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The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate

The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate By Jacqueline Kelly The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate Calpurnia Virginia Tate is eleven years old in when she wonders why the yellow grasshoppers in her Texas backyard are so much bigger than the green ones With a little help from her notoriously ca

  • Title: The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate
  • Author: Jacqueline Kelly
  • ISBN: 9780805088410
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate By Jacqueline Kelly Calpurnia Virginia Tate is eleven years old in 1899 when she wonders why the yellow grasshoppers in her Texas backyard are so much bigger than the green ones With a little help from her notoriously cantankerous grandfather, an avid naturalist, she figures out that the green grasshoppers are easier to see against the yellow grass, so they are eaten before they can get anyCalpurnia Virginia Tate is eleven years old in 1899 when she wonders why the yellow grasshoppers in her Texas backyard are so much bigger than the green ones With a little help from her notoriously cantankerous grandfather, an avid naturalist, she figures out that the green grasshoppers are easier to see against the yellow grass, so they are eaten before they can get any larger.As Callie explores the natural world around her, she develops a close relationship with her grandfather, navigates the dangers of living with six brothers, and comes up against just what it means to be a girl at the turn of the century.Debut author Jacqueline Kelly deftly brings Callie and her family to life, capturing a year of growing up with unique sensitivity and a wry wit.
    The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate By Jacqueline Kelly

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    • ☆ The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate ✓ Jacqueline Kelly
      492 Jacqueline Kelly

    One thought on “The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate

    1. Hannah Greendale on said:

      Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel, From Beginning to Bookend.The year is 1899 and Calpurnia Callie Virginia Tate is eleven years old The only girl of seven children, she s expected to participate in lady like activities and hone the skills that will one day make her a suitable wife, but Callie s interested in nature and science With a little help from her grandfather a war veteran and naturalist Callie is able to explore the natural world and imagine a future for her [...]

    2. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ on said:

      3.75 stars This book is basically a series of vignettes from a six month period in the life of a spunky, independent 11 year old girl living in Texas in 1899 Calpurnia Virginia Callie Vee Tate yearns for than the life of a debutante and housewife that she already sees her mother herding her toward She unexpectedly finds a kindred spirit in her scientifically minded grandfather, who encourages her inquisitive character and teaches her, not just about scientific observation, but about great women [...]

    3. Sara on said:

      5 5Rese a completa nuubedepalabras.eLa Evoluci n de Calpurnia Tate es un libro muy especial, con unos personajes que me han enamorado La narraci n, dicharachera y distendida con las palabras de una jovenc sima protagonista de once a os, facilitan su lectura, aunque la historia tiene su propio ritmo Me ha encantado Calpurnia Tate, as como su inocencia, su amor incondicional por sus hermanos, su talento para la ciencia y sus ganas de rebelarse contra la estricta sociedad en la que le ha tocado cri [...]

    4. Betsy on said:

      The spunky girl heroine She s an enduring character in our middle grade fiction From 1928 s The Winged Girl of Knossos by Erick Berry to Caddie Woodlawn and Roller Skates, historical fiction and so called tomboys go together like cereal and milk It would be tempting then to view The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate as just one in a long line of spunkified womenfolk True and not true Certainly Calpurnia chaffs against the restrictions of her time, but debut novelist Jacqueline Kelly has given us an i [...]

    5. Catie on said:

      4 1 2 starsI think that every little girl probably has that moment of confusion, that moment when she realizes that the expectations for her will be different than those for her brothers or male friends I actually got to witness my little girl s a few months ago We were driving down a busy road on a hot day, and after seeing the second or third shirtless male jogger, she asked, why do they get to be naked When I told her that it was just a custom in our society that women wear shirts outdoors bu [...]

    6. Rachel on said:

      First, let me try to be fair and share things I liked I liked Calpurnia her spunk,loyalty and ambition to do great things I liked her curiosity about the world and her courage to forge a relationship with her grandfather In and of itself, I loved that relationship to be in with a grandparent the way she became would be a boon and blessing to any child However, though I thought her grandfather was likable and validated Calpurnia in important ways, his character seems to have devolved into a selfi [...]

    7. Cris on said:

      Una historia tierna, sencilla y apta para todos los p blicos, a pesar de estar escrita desde la perspectiva de una ni a de casi doce a os de edad La prosa entra able de Jacqueline Kelly nos gu a a trav s de un recorrido de descubrimientos tanto dulces como amargos el apasionante mundo de la ciencia y la investigaci n que llega de la mano del abuelo de Calpurnia en contraposici n con las perspectivas de un futuro dom stico y los valores tradicionales de su madre.La mirada de Calpurnia nos muestra [...]

    8. Heather on said:

      I loved this book, but I didn t give it 5 stars because I don t think it is a life changing book for me at this stage in my life Perhaps it would have been when I was younger, but not now What it did for me, however, was reaffirm that time in my life when I started to wake up, and really realize that I a girl could have aspirations of my own I had a childhood much like our heroine Calpurnia lots of time spent outdoors with animals I too had a mother who exposed me to the domestic arts, although [...]

    9. Kelly on said:

      Jacqueline Kelly can write, there s no doubt about it The prose is lovely, intricate, and challenging, even for the adult reader This is a book that will require the intended audience to digest the language and the work of art that has been developed That said, this story really, really did not do it for me.The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate was a very slow moving story with no real problem or resolution instead, it s a portrait of a girl growing up in small town Texas at the turn of the twentieth [...]

    10. Tasha on said:

      In1899, girls are expected to grow up to be either wives or teachers So what is a girl like Calpurnia to do She is much interested in different species of grasshoppers than in tatting or cooking She would rather spend hours with her grandfather in his shed doing experiments than learning to knit all of her six brothers socks As the only daughter in the family, Calpurnia is expected to be ladylike, play the piano, and eventually be launched into society Calpurnia is much likely to be muddy, wet [...]

    11. Učitaj se! on said:

      Upoznajte Calpurniu Virginiu Tate jedanaestogodi nju znanstvenicu koja u iva u promatranju i prou avanju svijeta oko sebe, posebno onog ivotinjskog Na Calpurnijinu veliku alost, karijera znanstvenice nije ba ono to je majka za nju zamislila u budu nosti Jer, godina je 1899 i sve bi mlade djevojke trebale marljivo u iti kako postati savr ene doma ice i pripremati se za ulazak u dru tvo i dru enje s prikladnim mladi ima, a ne tumarati uokolo s Djedom u potrazi za neobi nim kukcima i ostatak vremen [...]

    12. Bene on said:

      Dolcissimo libro che racconta la storia di una bambina che vive nel Texas di fine 1800 La sua spontanea curiosit la porta ad interessarsi del mondo della natura che la circonda e che la incanta ogni giorno di pi Per questo sar portata a trascurare i normali doveri di una piccola giovane donna dell epoca, provocando la sorpresa e a volte anche l incomprensione dei suoi genitori Solo il nonno sembra capirla e incoraggiarla in questa sua passione Ecco che proprio il nonno la accompagner in questa s [...]

    13. JG (The Introverted Reader) on said:

      My name is Calpurnia Virginia Tate, but back then everybody called me Callie Vee That summer, I was eleven years old and the only girl out of seven children Can you imagine a worse situation That summer is the summer of 1899 and it is a scorcher Amid the heat and the drought though, Callie is finding out who she is She is a born scientist She is a little lost in the shuffle of all those brothers, but one day, desperate for an answer to a scientific question, she bravely goes out to confront her [...]

    14. Greta on said:

      A volte ultimamente piuttosto raro, d accordo, ma tant mi capita di trovarmi per le mani un libro di cui non so assolutamente nulla, neppure il tipo di pubblico per cui stato scritto L evoluzione di Calpurnia fa parte di questi rari casi, ha fatto un giro grandissimo, ha cambiato scaffali e proprietari per poi arenarsi sulla mensola sbagliata della mia libreria, quella dei libri universitari mi piace pensare che sia stato un po il mio contributo per spingere Callie Vee verso il suo sogno rimasto [...]

    15. Estibaliz79 on said:

      Tres estrellas y media 3 1 2 para otra historia de crecimiento protagonizada por una muchachita con mucho encanto y su no menos encantadora familia, con especial menci n a sus hermanos Harry, Tyler y J.B y al simpar abuelo Una historia en la que la palabra evoluci n cobra especial significado, puesto que nuestra protagonista tiene vocaci n de cient fica y se siente fascinada por la Teor a de la Evoluci n de Darwin, al igual que su ya mencionado abuelo.Una novela de agradable lectura, que quiz no [...]

    16. Irene on said:

      Un libro precioso, que trata sobre la vida de Calpurnia Tate.Me ha gustado mucho el estilo narrativo, donde plasma los pensamientos de la ni a y el mundo que le rodea De c mo la sociedad de entonces le fuerza a un futuro del que no se siente parte y no percibe que sea para ella.Calpurnia es la nica hija de 7 hermanos en una de las mejores familias del pueblo De ella se esperan las grandezas pertinentes a una chica de su situaci n saber cocinar, tejer, cuidar de la familia, del hogar, casarse con [...]

    17. Minli on said:

      The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate is such a little gem of perfection Calpurnia or rather, Callie Vee lives in Texas at the turn of the 20th century, as the only girl among six brothers While other girls are learning how to sew, cook, mend, and excel in other domestic arts, Callie would rather read Dickens and spend time with her hobby scientist grandfather I love this book to death I love everything about it the cover classy indeed , the title how perfect , the writing I wouldn t know it was Jacqu [...]

    18. Wendy on said:

      Wavering between three and four stars I liked this a lot it was very funny in spots, and I enjoyed the setting and everyone in the family Monica mentioned that she couldn t keep the brothers straight until well into the book one of the funniest moments is when the grandfather says Which one is he about one of his grandsons obviously he had the same problem It was maybe a bit longer than it should have been, but that didn t really bother me.I did feel like it was occasionally insensitive I questi [...]

    19. Liz Janet on said:

      I do not know if I have said this before, but I do not like books based in the U.S before the 20th century, or many other countries for that matter And yet, this book seemed to surprise me, no matter how much I was expecting to hate it.This historical young adult novel follows Calpurnia, as she grows up in Texas in the summer of 1899 This was a very restricted time period for ladies, as basic human rights were practically non existent for them The interesting part, this self discovery novel brin [...]

    20. Kaitlyn on said:

      This book wasn t anything to special It is about a girl who is aspiring to be a scientist like her grandfather, but since it is 1899, is supposed to be a housewife Her bond with grandfather grows stronger throughout the story as well as her passion for science I didn t enjoy it that much because it wasn t exciting the whole story seemed to be drab and just there I wish a larger problem occurred, not just focusing on the stereotype of women s jobs Overall a decent book.

    21. jesse on said:

      it s the summer of 1899 the sun is burning hot like a ball spouting fire, even the insects are desperately trying to get to a droplet of water by marching through the smallest cracks in the tate house amidst all the chaos is 11 year old callie vee tate the only girl out of seven children the title says it all this is her storyllie is as witty, entertaining, caring, understandably self conscious, vulnerable as she can be determined and blunt to the point of being insolent when being explained som [...]

    22. May on said:

      La evoluci n de Calpurnia Tate ha sido para m un completo descubrimiento, una novela fascinante que me ha aportado much simo y que me arrepiento de no haber le do antes De hecho, mi relaci n con esta novela se remonta cinco a os atr s, cuando con doce a os mi madre quiso compr rmela y yo me negu , eligiendo otro libro Sin duda, una pena que no lo leyese a la edad de Calpurnia.La historia de la novela es una historia bonita, para descubrir y bastante sencilla La sencillez de su trama es de los as [...]

    23. Kristen Jorgensen on said:

      The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate is a charming book about a girl from a well to do family in the middle of Texas during the turn of the century For her first novel Jacqueline Kelly did a fine job of creating lovable and enduring characters Calpurnia is witty, creative, and extremely bright She craves knowledge and begins to form a relationship with her naturalist grandfather Together they look through microscopes, distill pecans, and discuss Darwin along with Newton and other scientific masters, [...]

    24. Karen ⊰✿ on said:

      In Texas, 1899, Calpurnia Tate is 12 when she discovers she has a passion for the world around her evolution, insects, animals, and plants She finds a kindred spirit in her grandfather and they both start experiments and recording different species they find around them.Overlaying this gorgeous tale of a girl and her grandfather is the time period and location where the telephone has just been installed in town and to be a telephone operator is the height of a glamorous job , Charles Darwin s Th [...]

    25. Alia on said:

      Wow, I really loved this book It s just so well written Truth be told when I read the description it sounded a bit boring Young naturalist learning about Darwin in Texas at the turn of the century Ehybe But the characters are so wonderful you can t help fall in love with them and the descriptions of the natural world blew me away I was hooked by the end of the first chapter.There s only one problem, while I can think of a few select girls who would love this book, I m not sure of it s wider kid [...]

    26. Ava Glenn on said:

      This book was truly one of my favorites Just by how the girl, Calpurnia, was inspired to work with science because of her grandfather Calpurnia was determined to do what she wanted to do, even though her mother did not want her to She had to be a proper lady, like every other girl in 1899 She did not really let that happen This story is not that good in the beginning, but when a reader gets into the book, it is truly magnificent Very good read, I really recommend it.

    27. M.K. on said:

      By small and gradual changes are great things achieved That s one of the defining principles of evolution, and of Calpurnia Virginia Tate, the heroine in this novel I finished reading her story aloud to my 11 year old daughter last week I suppose she s too old for read alouds, but I m not telling her Already we don t do it every evening as we used to, which means I have the time to write reviews while she splits a gut with her father over a Netflix comedy One of those small, gradual changes.Calp [...]

    28. Stef Rozitis on said:

      I enjoyed this book and I struggle to fault it I didn t always love all the characters and notably Granddaddy was slow to grow on me It was an intelligent young girl s perspective It both portrays well how constrictive Calpurnia s situation might have been a nice tension between agency and societal pressures which made it obvious why many brilliant minds might have just caved in and not made it and a tacit acknowledgement that despite her struggles Calpurnia is also highly privileged eg race and [...]

    29. A. on said:

      I was disappointed with this book I felt like the author kept introducing characters and plot lines and then only developing them halfway That was frustrating.Also, I found myself irritated slightly with the the way the author portrayed the whole notion of growing up, and becoming a woman, and what it meant in those days Calpurnia yearns to be a scientist, go to the university and do things that matter in a time when women just got married and had families Well, I think that Calpurnia s goal is [...]

    30. Andreia Silva on said:

      Com a premissa deste livro e logo nas primeiras p ginas eu soube que iria adorar a hist ria N o um livro com uma grande enredo, cheio de ac o, de as arrebatadores, mas um livro sobre uma menina que nos finais do s culo XIX descobriu a ci ncia Para quem lida com a ci ncia como eu todos os dias uma delicia Fala se do Darwin, do Newton e da Marie Curie e de tudo aquilo que a ci ncia e todo aquele fervilhar inerente a uma descoberta cientifica A Calpurnia Tate quer ser cientista e ali se ao av que l [...]

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