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l8r, g8r

l8r, g8r By Lauren Myracle l r g r Angela Zoe and Maddie are finally seniors and ready for the great year they deserve After two years of fighting experimentation and some hilarious stories they are prepared to enjoy the fruits of s

  • Title: l8r, g8r
  • Author: Lauren Myracle
  • ISBN: 9780810912663
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Hardcover
  • l8r, g8r By Lauren Myracle Angela, Zoe and Maddie are finally seniors and ready for the great year they deserve After two years of fighting, experimentation and some hilarious stories, they are prepared to enjoy the fruits of seniority even though being top dogs at school means thinking about college, sex and even the impending end of their inseparable trio.
    l8r, g8r By Lauren Myracle

    lr, gr Internet Girls, by Lauren Myracle Lr, gr is the third book of the IM series by Lauren Myracle It is a book about a three best friends at the end of the Senior Year Zoe, Maddie and Angela are all dreading the end of the year but at the same lr, gr lr, gr th Anniversary update and reissue Feb , lr, gr th Anniversary update and reissue Internet Girls, The Myracle, Lauren Books China Glaze LR GR reviews, photos, ingredients MakeupAlley LR GR is a lime green holo from China Glaze s OMG collection The holo effect on this one doesn t seem to be full rainbow as it is with the others in this collection I see mostly dark green and lr, gr th Anniversary update and reissue by Lauren Up to sh backFeb , lr, gr th Anniversary update and reissue by Lauren Myracle Paperback Anniversary . Paperback . NOOK Book . View All Available What does lr gr mean lr gr Definition Meaning of lr Aug , lr gr later gator Used mainly in computer based conversation instant messaging, email, text messaging, etc See words with the same meaning Internet, texting, SMS, email,

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      391 Lauren Myracle

    One thought on “l8r, g8r

    1. Juhi on said:

      L8r G8r Lauren Myracle Amulet Books, 2007, 274 pp , 6.95 ISBN 978 0 8109 7086 1 and then she saw me i was crouched by the car jana lunged for me and i tripped i was like wait i can explain i told her the truth that I was trying to get her back for everything she did to us so i explained the kidnapping plot Interesting right.well there is to this book than you think When I first opened up L8r G8rby Lauren Myracle, curiously, I found the format very interesting, it s written in the form of a chat [...]

    2. Rachel Jessup on said:

      L8r, G8rSummary The three girls Maddie, Zoe, and Angela have to battle it out Jana again First of all Jana and her best friend got into a fight, so her tried to find comfort and went to Angela Jana s friend was so mad she told Angela a very embarrassing secret about Jana She is a bad girl with a teddy bear named Boo Boo Bear The group of three versus the one Angela, Zoe, and Maddie really won because they got to realize that they won with the prize of friendship.Zoe has the best boyfriend a girl [...]

    3. Helen Pontak on said:

      L8r, g8r is the third book of the IM series by Lauren Myracle It is a book about a three best friends at the end of the Senior Year Zoe, Maddie and Angela are all dreading the end of the year but at the same time, they are excited for it all to begin With the pressure from their parents, school isn t going too great But when all three of the girls get accepted to the college of their dreams everyone starts to take it easy With the school bully, Jana, on their backs they get into a back to back f [...]

    4. Emerald on said:

      There s something strange about this big pink bunny Overall ThoughtsThis was a super fun, easy and cute series Nothing intense of course, there s not much to actually review But if you re looking for something light and funny, this series is great The girls are hilarious and I found myself getting actually invested in their story lines and wondering what was going to happen in their lives next Until Next Time,Emerald BookWorm

    5. Allison, Kawalec. on said:

      I choose to read this book because i already read the other two books and i liked them is book is realistic fiction takes place in gorgia,This book is there final year in high school seniorrrssss This is the year the three girls are looking forward to but also dreading they are looking forward to it beacause they are graduating and going to college but dreading it because they will be seperated.Madie wants to go to ucla and she gets excepted but once she gets excepted to The state of gorgia she [...]

    6. Kharli Farquharson on said:

      On a regular day In English class when one of my classmates showed me the book L8r, g8r by Lauren Myracle I read a few pages and realized that maybe this is a good book One thing that really stood out had to be the layout of the book I m unsure if the book title stands out that much, but the book is laid out as text messages, which in my opinion is a very creative way to lay out a book I don t really think that there was any part of the book that really didn t impress me, I think that every part [...]

    7. Jessica on said:

      I definitely thought I had read this book before, but now I m not so sure I definitely read the first two in this series, back when they were new ten years omg ago and I was actually the intended audience The version I read has been updated recently 2014 they are now texting not IMing, music and pop culture references have been updated, and the way events occur is different since they can now communicate instantaneously instead of talking when they get back to a computer Anyway, in this third bo [...]

    8. Geliza Castro on said:

      Great Book, defenitly learned a little something.L8r, g8r is like ttyl but its when there about to go to collage, there last year of High School.The book is still in I.M, at first it may be confusing because its hard to know whoose talking, but its in different letter and color That really helps The book is about the 3 bestfriends, still together after this girl Jana almost messed up their relationship This time, they go back and forth with doing immature stuff such as sending baby chicks to eac [...]

    9. Elise on said:

      L8r,g8r was a fantastic book This book used a writng technique that I thought you couldn t do The form of IM messaging was a fantastic idea and I think that Lauren M did a fabulous job of representing that Summary L8r,g8r is the thrid book of a series about 3 girls who have been best friends for years They started IMing each other i belive in freshmen year in high school Through this IMing, they talk about personal problems, problems from another girl at school, and just talk about stuff that fr [...]

    10. ♥MRS. on said:

      I choosed this book because i thought i would of like it and it would be a great book for me to read and it looked like a teen book I also picked it because last year i read the 1st two books from Lauren Myracle and they where great and i thought this book would be too.It was Non fiction.The setting whats like all over the place it always took place in the computer IMey were always in school or at each others place.The main character are ZOE MADDiE and ANGELAS.Zoe and Angelas are the wilded ones [...]

    11. Melissa on said:

      Well, I got this book for my daughter, along with the two previous books, and having read this last one I am now a little sorry I did On the one hand, it is definitely an honest look at high school girls, friendships, and relationships On the other hand, high school is not always appropriate, which we all should remember from being there The IM format is certainly an interesting gimmick, and I do appreciate how the author managed to maintain that format believably throughout My biggest complaint [...]

    12. Brittany Durrant on said:

      L8r G8r is the fourth book in the Ttyl series This book is about three best friends who try to make the best of their senior year Throughout this book they face problems like rumors, colleges, and boyfriend troubles They also worry about staying best friends even when they are all going to different colleges Even though the book is written in I.M I thought it was a very touching story I think this book would be great for teenagers because many of them go through boy troubles, rumors, and eventua [...]

    13. Amy on said:

      This book fulfills every negative stereotype about teenage females and females in general How I had to struggle to finish this Females are portrayed as gossipy cliques that basically have nothing else going on for them besides talking about thier boyfriends and getting involved in mentally unstable Dynasty type catfights with the big bad mega bitch of the grade Please, can t we move beyond this Give me blue jeaned, pot smoking, pimple faced art students or fat female band geeks over this lot any [...]

    14. Stephanie Tollis on said:

      This book was much better than the rest in the series It was dramatic, it was happy, it was sad, it was a little surprising, and it was fun and interesting to read all throughout I was impressed by the way it was written and happy with the conclusion to the series, as the winsome threesome goes off to college

    15. Sara A.K.A. Sista Mary Gonzales on said:

      The end of the series was AWESOM i luuuuuuuvvvvvv the ending it s so sweet and endeering I love these series and they are sooooo awesome i recommend it to ALL people Great job lauren

    16. Nathan Rippl on said:

      The third book of Lauren Myracle s hit series Internet Girls , is L8r, G8r The novel captures three besties in their final hurrah together They ve had many conflicts but none will come close to the one they re about to get in It s senior year and big decisions are coming head Up to this point, they ve been through everything together Now Zoe, Angela, and Maddie have a bigger task at hand as their Sopho rival, Jana, comes back to make their final year a living nightmare A series of pranks escalat [...]

    17. Elouise on said:

      This book was very interesting, I m not a big fan of this series But the ends of the book get very interesting, and I don t want to put it down This book is about the three girls getting accepted into their chosen colleges, and their decision of where they want to go It was quite interesting to see what they chose, and how they chose It was interesting reading about why their parents wouldn t let them go to their chosen college, but then the girls fighting back and getting their way It was quite [...]

    18. Alexis on said:

      I think this book was amazing and unique Because it was written in texting form Angela is my favorite character because I can easily relate to her problems The book has a few abbreviations that I did not understand, but later in the book I figured it out Some of the characters do not abbreviate because that s just their personality, while other characters will abbreviate in every sentence Their is a lot of drama in this book, like when the characters are worried they will never see each other ag [...]

    19. Kris on said:

      I wasn t feeling this one compared to the first two I mean it was still fun and quirky but felt over done and unrealistic The most irksome thing was that Maddie felt out of character most of the book and it effected my enjoyment a great deal.That being said I still want to read the conclusion to see if maybe it brings back some of the magic from book 1 and 2 and also to know how it ends.

    20. Anna Fennell on said:

      My mom gave me this book as a potential for my classroom library I like the gimmick of the book it is all in instant messages between three girls who are best friends This book is full of drama and teen angst I feel like my students could relate to that but it also has a lot of adult content in it If I was a teenage girl, I would love it it screams teenage chick lit.

    21. Henry on said:

      I found this book very likeable I enjoyed how close the three girls were and how they stood up aginst each other It also shows that you shouldn t be too dependent on your boyfriend girlfriend Even though at some point in the story two of the girls had boyfriends but third girl wasn t jealous but supported the other two It shows themes on the stress of applying for college, losing your virginity, and so much I loved the style this book waas written in The chat box was amusing Overal, a really am [...]

    22. Carlos 🤪 on said:

      I think that this book is a pretty cool book and it has curse words which makes it insteresting i think that it was great and was very good typed like it was cellphone conversations which makes it cool

    23. Joy on said:

      The girls are back for their senior year of high school And all are considering different colleges Zoe s boyfriend Doug is returning and she is contemplating the next steps in their relationship Meanwhile, Jana is back and wrecking havoc on the girls.

    24. 710Imaan on said:

      This is the last book in the Internet Girls series and it is the saddest and most surprising book in the series I m recommending this to whoever has the read the first two books and has liked them.

    25. Danielle Routh on said:

      Probably the worst in the original trilogy Still not getting rid of it.

    26. Julia on said:

      L8R, G8Re end of an era Or so I thought at the time, until I learned about YOLO, the fourth Internet Girls book But about that in my next review See that little emoji on the front cover, the one wearing a graduation cap Yup, you know what s coming at the end of this one This book is the third in a trilogy or quartet, apparently and I think that it s definitely worth reading the books in order, as plot points from the other books are referenced in this one, and several of the book s plot twists [...]

    27. Tom on said:

      I hadn t originally intended to read this book or this series.What happened was I read an article on banned books, and this was mentioned I went to to read a synopsis, and somehow my finger hit the Buy With One Click or whatever button, and there it was, on my Kindle.The Internet Girls series follows the lives of three Atlanta girls who are BFF s wild child Maddie, relatively normal Angela, and the quiet, bookish Zoe.The books are written all in text message form, which as a Lit major should hav [...]

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