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The Question of Palestine

The Question of Palestine By Edward W. Said The Question of Palestine Still a basic and indespensible account of the Palestinian question updated to include the most recent developments in the Middle East from the intifada to the Gulf war to the historic peace conferen

  • Title: The Question of Palestine
  • Author: Edward W. Said
  • ISBN: 9780679739883
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Question of Palestine By Edward W. Said Still a basic and indespensible account of the Palestinian question, updated to include the most recent developments in the Middle East from the intifada to the Gulf war to the historic peace conference in Madrid.
    The Question of Palestine By Edward W. Said

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    • Unlimited The Question of Palestine - by Edward W. Said
      336 Edward W. Said

    One thought on “The Question of Palestine

    1. Paolo on said:

      The only question we should be asking about Palestine, really, is when we re gonna give it back to the Palestinians It s a damn shame for all of us New Yorkers to share the historical burden of accomodating the location what is now the Queens Museum of the signing of the country s partition, which continues to result in the dislocation of its native sons and daughters from a land that is rightfully their own.

    2. Josepha on said:

      Edward W Said tries to answer the question of Palestine in this book in the context of colonialism and orientalism What is wonderful is how Said argues in favor of a two state settlement to promote peace and neighborly understanding and common interest The book exposes the facade of the Camp David peace accords of 1978 and the disastrous influences of the Arab states and the US on the peace process and the realization of a palestinian state.The constant reminding of the islamic revolution in Ira [...]

    3. Andrew on said:

      Apparently, this was for some time the standard text on the Palestinian situation and Palestinian history And it is classic Edward Said clear, well written, persuasive To the point where it seems to have become the template for the talking points of the Palestinian cause, pre Oslo If I was to recommend a single book on the topic, this would honestly be the one No attempts at heartstring pulling, no mention of traditions or of ancestral anything just solid, cold blooded, grounded argument.

    4. K on said:

      WOW WOW WOW This covers so much about the Palestinian perspective in a balanced way It changed the way I think about antisemitism because Palestinians are Semites too A fair and inspiring book Give peace a chance

    5. Kowther Qashou on said:

      This is a really critical read on Palestine, and it does a great job at engaging the reader in critical thinking, especially given that Said takes a theoretical approach in his analysis, rather than a practical one That said, it made me realise a whole lot of things There were a few things I disagreed with Said on, but needless to say, this is a wholly important text on Palestine It also critically engages with Zionism, particularly the beginning of the movement, which not many texts on Palesti [...]

    6. William on said:

      An excellent look at the Palestinian question by a scholar well equipped to discuss the Palestinians on their own terms The book is rather dated now, but remains critical to understanding how the Palestinians view themselves and how to understand the Israeli Palestinian conflict from the Palestinian perspective.

    7. Jim Hudson on said:

      Although now rather dated, even given the author s 90s Epilogue, this is still a required read on the history of the Israel Palestine situation by a highly qualified Palestinian scholar and politician On the downside, the extent of the details Said provides can make for quite a slog at times.

    8. Nazmul Hasan on said:

      A poignant plea for peace This book represents Edward Said s vision and scholarship.Reading it in 2014, there are obvious gaps in understanding and the level of knowledge regarding the conflict Said expects from the reader is quite high This is the reason I ve given it a 4 star.

    9. Catalina Elena Sapiains Lagos on said:

      There s nothing quite like angry erudition is there Still too apologetic in my view but excellent book that brings you bang up to date to 1992 Excellent if you want to understand the history and impact of the formation of Israel or Israeli occupation like.

    10. Saleem Khashan on said:

      I love Edward he is difficlut to read though, Viva Palestine, keep lyingwe will continue believing let us see who will last longer.

    11. Mike on said:

      Still one of the best books on this crisis This and Gun and the Olive Branch, and you re probably set.

    12. Joel on said:

      The most noticeable result of these international effects was, of course, the transformation of a liberation movement into a national independence movement, already implicit in the 1974 PNC notion of a state and national authority But were other important changes, such as acceptance of United nations Resolutions 242 and 338 unnecessarily stigmatized as evil incarnate by Palestinian orators for almost a generation , a period of realignment with Egypt after Camp David, and the acceptance of the Ba [...]

    13. Aalaa Mahmoud on said:

      I have a story with this book, I got it from a blind date with a book at college, I was thinking about returning it back, however, just its old looking and its smell what attracted me.I can say the book is fascinating, not as I thought at all Edward s view of the facts deserves respect actually He tries to illustrate the story of Palestine from the Palestinians point of view The book tells how Palestine existed,how it was only for Palestinians and how Israeli immigrants took the land Then it dis [...]

    14. Sameer on said:

      It is always nice reading the story from the perspective of other people In this book Edward Said sheds a light on the story of Palestine and the people of Palestine from the view of its people him being one of them He tells how Palestine existed, how the Palestinian land was indeed inhabited by Palestinians before Israeli immigrants started to show up and take the land He then proceeds to discuss the status of Palestinian refugees spread across the globe and their search of identity and dreams [...]

    15. Arthur Kyriazis on said:

      Edward so you book is a classic in the field but saying it is biased and clearly has a bone to pick in the fight he is pro Arab pro Palestinian and is notably anti Zionist if you keep all these points in mind and Prof Said s viewpoint is very informative and so long as you understand his point of view this is an informative book In point of fact this book is the touchstone for the Palestinian argument for statehood Unless you read it you will not understand the Palestinian argument With these no [...]

    16. Prithvi Shams on said:

      A sober, yet impassioned account of the Israel Palestine conflict Distinctive in it s exploration of the effect that the Israeli occupation has had on the Palestinian consciousness and sense of identity This marks it out from most geopolitical accounts and analysis, which may not often resonate with readers who do not have a personal stake in the affairs of the region This book is a recommended starting point for anyone who wants to avoid frothing rhetoric and is interested in a balanced mix of [...]

    17. Alain on said:

      3,5 5No lo recomendar a como libro introductorio para gente que no tenga ni idea sobre el tema, pero si se conoce la historia del conflicto rabe israel es un muy buen ensayo sobre qu significa ser palestino y sobre los caminos que puede tomar el conflicto Desgraciadamente, pese a estar escrito a finales de los 70 sigue siendo de plena actualidad.

    18. Michael on said:

      I haven t read it for a while, but my recollection is that it applies a perspective and context to the problem that makes it hard to persist in the anti arab bias so prevalent in most mainstream conversations and dialouges on the subject.

    19. Lee on said:

      urghh, i really want to read this book, but my brain just will not let me i read pages and go back and read them over and still have no idea what i read i just can t handle historical nonfiction, i guess.

    20. Steven on said:

      Remarkably not bitter The book is not necessarily the first book to read about the issue it deals with historical situations, wars, agreements, etc without explaining them.But it also puts the issue into a Palestinian perspective in a way that is clear and logical.

    21. Alex on said:

      This book is pretty outdated as it was written right around camp David and has an updated epilogue from around the Madrid conference time but Even 40 years later Said continues to make some great points which people need to listen to.

    22. Chris on said:

      Extremely well written insightful, funny, thought provoking, human, warm, cutting all in the right places However, it is a somewhat difficult entry point to the discussion on this conflict, due to Said s assumed knowledge Highly recommend to everyone

    23. Valarie on said:

      I read an earlier edition not listed on for my Sociology of Prejudice and Discrimination class at JMU I remember never being able to put it down which can t be said for most assigned reading and it started me upon the path of trying to read everything Said wrote.

    24. Yonis Gure on said:

      David Hirst s The Gun and The Olive Branch is probably the better book to read if one is seeking a much analytical elucidation of the Palestinian Question Now on to Said s Peace Process trilogy

    25. Tasneem on said:

      This book lays out the situation and explains the problem of Palestine so clearly A must read.

    26. Alena Martí on said:

      Muy interesante aunque es una re edici n Queda algo desfasado despu s de los acontecimientos posteriores a su redacci n.Vale la pena por el enfoque que hace del problema palestino.

    27. Nosa on said:

      a must read book read in the hope that understanding will provide a better chance of survival this quote was written on the cover of the book from the NY Times.

    28. Sawsan on said:

      great resource traces the collision between the Palestinians and the Jews and examines the question i.e future of Palestine

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