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The Rest of Her Life

The Rest of Her Life By Laura Moriarty The Rest of Her Life In The Rest of Her Life Laura Moriarty delivers a luminous compassionate and provocative look at how mothers and daughters with the best intentions can be blind to the harm they do to one another L

  • Title: The Rest of Her Life
  • Author: Laura Moriarty
  • ISBN: 9781401302719
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Rest of Her Life By Laura Moriarty In The Rest of Her Life, Laura Moriarty delivers a luminous, compassionate, and provocative look at how mothers and daughters with the best intentions can be blind to the harm they do to one another.Leigh is the mother of high achieving, popular high school senior Kara Their relationship is already strained for reasons Leigh does not fully understand when, in a moment ofIn The Rest of Her Life, Laura Moriarty delivers a luminous, compassionate, and provocative look at how mothers and daughters with the best intentions can be blind to the harm they do to one another.Leigh is the mother of high achieving, popular high school senior Kara Their relationship is already strained for reasons Leigh does not fully understand when, in a moment of carelessness, Kara makes a mistake that ends in tragedy the effects of which not only divide Leigh s family, but polarize the entire community We see the story from Leigh s perspective, as she grapples with the hard reality of what her daughter has done and the devastating consequences her actions have on the family of another teenage girl in town, all while struggling to protect Kara in the face of rising public outcry.Like the best works of Jane Hamilton, Jodi Picoult, and Alice Sebold, Laura Moriarty s The Rest of Her Life is a novel of complex moral dilemma, filled with nuanced characters and a page turning plot that makes readers ask themselves, What would I do
    The Rest of Her Life By Laura Moriarty

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    • [PDF] The Rest of Her Life | by ✓ Laura Moriarty
      196 Laura Moriarty

    One thought on “The Rest of Her Life

    1. Karen Benson on said:

      I could not put this book down and finished it the same day I started it It seems that opinions of this book are all over the place, but I for one found it to be quite intriging and well written.Perhaps the description on the cover is a bit misleading since the story is actually about the mother, who has a very strained relationship with her teen daughter which is put to the test by the tragedy She relives her sad and unfortunate childhood and relationship with her own mother and finds that what [...]

    2. Liz B on said:

      The rating is a personal one I suppose the book is a fine book, and at least moderately well written It s not really the book s fault that I hated the premise everything that happens after the protagonist s teenage daughter accidentally runs over and kills another teenager , disliked the protagonist whiny , and was pretty much uninterested in the back story In fact, the main real critique I have of this novel that is, a critique not based on personal taste and bias is that it doesn t have enough [...]

    3. Sheryl Sorrentino on said:

      From practically the opening page, this story was intense, emotional and gripping The Rest of Her Life shows us how, from one minute to the next, one error in judgment a teeny, tiny moment of inattention can profoundly alter so many lives forever I found both the plot and characters to be intelligent, moving and utterly convincing.Distracted by a stray dog, eighteen year old Kara Churchill accidentally hits and kills a pedestrian in a crosswalk while driving her parents Suburban SUV The victim, [...]

    4. Krista on said:

      I thought the way the daughter s reactions to the accident evolved was thoughtful and real, but that was only a tiny part of the story Despite what the book cover and premise in the blurb say, the story is actually about the mother the main event just served as a catalyst for her to realize things about herself and her relationships with her family and friends At first I didn t like her at all because of her petty feelings in momentous circumstances, but as her past unfolded, I started to unders [...]

    5. Christina on said:

      I am tired of books that say one thing and deliver another This was supposed to be the story of a mother dealing with an accident her daughter had in which she killed another teenager Instead it was a flashback rich tale of Mom s woes thorugh life and the accident took a backseat, so much so that the truth about what happened that day was NEVER given Waste of time

    6. Emily on said:

      I really loved this book I didn t find it at all jodi piccolt ish Though I can see why people have linked the two It didn t feel overtly sappy as JP books can This was a really interesting point of view, and I found it refreshingly different The jacket is a bit misleading though as it does state that it is a book about a young woman and the aftermath of her accidentally killing a teenager The story is much better than that The accident is a catalist for a change in the mother daughter relationsh [...]

    7. Jaime Hardin on said:

      I love that this author doesn t feel the need to spoon feed her readers every detail She gives her audience some credit and lets us put things together ourselves This book was just perfect The characters were so believable and the story progressed at just the right speed My favorite character was Eva Everyone needs a friend like her I would definitely recommend this book.

    8. Dale Harcombe on said:

      This book starts with a tragic accident that affects Kara and her family I think I expected the story would focus on Kara and how this event affected Instead the story is about her mother Leigh and her inability to reach out and communicate with her daughter Over the course of the novel we get flashbacks to Leigh s childhood and the relationship or lack thereof with her mother, which helps us understand Leigh One quote that struck me in the novel was attributed to Jackie Kennedy If you bungle [...]

    9. Valerie McEnroe on said:

      The plot in Laura Moriarty books has much to be desired Very little actually happens I consider her books to be of a character study The main character s thoughts are so intriguing to me that I m caught up in what she s going to think next Even though I can never identify with any of her characters, I feel like I know them As with her other books, I could not put this one down It is interesting how people either love or hate this author.

    10. Rhonda Rae Baker on said:

      Was going to give this a three because of the ending but after thinking about it the novel deserves a four because it is so well written and insightful I was involved from the beginning and found myself agreeing with the characters on so many details My heart was wrenched with what happened as I ve been to places very similar A very beautiful story, one that you ll remember for a long time As mother s we try our very best to protect the children and give them what we never hadbut we really can t [...]

    11. ☮Karen on said:

      There is a lot of sadness in this book and it comes out in so many different ways Following a car accident where her daughter hits and kills another teenage girl, the mom struggles with how she can deal with the after effects and how it is damaging her daughter s life Because the mom s own mother did not know how to show love or affection properly, the mom s own attempts to do so often fall flat There is a very poignant moment when she realizes she does act like her own mother, despite attempts [...]

    12. Bonnie on said:

      The Rest of Her Life takes the reader into the life of a family whose lives are turned upside down in an instant The book opens with Kara, a teenager who is about to graduate from high school and while driving makes a terrible mistake that changes the course of her life and those around her This mistake also affects another teenager, Bethany and her family I don t want to share all of the details of the story as it would give too much away The story is actually told through the eyes of Leigh, Ka [...]

    13. Lisa on said:

      Leigh Churchill has a nice life in a small Kansas town A sweet husband, two good kids, a teaching job she loves There s the usual teenage trouble with her daughter, Kara, but nothing serious It all changes one day on the first page of the book when a distracted Kara runs a stop sign and ends up killing a girl.In The Rest of Her Life, Moriarty follows the family in the turmoil after the accident She deftly captures the initial horror and the sadness, but also explores the wash of feelings that co [...]

    14. Joy H. on said:

      Added 6 15 15 I read to page 62 of this book but didn t read further because I found the story too depressing The story concerns a daughter who fatally hit a pedestrian while driving I don t enjoy reading about the terrible things which happen to people but I suppose that s the stuff of novels The book seems to wallow in depressing situations Here s a sample from page 61 62 Leigh had woken up with her pillow and sheets covered in her own vomit Waking up to the smell of it had made her vomit agai [...]

    15. Anna(Bananas!) on said:

      I didn t expect to care about this book It was a pleasant surprise I did two rounds of reader reviews through Elle magazine several years ago and this was one of the picks Great way to get free books I see why the blog reviewing is so popular The heart of this book lies in the mother daughter relationship It delves into how mothers and daughters relate, especially how they screw with each others heads and also how no one understands a woman like her mother can This can be the most torturous and [...]

    16. AddyF on said:

      This was primarily a book about mother daughter relationships, and the protagonist in this book was, basically, a secular me Reading this book was sort of an exercise in getting to know myself better and how my own relationship with my mother affects how I relate to my daughter This was an enjoyable read, and I thought the book was well written.

    17. Patty Schneider Swalley on said:

      I was really disappointed in this book The author never develops the characters enough for you to make this story believable.

    18. Libby on said:

      What we want for our children isn t always what they need A mother daughter story with a painful twist.

    19. Lindsay Underwood on said:

      Solid meh on this one Kept thinking something cool was gonna happen Never did Guess the point was that mothers and daughters are selfish Whatevs.

    20. Clif Hostetler on said:

      The angst of the mother daughter relationship is thoroughly examined in this novel through the telling the story of a family in a time of crisis The reader is informed at the very beginning of the story that the daughter was the driver of a vehicle that struck and killed another young girl The mother wants to be supportive to her teenage daughter to help her through the crisis But her daughter doesn t want to talk to her It seems to the mother that everything she says is taken in the wrong way T [...]

    21. Janet on said:

      The story starts with Kara, a senior in high school also a soccer player who accidentally kills another teenage girl in a car crash because of negligence The story is from the mom s point of view The mom, Leigh, feels shut out by Kara who relates better to her dad and brother There seems to be a lot of hate and aloneness on Kara s part and disappointment disapproval on the mom s part I think the mom resented that Kara had things too easy compared to her life The mother is terribly guilt ridden b [...]

    22. Christy on said:

      I loved Moriarty s debut novel, The Center of Everything, and was excited when I found out that she had this new book out The Rest of Her Life The Rest of Her Life starts with a fatal accident a high school girl accidentally kills another teenage girl with her car The book follows the aftermath of this accident from the perspective of the young driver s mother, Leigh.Leigh is certainly a flawed person, but I found her quite relatable Moriarty shows how Leigh came to be the kind of mother she is [...]

    23. Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance on said:

      The Center of Everything was a book I raved about, a book I pushed on to unsuspecting people, a book I adored The Rest of Her Life is much formulaic, like a Jodi Picoult novel, with a sad problem revolving around human dynamics Kara, a young girl about to graduate from high school, accidentally hits and kills a pedestrian The book centers on Kara and her family and friends and their attempts to come to terms with what happened.The scenes with Leigh, Kara s mom, with her own mother are the most [...]

    24. Kate on said:

      This was a great book, very hard to put down I read it in 2 days flat.The story centers around the Churchill family, when daughter Kara, a smart, pretty high school senior, hits and kills a classmate while driving with distractions The book follows the Churchills in the months that follow.The dust jacket describes the story as being about the family dealing with the public outcry and community outrage stemming from the act, as well as the town s dealing with the situation.However, the book is de [...]

    25. Dawn on said:

      So far, this is an interesting topic and good writing style It is a subject that we all hope never to face and I am curious to see how it is handled The Mom, Leigh, has so many issues that are really brought into sharp focus with the events that occur in the beginning of the story I find myself nodding silent assent as she struggles inwardly with the desire to be a good Mom and also feel needed and loved and seen for who she really is Her feelings of trying to be understood and there for her dau [...]

    26. Jane Peskara / Audrey Valentine on said:

      Well awesome story, well written but the end is too abruptIts about a family a normal family wth thwo childrenOne day something tragical happens, the daughter Kara has a car accident and kills a young girl.The parents react in a different way, the father wants to protect his daughter and save her from any and the mother feels with the mother of the death girl for her own daughter she barely feels compassion, their relationship isnt the bestIn the end Kara makes the right decision for herself and [...]

    27. ✿Sandra on said:

      This is one of those stories that makes you realize you have to be careful about judging people because you never know what life will bring or how you will handle a certain situation This was a good story, but I have to admit it felt like it was quite a bit different than the jacket of the book described I thought the majority of the story would be about the accident with the daughter and how the family and town deal with it, but a large portion of it was a back story on the mother s life while [...]

    28. Debbie on said:

      This contemporary fiction focuses on the relationship between mothers and daughters in a unique way Leigh is the mother to Kara, who is very popular high school student Kara has a car accident that unfortunately kills another student The plot focuses on Leigh s perspective as she deals with all the consequences of the accident that occurred in a small town The story flows quickly and the characters are believable.

    29. Vanessa / Little Gold Pixel on said:

      Heartbreakingly good Moriarty always makes me miss home with her spot on descriptions of Kansas She writes a complex study of the mother daughter relationship, and if you happen to be a mother to a daughter this book might just punch you in the gut.

    30. Christina on said:

      I enjoyed the perspective and the growth the main character has in regards to how things relate depending on the individuals situation Also the delicate balance of handling that when it comes to extremely different levels of grief and occurrences.

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