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The Abhorsen Trilogy Box Set

The Abhorsen Trilogy Box Set By Garth Nix The Abhorsen Trilogy Box Set To preserve life the Abhorsen must enter Death

  • Title: The Abhorsen Trilogy Box Set
  • Author: Garth Nix
  • ISBN: 9780060734190
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Abhorsen Trilogy Box Set By Garth Nix To preserve life, the Abhorsen must enter Death
    The Abhorsen Trilogy Box Set By Garth Nix

    Abhorsen Series by Garth Nix The Abhorsen Trilogy Box Set Old Kingdom Sabriel, Lirael, and Abhorsen are some of the best YA books out there, and also an excellent addition to the fantasy canon Well realized characters, a magic system that balances the mystery of sorcery with comprehensibility, and an evocation of Le Guin s Earthsea rather than Tolkien s Middle Earth though, unlike many of Tolkien s imitators, Nix manages to stand on his own make this an excellent The Abhorsen Trilogy Box Set Abhorsen, by Garth Nix The trilogy gives us a dual world one which very strongly resembles Britain in the early twentieth century and then, across the Wall, the Old Kingdom, a magical land which is currently in a dire state of anarchy and seriously plagued by the Dead which rise as Abhorsen Abhorsen Old Kingdom Wiki Fandom For the book, see Abhorsen The Abhorsen are those of the hereditary bloodline whose charge is maintaining the border between life and death, though inheritance is not always direct the next Abhorsen could be a niece or cousin or sibling, Sabriel by Bryce Homick rather than the current Abhorsen s child The Abhorsen combines Charter Magic and Free Magic in his her bells to compel

    • [PDF] The Abhorsen Trilogy Box Set | by ¼ Garth Nix
      497 Garth Nix

    One thought on “The Abhorsen Trilogy Box Set

    1. Lowed on said:

      Yeah This was an amazing read If you like Philip Pullman s His Dark Materials which I did , then you definitely have to grab a copy of these precioussssss piecesss Anyway, As I was trying to check his website for an update of Clariel The Lost Abhorsen the fourth book in the series I found this instead Really funny Nix Really Funny I still do not know how to create some really cute links here, so I just copied the whole article and pasted it EnjoY MY NEW REALLY EPIC FANTASY SERIESby Garth NixThis [...]

    2. Ashley *Hufflepuff Kitten* on said:

      Okay guys, help me decide should I get this omnibus edition or do I get each book of the trilogy separately so I have three pretty covers instead of one

    3. Connor Grummer on said:

      The Abhorsen Trilogy started with Sabriel Sabriel lives in Ancelstierre at the start of the story, a place where charter magic, Garth Nix s own form of spells, doesn t work Sabriel is the daughter of the Abhorsen, a powerful necromancer who defends against the undead creations made by necromancers When a shadowy creation appears and tells her that her father is missing, Sabriel goes to the old kingdom, and searches for her father amidst old enemies and older secrets The story progresses into Lir [...]

    4. Marc Aplin on said:

      Many of you may not have heard of this series I picked it up by complete chance about 5 6 years ago when visiting a relative I forgot the book I was currently reading Magicians Guild and was kinda bored over the weekend there Still having 5 days left on my trip, I walked past a charity shop and sat in the window was a book called Sabriel Now, to me it looked fantasy ish so I picked it up The book was so amazing that by the end of the holiday I was almost finished on the third in the series after [...]

    5. Squeemu on said:

      Technically, I started reading this trilogy about ten or so years ago I don t really remember I might ve been around fourth or fifth grade when I first read Sabriel I loved the book so much Bells, the river of death, the Wall there is so much originality I wanted in the Old Kingdom so badly, and I wanted to be Sabriel so badly when I grew up.Of course, I haven t done either of those things But what I did manage to do is read the other two books in the trilogy They never quite hit me the same way [...]

    6. Stephanie Vautour on said:

      One of my all time favorite series of books Will never forget this one Sabriel is a one of a kind character that wouldn t fit into the new teenage novels unfortunately so many people probably won t take the time to pick these books up Takes me back to a time when para normal activity was supposed to elicit fear not lust S

    7. Jen Julian on said:

      There s something very pure about this trilogy that I can t quite put my finger on Honestly, I think if I d read these books as a teen, I would ve been confused and bored, though that would have been the result of my own inattention Reading them now, I can see the intense and subtle care that has gone into the crafting of Nix s world, especially in the way that magic functions, both as a structured utilitarian system charter magic and a natural, untempered chaotic force free magic There s a lot [...]

    8. Shyla on said:

      This is one of my favorite series The world building is amazing, especially the rules of magic that exist in the Old Kingdom, from charter versus free magic to whistle based weather magic to nine watery levels of death All the leads, Sabriel, Lirael, Sam, and Nick, are appealing, and the mysteries in Sabriel, the whole Old Kingdom is something of a mystery and Touchstone s past becomes a key point, and in Lirael, her parentage and true purpose keep the story engaging These stories have a wonderf [...]

    9. Cate on said:

      This is a huge book even by my standards, and to add to the confusion it is one of those that, by some strange reason is known under a different title depending on where in the world you live for example in the Authors native Australia this book is entitled The Old Kingdom Chronicles It is also a trilogy that not many fantasy readers appear to know about As for me it took me some time to actually finish reading this, and that was not due to its size.The characters in all three of the books, in m [...]

    10. Althea Ann on said:

      These were fun books.Sabriel is pretty much a stand alone book, but the second two are really one novel Lirael ends right smack in the middle on a cliffhanger, and Abhorsen starts right where it left offThe trilogy gives us a dual world one which very strongly resembles Britain in the early twentieth century and then, across the Wall, the Old Kingdom, a magical land which is currently in a dire state of anarchy and seriously plagued by the Dead which rise as zombies and make themselves the sort [...]

    11. Diliaur on said:

      Love the story, the world, and the characters Well paced page turners, featuring pretty classic quest stories Doesn t break any boundaries but the world is beautiful, with just enough information to make you want to learn the characters grow, both in themselves and on you and it balances the plot with small but effective moments of comedic relief, which I find especially enjoyable because they re such quick bursts of humor they leave you wanting but Nix keeps the action going.I m currently on [...]

    12. Puck on said:

      Reading Clariel made me yearn to reread this wonderful series by Garth Nix, which I last read when I was in middle or high school And I have to say, for the most part, it holds up to a reread All the characters are wonderful and well developed the cosmology of Death, Free Magic, and Charter Magic is beautifully wrought and the story pulled me in as intently as before I could barely put the book down to interact with the people I love most.Stylistically, there s a few choices made here that I don [...]

    13. Kelsey on said:

      This fantasy storyline is refreshingly original, fast paced, darkly humorous, and will suck you into the dangerous world of the Old Kingdom The character development is wonderful I connected with Sabriel and Lirael, adored the Disreputable Dog, and even grew to love the snarky cat Mogget The reader will want to whistle up a wind from a paperwing, wield the bells of the Abhorsen, and ,if they are anything like me, long to explore the great Library of the Clayr One of my favorite series These book [...]

    14. Eric on said:

      This reminded me somewhat of the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman, but not quite as good Where His Dark Materials is about Science and Religion instead of Swords and Sorcery, the substitute here is Necromancy.My issue with this trilogy and to a lesser extent with His Dark Materials , was how the second book started out with a new unfamiliar character In the case of Lirael, her story was not compelling enough for me to want to read it I wound up putting the book down for a while, and [...]

    15. Rachel on said:

      I just finished Abhorsen, the third book in the trilogy I read Sabriel a long time ago, in high school, and Lirael several years back I never got around to finishing the series even though I loved the booksw I finally have and the only disappointment I have is that aside from a further book of related short stories this wonderful story is now over, and that Nix is not a prolific writer Some of the most interesting and emotionally mature Young Adult fantasy I ve ever come across Also recommended [...]

    16. Annie Fanning on said:

      I admit that I am currently reading far below my grade level.Maybe I missed my adolescent moment to truly immerse myself in the Fantasy Maybe I am making up for lost time Maybe I am researching appropriate Fantasy novels for the giraffes Maybe I require lite works with strong female characters If you are looking for some lightweight magical fare that features girl heroes, check out Nix s Abhorsen Trilogy It is truly not to be missed, the first, second or third time round

    17. Micheline on said:

      Series review to come Instant all time favorite and new obsession

    18. Octavia Cade on said:

      I read and reviewed all three books in this trilogy separately, so this is really just for my own records Both Sabriel and Abhorsen I rated as three stars, and for much the same reason I liked the world building I found the whole thing with the bells particularly interesting but I couldn t seem to connect emotionally with either book, and that was largely because of the characters, I think Sabriel, Touchstone, and their children do nothing for me As far as I m concerned, book number two, Lirael, [...]

    19. Krista on said:

      Hands down, one of my favorite fantasy adventure series You wouldn t expect a series that revolves around Death to be so full of life, but when it rains in a scene, you can believe that you feel it in your skin and wade through the River of Death itself It is a series that immerses you in its present and manages to mix elements of romance, mystery, suspense and magic Sabriel inherits a huge task and takes it in stride but somehow manages to still seem down to earth The characters are deep but re [...]

    20. Jessica on said:

      If you fantasy magic mixed with darkness, this is your go to series I haven t put it down since I first fell in love with it in the seventh grade Throughout my years I ve re read it time and time again because the magic and the story line is exactly what I need to be able to disappear into another world It doesn t stop when you put the book down either You ll find yourself compelled to keep going if not, you re going to be wondering all day Enjoy.

    21. Tracy on said:

      I finally bought my own copy and will be re reading it a few times.If you like magic, fantasy, female heroines, and the good ol fight of good vs evilen what are you waiting for Plus the second book has the romanticism of libraries in it, which is never a let down I want to be magical soooooo badly

    22. Eleanor on said:

      I love this series so much and have read it three times over All of the books had so many interesting characters and plots that kept me reading into the night However, I would recommend the books for people over 12 years old as it has advanced language and themes If you haven t read these then you re missing out and should go and read them now

    23. Gus on said:

      I thought that this book was very interesting and kept your attention I liked how there were a lot of words or names of things that were part of the book it somehow made you immersed into the text.

    24. Philip Burchett on said:

      It seems that everyone has a role in the world The cast of characters in lireal and abhorsen reminded me of both Harry Potter and the goonies I loved lireal and the message of who she becomes despite her failed expectations.

    25. Deirdre on said:

      Loved these books The second book is a little whiny but the dog makes up for it Always in my list of to recommend books.

    26. Olga on said:

      It is the first half of the 20th century and the world is changing The peaceful existence of the country south of The Wall is threatened by the possibility of a war and to the north dark powers are getting stronger as well and death itself is finding its way into the living world from the other side The Abhorsen is the only one who can control the dead and send them back where they came from, beyond the last gate on the cold and tumultuous river When the Abhorsen s daughter, Sabriel, receives a [...]

    27. Bunny McFoo on said:

      I just finished re reading this trilogy, and I m choosing to review all three books at one time, as I think that the series as a whole is stronger than its parts.When I first read these books, the first one was my least favorite I found Sabriel to be a less sympathetic character than I did Lirael, which only goes to show that time and perspective can certainly alter opinions and points of view Ten years on from my initial reading, Sabriel is by far interesting to me and I sincerely wish we had [...]

    28. Cyd Highfield on said:

      The Abhorsen Trilogy, aka The Old Kingdom Series is made up of Sabriel, Lirael, and Abhorsen Sabriel is a young woman who is thrust into the role of her father who went missing and she is now on a mission to find the Abhorsen The Abhorsen is a sorcerer who has to put the dead back to rest The themes in the book are wonderful and poignant, which can really hit home, as they re about having to face responsibilities with growing up, and loss of family Death is also shown as a thing that can strengt [...]

    29. Kellie on said:

      Today it s a three fer review This trilogy is made up of three really nice books, but the story is so compact and interwoven, I think of it as all one.This is a classic heroic tale, with many time honored elements that make such stories almost irresistible to an imaginative reader In addition to a strong undercurrent of magic, it has several generations of a family, loyal companions, fierce and terrifying enemies, and best of all, multiple young heroes who all have to figure out who they are and [...]

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