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Brightly Woven

Brightly Woven By Alexandra Bracken Brightly Woven The day the rains came was like any other blistering air coating the canyon in a heavy stillness Just as the rains come after ten long dry years a young wizard Wayland North appears to whisk Syd

  • Title: Brightly Woven
  • Author: Alexandra Bracken
  • ISBN: 9781606840382
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Brightly Woven By Alexandra Bracken The day the rains came was like any other, blistering air coating the canyon in a heavy stillness.Just as the rains come after ten long, dry years, a young wizard, Wayland North, appears, to whisk Sydelle Mirabil away from her desert village North needs an assistant, and Sydelle is eager to see the country and to join him on his quest to stop the war that surely willThe day the rains came was like any other, blistering air coating the canyon in a heavy stillness.Just as the rains come after ten long, dry years, a young wizard, Wayland North, appears, to whisk Sydelle Mirabil away from her desert village North needs an assistant, and Sydelle is eager to see the country and to join him on his quest to stop the war that surely will destroy her home But North has secrets about himself, about why he chose Sydelle, about his real reasons for the journey What does he want from her And why does North s sworn enemy seem fascinated by Sydelle himself Through a journey that spans a country, magic and hard won romance are woven together with precision and brilliant design by a first time novelist.
    Brightly Woven By Alexandra Bracken

    Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken Brightly Woven is a fantasy tale of a young woman swept into great events it has magic and it has romance, Young Adult style. Brightly Woven Alexandra Bracken Brightly Woven The Graphic Novel Some of you may remember that Brightly Woven was my debut novel sadly, the book went out of print when its publisher closed its doors I m so pleased to share that Syd and North will be back ten years after their original release this time in the form of a graphic novel for middle grade readers Brightly Woven Bracken Jun , Alexandra Bracken has wanted to be a writer since third grade, and has always wanted to write for children and young adults She began Brightly Woven as a birthday present for a friend, and the novel grew over a year of wild weather A May graduate of the College of William Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, Brightly Woven is her first novel. BRIGHTLY WOVEN Kirkus Reviews BRIGHTLY WOVEN by Alexandra Bracken adapted by Leigh Dragoon illustrated by Kit Seaton RELEASE DATE Jan , A magical boy enlists a provincial weaver to thwart a war between kingdoms Sydelle Mirabil, , is a talented weaver living with her parents in their quiet, drought plagued village in the kingdom of Palmarta. Brightly Woven The Graphic Novel by Alexandra Bracken A graphic novel about discovering your own power Extraordinary things just don t happen to fourteen year old Sydelle Mirabil, a talented weaver who dreams about life outside of her tiny village But that all changes when a mysterious young wizard named Wayland North appears and asks for Sydelle s help. Brightly Woven Home Facebook Brightly Woven, Cliffton, Palmarta likes Welcome to the official fan page of Brightly Woven Check back here for news about the book, Alex, or anything she feels like posting and buy the book

    • Brightly Woven Best Read || [Alexandra Bracken]
      435 Alexandra Bracken

    One thought on “Brightly Woven

    1. Alexandra Bracken on said:

      I think my little book is very spiffy, thank you very much

    2. Kogiopsis on said:

      Review as of second reading I ve said it before and I ll say it again This book is like chocolate.But this time, I ll elaborate.You know that first piece of chocolate, the small piece you take because it s a treat and maybe you haven t had it in a while and you want to savor it And you roll it around in your mouth a little, let it get all melty, experience the taste as fully as possible You try to eat the rest of it the bar, the bag of chocolate chips, those little Dove eggs slowly, and for a wh [...]

    3. Kat Kennedy on said:

      This book came so highly recommended and its accolades were sung so virulently that I ignored my usual rule either I buy it at Kindle or I get it from the library I don t buy books per se any and ordered the hardcover from , sure that I would love it.I actually found it kind of meh Everything about this story is cute and nice, which is good praise for the author, but there s nothing spectacular about it.Many parts of the book were lovely, different, imaginative and sweet The story was rather sim [...]

    4. mark monday on said:

      Brightly Woven is a fantasy tale of a young woman swept into great events it has magic and it has romance, Young Adult styler the first half of this novel, i spent a lot of time muttering darkly about Kirkus Reviews and Publisher s Weekly their glowing reviews are what led me to Brightly Woven in the first place after having a great time in the Dystopic SciFi YA world thank you, Hunger Games and having a less than great time in the Paranormal Horror YA world thanks for not so much, Beautiful Dar [...]

    5. Arlene on said:

      I don t do well without you, North said Who I was before I never want to be that person again But I told you when I took you away from here that when everything was over, it would be your choice You would get to choose where you wanted to go and who you wanted to be There was a pleading look in his eyes In that moment, he looked as if I had stripped him of his cloak and magic I could knock him back into that darkness with a single blow.Alexandra Bracken s Brightly Woven was the perfect book for [...]

    6. Erica (daydreamer) on said:

      I can hardly contain my excitement over this book It was amazing Purely brilliant Alexandra created a fantastical magical world full of mystery and intrigue that tugged at me, pulling me into the story and refusing to let go Alexandra wrote beautifully The words were how else can I describe it woven intricately together to conjure up such vivid scenes and pictures The characters were written to perfection Sydelle was amazing I loved her fiery disposition, yet her quiet, gentle care and love she [...]

    7. Tatiana on said:

      I don t think I ve ever given up on a book so quickly PAGE 2, I swear, I give every book a fair chance, but I disliked the writing from the first page it was so strangely immature, so empty, so cliche, as if written by a 14 year old, with no finesse or artistry, no spark Some of my friends really liked it, but it didn t work for me at all I am not willing to push myself further to see if it gets better

    8. Vinaya on said:

      I feel the urge to be gentle with this book Like a beautiful, stacked blonde with baby blues who doesn t understand if you speak in words of than two syllables The package is pretty, but it s all unfurnished upstairs It s like Alexandra took a very pretty idea, and painted a flat, two dimensional picture of it with no nuances, no depth I was about twelve when I found out that my birthstone was aquamarine I d read about it in books, and it sounded gorgeous a sparkling blue green stone the color [...]

    9. Ariana on said:

      Such a beautiful, beautiful darling oh, I mean, story One word lovely 2 words loved it 3 words Thank you Arlene Once in a while I find myself lost in a beautiful story, with great characters I get to know and love so much, that I find it difficult at the end to let it go and yes, this is the case I know, I m a complete romantic with no cure I take that as a compliment The main reason I loved this book so much was probably because of North Of course, in the beginning I didn t like him that much h [...]

    10. Cara on said:

      That cover is just marvelous honestly Just one look at it made me so excited to read this book I mean the detail in it is just on point The reflection of lightning on her face, you can just feel the magic already You just know and hope that what s inside will give you as much of a thrill.Sydelle Mirabil has lived in Cliffton her whole life, but has always felt she needed to get out to see what lies out of her little town She gets that opportunity sooner than expected when a young wizard, Wayland [...]

    11. Laura Evlolle on said:

      2,5 SterneMir blutet das Herz, weil ich ein Buch von Alexandra Bracken so schlecht bewerte, aber es hat sich unendlich gezogen und mich einfach berhaupt nicht gepackt Schade.

    12. Jen on said:

      Picture me, circa 1998 It s Christmas morning My parents hand me a gift It s rectangular and I feel my heart start to beat faster because I know exactly what it is I tear through the wrapping paper and my gleeful suspicions are confirmed THE LEGEND OF ZELDA THE OCARINA OF TIME Cue monumental squee like no 13 year old had ever squeed before I fell into a zombie like state for the next month that was only paused for my hand to find the bag of Baked Lays BBQ chips Link was awesome Zelda was awesome [...]

    13. Amelia, the pragmatic idealist on said:

      If Brightly Woven was an amusement park ride, I d say it would be a wooden roller coaster it s fun and exciting at times, but the ride is very bumpy, rickety, and you wonder how in the world the coaster got a license to operate in the first place.Most of the time, I try and at least pretend to be objective But every once in awhile a book comes along that totally unleashes the inner opinionated Amelia, and this was one such book In a nutshell, I didn t enjoy this book It was hard to get into the [...]

    14. Valerie on said:

      Finished this book in one day around 3 30 in the morning Closed the cover, sighed with a smile and felt all gooey inside Haven t read a romance like this in so long if ever, and the adventure had me turning page after page into the night Sydelle is a girl who is chosen by a young wizard to accompany him to Provincia and carry a message that might save their kingdom from a disastrous war Having little choice in the matter Sydelle goes but not without some resentment Having never left her small to [...]

    15. Angie on said:

      It s fascinating to me how, given two quite similar books or styles of book, one will leave you cold and the other has you at hello I think about this phenomenon all the time and wonder what quality it is that pushes one over into a reading match Most recently I found myself pondering this as I read Alexandra Bracken s debut novel BRIGHTLY WOVEN The cover caught my eye back in October and, really, it is at once so attractive and nicely representative of both the book and the character I then rea [...]

    16. Erica on said:

      Brightly Woven is a stay up reading late into the night worthy book I was up half the night reading it, as I couldn t stand to put down the perfection Brightly Woven is It is one of my absolute favorites Some fantasy can be overbearing, but Brightly Woven was a perfect mix of everything a good book needs Bracken drew me in with page one, and didn t let me go until the last page Brightly Woven really puts a new spin on wizards and the magical abilities that come with a world like that The world t [...]

    17. Nic on said:

      What I choked on my own words, my heart dropping again into my stomach We were sliding sharply downwards, the air buzzing and singing The world went dark around us, but there was no fear in my heart Ah, I thought, feeling the first brush of tingling warmth as we fell into the unknown Magic Loved it Brightly Woven is a gorgeous story full of adventure, mystery, humour, magic and romance The writing was simple and engaging It had a clever plot filled with lots of twists and turns Just when you tho [...]

    18. Katie on said:

      Every once and awhile, I read a book that completely takes over my mind I think about it at night while I m trying to sleep and I contemplate what s going to happen next constantly as I go about my day It basically manages to squeeze into every thought I have until I m able to pick it back up again Brightly Woven is a perfect example of said mind control.The story has a wonderful balance of adventure, magic and self discovery I would ve never imagined a young adult novel possible of holding all [...]

    19. Elevetha on said:

      4.5 stars Nearly perfect, but has some issues.Sydelle grew up in the tiny desert town of Clifton, known only for the sand that is exported out to other countries in exchange for water Clifton has been in a ten year drought She barely remembers rain and has never seen snow So when on a regular day when it suddenly starts raining, everyone in the town is confused but overjoyed War is eminent and the wizard Wayland North, who caused the rain, needs to deliver a message to help prevent it The people [...]

    20. Kristy on said:

      I really wish I would have read this sooner I was absolutely sucked in If you are into Magic, Wizards, Quests, Red heads and a touch of romance I would highly recommend this one On the flip side, if you require a very fast paced read and lots of action, you might want to pass this one up It s one of those books where not a lot happens there is a lot going on, but it unwinds slowly I liked it though, in this book It took me about 50 or so pages to really get involved with the characters, but afte [...]

    21. Kristi on said:

      How fun was this book It has a little bit of everything magic, adventure, romance and mystery.Fantasy is my favorite genre, it always has been, so Brightly Woven already had that going for it before I even started I went into the book expecting to love it And for the most part I did.It was beautifully written, simplistic, but engaging It was easy to get lost in this story, and the writing played a critical role in that The plot was just as intricate as the woven strands in Sydelle s creations I [...]

    22. Flannery on said:

      I just don t know about this book I felt like the story didn t move slowly and, though I m a fan of keeping the story going, in this case the pace was too quick The first pages give us a little background on Sydelle Mirabil, the main character She is a weaver from a small desert town in the outskirts of a fictional country One day, she is out playing hide and seek with her Gale oops, I mean Henry and then BAM It is pouring, soldiers are coming, and some man shows up and basically trades for her [...]

    23. Gemma on said:

      I read this book a while ago now, but I wanted to wait until the happy hormones died so that I wouldn t sound like a gushing idiot LUnfortunately, they still seem to be there, so I apologise in advance for my fawning, because I loved, loved, LOVED this book I can t remember the last time I was so excited over a book I actually pre ordered it, something I ve never done before.When it finally came and I finished squealing , I just sat there for a while and stroked the cover awesome cover for a awe [...]

    24. Miss Clark on said:

      I loved it I truly enjoyed this book and wanted so much for North and Sydelle But the book does have its flaws, possibly rookie or part of Bracken s style Resolution, world building, character development, plot episodic and not sure what I would call the things brought up but not given their due mention.Resolution First of all, North is not cured His curse is not yet broken How can we not know if North is cured Can Syd help him What happens Also, Dorwan is still aliveDoes Syd ever learn to contr [...]

    25. Jen (The Starry-Eyed Revue) on said:

      If I had read this novel when it was first released, I probably would have loved it But reading it now, it s very obvious this was Bracken s debut I liked the premise of Brightly Woven, but it just seemed a bit disjointedke essential and non essential elements were missing that would ve made the story feel complete, coherent And the tone felt all over the place, as well Her writing, however, has come a long way from this first attempt, and her The Darkest Minds series even graces my favorites [...]

    26. Misty on said:

      Brightly Woven was one of those books I found myself inexplicably excited about there s a wizard named North , and as is the case with most books I get randomly excited about, it didn t quite stand up to the pressure This isn t to say I didn t like it, because I did Just that it suffered a bit from build up, which left me a little wanting But I think most people, especially the younger crowd, would enjoy this, and probably wouldn t be bothered all that much by the little things I just can t let [...]

    27. Nafiza on said:

      So, as is my wont, I ve been reading some of the negative reviews on the book over at and I must say that I disagree with them All of them Because I totally loved the book People have called the book amongst other things boring and claimed that they have stopped reading after page two You know, if you can t manage to finish at least half the book, you have no right to review it because the word suggests that you have read the book enough to synthesize a well informed opinion on it that is justi [...]

    28. ~Tina~ on said:

      This book was simply Amazing I don t even know where to start I had high expectations for this book and I couldn t have been happier with it This was exactly the kind of escape that I crave in my fantasy book Alexandra Bracken did not disappoint Brightly Woven is a colorfully vivid fantasy with enchanting magic that will lead you on a journey that is beyond your imagination Every place and name is etched so richly through out this novel I could actually see the places and touch the faces It was [...]

    29. Natalie on said:

      For those of you who are book bloggers, I m sure you know what I m talking about when I say this Have you ever read a book that causes your heart to break when you turn the last page because it s over What about one that has you wanting to call your best friend at 3 in the morning in order to tell her all about it Well, guys, I m happy to say that Brightly Woven did all this for me and .First of all, I couldn t believe that this was Alexandra Bracken s first novel It s so incredibly well written [...]

    30. Clare Cannon on said:

      I really enjoyed this book, a great first novel and looking forward to Sydelle Mirabil lives in the drought stricken village of Cliffton, where she dreams of becoming a master weaver and seeing the world But when the king is murdered the nation prepares for war.Wayland North is a young wizard who comes to Cliffton to investigate the king s death and he brings the rains with him North sees that Sydelle is chafing to leave home and he needs an assistant, so he strikes a deal with Sydelle s father [...]

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