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Things Not Seen

Things Not Seen By Andrew Clements Things Not Seen Bobby Phillips is an average fifteen year old boy Until the morning he wakes up and can t see himself in the mirror Not blind not dreaming Bobby is just plain invisibleThere doesn t seem to be any rh

  • Title: Things Not Seen
  • Author: Andrew Clements
  • ISBN: 9780142400760
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Paperback
  • Things Not Seen By Andrew Clements Bobby Phillips is an average fifteen year old boy Until the morning he wakes up and can t see himself in the mirror Not blind, not dreaming Bobby is just plain invisibleThere doesn t seem to be any rhyme or reason to Bobby s new condition even his dad the physicist can t figure it out For Bobby that means no school, no friends, no life He s a missing person ThenBobby Phillips is an average fifteen year old boy Until the morning he wakes up and can t see himself in the mirror Not blind, not dreaming Bobby is just plain invisibleThere doesn t seem to be any rhyme or reason to Bobby s new condition even his dad the physicist can t figure it out For Bobby that means no school, no friends, no life He s a missing person Then he meets Alicia She s blind, and Bobby can t resist talking to her, trusting her But people are starting to wonder where Bobby is Bobby knows that his invisibility could have dangerous consequences for his family and that time is running out He has to find out how to be seen again before it s too late.
    Things Not Seen By Andrew Clements

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      471 Andrew Clements
    Things Not Seen

    One thought on “Things Not Seen

    1. j on said:

      It never stopped being weird to me that the invisible teenager spends most of the book hanging around naked in public next to a girl he has a crush on.The other interesting detail that stuck with me invisible poo only stays invisible for a little while Does that count as a spoiler

    2. Akyla on said:

      This is an imaginitive modern day science fiction story science than fiction about a boy who wakes up one morning to find himself invisible and befriends a recently blind girl who can relate to this newfound unusual disability I found this a great book overall Unlike some books for young adults, this book was not predictable for adults Although the gravity of the situation of a missing child and the impact on his parents needed to be emphasised to a younger reader, it does not take away from th [...]

    3. Dustin Crazy little brown owl on said:

      A fun wonderful read I loved this book from start to brilliant finish Things Not Seen is an interesting, creative and I believe successful way to introduce disability to teens and adults Bobby Phillips wakes up one morning and is invisible throughout the book invisibility is shown to parallel living with a disability One passage early in the book says it s not like I ve got the chicken pox or the flu or something This is completelydifferent, and it s happening to me, and it means that I can t do [...]

    4. Ryan on said:

      This book is an under appreciated young adult classic An everyboy named Bobby wakes up one morning to find himself invisible But his biggest concern isn t how to use this new power for good or evil it s simply how to get back to his normal life The characters are all incredibly well written, and Bobby s thoughts are engaging and familiar, or at least they would be if I d ever been invisible Though it has a few bits of sci fi in it mainly centering around Bobby becoming invisible, and attempting [...]

    5. Gabby R. on said:

      Andrew Clements really kept this interesting and reallistic If it was a series, I would have devoured it in a few days.

    6. Cheryl on said:

      Intelligent SF for teens A fable for all ages about people who are different An adventure for MG readers Never mind the labels, just read it I did, twice, and now I m going to read the second, which I own, and try to find the third But don t worry if you don t want to start a series the first stands alone just fine.

    7. KConaway on said:

      This book surprises the idea of an invisible boy seemed too far fetched for a novel that would otherwise fit into the catagory of realistic fiction But Clements finds a way, in the creation of Bobby s relationship with Alicia, to make this a story that digs deeper into other issues about invisibility When will Bobby s parents stop ignoring him to see him for who he really is Who sees Alicia for who she really is now that she s blind, and what can she now see This was a good choice for discussion [...]

    8. Katie on said:

      Absolutely breathtakingly amazing Epic There s a second one and I HAVE to get it now My soul can t go on without the next book

    9. Seahee Park on said:

      Clearly by looking at other books Clements wrote are for children or teens However, myself not being a children nor a teen, reading his book, Things Not Seen was definately not just another teen book from Clements At first, when I read about two or three chapters I thought this book will be about an avarage teenager looking for the real meaning of life and becoming mature You know just another kid book thing However, as I flipped through the book, there were meanings to it Of course just like [...]

    10. Cassandra Barboza on said:

      Almost anyone can relate to the feeling of being invisible, of being ignored But can anyone know what it s truly like to become invisible This book is a book for younger children but it nevertheless brings to perspective the reality of the world we live in today We have parents that don t completely know their children because they lead such busy schedules and a society where being handicapped can mean being ostracized and becoming invisible.Bobby wakes up one morning, invisible No one can see h [...]

    11. Kristy on said:

      It s a Tuesday morning in February, and I get up as usual, and I stumble into the bathroom to take a shower in the dark Which is my school day method because it s sort of like an extra ten minutes of sleep.It s after the shower That s when it happens.It s when I turn on the bathroom light and wipe the fog off the mirror to comb my hair It s what I see in the mirror It s what I don t see.I look a second time, and then rub at the mirror again.I m not there.That s what I m saying.I m Not There Okay [...]

    12. Ryan on said:

      The three star review has nothing to do with my not enjoying the book I enjoyed it immensely It is for a younger audience, though, and there were some aspects that I think could have been improved Primarily, I think that Bobby s voice is very appealing and would be even so to a reader equal in age to him However, I think that the portrayal of Bobby s relationship with his parents was a bit overdone I understand that angst is a big part of adolescent life, but his parents were obviously trying v [...]

    13. Amy-Jo Conant on said:

      Lexile 690DRA 40GRL TTarget audience probably grade 6The idea concept of the book is pretty impressive A boy becomes invisible and befriends a blind girl as he deals with his new condition On the surface, this is a pretty fascinating idea The concept is loaded with symbolism right from the beginning However, this book just didn t get off the ground for me The pace is slow Aside from the fantasy element of becoming invisible you pretty much a story of a boy who is having trouble connecting with h [...]

    14. Makenzie Lienemann on said:

      Fifteen year old Bobby Philips was your average nobody He walked through the halls of his preparatory school day in and day out without a single bat of the eye Until one day, when he didn t even notice himself He wasn t blind, and he definitely wasn t dead he was invisible His parents were frantic, as any parent would be, when their child up and vanishes Bobby s dad was a scientist, and new that every effect has a cause, and if they could figure the cause out they could reverse the effect Days w [...]

    15. David Center on said:

      The outside reading book I chose to read is the book things not seen by Andrew Clements.I chose to read this book because it look very interseting even the tittle of the book made me want to know about this story In this review I will summerize, tell you my recondemnation, and give you my evaluation of the book Things Not Seen This book is about a young boy named Bobby Phillips who wakes up one day and cannot see him self in the mirror He thinks maybe it is just his eye sight but he would come [...]

    16. Franky on said:

      There are times in life that we might feel invisible to the world For teenager Bobby Phillips, this is quite literal Waking up one day and discovering that he can t be seen, he begins to question how this could have possibly happened With the help of his parents, he tries to figure out just why he would suddenly disappear one day without cause His parents keep his school in the dark as to Bobby s condition as they look for a cure Bobby soon learns that being invisible isn t as fun or easy as you [...]

    17. Laura on said:

      This is a book I read because my daughter insisted on it I should listen to her often Bobby is a young boy who becomes invisible one day His physicist father and English professor mother decide to keep it a secret Unfortunately, they are involved in a car accident that keeps them away from home for several days Bobby must fend for himself and stay out of sight until his parents can help him find out why he is invisible Of course, as any fifteen year old would do, Bobby decides to try out his in [...]

    18. Keshet on said:

      Things Not Seen tells about a boy named Bobby Phillips, who wakes up one morning and can t see himself in the mirror He understands he s invisible Bobby can t go to school or meet with any of his friends One day he goes to the library, and he meets a blind girl named Alicia Alicia doesn t know he is invisible and that is why Bobby trusts her so much Things start to get complicated when the school starts wondering why Bobby has been absent for so long, and why his parents are not willing to let h [...]

    19. Tiffany Neal on said:

      I ve been using this book as a read aloud for the past couple years, and every year, the kids beg me not to put it down It starts off with a bang and sucks the kiddos in immediately, and Bobby snarky teenage boy is a relatable character for most of my students Although the story gets a bit bogged down as a read aloud with all the technicalities and scientific mumbo jumbo in the middle end, it doesn t seem to bother the kids much and they enjoy it all all except for the small love interest thing, [...]

    20. Stephanie on said:

      Reading this book with my students has been wonderful It is a very interesting topic and creates wonderful visual images Many laughs at the awkward situations and the imagination goes wild, often creating giggles Really fascination discussions and a huge sense of logic created by the possibilities of being invisible Loved the book when I read it with my own children years ago, and love it again reading it with my students Somebody needs to write the screen play and create a movie, this would be [...]

    21. Jennie on said:

      This book is amazing The conflict of the story would never happen in real life, but the way the author shows how the main character struggles, it seems very real You will connect with the main character, Bobby Phillips as he tells his story Along the way, he makes an unexpected friend who sees the real him That s one thing I didn t enjoy about the book it s too cliche Besides that one fault, the story is very well written and actually portrays a normal teenager without overdoing it You should de [...]

    22. Alice Cai on said:

      Not too sure why I put this as a favorite, but I read this in 5th grade The main character buys an electric blanket and turns invisible and falls in love with a blind girl This book kind of stuck with me for some reason I thought it was funny that he had to walk around completely naked while invisible.

    23. Trina Marie on said:

      You know how Hemingway writes He couldn t write about this girl s face Because he d say something like, It was a pretty face And that wouldn t be enough This face needs someone like Dickens, or maybe Tolstoy Someone who d take a whole page and spend some time on her eyebrows and her cheeks, or maybe notice the shape of her mouth when she s concentrating.

    24. Cierra and Alexa Petersen on said:

      I loved this book I recommend it if you like fictional stories that seem real This is one of my top ten favorite books The rest of the series Things that are 2 Things hoped for 3

    25. rosalind on said:

      this was my favorite book when i was a kid must ve read it 30 times i ll reread it one of these days.

    26. Isaiah the Ox on said:

      Such a good book Clements is one of favorite authors, and I m reminded now because of this book The back of the book caught me instantly which indecently happened to be the first page I woke up one morning, and became invisible A lot of the teenage angst was so very realistic at the beginning at least Befriending Alicia was genius on the side of the author Bobby s thoughts were also very interesting and real in my opinion My only complaint other than the author trying to make you ignore the fact [...]

    27. Ruchi P on said:

      I chose this book because I wanted to take a break from mystery thriller It had been a while since I had read fiction, and the plot of the book sounded interesting The cover also caught my eye.A fifteen year old boy, Bobby Phillips, wakes up invisible one day, not knowing why or how Even his parents, who are nerds for a living, can t figure it out Missing school, being home alone for days, and having nothing to do drives him insane He decides to go to the library, invisible, and accidentally bum [...]

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