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As You Wish

As You Wish By Jackson Pearce As You Wish Ever since Viola s boyfriend broke up with her she has spent her days silently wishing to have someone love her again and importantly to belong again until one day she inadvertently summons a young

  • Title: As You Wish
  • Author: Jackson Pearce
  • ISBN: 9780061661525
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Hardcover
  • As You Wish By Jackson Pearce Ever since Viola s boyfriend broke up with her, she has spent her days silently wishing to have someone love her again and, importantly, to belong again until one day she inadvertently summons a young genie out of his world and into her own He will remain until she makes three wishes.Jinn is anxious to return home, but Viola is terrified of wishing, afraid she will nEver since Viola s boyfriend broke up with her, she has spent her days silently wishing to have someone love her again and, importantly, to belong again until one day she inadvertently summons a young genie out of his world and into her own He will remain until she makes three wishes.Jinn is anxious to return home, but Viola is terrified of wishing, afraid she will not wish for the right thing, the thing that will make her truly happy As the two spend time together, the lines between master and servant begin to blur, and soon Jinn can t deny that he s falling for Viola But it s only after Viola makes her first wish that she realizes she s in love with Jinn as well and that if she wishes twice , he will disappear from her life and her world forever.Jackson Pearce spins a magical tale about star crossed lovers, what it means to belong and how important it is to be careful what you wish for.
    As You Wish By Jackson Pearce

    As you wish Idioms by The Free Dictionary just as you wish formal, especially British English I will do what you want I will agree with your decision We can meet at my house or yours, as you wish. As You Wish Inconceivable Tales from the As You Wish is thoughtfully and seamlessly compiled , New Orleans Living Magazine The movie The Princess Bride achieved a certain cinematic magic, which Elwes Westley captures in his warm and As You Wish Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The As You Wish is told in a chatty, anecdotal style, and is unremittingly positive in tone no dirty laundry being a It includes frequent sidebar comments from many of the other actors, the director, Rob As You Wish A Summerhouse Novel Deveraux, Jude A heartfelt, magical tale, As You Wish is a shining example of Jude Deveraux s enchanting storytelling that will charm longtime fans and delight a new generation of readers The Book Review Book recommendations, author interviews, editors picks, and Read it now Enter your mobile number or email address below and we ll send you As You Wish Sedoti, Chelsea AS YOU WISH is smart and insightful and makes you think, but also ends in a hopeful way that will leave a smile on your face Read One person found this helpful Helpful Comment Report abuse. As You Wish by Chelsea Sedoti As You Wish is set in a small, middle of nowhere town called Madison, where nothing ever happens except for that everyone, on their eighteenth birthday, gets to make one wish, and one wish only And everyone always regrets their wish Eldon s eighteenth birthday is coming up, and so is his wish.

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      245 Jackson Pearce

    One thought on “As You Wish

    1. Steph (Reviewer X) on said:

      I justwhat the FUCK were they thinking when they designed the cover It seems to go from bad to worse in its progression from ARC to real book, frankly.

    2. Kristi on said:

      I ve admired Jackson as a writer before I even read her novel And now that I ve actually read one of her novels, the admiration continues She s a genius Funny, off the wall, talented writer I loved Viola I saw so much of myself in her, it was scary Remembering how it feels to be absolutely invisible, and not even being able to see yourself clearly Very real teen characters, dealing with even realistic situations, you know, despite the whole magical aspect As You Wish is a light and fun read, bu [...]

    3. Michelle on said:

      With well developed characters and a unique, seamlessly written plot, Pearce lends weight to what could be, in less deft hands, a chick lit cliche Instead, As You Wish is a quick, enchanting read with unexpected depth and subtle but important messages about identity, self respect, and what it means to really belong A fantastic book for avid and reluctant readers alike

    4. oliviasbooks on said:

      Reviewed on the first day of Christmas 2009 The year is almost over and, frankly, I did not expect to stumble across another perfect book I believed my quota was full Well, what is Christmas for, if not for miracles As You Wish is my kind of teenage urban fantasy love story, Jinn is my kind of supernatural hero I would have wished for him to stay as well, if I were sixteen and Viola is the best kind of heroine kind and funny with flaws.The story is told in turns by Viola and Jinn, who actually d [...]

    5. Hilda on said:

      Viola Cohen wants to feel like she belongs to something bigger, someone special, someplace amazing Ever since her boyfriend Lawrence broke up with her and announced that he s a gay, she never feels the same any She s the Invisible Girl, the kind of girl who has a handful of close friends and many acquaintances, but doesn t belong to anything And now, she s just sad all the time.He s a genie who comes to grant Viola s wish He s good in genie standard never breaks out rules, never gets too attache [...]

    6. Nic on said:

      Loved it When I bought this book, I just expected a sweet and fun read which it was but it also had alot of heart It was not only a story about love but also about belonging and self image It is an effortless read that I didn t want to put down I love the dual narration, allowing us to get to know both characters thoughts and feelings as they developed a friendship which then grew into love Viola is a likeable and realistic character, feeling broken and invisible Watching her grow and become co [...]

    7. Yan on said:

      Wow It just seems that in the short of a few days I ve uncovered a lost treasure trove of books As You Wish was sweet but with a touch of sadness Viola goes through a breakup with a best friend since childhood because, you guessed it, he s gay It seems that all the good man are always gay, taken, or, you know, mythical She goes through a change that leaves her sad, but just lonely She can t find her place where she belongs, giving herself the nickname Invisible Girl Sure everyone s nice to her b [...]

    8. Rebekah on said:

      TThe story was captivating and completely original The writing was humorous in some areas and deep in others It s on of the most perfect light reads ever I wanted to read it again once I finished I recommend this book for anyone.

    9. Margaret Stohl on said:

      I read Jackson Pearce s AS YOU WISH back to back with Malinda Lo s ASH, and I m going to write about what an interesting experience that was when we review the books at length next week on the Beautiful Creatures site Quickly, though, it s amazing how smart and how different and how completely excellent two talented twists on loosely the same genre can be More on that to come Jackson Pearce is a lightning fast genius, funny, slick, who puts very real teen characters in the midst of a rollicking [...]

    10. Alyssa on said:

      Viola s story was one I ve heard much about I ve never read genies before but loved Aladdin and was curious enough to finally pick AYW up I can t say I m regretting my decision, but I do have a few qualms.I m not sure why this was rated YA lit In all honesty, Viola, despite being a teenager on the brink of adulthood, just seemed plain and a little young for her age Her quest for belonging was, although one every teenager struggles, a little immature That being said, I don t know anybody who s be [...]

    11. Ana Palitroche on said:

      Tres deseos S , al parecer he salido de mi mala racha de lecturas con este librito que me prestaron Pues simplemente es bonico As no m s Qu bueno que me decid a leerlo Vale, que ya les digo las razones Si pudiera descubrir porqu se encasillan, podr a averiguar por qu yo no lo hago, por qu me he convertido en una chica invisible El tipo de chica que tiene unos cuantos amigos y un mont n de conocidos, pero no pertenece a nada en concreto Supongo que ser invisible es mejor que fingir formar parte d [...]

    12. thebookblogger on said:

      I was blown away Seriously Jackson Pearce has written an amazing debut novel I m already a fan The story is new, original, surpring, and shocking I read it in one sitting.The story is told from both of the main characters points of views, Viola and Jinn, so you get an understanding of the differences between their worlds and thoughts Most of my favorite novels are with alternating views It s amazing to watch their relationship grow from both sides and to watch as their hidden longing for one ano [...]

    13. ~Tina~ on said:

      Entertaining, Amusing, Heart Warming, Brilliant Perfect I can t believe how much I absolutely love this book It has this over whelming, amazing, ear to ear goofy grin, feel that just makes you want to curl up and read it all over again This was just suppose to be a random book I picked up, a chaser, to take a break from my paranormal shots But this was so much As You Wish is a beautiful story that makes you think about what really defines the real you It takes you on a journey of self discovery [...]

    14. Nomes on said:

      I was so pleasantly surprised by this one I got it for a light, relaxing read and therefore was not expecting something of such high quality The writing was flawless with crisp, lovely prose The characters were all nuanced and 3D and flawed and likeable Pearce shows so well all their struggles and aches and feelings without ever once stepping into clich d territory.The romance was not an over the top paranormal love but a lovely tingly crush and blooming love The world building was flawless it r [...]

    15. Estefanía Álvarez on said:

      3.5 5 la verdad es que me ha sorprendido jeje es un poco simple, pero es bonito.

    16. Lid on said:

      Rese a en el blog librosdelcieloHac a mucho tiempo que ten a apuntado este libro y al fin me decid a leerlo sin ir con grandes expectativas, m s que nada porque no me acordaba ni por qu quer a leerlo Nada m s empezarlo me gust ,la protagonista era una chica que se jactaba de no querer pedir deseos y ser auto suficiente acordaos de eso Por otro lado Genio le daba un toque m gico y distinto a la historia Esto hac a que todo fuera bastante ameno y ligero.As que podemos decir que empez bien La histo [...]

    17. La Coneja de Papel on said:

      Me apetec a algo totalmente distinto a lo que suelo leer y, la verdad, me ha gustado mucho m s de lo que me esperaba No acostumbro a dar puntuaciones altas a los chick lit, pero este casi llega al 3 5 5 Tres deseos es la historia de Viola, una chica invisible y desesperada por encontrar su lugar en el mundo, y Genio, un chico desesperado por cumplir sus tres deseos y largarse de vuelta a Caliban, su mundo invisible Es un giro original al tradicional no podemos estar juntos porque somos de mundos [...]

    18. Tina (Fantastic Book Review) on said:

      Have you ever wanted something so bad What if all of a sudden you had 3 wishes to grant your heart s desire Viola has been granted 3 wishes by a genie called Jinn and all she s ever wanted was to belong Viola soon finds herself spending a lot of time with Jinn which consequently develop into something than friendship With only 2 wishes left, Viola has to decide what she s willing to do to keep Jinn in her life.Jackson Pearce s As You Wish is a delightfully fun story where wishes do come true by [...]

    19. Kate on said:

      I had high hopes for As You Wish and I can safely say that Jackson Pearce did not disappoint As You Wish is told in alternating chapters between Viola and Jinn Jinn by the way is the name Viola calls him but he is really a jinn and has no name Jackson Pearce kept me hooked onto As You Wish from the first page Viola has this fresh honest voice which I love Her thoughts and feelings were evident and heartfelt Reading the book in Jinn s POV gave me a good idea on how he was feeling and his intentio [...]

    20. Lamia on said:

      Okay, so you may think the synopsis looks ridiculous You may be right But the delivery was surprisingly well done I mean, don t get me wrong, this isn t a deep, insightful read with a progressive build up of the main protagonists relationship But the narrator was relatable and actually learned from her mistakes, and I liked her relationship with Jinn It was all super cute and adorable, if a bit rushed but like I said, the tone is deliberately light so depth is not what you re looking for here I [...]

    21. Parajunkee on said:

      Surprise That was the general feeling once I got hooked in this book Bad PJ judged this book by it s cover and the silly little synopsis on the jacketbut what was I supposed to do Both the cover and synopsis screamed candy coated teen chick lit As You Wish while giving the impression of a shallow, quick little read, was anything but Well, yes, it was quick, but I wouldn t call it shallow As You Wish is a very poignant tale of a young girl struggling with her social standing and her self image Sh [...]

    22. Tammie on said:

      I loved the message of happiness and feeling whole coming from within oneself and not from external influences that was found in As You Wish The romance was sweet and I got the sense that Jinn really did love Viola I liked the way he just held her in his arms, instead of rushing into passionate kissing The one part where Viola tells Jinn, who doesn t sleep, that he can stay but that he can t watch her sleep all night, because that would be weird, really cracked me up and made me think of Twiligh [...]

    23. Jessica on said:

      Rating clarification 3.5 starsA very cute but slightly clich d YA love story.I don t have much to say about this one but if you re looking for a funny, sweet and light read, a cute romance that will make you smile and go aaaw, then this is the book for you A perfect pastime for rainy days.

    24. Jessica Dillon on said:

      MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE ROMANCE STORY Thats all I need to say Except maybe, I LOVE JINN HAHA

    25. TheBlueBookworm at on said:

      Full Review Picture taken by yours trulyThe book s plot is relatively simple Girl meets Jinn, Jinn has to grant her three wishes and then POOF, disappear forever Things start to get complicated when both of them starting falling for each other and realize that it s impossible for them to actually be together because the minute she makes that last wish, he ll disappear forever and she ll lose any memory of him that she had.This book was a quick light read That s all Nothing and nothing less Thou [...]

    26. Amelie on said:

      Viola ist totungl cklich seit ihr Exfreund, den sie sehr geliebt hat, sich geoutet und mit ihr Schluss gemacht hat Besonders schwer ist das, da dieser Exfreund auch ihr bester Freund ist und sie ihre Gef hle nicht einfach abstellen kann Als sie dann auch noch einen Dschinn heraufbeschw rt, wei sie nicht so recht, was sie mit ihren drei W nschen anfangen soll.Drei W nsche hast du frei ist eine wirklich tolle Fantasy Geschichte f r all die Leute, die mal was zwischendurch lesen wollen Der Hauptcha [...]

    27. Steph Su on said:

      Sounds like the synopsis for the next Disney movie, right Maybe but it s one that would appeal to both the children AND the parents AS YOU WISH took me by surprise with its sincere charm, lighthearted humor, and the best kind of romance.The development of Viola and Jinn s from master genie to romantic love was extraordinarily well done It was subtle and likable, like a romantic comedy movie unfolding before your eyes, except in words It seemed completely natural for them to start off wary of one [...]

    28. Rain Misoa on said:

      I am very disappointed with this book First let me say that I love Jackson Pearce as a person I watch her YouTube videos all the time and I think she s hilarious I ve always meant to read her books ever since I ve heard of her Unfortunately, this book doesn t do it for me It s like every other YA novel out there except with genies The story was mediocre and I didn t really care for the characters Especially Viola Oh my God, was she annoying She did nothing but complained about how lonely she is [...]

    29. Abby Johnson on said:

      When Viola s best friend and boyfriend came out to her and they broke up, she felt like she would never be whole again All she wished for was to stop being Invisible Girl and find the group where she fit in But when a genie arrives to grant her three wishes, Viola can t decide what will make her happy And the longer she puts off wishing, the she grows to like Jinn But she has to wish eventually and when she does, Jinn will leave her world forever.I was really afraid that my expectations would b [...]

    30. Gabriela Tate ♡ on said:

      Lei este libro hace mucho tiempo y no lo tenia marcado en Porque ni idea.El punto es que la protagonista no me gusto nada.Genio si me gusto mas como personaje, a el no le gustaba estar en la tierra porque envejecia y eso le dio algo a la historia.Pasa algo como que mega magico al final Y bueno el libro es bueno, si quieres pasar el rato, este es tu libro.Si le pongo dos estrellas, es porque el libro no es nada memorable, los personajes no te dejan huella, y no me deja un valor sentimental ni nad [...]

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