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Succubus Shadows

Succubus Shadows By Richelle Mead Succubus Shadows Georgina Kincaid has formidable powers Immortality seduction shape shifting into any human form she desires walking in heels that would cripple mere mortals all child s play to a succubus like her

  • Title: Succubus Shadows
  • Author: Richelle Mead
  • ISBN: 9780758232007
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback
  • Succubus Shadows By Richelle Mead Georgina Kincaid has formidable powers Immortality, seduction, shape shifting into any human form she desires, walking in heels that would cripple mere mortals all child s play to a succubus like her.Helping to plan her ex boyfriend s wedding is a different story Georgina isn t sure which is worse that Seth is marrying another woman, or that Georgina has to run allGeorgina Kincaid has formidable powers Immortality, seduction, shape shifting into any human form she desires, walking in heels that would cripple mere mortals all child s play to a succubus like her.Helping to plan her ex boyfriend s wedding is a different story Georgina isn t sure which is worse that Seth is marrying another woman, or that Georgina has to run all over Seattle trying on bridesmaid dresses Still, there are distractions Georgina s roommate, Roman, is cluttering her apartment with sexual tension Then there s Simone, the new succubus in town, who s intent on corrupting Seth.But the real danger lies in the mysterious force that s visiting her thoughts, trying to draw her into a dark, otherworldly realm Sooner or later, Georgina knows she ll be too weak to resist And when that happens, she ll discover who she can trust, who she can t and that Hell is far from the worst place to spend eternity
    Succubus Shadows By Richelle Mead

    Succubus Shadows Georgina Kincaid, by Richelle Mead Succubus Shadows is, I think, my least favorite Georgina Kincaid book to date It s not really bad, but compared to previous installments it is rather dull, it is not a supernatural mystery, as previous installments were, but supernatural chick lit melodrama Georgina is depressed and down most of Succubus Shadows Richelle Mead Succubus Shadows is full of unexpected twists from beginning to end, setting the series up for the final book In the last book, Georgie loses her humanity for a short time, which gave her the ability if the situation would arise to sleep with whomever she wanted without any energy loss. Succubus Shadows Urban Fantasy Georgina Mar , Succubus Shadows is the fifth book in the Georgina Kincaid series by Richelle Mead, who also writes my favourite series, Vampire Academy, and another great adult UF series, Dark Swan I loved the first three books in this series, but the previous one, Succubus Heat, just felt a little off to me. Richelle Mead Succubus Shadows Succubus Shadows By Richelle Mead Paperback Paperback Barnes Noble Wal Mart Books A Million IndieBound Powell s Target Bookshop Georgina Kincaid has formidable powers Immortality, seduction, shape shifting into any human form she desires, walking in heels that would cripple mere mortals all child s play to a succubus like her.

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      447 Richelle Mead

    One thought on “Succubus Shadows

    1. ~Poppy~ on said:

      And when I was there and Erik sent me wherever he did, I felt well, it was beyond anything I d experienced At first, I was so confused and disoriented I didn t get what they were saying about finding you It seemed surreal Then, it was the easiest thing in the world I just looked for you, and there you were.In all that space and all that chaos, reaching you was like looking into myself We were so close it defied physics and every rule of nature I knew It didn t seem real that I could be together [...]

    2. Lindsey Rey on said:


    3. The Flooze on said:

      Georgina Kincaid might be the most emotionally draining character I ve ever encountered In Succubus Shadows she s perpetually depressed consumed with mourning her lost relationship Not a page goes by without her lamenting the could ve beens It s all too much All right already, Georgina You re sad You re aching You re oh so torn over your special wuv and forevah connection You re also dim witted and a glutton for punishment so I have to admit, I m having a very hard time feeling sorry for you Mos [...]

    4. Leah on said:

      Georgina Kincaid is Seattle s resident succubus, and her life has been going from bad to worse lately At this point in time, she is faced with the marriage of her best friend to the man she loves, and an eerie siren song is calling to Georgina, begging her to come into it Also, amid these disasters, Georgina is still getting used to everyday life with her new roommate, Jerome s sociopathic, nephilim son, Roman On top of that, a visiting succubus, Simone, is in town and doing everything she can t [...]

    5. Narnies on said:

      Dear Miss Mead,If I d purchased the paper back instead of the ebook I would have burnt it I ve never encountered such a dimwitted main character before I fear I have now developed Tourrettes.God Damn.

    6. Tatiana on said:

      Succubus Shadows is, I think, my least favorite Georgina Kincaid book to date It s not really bad, but compared to previous installments it is rather dull, it is not a supernatural mystery, as previous installments were, but supernatural chick lit melodrama.Georgina is depressed and down most of the time She is compelled to help Maddie to plan her wedding with Seth, the man she loves On top of it, a new visiting succubus in town is trying to seduce Seth and taint his soul even Even her surprisi [...]

    7. LMM on said:

      This book just about killed me It s brilliant I felt like this book was almost one big crescendo I cannot even believe we have to wait another year GAH I am going to talk a bit about it below and I won t give spoilers However you may not want to read b c I may hype it too much for you then set your expectations too high Although I think that s near impossible b c if you re in love with this series, then it should just be another gold star but still.fair warned is forearmed.Mead pulled off anothe [...]

    8. Amelia on said:

      Big gusty sigh SPOILERS AHEADSeriously This book was boring Not only did Georgina whine and pine throughout the entire thing, she didn t really have anything else to focus on other than Seth Even when she was in the dream realm with the wonder twins she kept dreaming of Seth or her past which ties into Seth So basically the book was really about her feelings for Seth Even the business with the contract is about Seth Seth, Seth, Seth, Seth, Seth.Also, I love how Roman has somehow become castrated [...]

    9. Shannon on said:

      Hmm was it as good as I was hoping Not quite I almost want to give this one 3 stars but I can t bring myself to do so because there were enough really good parts for me to feel justified with the 4 I think a lot of people are going to be angry and happy with this one, and then there s people like me in the middle I don t dislike Seth or Roman so I ll probably be happy with whomever she chooses, but I really just wish she d choose already With this installment in Georgina s woeful tale we do fina [...]

    10. Heather on said:

      Having been brutally let down by Mead s Vampire Academy series, I was afraid to read this installment of Succubus I still loved Georgia, though there was no love lost for Seth He could have died in this installment for all I cared, though I knew he would not But as Mead has so willingly proven, she isn t afraid to destroy her characters in order to add length to her series, and just as I feared, she butchered Georgia.This story was BORNING Granted I gave it three stars, because even a boring boo [...]

    11. Kim on said:

      Warning This review will sound corny because I can t write reviews for books I like, so it s even worse when it s about a book I loved.I want to thank all my Corner friends around here who keep nudging me into the direction of the right books.These books are really something I m sorry, it sounds stupid, because how can a series about a Succubus living in Seattle be the best thing you ve read in the past 10 years It sounds crazy, I know, but it s still true I ve spent the past 2 weeks obsessing a [...]

    12. Ash Wednesday on said:

      02.04.14THE EMOTIONAL TORTURE CONTINUES WITH BAILEY, TANDIE AND ROBIN Seth s favorite cake flavor.Jerome s real name.The joys of Pictionary.This is not baseball.Crying is encouraged Miracles are real, Georgina You ve just got to lift yourself out of the muck to make them You ve got to take the chance Yes, I was definitely getting a cigarette after this Carter probably had one on him I gave him as much of a smile as I could muster Easy for you to say Can you make miracles I try, he said I try Wil [...]

    13. Penny on said:

      Reading it again in preparation for the sixth book Observations this time around Georgina is a major hypocrite and not nearly as likeable as I remember her to be Also, Richelle Mead needs to figure out how to write a less selfish character Rose Hathaway Georgina Kinkaide Also, I sort of hope Seth dies Actually, I don t sort of hope it I totally hope he dies I hate Richelle Mead for writing a such a despicable set of lovers Richelle Mead is a very talented writer Her books have solid characters, [...]

    14. Pickles on said:

      As I finished this book, I think my main feeling was total apathy Aside from a few parts, I thought it was capital B boring I read all of the scenes while Georgina was trapped in the dream world and I just didn t care about any of it The end was a little bit better, but not good enough for me to give this any than 3 starsd it might actually be like 2 1 2 I d definitely say it was my least favorite in the series to date.I think a BIG part of my issue with this book is that I really can t stand [...]

    15. Deborah Obida on said:

      This is my favourite in the series, not only because Roman is in this but because there is action here, lots of things are happening apart her relationship with Seth which really annoyed me in the previous book.I love the writing so mush, written in the first person POV of Georgina the MC as always,The character development is one of this things I love so much about this series, its so great and the plot is also amazing Georgina s being stalked, declared Roman Georgina s always being stalked J [...]

    16. Laura Lulu on said:

      SPOILERS AHEAD Honestly, this book was going to get 4 stars from me up until the very end although I put off reading it for awhile, completely sick of Georgina s woe is me schtick and her annoying infatuation with schlubby Seth But, and maybe it was because I wasn t expecting anything from it, it was a fast, entertaining read, and I was fully prepared to give it 4 stars Until the end Ugh Circlesrclesrcles shit You re just figuring this crap out, 1700 years later Solet me see if I have this right [...]

    17. Gloria Mundi on said:

      After five books, I find that I no longer like or have any sympathy for either the heroine or the hero and cannot face the thought of another book full of sickly sweet soliloquys about how lovely and wonderful Seth is and how cute he looks in his quirky t shirts with his messy hair, which one might expect from a love sick pimply teenager but not from a millenia old denizen of hell, for crying out loud In fact, I could barely drag myself through this last instalment, skipping whole chunks and pag [...]

    18. Christy LoveOfBooks on said:

      I am seriously loving the audio for this series Elisabeth Rodgers is rocking the hell out of the narration She really does deserve a huge amount of credit for pulling me into the story so deeply I just miss having the ability to highlight, because believe me, there would be a lot of it.The plot thickens Some crazy stuff goes down as we head into the homestretch of the series This book doesn t have as many different storylines going on at once, but there s still so much that happens Everything is [...]

    19. Stacia (the 2010 club) on said:

      So it appears that people are giving this book either a just good or very excellent rating based on where they fall in regards to the Georgie and Seth situation or lack thereoft going to spoiler one way or the other I didn t realize people were so passionate about the whole dilemma, hah I wavered again between the 4 and 5 stars, but had to bump it up this time because I thoroughly enjoyed the whole book If you ve read it, then you will know where I stand on the Georgie Seth issue.It s been fun t [...]

    20. Nic on said:

      Richelle Mead is one of my favourite authors and this book did not disappoint This book had it all It was witty, humorous, had a great love story, action and twists and turns.The writing in this book is fast paced so I easily read this within 24 hours The character are well written and I love Georgina even in this book I found I liked Seth as well than I have in the last couple which is good because I think he is going to play a major part in Georgina getting her happily ever after ending Thei [...]

    21. Anna on said:

      I bloody love Richelle Mead I love her because her books are as descriptive as hell and all her heroines are girl I would like to be in their place hmmmm probably NOT or being their best friend hmmm apparently not again anyway, I love them all I also think that my favourite one is Georgina I think I love her than Rose Things were hard for her in the last books, but there is some sunlight in the horizon or do I think so Is Seth the one we are tend to believe he is Oh My God if he is

    22. Yvenande on said:

      Solid 4 StarsPreviously on One Life to Live uh One Soul to Steal A.K.A The Georgina Kincaid Series.Georgina lost her succubus powers and had an affair with Seth, betraying his girlfriend Maddie who is still the most oblivious idiot I have ever seen, but I digress.They break up again because what they did was wrong duh.Seth overcompensates for his guilt and proposes to Maddie craaaap, overkill much, dude.However, because of his guilt, he now has a blight on his soul meaning that when he dies, he [...]

    23. Shera (Book Whispers) on said:

      Thoughts Is it me, or does Georgina get whiter and whiter with these covers No, I m not talking pale White As in clown white Scratch that, this is mime white, I feel like she s going to put her hands up to imaginary glass and do that creepy thing mimes do.The covers may be degenerating over time, but Succubus Shadows picked up nicely from the last one After the affair, I wasn t sure how Mead would make me get sucked back in She did though, and this is the big turning point in the series That s r [...]

    24. valee on said:

      This book was freaking awesome I loved it Couldn t put it down, not for a single second.I must say again that the world Richelle Mead has created is different from everything out there, so original I know it s weird but I think that what makes this series so amazing is Georgina I just love to see a sex demon so concern about doing good to others and having so much happening to her I love that the most moral person in the series is the one who shouldn t be I think Georgina is one of the most inte [...]

    25. Mel on said:

      When I started out reading this series I really loved Georgina I m not quite sure how I feel about her now Because eventhough Georgina seems very altruistic and angelic for a hellish creature, she is actually quite self centered It s all about her Always Plus, she s got the Rachel Morgan woe is me, but in the mean time I m the hottest thing on earth vibe going on Mead has a way of making her characters seem ir re sis ti ble to everyone Same with Eugenie from Thorn Queen Everybody loves and adore [...]

    26. Kat Kennedy on said:

      I really enjoy this series Really My only complaint would be that the mysteries are just to easy Now I m not saying it s not cleverly thought out or poorly planned Usually they re actually quite clever plot twists actually.It s the way the clues are presented that is the let down Everytime one appears, Richelle mead erects a twenty foot flashing neon sign stating CLUE It makes it easy to piece things together when you know what s important This book is the same as the others Well written, easy t [...]

    27. Andreea Ilie on said:

      ncepem s ne apropiem de final, iar blestemele i nenorocirile par s se lege doar de Georgina Nimeni altcineva nu este b ntuit de for e paranormale sau de situa ii romantice aduc toare de nefericire Doar ea are mereu de suferit i de dezlegat misterele din jurul acestor amenin ri ns nu i de data asta Acum, de i tot ea are de suferit, prietenii ei sunt nevoi i s lupte pentru a o readuce napoi din lumea viselor.Hot r i s se r zbune pentru c mama lor Nyx a fost prins din nou, de data asta din cauza Ge [...]

    28. Brandi Kosiner (Brandi Breathes Books) on said:

      I have been thoroughly enjoying this series and am really thankful that all of the books are already released and I ve had a nice little gap in my reading schedule where I have been able to fit these in and just read and read and read I love Georgina our main character She is feisty and confident and oh yes she s a succubus While she is an employee of Hell basically she has a way of really just bringing up the people around her and even though she needs to steal life energy during sex in order t [...]

    29. Robin (Bridge Four) on said:

      Re Read Buddy Read with Ash Wednesday, Bailey and TandieWarning Spoilers Ahead sorry I just can t help myself on this one Because Carter moves in mysterious ways, said Hugh Hard drinking, hard smoking mysterious ways That s my Pictionary playing, Christmas Tree burning down, granola bar stealing angel Carter is the best I like some of the other characters in the series but Carter is the go to guy for all thing omnipotent Sure he can t interfere but that doesn t mean he isn t there with clues and [...]

    30. Elena R a.k.a. Lunies R on said:

      My very First Spoiler,but I have lots of frustrations.So I m making up for not writing anything for the rest of this series WHAT HAPPENED I m at total lost for words At first I thought the first 2 novels were okay.I got to learn love a few characters Like right off hand,I feel in love with Carter Hugh What s not to love about them It would have been nice for Carter to have a forbidden love romance,and Hugh to find a special someone.That was a little disappointing,outta all people cute little Cod [...]

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