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Predator's Gold

Predator's Gold By Philip Reeve Predator s Gold In this breathtaking sequel to his award winning Mortal Engines Reeve plunges readers into a ruthless and terrifyingly believable world where cities eat each other betrayal is as common as ice and

  • Title: Predator's Gold
  • Author: Philip Reeve
  • ISBN: 9780060721961
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback
  • Predator's Gold By Philip Reeve In this breathtaking sequel to his award winning Mortal Engines, Reeve plunges readers into a ruthless and terrifyingly believable world where cities eat each other, betrayal is as common as ice, and loyalty offers the only chance for survival.
    Predator's Gold By Philip Reeve

    Predator s Gold Mortal Engines, Book Predator s Gold takes place in the same world as Mortal Engines Taking the chance to expand on the wonderful world of moving cities from the first book, Predator s Gold manages to carry over that sense of wonder from the first book Predator s Gold The Hungry City Chronicles Predator s Gold takes place in the same world as Mortal Engines Taking the chance to expand on the wonderful world of moving cities from the first book, Predator s Gold manages to carry over that Predator s Gold Mortal Engines Wiki Fandom Predator s Gold Mortal Engines Quartet by Philip Reeve Sep , Predator s Gold takes the action of Mortal Engines this time to the polar Ice Wastes, where we board the once majestic, now largely deserted, fallen city of Anchorage Reeve Predator s Gold Mortal Engines Series by Philip Reeve Up to sh backMay , Philip Reeve s epic city eat city adventure series continues with Mortal Engines Book Predator s Gold With the great Traction City of London completely

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      373 Philip Reeve

    One thought on “Predator's Gold

    1. Sara Saif on said:

      Hello Excuse me Last book of the year coming through I really, really liked this one The world is exciting and fun and crazy in a way I ve never read before All YA dystopian books feel like copy cats in varying degrees and levels these days but this is original stuff and it becomes wholly evident in this book especially It s madness Chases and betrayals, cheating and close calls, things are happening all over the place And the most satisfying thing is seeing it all coming together like clockwork [...]

    2. Brooke Shirts on said:

      Who doesn t love dystopic visions of the future Not I Especially not one that involves giant cities on wheels that EAT each other The concept of Municipal Darwinism never gets old, baby It s taken me forever to get around to the Hungry City Chronicles, of which this is the second Tom and Hester, our heroes from the first book read the only characters left alive after the first book sheesh, Mortal Enginges has a bigger body count than Hamlet are in trouble again This time they ve landed on the pe [...]

    3. Nikki on said:

      The second Hungry Cities book is the same sort of fun as the first, albeit with those dark moments of violence and horror like horrible deaths, or people being unpleasant It still follows Hester and Tom, but they ve grown up a bit, and they have a place in the world as aviators That is, until Pennyroyal comes aboard and spoils everything.Realistic, and sad, is the portrayal of Hester being so afraid to lose Tom She doesn t believe anyone else will see past her scarred face to who she really is, [...]

    4. Lesia Melnyk on said:

      , , , , , Archangel , Anchorage , , , , , Sixty Minutes War , , , Antitractionist League .

    5. Cat on said:

      Que bom que foi voltar a este mundo de Philip Reeve, em que as cidades se comem umas s outras Foi bom voltar a acompanhar Tom em mais uma aventura cheia de perip cias e reviravoltas Reeve sabe bem criar uma aventura jovem adulta em que nada previs vel.Creio ir ler o terceiro brevemente.

    6. The Book Queen on said:

      This was amazing Just as great as Mortal Engines.And then BAM WORST ENDING EVER view spoiler why do they have to have a goddamn child Children ruin everything Why can t they just stay young forever and never have to grow old and become responsible aaaarrgghhh hide spoiler

    7. St3phie on said:

      Just a short review for this one What I liked I love the world Philip Reeve has created It s so imaginative and unlike anything I ve read before There is so much action, as well as twists and turns, especially in the last third of the book, that it s super hard to put down It was definitely a I ll go to sleep after one chapter kinda thing It s also pretty exciting watching how everything comes together towards the end.What I didn t like Some of the decisions the main characters made were kinda [...]

    8. Sesana on said:

      Direct sequel to Mortal Engines Two years after the destruction of London, Tom and Hester are still together, still flying Anna Fang s airship In need of cash, they take on the drippingly unscrupulous Pennyroyal One thing leads to another, and they end up stranded on the moving city of Anchorage, bound for a green America that only Pennyroyal has seen Much of the plot is driven by Hester s as it turns out, reasonable jealousies and suspicion that she ll lose Tom sooner or later Freya, the ruler [...]

    9. Wayne on said:

      4 starsAgain i enjoyed this although not as much as the first.The world building is fantastic and even though it seems quite technical and you would think it hard to picture moving and flying cities it works The places really come alive and the setting really adds to the story The locations also mirror the people who live there which is also great and not an easy thing to portray.The characterizations let me down a bit in this one Tom and Hester just seemed to move away from where they seemed to [...]

    10. Sandra Mariscal on said:

      En esta ocasi n no le puedo dar la nota m xima a este libro a causa de Hester No deja de ser una protagonista que me gusta mucho, pero en este libro la he visto llena de inseguridades por su f sico y su relaci n con Tom Donde se qued esa muchacha valiente y decidida a todo por sus creencias No es hasta pr cticamente el final que la volvemos a ver Muchos podr n pensar que sus acciones son imperdonables, que traiciona a los que quiere, pero yo veo una chica con un gran potencial y que puede que se [...]

    11. Ingrid on said:

      The books in this series are fun quick reads I have to remind myself that they are YA books because some of the interaction and dialog between people are dumb But the action s great and I like the world they are living in.

    12. Blue Phoenix on said:

      Exceptional story I really can t describe how epic it was, but I ll try later I guess

    13. Cécile C. on said:

      Let s start with the good, because there s still a lot of good in there Namely, the world building The idea of transforming cities into animals, preying on each other in a broken ecosystem that slowly moves on towards its doom is great, and quite elaborate Predators, prey, scavengers and parasites compete together in a world that is marching towards its end, as Municipal Darwinism encourages a large scale destruction of all available resources and brings back slavery and inhuman treatments of pr [...]

    14. AH on said:

      4.5 StarsPredator s Gold is another solid book in Philip Reeve s Hungry City Chronicles The story of Tom and Hester continues two years after the events of Mortal Engines.If you haven t had a chance to read these books, you are definitely missing out on a truly fantastic read Mr Reeve creates an inventive world full of hungry cities that roam their hunting grounds eating up smaller cities, towns, and settlements The author calls this process Municipal Darwinism.Part of the allure of this series [...]

    15. Pamela on said:

      I was quite impressed with Reeve s first entry in the Hungry City Chronicles, and was really disappointed in this follow up It seems that pretty much most of the action is motivated by angsty teenage love Again, the only really likeable character is Hester Tom has, if it s even possible, become even unsure of himself and selfish The two, aboard the now deceased Anna Fang s airship, land well, crash is like it on the city Anchorage after a mysterious encounter with powerful fighting airships T [...]

    16. Juan Manuel Sarmiento on said:

      A pesar de que El oro del depredador es ligeramente menos pico que M quinas Mortales, esta segunda parte incluye montones de acci n y violencia, incluyendo un ni o siendo golpeado y colgado para matarlo, asesinatos a sangre fr a y miembros amputados.Por suerte, en febrero sale a la venta la tercera parte, Inventos Infernales, para poder continuar con esta gran aventura dist pica.Rese a completa en THE BEST READ YET BLOG

    17. magnus hole on said:

      absolutely amazing even better than the first but not as good as the 3rd and 4th annoying characters, heroic characters, selfish characters, disloyal characters, characters you hope won t die this book has it all.

    18. Wing Kee on said:

      A good second part of the story which expands the best parts of the series and also the not so best parts of the series.World The world is simply the best thing about this series It s so imaginative, it s so different, and it s soooo steampunk fantasy awesomeness The idea and the workings of the world fascinate me I love that fact that we never get info dumped and we learn the world through the eyes of Tom and Hester Story The story is solid and paced well with peaks and valleys as you would exp [...]

    19. Rob Keenan on said:

      Don t get me wrong, these books aren t particularly well written but the imagery is so unique that is overwhelmingly worthwhile.

    20. Eloise Sunshine on said:

      The adventures continue and strong emotional connections seem to remain strong despite many surprising challenges With unexpected friendly mates, new scientific develpments in stalker technology and a city on the ice, the story twists and turns to the end result you would not anticipate from the beginning Enjoy

    21. Mandy on said:

      For me it was too much about young love I really like the idea of the cities on wheels and the world as it is in the books and if the focus was on that I probably would have kept on reading For now I m putting aside this series.

    22. 'Izzat Radzi on said:

      Updated I was lazy last time What is it that makes one, an intellectual Is it his prowess in knowledge and his active advocacy Or is it honesty and humanism Well, arguably, view spoiler one portrayed by Professor Pennyroyal showed none, as he was just a narcissistic, compulsive lying guy who whilst perhaps sort of know and experience his mistakes yet keeps on his trade on lying to the mass on his prowess in history and adventure yet producing another book after hide spoiler And in view spoiler t [...]

    23. Neil Coulter on said:

      Book 1, Mortal Engines, was disappointing Book 2 is worse I sense that there is an interesting story happening in Reeve s steampunk world, but it s always just beyond the edges of the story he s actually telling Somewhere in this world multiple factions plot against each other and a world war is beginning But Predator s Gold isn t that story It s the story of three underage minors the bland hero, Tom Hester, the ultra violent girl with half a face and Freya, the self centered, fat ice princess a [...]

    24. Alexandra on said:

      This was touch and go in the first third of the book It couldn t keep my attention, I was still miffed at the ending of the first book, and I had so many other things I needed to concentrate on that I was reading bits by the day.Also, a lot of the scenes at the winter palace were very similar to the beginning of the Secret Garden, which I was listening to on Audiobook at the same time Coincidence or inspiration Then I got passed that mark, and it picked up I was physically unable to read for as [...]

    25. Doug on said:

      Mortal Engines left me so eager for that I scoured all three bookshops in the town we were staying in for a copy of the sequel, Predator s Gold, even though I suspected I was setting myself up for disappointment Sequels aren t usually as good, perhaps particularly in genre fiction, in part because the critical balance between novelty and familiarity is inevitably different when revisiting established characters and situations.Of course there are exceptions that prove the rule, and happily, Pred [...]

    26. Matti Karjalainen on said:

      Aiemmin t n vuonna lukemani Philip Reeven K velev t koneet scifiromaani teki hillitt m n vaikutuksen, ja sen seurauksena oli lukulistalle lis tt v my s kaikki jatko osat Kaikesta huolimatta unsin oloni hieman hermostuneeksi tarttuessani Kadotettuun mantereeseen Karisto, 2005 Sarjan avausosa olisi nimitt in toiminut my s erinomaisesti yksitt isen teoksena kutkuttavan avoimeksi j vine loppuineen Tilannetta ei yht n helpottanut se tosiseikka, ett moni kirjasarja on l ss ht nyt erinomaisen avausosan [...]

    27. Wealhtheow on said:

      After nuclear war devastated the earth, the old ways of living became untenable Now humans live in roving enclaves, preying on each other for scarce resources and the few remnants of ancient tech left over from the old world Scrappy urchin Hester and trainee historian Tom try to make a decent living flying cargo in their stolen airship until their imaginations are excited by an adventurer s tales of finding greenery in North America I love the characters in this series Hester, who is pragmatic a [...]

    28. Jonathan Terrington on said:

      It seemed at the end of Mortal Engines that it was the end Yet in spectacular fashion Philip Reeve reignites his world of city eating cities and reanimated corpses to truly begin what concludes as a uniquely brilliant series This is a difficult novel to describe Like any good sequel it brings back the elements of the first novel, adds in a few new ones, mixes them together, throws in a few twists and turns and ends on a note that makes you believe the series could very satisfyingly end there Onl [...]

    29. McCallum Morgan on said:

      This book is amazing The characters are drawn so realistically and compelling I love how they re tossed about by the whims of a cruel but fantastic world They re not trying to stop some arch villain, which is refreshing, they re just trying to survive The settings are beautifully written with wonderful details Somehow Mr Reeve paints his world vibrantly without burdening the narrative I really really loved the bizarre plot line of Caul and Uncle I could identify with Caul immediately because, ju [...]

    30. Lara on said:

      Definitely a great adventure story I think my favorite thing about this series is the fact that the characters arewell, messy They feel real in that they make big mistakes sometimes, and then have to deal with the consequences, no matter how horrifying And sometimes the consequences ARE horrifying It s somewhat rare to see this sort of behavior in characters written for a teen audience I really like it that Reeve hasn t made his characters or plots all neat and tidy so as to avoid offending anyo [...]

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