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Leven Thumps and the Ruins of Alder

Leven Thumps and the Ruins of Alder By Obert Skye Leven Thumps and the Ruins of Alder Do you think he ll be able to do it Clover asked worried I m not sure Geth replied amazed by his own doubt I m not sure In the fifth and final volume of the epic saga of Leven Thumps all of Foo is

  • Title: Leven Thumps and the Ruins of Alder
  • Author: Obert Skye
  • ISBN: 9781606411469
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Leven Thumps and the Ruins of Alder By Obert Skye Do you think he ll be able to do it Clover asked, worried I m not sure, Geth replied, amazed by his own doubt I m not sure In the fifth and final volume of the epic saga of Leven Thumps, all of Foo is rushing madly to exit the realm of dreams while Leven is headed in the opposite direction Fate snatches him to the island of Alder, where he is poised to pass or f Do you think he ll be able to do it Clover asked, worried I m not sure, Geth replied, amazed by his own doubt I m not sure In the fifth and final volume of the epic saga of Leven Thumps, all of Foo is rushing madly to exit the realm of dreams while Leven is headed in the opposite direction Fate snatches him to the island of Alder, where he is poised to pass or fail the final test Meanwhile, in Reality, Ezra and Dennis are welcoming those flowing out of Foo but only so they can selfishly conquer them and gain control of both realms Phoebe is loose, and it takes Geth getting ahold of her to begin to balance the emotions and passions of all that is crumbling And Winter Well, Winter just might hold the answer to everything Ride with Leven and Clover as they travel through the ruins of Alder hoping he has what it takes to save all mankind and restore the power of dreams.
    Leven Thumps and the Ruins of Alder By Obert Skye

    Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo by Obert Skye Apr , Leven Thumps is a story about a boy named Leven and he has to stop Sabine from detroying Foo The main characters are Winter and Leven and they both have to stop Sabine In my opinion the best part was when Winter and Leven was in the snakes mouth going underground. Leven Thumps and the Wrath of Ezra by Obert Skye Sep , The book Leven thumps and the Wrath of Ezra was a great book and was well thought out with twist and turns Leven is try to stop the Dearth from escaping foo, Leven is now the want and the Dearth is becoming stronger than ever He even has figured out the secret to Leven Thumps Leven Thumps Wiki Fandom Leven Thumps is a human offing, the Want, which means he has many exiting powers He has a white streak in his hair but no one knows why Leven is the main protagonist of the series He saves the dreams of mankind in both Reality and Foo. Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo Leven Thumps Leven Thumps, Book And the Gateway to Foo Shadow Fourteen year old Leven Thumps a.k.a Lev lives a wretched life in Burnt Culvert, Oklahoma. Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo by Obert Skye Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo was a runaway best seller In book one, tens of thousands of fantasy readers were introduced to Foo, the fantastic realm that allows mankind to hope and dream Now, Foo fans from across the country can continue the adventure with Leven, Winter, Clover, and Geth. Leven Thumps and the Wrath of Ezra Deseret Book The dreams of mankind are in grave danger as the Dearth, the true evil beneath the soil, rises above ground and slowly gains the strength he needs to defeat Leven Thumps Leven, now the Want, is also gaining strength Will he discover his new power before the Dearth finds him Sycophant Run is on the brink of war.

    • Leven Thumps and the Ruins of Alder Best Read || [Obert Skye]
      189 Obert Skye

    One thought on “Leven Thumps and the Ruins of Alder

    1. Jenny on said:

      All I have to say is you must read all of the books in order Yes there will be times when you feel a bit worn out from all of the adventures because, most of the time, right after the the characters get out of trouble, trouble finds them again And yes, this is a book directed towards children But, i think it is a great book for all ages Considerably families I am almost 17, though I started these books when i was about 12 and as I get older I can see how these books are considered children s boo [...]

    2. Dan on said:

      Phew Finally done with Foo I started reading the series to preview them for my kids, and I m happy to say the Leven Thumps series is full of good, clean fun There s just enough comedy, suspense, adventure, mystery, imagination, and even puppy love romance to keep the 8 16 crowd innocent but engaged.I had fun reading about Leven and friends and their adventures in Foo The characters were fun, and I especially enjoyed the humor and running gags that ran through all five books I actually laughed ou [...]

    3. Heather on said:

      This was a really fast read Or maybe I just read it fast.Anyway, it was a lot of fun Lots of humor and adventure Some soul searching and a bit of romance too A very satisfying ending to a series I ve really enjoyed And now he s working on a new one with Geth Woohoo I did find this book a bit Lemony Snicket y than the others Maybe I just haven t read the first books for a while, but his style seemed to have evolved some I m not complaining because I adore the sarcastic rambling humor of Lemony S [...]

    4. Carie on said:

      I hate to say it, but this book was rather a let down for me There was a lot of build up and character development in previous books that were just thrown to the wind in this final installment I liked Leven s journey in the book and his ultimate accomplishment, but I really didn t like the very end of the book although the second to last chapter does present a satisfying scene see my comments in the spoilers section below There was no detail as to how it all went down and ended up as it did and [...]

    5. Garrett on said:

      Fun read and nice ending to the series although it looks like there ll be another series starting in the same story universe.My only real problem is that it has been awhile since I read the previous one and I had a bit of trouble figuring out who certain people were and what had previously happened Maybe I m too used to reading the Wheel of Time or, pretty much any fantasy series where things are reiterated in each subsequent installment.Setting We get to explore the island of Alder and a big ho [...]

    6. Susan on said:

      I am going to add my review to the last book of the series I enjoyed this series There are a lot of humorous moments in the book Some of it is a bit weird chocolate snot helps the heroes out of a tight spot but this adds to the books The land of Foo the author has created is filled with both wonderful and awful creatures I like the authors little narrative speaking with a wry sense of life which reminds me a bit of Snicket However, Leven Thumps remains unique, which is why I am giving it five st [...]

    7. Wes Furgason on said:

      All the books in this series are pretty much the same One tragedy, one Obstetrical, one dilemma after another until finally Leven succeeds in what ever it is he is trying to do Sometimes the opposition to Leven s efforts are carried too far and it gets boring I really didn t get the part about his father It s like the Author just didn t know how to involve him in a meaningful way.There are some really funny parts in the earlier books but nothing to compelling about this last one It seemed that t [...]

    8. Shannon on said:

      I don t think this author really had any idea where he was going when he started this series There are some moments that are really fun, but then there are times when he skips around from subplot to subplot and there are so many characters that it is hard to keep track of everyone Then, the ending was so abrupt I didn t understand what happened, and then everything was all of a sudden OK I m torn because I really liked the premise and the characters,, but this book tried to focus on so many thin [...]

    9. Kelli on said:

      This was the best of the Leven books You have to like childish books to stomach them, though I absolutely loved all five books, but most of my friends can only barely make it through the first.

    10. Seth on said:

      I have enjoyed this serious a lot I like them better that the Harry Potter series I really enjoyed the odd intro to the chapters that Obert Skye comes up with The whole series was just great very light hearted and did not take it self to seriously.

    11. Taylor on said:

      I really liked this book It was not predictable like some stories I would never see the ending coming plenty of twists and turns in this great book it is, like all the other books in this series, quite bizarre there is a lot of things in the book that even after being explained, are still confusing but it was written in a way that you don t have to fully understand all of the terminology to understand whats happening overall, really fun story, very well written, and a great book.

    12. Andrea on said:

      Pros Great suspense Believable characters Vivid imagery For every age.Cons Lots of transitions from one character to another Ended too soonThe Bottom Line A book you will want to read over again.The last book of Orbert Skye s Leven Thumps series Leven Thumps and the Ruins of Alder.It is a creative tale about a boy from reality who becomes tangled into the world of dreams Foo It is almost impossible to write anything about this book without potentially spoiling surprises of the first four books B [...]

    13. Madeline on said:

      Real rating 4.5 starsSighch a tragedy that this series has to come to an end Apparently there s two other books, so I ll definitely get to those soon, but I m still sad 3

    14. Amelia on said:

      Leven Thumps is traveling to the Sycophant Run with Geth, Clover and Winter, and gets whisked away with Clover to Alder, a island that has been deserted for years He follows a path that will take him to the oldest tree He struggles with his new powers Geth and Winter go on without him Leven crosses a bridge, climbs over a wall, and has to dodge magical rocks that fly at you if you make them mad He runs into unfinished business One person is Sabine He is so weak that when he tries to kill him, it [...]

    15. Anna on said:

      I liked this book fairly well, but the ending was really disappointing Sure, everybody lived happily ever after like I wanted them to, but the ending was so abrupt, switching from the chaotic destruction of the world to a calm, picturesque meadow with everybody laughing and eating together It was enough to give me whiplash I needed details What exactly happened after Leven cut the tree down What was the great thing that Winter was supposed to do We re told that Winter holds the answer to everyth [...]

    16. Nikki on said:

      I started this series back at Christmas, and while I was a little confused at first, the personalities of the characters just sucked me in I particularly loved Clover even as I moved through this series, his responses to Geth, Winter, and Leven just drew me back in.SPOILERS AHEAD This was less a series of 5 books and one really long story Things or less drew together, but by the time I got to this book, I was left a little unsatisfied First of all, the author took to conversing with the reader [...]

    17. Aelvana on said:

      Reality and Foo are beginning to merge the barriers that once held the two lands apart are mostly gone In Reality, Dennis and Ezra are now a potent force, both because of their certainty in the face of all the confusion and because Ezra now has power again In Foo, Leven and Clover have their own journey through the ruins of Alder, while Geth and Winter are left searching for the best way to help And one very angry toothpick is waiting for Geth to come out the gate.And so the series wraps up If y [...]

    18. Janeen-san on said:

      This book was great I finished it even faster than Leven Thumps and the Wrath of Ezra This book had than enough danger, excitement and laughs I thought the ending was very satisfying however, it didn t really say WHY the Dearth was destroyed by an ordinary axeokay, not so ordinary, seeing as it came from Foo s oldest tree, that could produce metal at will So, I just pretended the blade was forged by hope.In the fifth and final Leven Thumps book, the Dearth is whole and angry The passage to Real [...]

    19. Brad on said:

      This was a pretty good ending to the series Another fairly abrupt ending that I would have liked to have seen fleshed out a little better, but I was still pleased with the story The best part was Leven s mini quest on Alder, and Ezra is still one of my favorite characters I think this series would be a lot of fun to read with a child, and the chapter sizes would be fairly conducive to that.Rating PG, for some intense PG action sequences and a semi scary bad guy SPOILERS AHEAD So what was Alder r [...]

    20. Charles Noyes on said:

      I have read every book in this series and I have liked most of them But lately, the last few books have gotten very repetitive and boring I wanted to like this one but after reading it, I don t think I m going to read the next book in the series if it comes out The series has reached it s low point and I don t know if it can return None of the problems with the last few books have been addressed in this one He doesn t introduce any new characters, their backgrounds are never explained and the wh [...]

    21. Frank on said:

      This picks up right where the other left off with the same author intrusiveness In fact the whole last chapter was all about the author and his travels relating to Fu etc The ending was okay It was a little flat after a stretched climax but it was still good The author did provide closure on everything In some cases he skipped how they got there but still it was okay.As a summary to the whole series writing style kept getting in my way The story was pretty good The evil was drawn out a little to [...]

    22. Renetta DeBoer on said:

      I ve waited a whole year for the last book and nothing has happened in the beginning Leven s gifts start to kick in Is there any good in Azure I don t think so I don t believe he s changed even after the Dearth released his hold and nearly killed him He still believes in meshing Food with Reality Some Lithen he was or is according to him I feel like everything is all happening at once I can t believe Leven is wandering around Alder while the World is in turmoil because of the Dearth As I read, I [...]

    23. Steve on said:

      this was one of the best books I have read a long time When I first started reading this book I was kind of mad that the author had separated Leven from Geth and winter but in the end it turned out to be for the better One of the things in this book that I didn t really like is that Levin didn t get to use all of the gifts that he should of got to use At the end of the book the author could of been a little descriptive about what actually happened after Levin chopped down the oldest tree One of [...]

    24. Greg on said:

      This was sort of a disappointing ending to a mediocre series The writing was quite confusing in parts and the end was less than spectacular.It s an engaging series, but not necessarily because it s good or well written.I have a slight pet peeve with this writer for two reasons 1 I find it annoying that he says things like I don t know why I was lucky enough to be able to tell the tale Or why I was picked to know Leven and Winter and Geth and Clover It s just a personal thing it bugs me when auth [...]

    25. Cutiebear on said:

      Wow I am going to review the whole series here My nine year old read these first and she went through them fast so I thought I would give it a try With a name like Leven Thumps I was expecting something along the Junie B Jones mentality I was very surprised The story was amazing and I laughed out loud several times The author has a great way to make a point, for example If you remember correctly Leven was blah blah blah If you don t remember correctly Winter had just given Leven a sweater that m [...]

    26. Brianna L. on said:

      Leven Thumps and the Ruins of AlderObert SkyeFiction Adventure Leven s, Winter s, Geth s and Clover s tale comes to and end The Dearth is still trying to reach reality Winter and her Sycophant are finally reunited and are rushing to save their land Ezra and Dennis spread the word that Foo is coming and Ezra and Geth finally meet each other or, or less, the other part if themselves Also, Leven even gets to meet his father This book holds much drama and much reuniting between comrades and family. [...]

    27. Sarah on said:

      A very good ending to a wonderful series Mr Skye is excellent at building suspense in a subtle way I was, overall, sastified with the whole book Geth, wise as always, Winter, stubborn as always, Ezra, confused and angry as always, and, of course, who could forget Clover, as funny and cute as always At first you get a little bored of the many chapters written just for the purpose of illustrating that Reality is falling apart Then you realize how much suspence is building in these chapters, and yo [...]

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