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The Guns of Avalon

The Guns of Avalon By Roger Zelazny The Guns of Avalon Across the worlds of Shadow Corwin prince of blood royal heir to the throne of Amber gathers his forces for an assault that will yield up to him the crown that is rightfully his But a growing dar

  • Title: The Guns of Avalon
  • Author: Roger Zelazny
  • ISBN: 9780380000838
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Guns of Avalon By Roger Zelazny Across the worlds of Shadow, Corwin, prince of blood royal, heir to the throne of Amber, gathers his forces for an assault that will yield up to him the crown that is rightfully his But, a growing darkness of his own doing threatens his plans, an evil that stretches to the heart of the perfect kingdom itself where the demonic forces of Chaos mass to annihilate Amber and aAcross the worlds of Shadow, Corwin, prince of blood royal, heir to the throne of Amber, gathers his forces for an assault that will yield up to him the crown that is rightfully his But, a growing darkness of his own doing threatens his plans, an evil that stretches to the heart of the perfect kingdom itself where the demonic forces of Chaos mass to annihilate Amber and all who would rule there.One of the most revered names in sf and fantasy, the incomparable Roger Zelazny was honored with numerous prizes including six Hugo and three Nebula Awards over the course of his legendary career Among his than fifty books, arguably Zelazny s most popular literary creations were his extraordinary Amber novels The Guns of Avalon is the second book of The Chronicles of Amber.
    The Guns of Avalon By Roger Zelazny

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      263 Roger Zelazny

    One thought on “The Guns of Avalon

    1. Markus on said:

      Corwin escapes after four years of blindness and imprisonment at the hand of his brother Eric who usurped the throne in Amber His search for vengeance and restoration takes him on a journey through the Shadows that at last brings him to his former homeworld of Avalon, and makes him cross paths with a former servant who hates him with a burning passion and a brother thought long lost.The Guns of Avalon is in many aspects a massive improvement on Nine Princes in Amber Zelazny apparently learnt how [...]

    2. Kevin on said:

      Picks up right where the first novel ended and is just as fast moving You learn a lot about Amber, and Corwin s family

    3. Nandakishore Varma on said:

      Dropping it halfway through not my cup of tea I enjoyed the first book of the series, Nine Princes in Amber, in a lukewarm sort of way, and decided to try this in case the story picked up speed Around page 100 or So, I decided I couldn t care less.Still, it s not badly written hence the two stars.

    4. Pietro on said:

      The universe is made of an infinite number of worlds, covering the entire spectrum of probability, but all such worlds are merely shadows of the only true world Amber.Princes of Amber are gods in the shadow worlds they re immortal, strong, fast, clever and capable of creating everything they wish out of sheer will.Corwin, the protagonist of the chronicles of Amber, is one of those Princes.What unimaginable intelligence must such a being possess What bits of infinite wisdom might he gift to us me [...]

    5. Darwin8u on said:

      Now I had to find a place, a place resembling another place one which no longer existed I located the path I took it Roger Zelazny, The Guns of AvalonA missing father, siblings that aren t very filial, a dark road, dark circles, a contested thrown, faceless figures, flying daemons, etc This book has a lot of action and a pretty clear arc The protagonist has been cast low and is now fighting to regain what he lost besides just weight AND gain what he feels is his right and not just the crown The [...]

    6. Mike (the Paladin) on said:

      This was the first volume of this series I read The Amber series of fantasy s best I stumbled on this not knowing it was a series Then It was years before I found the first volume Nine Princes in Amber Also, this book ends in a somewhat cliffhangerish way and it was years before I got the next volumeHappily for you, the entire series is there waiting for you Enjoy.

    7. Stephen on said:

      4.0 to 4.5 stars Another excellent installment in the Amber Chronicles by Roger Zelazny The world building continues to impress and the magic system and internal workings of Amber continue to be fleshed out and made real While not quite as good as my two favorite Zelazny works, Lord of Light and This Immortal, these books are well written and a ton of fun Highly Recommended

    8. Adam on said:

      Even better and excitng than The Nine Princes in Amber Corwin continues his adventures through time and space and gets involved in a complicated political struggle for Amber Plus Zelazny details of the back story involving the Courts of Chaos and make up of various realms of the series Outstandng science fiction fantasy written in concise and beautiful language Zelazny is an amazing writer.

    9. KatHooper on said:

      Originally posted at FanLit.Warning, from me If you haven t read Nine Princes in Amber yet, don t read this review.Another warning, from Corwin Never trust a relative It is far worse than trusting strangers Corwin has escaped from his brother s prison and he s ready for revenge He doesn t have the manpower that Eric has, so he needs a technological advantage Traditional firearms don t work in Amber, but Corwin once noticed that a jewelers rouge from the shadow world of Avalon, where he used to r [...]

    10. Morgan on said:

      While still compelling, it is a little bit of a let down from the first book The noir element is lost entirely, sci fi is minimal and this become merely a fun fantasy story That s fine, I guess The writing is actually still quite good, but I felt some of what made the first book special is now stripped away That doesn t stop me from wanting to know what happens This series may feature the most screwed up families in literature Still good pulpy stuff.

    11. Kylie on said:

      2.5 stars, same as the first book I don t feel like I know enough about the characters or the world to fully appreciate it Already 75% of the way through the third one and that s getting remedied slightly.

    12. Kimberley doruyter on said:

      a very very small part of the book made me drift of but other then that it is just as good as the first.

    13. Bob R Bogle on said:

      What s most striking to me about The Guns of Avalon is just how different it is from Nine Princes in Amber, which is such as headlong plunge into action and adventure, an endless chain of surprises that grabs the reader by the neck and won t relinquish the grip until the last page The Guns of Avalon is no slouch read, but our first person singular hero, Corwin, is finally able to draw a breath and start reflecting on deeper meanings, both plot wise and with respect to his own interpersonal relat [...]

    14. Jim on said:

      I ll start this today at lunch It s a re read, but a wonderful one I read Nine Princes in Amber for the Zelazny group I can t just stop reading the series now, even if I do know how it turns out.It was well worth the re read Even knowing basically what happens, it s still a great read I get to pay attention to how Zelazny uses words that s always a pleasure This concentrates on Corwin getting back to his old self after many centuries We learn about his family him We also visit a shadow much li [...]

    15. Lilyan on said:

      I m unsure about this series It bores me a lot at times with it s random events Some areas remind me of the Gunslinger, a boo I did not enjoy at all Yet, there is something endearing about it It might be Corwin s character He is likeable and interesting However, a whole series cannot rest on the shoulders of one character s likability No one else stands out The others just feel like after thoughts I might also dislike this series because of the audiobook narrator He s not that good and really an [...]

    16. sologdin on said:

      More of the first volume, without the cumbersome amnesia device Expressly Arthurian, but with guns More family dramatics More platonist wanderings, with the fake realities manifesting to the detriment of the Real More grotesqueries More surly siblings Travel sections wrtten with heavy ellipsis in the style of Celine Great passage during the picaresque section regarding how Half a dozen hairy, albino men, almost completely naked and continuing the process of undressing as they moved, shuffled abo [...]

    17. Bruyere on said:

      I really love the ideas of this vintage fantasy series The best part about this series is the interesting ideas of alternate travel and the most excellent main character Corwin makes me think of Jorg in King of Thorns in some ways The family interactions seem echoed in Idlewild, with their varied approaches to situations and each other I love the travel through shadow and ideas of each shadow being slightly different and some objects working or not in each shadow It seems similar to the idea of [...]

    18. Ann-Lee on said:

      Non e, otsustasin ikkagi sellelegi viis t rni anda, ma ei teagi enam, miks ma arvasin, et see mulle k ige v hem meeldis, kui m letan igasuguseid p nevaid asju Vist Bleysi plaanid L pp Kes teab.Igatahes meenus t na mis mind ldse siia t i kuidas ma umbes 12 aastasena hel kost mipeol Corwin olin Leidsin oma pitskaeluse ja k istega s rgi, printsibareti ja musta mantli Vanaema oli ka t iesti poolt, et ma prints tahtsin olla, tema mulle vajaliku varustuse mbleski Olin enesega v ga rahul Ja ega praegug [...]

    19. Aviendha on said:

      lk kitaba g re hikayede ki ak bana daha ak c geldi Karakterleri yava yava yak ndan tan yor olmakta daha fazla keyif veriyor Olay rg s iyi olmas na ra men betimleme olarak zay f buldum diyebilirim Hala olu turulan d nya g zlerimin n ne serili de il S r kleyici bir devam kitab.

    20. Books-treasureortrash on said:

      Book Review 3 Treasure BoxesThe First Chronicles of Amber, includes books 1 5An interesting and compelling concept for a fantasy book and a very different kind of fantasy Some elements of the story take place in modern times and some elements take place in medieval times I found the writing to be imaginative and quite deep.Amber is the only real place upon the real Earth It is the substance from which all other realities are but a shadow, including the world that we now live in and there are unl [...]

    21. Jamie on said:

      Not quite sure what to say about this bit of pulp fantasy from Roger Zelanzy It s the second in the Amber series, the first of which I reviewed here To recap a bit, there s this guy named Corwin and he s one of the princes of the city of Amber, which is a kind of Platonic ideal city that casts reflections into a multitude of alternate realities Royalty like Corwin and his siblings can travel between these alternate realities and thus travel to alternate universes at different times and places Th [...]

    22. Joel on said:

      When I first read Nine Princes in Amber over 2 years ago, I wasn t all that enthralled I found it a bit confusing, and the shorter book lead to a breakneck pace, which threw me off than it should have I gave it a 4 star rating with no review, as I felt like I should have liked it than I did.I decided, based on recommendations and reviews, that I should continue with the series, and I m extremely glad I did I read a quick synopsis on the first book as a refresher, then dove headlong into Guns o [...]

    23. Mark on said:

      Getting a little deeper into the Amber Chronicles, I continue to be struck by how it seems like concepts here were repeated by other authors in later years The whole all roads lead to Amber thing is kind of reminiscent of the Dark Tower, the infinite shadow worlds makes me think of the Wheel of Time I get a kick out of this stuff Corwin s all the entertaining because he can mention in random asides about how he was told so and so by Napoleon and how he was told something else by Freud Yes, that [...]

    24. Carol Evans on said:

      It was a perfect choice for my mood quick, fairly short, and lots of adventure.The Guns of Avalon picks up where Nine Princes in Amber left off Corwin is determined to fight for the throne of Amber He has some supplies he needs to collect which takes him to Avalon While there, he must help fight the creatures of the Circle of Evil, a part of the Dark Road to Chaos that he unleashed on the world, both Amber and Shadow, by his curse.Once again, Corwin doesn t know who to trust and how far to trust [...]

    25. Ed on said:

      I judged this series a little hastily on the evidence of the first novella A lot of the problems with Nine Princes of Amber the stilted dialogue, half baked amnesia plotline, sketchy narrative structure have either been jettisoned entirely or improved upon immeasurably Another review suggests that the first novella had the air of an extended introduction, with which I would agree there is a sense here of Zelazny finding his stride with the series and putting some meat on the bones of the world h [...]

    26. Matthew on said:

      I enjoyed this book than the previous book and immediately read the following book without pause Corwin s continuing adventures in his battle with his siblings are entertaining They follow the classic formula where each subsequent book seems to get darker and complicated But there is something very superficial and simplistic about the writing that reminds me in some way of A Princess of Mars and the Edgar Rice Burroughs Barsoom series It feels dated and, at the same time, a bit childish There [...]

    27. Ken on said:

      My review of the first book in Zelazny s Amber series was rather harsh I gave Nine Princes in Amber two stars and concluded that the writing was distracting and the main character was hard to like and that I would only reluctantly give the next book in the series a try.I am glad I did I thought the writing here was much improved I began to understand Corwin, his motivations and his world much clearly I was actually willing and able to suspend disbelief and ride along with this story, something [...]

    28. Brian Allen on said:

      The Guns of Avalon immediately follow the events of Nine Princes in Amber Corwin, the rightful king, is not only bent on winning the throne from his brother but also having revenge for losing his eyes and being blind for four years he regains his insight through super slow regeneration As Corwin musters his army and firepower, he begins to see the shape of the demonic force he unleashed on Amber and all the Shadows A very good read, with good plot twists.

    29. Buchdoktor on said:

      Im zweiten Band des vierb ndigen Fantasy Zyklus kann der Icherz hler Corwin sich aus den Verliesen von Amber fl chten und sein Schwert wiederfinden Er wandert durch die Schatten einer Parallelwelt und bereitet sich auf einen Kampf um die Nachfolge gegen seinen Bruder Eric vor Corwin hat bereits in mehreren Jahrhunderten gelebt und verf gt als Unsterblicher ber bermenschliche Kr fte Die Erz hlweise in Band 1 des Klassikers von Roger Zelazny fand ich f r einen Fantasy Roman sehr n chtern und schmu [...]

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