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The Sprouts of Wrath

The Sprouts of Wrath By Robert Rankin The Sprouts of Wrath The fourth part of the Brentford Trilogy Amazing but true Brentford Town Council has agreed to host the next Olympic Games However something sinister is afoot in Brentford and it is up to the regu

  • Title: The Sprouts of Wrath
  • Author: Robert Rankin
  • ISBN: 9780552138444
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Sprouts of Wrath By Robert Rankin The fourth part of the Brentford Trilogy Amazing, but true, Brentford Town Council has agreed to host the next Olympic Games However, something sinister is afoot in Brentford, and it is up to the regulars of The Flying Swan to save the world as we know it.
    The Sprouts of Wrath By Robert Rankin

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    • ✓ The Sprouts of Wrath ↠ Robert Rankin
      229 Robert Rankin

    One thought on “The Sprouts of Wrath

    1. Martin Haynes on said:

      This must be one of Mr Rankin s best Not only do you get all of the Brentford stalwarts doing battle against the forces of darkness and chaos, you also get the mages mage, the perfect master, the lad himself, Hugo Rune Superbly irreverent, rather silly in a peculiarly British way, should be on the syllabus of any course which aims to provide an understanding of Brits and British humour.

    2. Isabel (kittiwake) on said:

      And the lights upon the allotment, said Soap, what would you take those to be The work of the council, said Omally firmly, another plot to confound honest golfers Soap burst into a paroxysm of laughter Tears rolled down his pale cheeks and he clutched at his stomach Come now, said Pooley, it is no laughing matter, these lads have it in for us Have it in for you gasped Soap between convulsions You witness a test run of laser operated gravitational landing beams, the product of a technology beyond [...]

    3. Maria on said:

      As good as all of the others, been a while since I finished it and have three other authors books since so cannot give an accurate opinion of the book, but suffice to say thta Pooley and O Malley are still my homeboys

    4. Joey Woolfardis on said:

      Quick review from memory until I re read and re review at a later date Well, the blurb made me chortle but in general I have no memory.

    5. Sean Keefe on said:

      Great fun, Rankin at his best, and nary a sprout to be seen throughout the whole book.

    6. Simon Mcleish on said:

      Originally published on my blog here in February 2001.The fourth of Rankin s Brentford series is written along much the same lines as the first three Following accidents and sabotage, Birmingham has to cancel its Olympics bid at the last minute, and a mysterious sponsor allows Brentford borough council to step in and take over A stadium appears overnight, in the form of a pentagram made from a revolutionary new anti gravitational substance, tethered in the air over the buildings of the London su [...]

    7. Shane on said:

      This is the fourth in the trilogy that isn t really a trilogy and this time Pooley, Omalley co are once fighting the forces of darkness, this time against the backdrop of the Olympics To be honest, I think you could run these characters through any situation or adventure with success The story itself really is of the same and could do with an injection of a little originality at this point, but still, I look forward to these ones.All in all, I think if you re looking for a quick, easy read th [...]

    8. Paul on said:

      The London Brentford Olympics and the end of the world One might think that Robert Rankin had jumped on the whole 2012 end of the world bandwagon.Not so, this book was first released in 1988 and was just every so aptly released by Mr Rankin himself as an e book for the kindle.Want to see how the world will end Well this probably isn t it, but it is an immensley fun read.

    9. Angela on said:

      Brentford becomes the home of the Olympics, and everything is not as it seems Something evil is lurking More story driven than previous books, this has a feeling of finality to it There are parts that will make you smile, as always It does get quite dark near the end though, with the fight against evil A good read.

    10. Jennifer on said:

      Maybe I should have read the first three books in the trilogy before starting the 4th volume But it was still funny and easy to follow Much like Pratchett, and set in England fave place.

    11. Eireanngobrach on said:

      Pure madness but in a very good way This is just so funnydare I say it the thinking man s Terry Pratchett The best thing about this trilogy is that it comes in 4 parts

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