have made a flawless human being, unlike you Young Rossum denied God completely by just exploiting Rossum s Robots, and not recognizing that what he is doing is Godlike RUR expresses [...]

    24. Robert Sheppard on said:

      WORLD CLASSICS OF SCIENCE FICTION THE WAR WITH THE NEWTS R.U.R ROSSUMS UNIVERSAL ROBOTS BY KAREL CAPEK FROM THE WORLD LITERATURE FORUM RECOMMENDED CLASSICS AND MASTERPIECES SERIES VIA ROBERT SHEPPARD, EDITOR IN CHIEFCzech author Karel apek, pronounced CHOUW pek the author of The War of the Newts and R.U.R Rossum s Universal Robots did one thing that made him world famous and remembered for the last hundred years he invented the word Robot The word first appeared in any language in the sense of a [...]

    25. Alysson Oliveira on said:

      Levantem se, rob s do mundo Encenada em 1921, R.U.R Rossum s Universal Robots uma das primeiras pe as de fic o cient fica da hist ria, e foi a primeira vez que algu m usou a palavra rob Os rob s do escritor tcheco Karel apek n o s o exatamente o que chamamos de rob atualmente eles est o mais para clones , mas isso pouco importa, pois, apesar de um tanto datada em alguns aspectos, a pe a bastante prof tica em outros Sem saber que o estava fazendo, apek estava fazendo um retrato da precariza o do [...]

    26. Kevin on said:

      Read this because I heard it was the first use of the word robot Capek coined the word, or his brother did, and this was its big unveiling The word was a variation on serf labor, drudgery, hard work in Czech, Slovak, and Polish Rabota in old Slavic meaning servitude.Surprisingly, the robots in this story were not mechanical, by any means Instead, they were organic Made from tissues that were created in a lab and indistinguishable from humans At least, in terms of looks They were also given brain [...]

    27. El Biblionauta on said:

      Dif cilment alg diria abans de llegir aquest llibre que el teatre s un g nere gaire adequat per escriure ci ncia ficci Dif cilment alg dir que el g nere s una limitaci per a escriure ci ncia ficci , despr s de llegir lo Karel Capek, que setze anys m s tard ser capa de construir una de les s tires m s extraordin ries de tots els temps precisament a trav s del g nere de la ci ncia ficci , ens va donar amb aquesta obra una primera lli , un primer advertiment no jutgis mai tampoc un llibre pel seu e [...]

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