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Giants in the Earth

Giants in the Earth By O.E. Rølvaag Giants in the Earth Giants in the Earth Norwegian Verdens Gr de is a novel by Norwegian American author Ole Edvart R lvaag First published in Norwegian as two books in and the English edition was translated by

  • Title: Giants in the Earth
  • Author: O.E. Rølvaag
  • ISBN: 9780060931933
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback
  • Giants in the Earth By O.E. Rølvaag Giants in the Earth Norwegian Verdens Gr de is a novel by Norwegian American author Ole Edvart R lvaag First published in Norwegian as two books in 1924 and 1925, the English edition was translated by the author and Lincoln Colcord, each of whom also wrote prefatory matter.Part of a trilogy, the novel follows a Norwegian pioneer family s struggles with the land and theGiants in the Earth Norwegian Verdens Gr de is a novel by Norwegian American author Ole Edvart R lvaag First published in Norwegian as two books in 1924 and 1925, the English edition was translated by the author and Lincoln Colcord, each of whom also wrote prefatory matter.Part of a trilogy, the novel follows a Norwegian pioneer family s struggles with the land and the elements of the Dakota Territory as they try to make a new life in America The book is based partly on R lvaag s personal experiences as a settler, and on the experiences of his wife s family who had been immigrant homesteaders The novel depicts snow storms, locusts, poverty, hunger, loneliness, homesickness, the difficulty of fitting into a new culture, and the estrangement of immigrant children who grow up in a new land.Giants in the Earth was turned into an opera by Douglas Moore and Arnold Sundgaard it won the Pulitzer Prize for Music in 1951.
    Giants in the Earth By O.E. Rølvaag

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    • [PDF] Giants in the Earth | by ✓ O.E. Rølvaag
      422 O.E. Rølvaag

    One thought on “Giants in the Earth

    1. Mike on said:

      I hated this book It felt like counting sand Or corn Or whatever the hell they were growing Oh and everyone is named Hansa Seriously, this book moves so slow, you could literally skip entire chapters maybe even 2 or three , and NOTHING WOULD HAVE HAPPENED Maybe I m being a bit harsh To be fair, there is a lot of depth and meaning to the story and it does resonate with many Americans because for some, the story of the prarie life is the story of their ancestery Most people don t consider American [...]

    2. Debbie Zapata on said:

      Giants In The Earth is the first of a trilogy by O E.Rolvaag that deals with immigrant and pioneer life As usual in this type of story, we see the characters dealing with a long trek, the insecurities arising from being in a new land with an unknown language, and not much than their dreams to live on from day to day But Rolvaag has also captured the isolation that comes from living many miles away from civilization , andthe loneliness of life itself, whether it is lived in a city or in the wild [...]

    3. Sketchbook on said:

      A giant of a pioneer novel Isolation, loneliness and death in the stark midwest statesI have never forgotten the ending, first read when 15, of humble pioneer, 1870s, whose wife sends him into a blizzard, because you see the horrid wife became a red state religious crackpotd thus, out of religious evil, America developswith too many deaths.

    4. Joyce on said:

      Thought I would re read this book about Norwegian pioneers in South Dakota, in anticipation of the arrival of our exchange student from Norway.I love this book It answers many of the adult questions I had when re reading Little House on the Prairie with my kids How did the mother bear the intense isolation What was the psychological impact of that endless horizon Did bugs crawl out of the sod house walls However, like the Little House books, Giants is silent on the subject of frontier outhouses [...]

    5. Mmars on said:

      There s lots of books about settlers of the American Prairie out there but Rolvaag does one thing remarkably well Read this about 15 years ago, but still clearly remember Rolvaag s portrayal of the grueling solitude of early settlers of the northern plain Especially of the wife, often left with her children while her husband went for supplies Not unlike a sailor s wife, but without the near companionship of other women Rough living quarters, coping with illness, scarcity of food, etc Also, remem [...]

    6. gaudeo on said:

      The month of July wore on The small patches of fields in the Spring Creek settlement were slowly ripening and made a brave showing Never had one seen finer fields The grain had started to head out long ago the kernels were already formed, tiny bodies wrapped in the most delicate green silk With every day that passed the wheat filled out and the heads grew heavy and full of milk as soon as the breeze died down in the afternoon, they would tilt toward the setting sun and slowly drop off to sleep [...]

    7. L. Frockcoat on said:

      A small caravan was pushing its way through the tall grass The track that it left behind was like the wake of a boat except that instead of widening out astern it closed in again This sentence, on the first page of Giants in the Earth, captures many of the conflicting emotions that the book s Norwegian immigrant characters face as they homestead in South Dakota during the 1870s The settlers are moving forward into new experiences, adventures, and the possibility of wealth and status not availabl [...]

    8. El on said:

      I came across this book a few years back when we visited Washington, DC a shout out to Second Story Books in Dupont Circle I picked it out because I had never heard of it Then I find out while I m reading this that at least two people I know on had this book assigned to them in high school as mandatory reading.This doesn t even make sense to me.This book, written by Norwegian American author O.E R lvaag, was published in 1927 though it tells the story of a Norwegian immigrant family s trials and [...]

    9. Stenwjohnson on said:

      It took me years to read Giants in the Earth the novel felt over familiar, since I grew up across the street from Ole Rolvaag s house in Northfield, Minnesota near the campus of St Olaf College, where he taught and where a library bears his name His descendents still lived in the house, and my parents were friends with his great great granddaughter and her family I spent many hours there in the 1970s, and the fabled shadow of Giants of the Earth hung heavily over the residence in the form of ori [...]

    10. Rachel on said:

      When I was a little girl, I loved to read books about the pioneers heading west What little girl doesn t like Little House on the Prairie I had forgotten my enjoyment of such books But Giants in the Earth was so much better I was glad it was a longer book, so there was for me to enjoy.

    11. Iva on said:

      This is a true American classic on many levels Like My Antonia or O Pioneers, it treats the harsh reality of early life on the plains Written in Norwegian as Rolvaag emigrated to the midwest as a young man, and then returned to Norway for some of his education He spent his life as a professor at St Olaf College The novel actually two books combined in one volume captures the hard work, the harsh weather, the importance of cordial relations with neighbors, fear of Indian attacks and most of all, [...]

    12. Wendy on said:

      I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book I first skimmed it 25 years ago, looking for good quotations to insert into a paper due the next day for a college immigration history class Of course, the assignment had been to read the book, not skim it, but no such luck Since then, I ve remembered it as bleak and cold and brimming with Hans and Hansas Now that I ve actually read the book, I realize that my earlier assessment didn t do the novel justice The psychological drama that plays out bet [...]

    13. Phillip on said:

      This sits atop my most recommended It is an intense tale of struggle and determination It follows a family and their group of friends as they establish a settlement on the prairie As always I am moved by something the author may not have intended, a story within the story I regard this among the best love stories I ve read The protagonists dedication and sacrifice cuts so deep that the love is bitter than sweet in the face of their hardships the smallest kindness is a triumph, gentle moments a [...]

    14. Alison on said:

      It took me a long time to get through this book the second time around, I think because I knew what was going to happen But it was meaningful to read it this time, having just returned from a visit to Slip Up Creek in South Dakota I stood on the land where my great great great grandparents were among the original settlers in this area of Dakota Territory The characters in the novel were based on my ancestors, as the author, Ole Rolvaag, married into the family and got much of his information fo [...]

    15. Dereka on said:

      We reached Wall, South Dakota on our ride and I was desperate for a book Trying to find a book while riding a bicycle across the country turns out to be much harder than one would expect When asked whether there was a nearby bookstore, most hotel clerks looked at me as if I were asking for a brothel Bookstore No, they didn t have any idea Or, yes, there might be one out in the mall, twenty minutes away by car At Wall Drug, however, they had a surprisingly good selection of books about Native Ame [...]

    16. MaryJane on said:

      I have read this book several times, the first time I was on my way to South Dakota to a funeral in about 1975 A cousin had died and I was reading it in the car on the way Later that day I found myself in a cemetery on the prairie among my ancestors, most born in Norway, some of the stones inscribed in Norwegian, my great grandfather, and great great grandfather were buried in that cemetery The book is a classic pioneer tale, written in Norwegian, translated later into English The author emigrat [...]

    17. ☯Emily on said:

      This book about a pioneer family from Norway was originally written in Norwegian and later translated into English Many people in the USA view our pioneers as brave, well adjusted citizens who were patriotic Americans This novel creates a realistic view of our ancestors and, in the process, the author shatters those illusions.How do you handle the loneliness of being one of only a few people in a settlement How do you handle the uncertainty of unfamiliar weather, animals and people How do you h [...]

    18. Kim on said:

      Giants in the Earth is a novel by Norwegian American author O.E R lvaag First published in the Norwegian language as two books in 1924 and 1925, mine is only one book and in one language which isn t Norwegian, I think you can guess what it is I gave the book two stars for a reason I never remember giving a book a rating for, and it has nothing to do with the plot.But first to our author R lv g, he was born in the family s cottage in a small fishing village on the island of D nna, in Nordland cou [...]

    19. Katie Schuermann on said:

      Is there another fictional story so truthful as this If so, I have not come across it R lvaag is frighteningly just in his storytelling, fearlessly depicting the saint and sinner in each of us I would like to write so well as him in one language let alone in two.

    20. Chuck on said:

      Published in 1927, this stark, slow paced novel mirrors the pace of life experienced by Norwegian immigrants as they staked claims and started settlements in the western territories of the United States during the last half of the 19th century There was nothing romantic about those times life was undeniably hard, and R lvaag doesn t sugarcoat his account of it.At the center of R lvaag s story are Per Hansa, a strong willed, independent, and resourceful man, and his wife Beret, who grows increasi [...]

    21. Jesse Kraai on said:

      I sometimes believe that novels have a certain logic to them As if separate authors have to reach for the same levers to tell their stories.Let me compare this tale with Jane Smiley s A Thousand Acres A Thousand Acres One is set in the desolation of the Dakota Territory, one is set in the desolation of Iowa Both are very cold.Both begin as tales of a farmer who kicks ass We wish him well in his competitive and capitalistic zeal Unfortunately however, the womenfolk don t understand what the hell [...]

    22. James on said:

      The saga of Norwegian immigrants by O E Rolvaag entitled Giants in the Earth is truly a heroic epic of the settling of the upper plains Rolvaag keeps his narrative focused on the family of Per Hansa with his long suffering wife Beret and four children, And Ongen, Store Hans, Ole and Peder Victorious The last of the children is born in their plains home while the others take part in the trek from Minnesota with which the novel begins More than this family and their neighbors who form the new plai [...]

    23. Sherry (sethurner) on said:

      Bright, clear sky over a plain so wide that the rim of the heavens cut down on it around the entire horizon Bright, clear sky, to day, to morrow, and for all time to come The opening lines of Ole Rolvaag s 1927 story of Norwegian settlers who start a difficult new life in South Dakota is deceptively optimistic, because the the book is full of the paradoxes of the time While the new land was beautiful and fertile, it could also be deadly On the one hand there were acres of land to settle, so rich [...]

    24. Antof9 on said:

      I read this because I m the daughter of an immigrant Holland not Norway , and I lived in North Dakota for several years.Thoughts randomly This is a gritty, heavier, serious, realistic version of the Little House on the Prairie books Includes braided hay for burning in the winter, grinding wheat in a coffee mill, indian arrowheads and .Beret made me sad I didn t totally get her, and well, she made me sad.I thought the information about birds and insects and the unsettled prairie was interesti [...]

    25. Jrobertus on said:

      This book, translated from Norwegian, is a classic of pioneer life by an author from my home state of Minnesota It is considered a minor classic of American literature, and I see why In the story we follow a young family Per Hansa, his wife Beret, and their children With a handful of other Norwegians they make their way from Fil county Minnesota to a homestead just north of Sioux Falls South Dakota This is a story of the stuggle to live on a treeless prairie that gives a much harder efge than th [...]

    26. Ryan on said:

      I changed my rating for this book upon realizing that it is a existential novel, inadvertently showing the bad side of commanding one s life.I think that the majority of people who love this book have no idea what it means or what it is trying to say It paints South Dakota perfectly nothing of the plains has changed but the technology and the will to try anew of the people there.

    27. Donia on said:

      I can understand that this book is not for everyone but I was shocked to read some of the sarcastic silly reviews This book was written in a foreign language in 1927 and I approached it as a history book I wasn t expecting a bodice ripper.One might wonder how I can assign 5 stars to such a slow paced read but I hope that I can explain my view of this wonderful history Giants is not meant to compete with nor mimic Little House On The Prairie I adored all of the Ingall s books and re read them fro [...]

    28. Alan on said:

      This was beautifully evocative of the 1870 s prairie life of Norwegian American immigrants in the Dakota Territories in the 1870 s Although there are lots of hardships to overcome and there is an ever increasing tension between the depressed inner life of the wife Beret and the can do exuberance of her husband Per Hansa there wasn t enough real drama and suspense until the final The Great Plain Drinks the Blood of Christian Men and is Satisfied Previously each crisis seemed to be bypassed relati [...]

    29. Rocco DeStefano on said:

      I actually came across a mention of this book in Teacher Man by Frank McCourt It is a very interesting read about the Norwegian s settling in the Dakota prairies during the late 1800 s.

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