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Makers By Cory Doctorow Makers From the New York Times bestselling author of Little Brother a major novel of the booms busts and further booms in store for AmericaPerry and Lester invent things seashell robots that make toast B

  • Title: Makers
  • Author: Cory Doctorow
  • ISBN: 9780765312792
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Makers By Cory Doctorow From the New York Times bestselling author of Little Brother, a major novel of the booms, busts, and further booms in store for AmericaPerry and Lester invent things seashell robots that make toast, Boogie Woogie Elmo dolls that drive cars They also invent entirely new economic systems, like the New Work, a New Deal for the technological era Barefoot bankers cross theFrom the New York Times bestselling author of Little Brother, a major novel of the booms, busts, and further booms in store for AmericaPerry and Lester invent things seashell robots that make toast, Boogie Woogie Elmo dolls that drive cars They also invent entirely new economic systems, like the New Work, a New Deal for the technological era Barefoot bankers cross the nation, microinvesting in high tech communal mini startups like Perry and Lester s Together, they transform the country, and Andrea Fleeks, a journo turned blogger, is there to document it.Then it slides into collapse The New Work bust puts the dotbomb to shame Perry and Lester build a network of interactive rides in abandoned Wal Marts across the land As their rides, which commemorate the New Work s glory days, gain in popularity, a rogue Disney executive grows jealous, and convinces the police that Perry and Lester s 3D printers are being used to run off AK 47s.Hordes of goths descend on the shantytown built by the New Workers, joining the cult Lawsuits multiply as venture capitalists take on a new investment strategy backing litigation against companies like Disney Lester and Perry s friendship falls to pieces when Lester gets the fatkins treatment, turning him into a sybaritic gigolo.Then things get really interesting.
    Makers By Cory Doctorow

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    • Makers Best Download || [Cory Doctorow]
      282 Cory Doctorow

    One thought on “Makers

    1. Nicole on said:

      I hesitate to mark this book as read , but I did read over half of it I usually don t stop in the middle of books, but this book was an exception I didn t just dislike it it made me actively angry.It s not the concepts or politics that made me angry I m familiar with Doctorow s agenda, and I agree with most of it I m a lefty, I m interested in technology and decentralized local production of goods and services, I think activism can be important, and I think copyright is broken I didn t love Litt [...]

    2. Ben on said:

      At first, I was a little annoyed with feeling like I was just reading BoingBoing in novel version All the usual suspects show up DIY everything, creative economic models, subcultures, nonsense legal actions, open source, 3d printing, Disney, online meeting consensus tools, revision control systems, police brutality, urban decay, and of course citizen journalism.But then a whole plot appears and it s compelling The book doesn t quit bringing new ideas and twists and I really like how it follows a [...]

    3. RubyTombstone [With A Vengeance] on said:

      This is a book people will either love or be meh about The best I can do for a review is tell people what to expect So if you re okay with the following, then the book may be for youThe book has a non traditional story arc The narrative doesn t go where you think it s going to go at any point in time, and resists attempts to categorise it Some people may feel it that it meanders, or that it doesn t have a point I am okay with this.All of the characters are flawed There is not a single wholly per [...]

    4. Ari Cheslow on said:

      Cory friggin Doctorow I don t know what to make of this guy I really want to give this book both a 0 and a 5 He is full of fascinating ideas This book is fascinating He shows the implications of technology, really doable tech, but with huge consequences in society What happens as three d printers get better and making stuff When the distance between design and the product gets shorter and easier What will people do What will corporations do when anyone can do what they do He presents really cog [...]

    5. Maya Panika on said:

      I tried very hard to like this book I loved the pretext and I really wanted to like it, but it s so hard going, nothing much seems to happen and it s much, much too long.Focussing on a very near, wholly believable future, the story kicks off brilliantly, the characters start out interesting but then nothing The characters quickly merge and become indistinguishable, so that you have to work rather too hard to keep up with who s doing what, where and why What story there is is so heavily padded wi [...]

    6. Kemper on said:

      I ve always wished that I had the engineering knack so I could invent something like a robot that does laundry or flying cars or something cool like that Hell, I d be tickled if I could figure out something fun like dropping Mentos into Diet Coke After reading this book, I m kind of glad to be technically challenged because it seems like there d be a dark side to being that kind of guy.This realistic sci fi story takes place in the near future where economic woes have left corporations as shells [...]

    7. Kaia on said:

      I have a good contender for worst read of 2015 The first half of this book is simply a message with a story slathered thinly on top The practically all male cast is cardboard and hollow, and their characters seem to be half developed based on what clothes they wear and food they eat The female main character is a Mary Sue who can do little wrong every single male character professes himself in love with her at some point The other female characters are weird wish fulfillment girl a college stude [...]

    8. Tfitoby on said:

      I am so glad this one is finished with It s strange, I really quite like Doctorow but only in short bursts it seems His ideas are great and his message worth while but it gets a little tiring being preached to in your fiction and in Makers there s a whole lot of didactic dialogue Doctorow takes his idea and spins it through several revolutions of basically the same plot for 400 pages in an attempt to make it an epic spectacle that takes decades to come to fruition, instead leaving you feeling li [...]

    9. Andrea on said:

      The future is now, kids, and Makers shines a light on the irrepressible heroes of the humming hive of creative, cooperative production.Perry and Lester are a couple of tinkering tech whizzes whose tastes and talents gear towards fabricating new, cool stuff out of junk Bankrolled by biz visionary Kettlewell, and media documented by the astute tech chronicler Suzanne Church, they manage to spawn a whole new approach to goods production, The New Work, and in the process rehabilitate a squat site be [...]

    10. Pam on said:

      As a Gen Xer I ve been regaled with tales of those early PC days when the prehistoric hackers worked from garages and slept under the VW buses together, and I think Cory Doctorow has as well In Makers he takes the same idea of the passionate artists and technology hackers pushing the boundaries with new technologies and places them in the near future the twenty teens In this brave new world he explores the implications of junk yards full of hardware and kitsch mass marketed detritus, obesity, 3 [...]

    11. Abby Jean on said:

      did not care for this doctrow s fetishization of returning to the days of hand crafts and tooled leather belts and blah blah seemed retro than futuristic to me, and when he got into a future word where weight loss was easy but you could still tell who the former fatties were, he lost me for good didn t finish.

    12. Ben Babcock on said:

      Economics is weird The economy is a social system Once upon a time, it was based somewhat in reality, with gold standards and natural resources forming a large part of this anchor At present, it has transformed into a mostly speculative beast, the taming of which is the goal of any number of hedge fund managers, stock market analysts, and economics professors with cushy degrees from Ivy League or wannabe Ivy League schools To make matters worse, the economy is based on the behaviour of people.An [...]

    13. Angela on said:

      Some 30 years after the Reagan revolution transformed the American economy and refocused all our resources on a wealth transfer to the richest among us, we can see that the goals of that Revolution have been nearly completed The middle class is disappearing rapidly and well on its way to being converted into a huge mass of people who can no longer be called working class since the jobs have disappeared Without a socialist intervention in the very near future, America can expect to end up in a ki [...]

    14. Steven on said:

      Cory Doctorow s Makers is a book full of ideas and possibility, which makes up for a somewhat predictable plot and flattened characters.I read this book after I had read Doctorow s Little Brother the two have very strong similarities in plot structure It s a serviceable if a bit transparent structure, but the girders and siding are definitely showing after reading both of these books.This isn t surprising both books are idea books Where Little Brother is concerned with personal freedoms and surv [...]

    15. Mark Harding on said:

      It s such a page turner that I stayed up all night to finish it Three new ideas a page Interesting things The novel is purposely designed to force the reader to make moral judgments and avoid easy answers Lester and Perry make different choices at the end Which one is realistic about the nature of capitalism Which is the moral choice Are they both fantasists Can you morally coexist with the MBA types Is the company structure the only effective way to get things done Are Lester and Perry so cau [...]

    16. Alice on said:

      This is a book full of BIG IDEAS and if you re the type of geeky tech obsessed person who loves BIG IDEAS about the future of tech, business, litigation, fitness, etc you ll enjoy the truly speculative fiction element of this book I enjoy that sort of stuff just fine, but I already read a million blogs and New Yorker articles about it, and when I read fiction I want to read FICTION Doctorow is a terrible fiction writer as much as I love his blog and his ideas and he s an amazing person to see sp [...]

    17. Tim Hicks on said:

      Buzzword dump.Lots of interesting but weak ideas Barely adequate characters A sex scene that I didn t dislike as much as others but it was as out of place as a tuxedo on a frog yeah, I know, Hello, mah honey, helo, mah baby A Heinleinesque style where the world has three incredibly smart people and six billion morons Cory s Disney obsession again Two things in particular wrecked it for me First, the assumption that within a few short years, you can put generic goop into a 3D printer and produce [...]

    18. Paul on said:

      Actual rating 1.5 stars.If you follow the Boing Boing web site, you ll be familiar with the themes expressed in Makers, Cory Doctorow s Novel of the Whirlwind Changes to Come If you ve read Ayn Rand, you ll be familiar with Cory s writing style and pacing If you ve ever made a list of two hundred techno geek words and thought about using them in a book, you ll be familiar with Cory Doctorow s method I was ready to quit after one chapter, but told myself I d plod on until Cory started to indulge [...]

    19. This Is Not The Michael You're Looking For on said:

      This is sort of a strange book It was hard to figure out whether this book was about people or about technology or about business or about creativity or as is most likely an amalgamation of all four The story takes a few jumps at the beginning it seems to set itself up as one thing and then shifts gears rather dramatically into another direction Cory Doctorow also continues his fascination and love hate relationship with Disney The only other book of his I ve read, Down and Out in the Magic King [...]

    20. Ryan on said:

      The first part of this book made me angry The main POV character, a journalist who becomes a successful blogger by writing about nerds making stuff, smelled strongly of author insertion and it pushed some personal buttons of mine with regards to how it presented people with weight issues I think the issues raised by Lester and the fatkins diet could be interesting if developed into their own story, but as a subplot to a larger work it felt sloppy and disrespectful.Later sections of the book were [...]

    21. Kat on said:

      2.5 You know in the first episode of Firefly, when Mal kicks open Simon s cooler spoiler , and looks in to see a naked girl inside He peers down and then says, Huh That s kind of my reaction to this book It started out absolutely un put downable, fascinating and ebullient Then it kind of dragged in the middle By 2 3 of the way through I just wanted to finish so I could be finished, though it warmed up a little towards the end I really don t know what to make of the book as a whole It was really [...]

    22. Lexi on said:

      I didn t hate it There were some interesting concepts It had enough to keep me turning the pages I think I was waiting for something a little Ready Player One though and because of that I was slightly disappointed.

    23. Denis on said:

      I thought this book was just fine I have enjoyed other novels by Doctorow than this but it had some cool ideas, the idea of repurposing technology and obsolete products a good one I really believe that the mining of the future will be in our waist dump sights though not exactly what is going on here, it s close.The sub idea of obesity in north America caused by such establishments as IHOP was also an interesting addition to the whole I learned today, as a matter of fact, that we have four of th [...]

    24. Jeffrey Paris [was Infinite Tasks] on said:

      The future has imploded into the present, writes Charles Cross, quoting Gareth Branwyn s Is there a Cyberpunk Movement Cory Doctorow s Makers is another reminder that what looks like the future is already here This book, set from the 20 teens and on, describes a New Work economy and its after effects It sounded like an interesting premise a pair of Florida hacker inventors work with 3 dee printers to create facsimiles of three dimensional objects They begin making kitschy, retro objects for coll [...]

    25. D.L. Morrese on said:

      In an economically struggling America, two good friends, Perry and Lester, invent and sell novelty items made of junk This places them in the vanguard of the New Work movement, and they ride that wave until it busts in obvious parallel to the bursting of the dot com bubble They shake themselves off, and build an ever changing amusement ride in south Florida It seems to be catching on, which in turn, catches the attention of a nervous Disney executive concerned about declining attendance at the D [...]

    26. Marc Weidenbaum on said:

      Doctorow s novel tries to imagine the near future as impacted by inexpensive 3D printers just as much as we have in our time been impacted by the Internet The book follows two natural inventors who glom onto 3D technology, inspire a collective project that spans the globe, and find themselves doing litigious battle with Disney In brief new tech hive mind vs corporations This formula has become something of a theme for Doctorow But as Nick Lowe once sang, This rut I am in, it once was a groove, a [...]

    27. Clay Kallam on said:

      Cory Doctorow s Makers Tor, 24.99, 416 pages isn t really a traditional science fiction or fantasy novel it s much serious in intent and execution, though it is set in the near future.Doctorow s topic is creativity, and the human urge to make things The central characters are a pair of tinkerers in a slightly dystopic future where the American economy has collapsed and junkyards are the repository of the remnants of the consumer culture The pair are endlessly inventive, creating playful objects [...]

    28. Cornmaven on said:

      This was an awesome book, except for about 3 4 pages of excruciatingly detailed sex that I felt was unnecessary and out of place I still don t get why Doctorow had it in there even the violent attack on one of the characters wasn t nearly as detailed, so it wasn t as if he was making some statement that society can tolerate violence but not sex It just didn t fit.Anyway, the writing was appropriately frenetic, as the storyline followed free thinker inventor types living in a setup of their makin [...]

    29. Jobjörn Folkesson on said:

      Den h r boken r fr n 2013 och den har inte ldrats v l Eller h, den har v l ldrats helt okej, men det h r med 3D printers k nns som att det var v ldigt mycket h ftigare d n nu Detsamma g ller v l ven f rfattaren Cory Doctorow och hans blogg Boing Boing Jag gillar Cory Doctorow, och jag gillar den h r boken, men den teknikoptimism on crack som det ges uttryck f r r helt vansinnig F r det f rsta s tar det l ng tid att g ra bra produkter ven om man har tillg ng till en stor dr s open source bibliote [...]

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