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Armageddon: The Musical

Armageddon: The Musical By Robert Rankin Armageddon The Musical From the point of view of you re historyTheological warfare Elvis on an epic time travel journey the Presliad Buddhavision a network bigger than God and powerful too Nasty nuclear leftovers Nau

  • Title: Armageddon: The Musical
  • Author: Robert Rankin
  • ISBN: 9780552136815
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Paperback
  • Armageddon: The Musical By Robert Rankin From the point of view of 2050, you re historyTheological warfare Elvis on an epic time travel journey the Presliad Buddhavision a network bigger than God and powerful, too Nasty nuclear leftovers Naughty sex habits Dalai Dan the 153rd reincarnation of the Lama of that ilk and Barry, the talkative Time Sprout Even with all this excitement, you wouldn t tFrom the point of view of 2050, you re historyTheological warfare Elvis on an epic time travel journey the Presliad Buddhavision a network bigger than God and powerful, too Nasty nuclear leftovers Naughty sex habits Dalai Dan the 153rd reincarnation of the Lama of that ilk and Barry, the talkative Time Sprout Even with all this excitement, you wouldn t think a backwater planet like Earth makes much of a splash in the galatic pond.But the soap opera called The Earthers is making big video bucks in the intergalactic ratings race And alien TV execs know exactly what the old earth drama needs to make the off world audience sit up and stare a spectacular Armageddon type finale With a cast of millions including you DON T TOUCH THAT DIAL IT S GONNA BE A HELLUVA SHOW
    Armageddon: The Musical By Robert Rankin

    Armageddon The Musical by Robert Rankin Armageddon the Musical never seems to be quite as funny as it is trying to be You get the impression that the author is trying very hard to be Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett but not quite getting Armageddon The Musical Rankin, Robert Apr , Robert Rankin is the author of The Garden of Unearthly Delights, The Most Amazing Man Who Ever Lived, The Greatest Show Off Earth, Raiders of the Lost Car Park, The Book of Ultimate Truths, Armageddon The Musical, They Came and Ate Us, Armageddon II The B Movie, The Suburban Book of the Dead, Armageddon III The Remake, and the Brentford quartet The Antipope Armageddon The Musical Armageddon Trilogy Book Apr , Armageddon The Musical is the first in the three part Armageddon Quartet that would go on to inspire a generation of comedy fantasy authors Rankin reveals himself to be a true visionary Armageddon the Musical by Robert Rankin About Armageddon the Musical To the top selling ranks of humorists such as Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett, let us welcome Mr Rankin The Times London From the point of view of , you re history Theological warfare, Elvis Armageddon The Musical by Robert Rankin Audiobook What listeners say about Armageddon The Musical Average Customer Ratings Overall out of stars . out of . Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Performance out of stars Armageddon, the musical Book, WorldCat Armageddon, the musical Robert Rankin Home WorldCat Home About WorldCat Help Search Search for Library Items Search for Lists Search for Contacts Search for a Library Create lists,

    • Unlimited Armageddon: The Musical - by Robert Rankin
      419 Robert Rankin

    One thought on “Armageddon: The Musical

    1. Paul on said:

      This is the first novel in the Armageddon Series by far fetched fiction writer Robert Rankin.Rankin is the author of one of my favorite books, The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse I find his writing style to be similar to Terry Pratchett, another author I really enjoy I thought I d have a good chance of enjoying this novel when I chose it at random but it didn t live up to my expectations.The overall plot seemed to ramble Having several worlds, dimensions and time planes involved likel [...]

    2. Si Jones on said:

      This is the first Rankin book I read, back in the early 90 s, and I ve lost count of how many times I ve re read it since.

    3. Dane on said:

      Rankin has been compared to Pratchett and Adams this is unfair Rankin is Rankin in the same way as Pratchett is Pratchett, they shouldn t be compared because although both are brilliant they are brilliant in quite astoundingly different ways All of Rankin s books have a different feel to them, and if you didn t know, you could swear that some were written by different authors but despite that there are always those rankin touches the Running Gag oh how we love the running gag not just running th [...]

    4. Nini on said:

      As always Robert Rankins alternate universe is one full of surprises I am a fan of time sprouts and enjoyed the time travel in this story I particularly enjoyed Rankins comic take on a post apocolyptic Earth and his views on realty TV and the ideas of a master plan I found to be as agreeable as they were hilarious The unwitting hero Rex is a well written if put upon character and who doesnt love a bit of Elvis My favourite parts of the story did focus around some of the supporting cast of Cahrac [...]

    5. Louise on said:

      This is a strange mix of Good Omens The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch, The Truman Show and Redshirts And when I say strange I mean strange, but in a really good and fun way.People who can t laugh at Christianity or L Ron Hubbard should probably steer clear though.

    6. Pewterbreath on said:

      There are people who would love Rankin s zany take on the apocalypse For me it s way too freewheeling and manic for me to enjoy it It s as if The Hitchhiker s Guide was rewritten by someone on speed, smooshing all sorts of ideas in an almost incomprehensible mish mosh We ve got Elvis, we ve got a talking sprout, a future incarnation of the Dalai Lama, Jesus and his twin sister Christine, television, and post nuclear mad max shenanigans I can t say that this book has no redeeming features, nor th [...]

    7. Nen Simmons on said:

      Earth is being manipulated by aliens who are using it as a reality TV show Trouble is, ratings have now slumped for the post apocalyptic world were everything is controlled by 3 main religions, so they decide to send a time travelling sprout back to 1958 to contact Elvis Presley and alter the course of history The fact that this plot seems perfectly plausible is testament to Robert Rankin s excellent rating and alarming imagination Also has the usual running gags Ian Paisley etc and the customar [...]

    8. Aletha Tavares on said:

      hilarious its the future 2050 the characters of dalai lama, elvis priestly who the former thinks will kill him, is being brought back to earth to up the ratings of the soap opera the Earthers by the planet phnaargos, who feel that all that has been happening on earth is war , killings, blood violence sex and need to inject the viewing with something different but this goes awry thanks to the GOD wo is also side stepped by his sisteris si cosmic fun in all its galaxious humour

    9. Gillian Taylor on said:

      Absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt my favourite trilogy of all time Rankin has been often compared to Pratchet, but in my opinion he outshines him by far.This book has elements from reality and a vast imagination inside of Rankin s mind that will make you take a look into your very soul and examine it.Barry the sprout is an inspiration to us all.

    10. Joey Woolfardis on said:

      Short and quick review from memory before I re read and re review at a later date I mean, really XD Just the title is bringing joy to me I think this is the Rankin book that really made me love him quite severely.

    11. Doreen Dalesandro on said:

      Genre sci fi humorRating 3.75I listened to this book.One word describes this book whacky It is lots of fun Robert Rankin does a great job narrating his book

    12. Lance on said:

      The universe started with a sound like a duck call, then a whistle, then an enormous wind break This was my first Robert Rankin book, and I thoroughly enjoyed the surreal ride Unable to pass up an author recommended by Sir Terry Pratchett and interminably by my Recommendations feed , I picked out the one that sounded the most epic to me Post nuclear Apocalypse Armageddon Aliens making reality TV out of human evolution Although the premise is fairly similar to Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman s Go [...]

    13. J.M. on said:

      Read one book by this author already and enjoyed it so much I wanted to read another My sister bought it for me for Christmas 2009 While I finished it, I didn t find it the rip roaring comedy hailed by the critics on the cover It was confusing at times but interesting enough to keep me reading However, it s part of a trilogy, and I don t see myself rushing out to pick up the next volume any time soon.

    14. Keith Davis on said:

      Armageddon the Musical never seems to be quite as funny as it is trying to be You get the impression that the author is trying very hard to be Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett but not quite getting there All the ingredients are there, but it is like a cake that fails to rise and you are left wondering if a step got missed somewhere in the recipe.

    15. Alesia on said:

      A time traveling sprout named Barry, that lives in Elvis Presley s head What do I need to say

    16. Mike Abney on said:

      Entertaining, but probably not worth your time.Cons The book is, frankly, a bit sexist There is one female character of maybe 3 with any authority however she is made out to be stuck up, man hating, and in the end incompetent The next closest is essentially a fantasy love interest about whom I cannot say much without spoilers All other females mentioned in the book are there for the physical pleasure of the males.The book does some fun things with time travel, but the formatting, at least on th [...]

    17. Sean Keefe on said:

      I love Rankin, but I found this one to be a real stinker I flunk the jokes flat, the plot inconsequential, and the whole thing devoid of his usual genius Took me almost a week to get through, and I normally polish his books off in a couple of days Ah well, with such a great catalogue as Rankin s, there s gotta be the odd one that doesn t match the heights of his other stuff Onwards to better.

    18. Robert J. on said:

      Robert Rankin is one of my favorite authors He has this, strange, self referential lunacy that is at once slightly annoying and incredibly intriguing You ll finish reading unsure what exactly you liked about it, but eager to read the next one.

    19. Paul on said:

      Some 3D characters and quite a number of 2D ones, Rankin keeps the reader guessing throughout, mainly because he himself appears to now know where the books is taking him Presumably set up in some sense for the sequel this first was a colossal waste of time Hitchikers Guide it ain t though there are similarities.

    20. Scott Nieradka on said:

      Yuk Sigh Look, this book should have been funny, or at least enjoyable, on paper An absurd post apocalyptic story involving a time traveling elvis presley with a sprout in his head, a standard I m just a normal person, why is this happening to me type hero, etc, etc, you can read the plot above or elsewhere below There are a few problems, A Its a comedy, B Its not funny, C Its a not funny comedy about religion and tv, and most importantly D the author breaks the fourth wall every three pages, wi [...]

    21. P. Elliot on said:

      My slightly biased comments Robert Rankin is an acquired taste one that I succumbed to many moons ago we once swapped autographed copies of our books thanks to his Brentford Trilogy.This did not reach the heights of those titles but was worthy of his far fetchedness Where else would you find a post nuclear Earth ruled by three religious factions the latest in a long line of reincarnations of the Dali Lama, Pope Joan and the last descendant of L Ron Hubbard Throw in an Alien race watching it all [...]

    22. Isabel (kittiwake) on said:

      And what about me Gloria asked Buggered if I know dear Ms Vrillium admired herself in the mirror I expect we ll find out in the sequel All this is really far too good to be true And it was.I think I read one of the sequels a long time ago, as Rex Mundi, his sister Gloria and the Time Sprout seemed familiar but the plot line didn t.Earth s history has been moulded by a television company on another planet at the behest of a mystery backer But now ratings for The Earthers are falling, and the tele [...]

    23. David on said:

      Robert Rankin shamelessly lampshades this in one of his stories Armageddon, the Musical where it is advanced as proof that there is a God who designs dominant species in his own image As any Science Fiction fan knows, the basic human shape, Head at the top, two feet at the bottom, wedding tackle about halfway down, is the standard for intelligent life the universe over They often speak good English with a noticeable American accent, too Facts that should serve up friend Atheist with a workload o [...]

    24. Chris on said:

      This is the first Robert Rankin book that I ve read I expected it to be amusing, and it didn t disappoint, although I didn t get quite the full on laughs I often get from Terry Pratchett s Discworld series What I unfairly hadn t quite expected was such a gripping storyline The plot certainly kept me interested, and occasionally confused, but not in a bad way A fun read.I will definitely be reading of his books.

    25. Nai on said:

      Rankin s biography states that he wants to create a new genre of far out fiction That is clearly accomplished in Armageddon the musical I m a music student, and while I get the irony of calling this book a musical, I still didn t find it humourous Which I believe was the intent It is certainly absurdest, and while I can appreciate that, the jokes go on and on and are over done I finished it, but with some difficulty, and had to re start reading it a number of times.

    26. Meg on said:

      The zany, hilarious ideas are there, as is the social commentary, and the writing is snappy at points I love self aware narration, too, and yet there was something about the way Rankin continually pointed out plot holes that got on my nerves after a while Still, I laughed pretty hard a some bits and it was worth reading for the cheeky time sprout alone.

    27. Angela on said:

      Post apocalyptic Earth, 3 religions control television, food and general life for the survivors Earth is being manipulated for a TV show on an alien planet This novel introduces Barry, the time travelling sprout The world is well built, and has many layers There are lots of popular culture references, particularly to music in this book A good read.

    28. Joe on said:

      I read this book almost twenty years ago, when I was in high school, and though I only remember bits and pieces of it, I recall 1 enjoying it 2 several passages almost verbatim the images stayed with me.I m not sure I d be able to enjoy it nearly as much these days, but it was fun when I was fifteen.

    29. Leah on said:

      It was so zany and so madcap and sooo proud of its HIlarity that it forgot to have content, and anyway it isn t as clever as it thinks it is and is littered with comma splices.An excellent title gone to waste.

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