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Treasure at the Heart of the Tanglewood

Treasure at the Heart of the Tanglewood By Meredith Ann Pierce Treasure at the Heart of the Tanglewood First she is Brown Hannah a drab healer living in the enchanted Tanglewood Then when she challenges the magician who holds her captive she becomes Green Hannah Next she is Golden Hannah traveling

  • Title: Treasure at the Heart of the Tanglewood
  • Author: Meredith Ann Pierce
  • ISBN: 9780142500132
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback
  • Treasure at the Heart of the Tanglewood By Meredith Ann Pierce First she is Brown Hannah, a drab healer living in the enchanted Tanglewood Then, when she challenges the magician who holds her captive, she becomes Green Hannah Next, she is Golden Hannah traveling through the land, with talking animals and birds by her side And, finally, Russet Hannah, when she makes the long journey back to where she first grew, and learns her trueFirst she is Brown Hannah, a drab healer living in the enchanted Tanglewood Then, when she challenges the magician who holds her captive, she becomes Green Hannah Next, she is Golden Hannah traveling through the land, with talking animals and birds by her side And, finally, Russet Hannah, when she makes the long journey back to where she first grew, and learns her true story This eagerly anticipated novel, Meredith Ann Pierce s first in five years, is well worth the wait.
    Treasure at the Heart of the Tanglewood By Meredith Ann Pierce

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    • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Treasure at the Heart of the Tanglewood : by Meredith Ann Pierce
      383 Meredith Ann Pierce

    One thought on “Treasure at the Heart of the Tanglewood

    1. Sarah on said:

      Hannah lives in a little cottage deep in the Tanglewood with her animal friends As far as she knows she has always been here She sees families when she goes to the village to trade her medicines for food, but she can t remember ever being part of a family herself All the companionship she needs is the dear little creatures who live and converse with her Then there s her monthly appointment, which she always finds disagreeable The Sorcerer, who lives in another part of the wood, demands an audien [...]

    2. Rachel Brown on said:

      An ageless girl named Brown Hannah speaks to wild animals, but neithershe nor they can remember anything of their past She lives inTanglewood, in thrall to a wizard who forces her to pluck the flowersthat bloom in her hair and brew them into a tea that he drinks toincrease his powers When she falls in love with one of the manyenchanted knights who come questing to Tanglewood, she defies thewizard and goes on a quest seek out the mystery of his past But asshe changes with the seasons and the barr [...]

    3. Ronda on said:

      Summary Hannah is a healer in search of her identity and place in the world after she defies the wizard she has served for years than she knows and sets out with her animal companions to locate the faraway queen who might be able to save the life of the injured young prince who has come to fight the fierce golden boar.Booktalk Hannah is a gifted young healer who lives at the edge of a deep, dark wood known as Tanglewood She has no human friends, no memory or her past, nor any idea as to why flo [...]

    4. Lynn on said:

      Today s post is on Treasure at the Heart of the Tanglewood by Meredith Ann Pierce It is a stand alone novel and is 241 pages long It is published by Viking The intended reader is young adult but anyone who has read Pierce s other works will enjoy this one and if you have never read her before this is a good starting place The cover has a curtain that is the night sky pulled to the side with a young girl looking at the reader and flowers are growing out of her hair There is no language, no sex an [...]

    5. Corinne on said:

      Instead of the usual review, this time I will be doing an interview with the main character of the book, named Brown Hannah Brown Hannah, tell me about yourself.Brown Hannah Well, I live on the borders of the Tanglewood alone, except for my animal companions The Tanglewood, huh I ve heard around the village that the Tanglewood is sorta creepy Brown Hannah Not to me I ve lived my life amongst the trees and while I get the sense that people from the village are wary of me and my ability to heal an [...]

    6. Margaret on said:

      Brown Hannah is a mysterious girl who lives with her animal friends in the Tanglewood in her hair grow leaves and flowers, and she helps the people of a nearby village with herbs and charms When she meets a knight in search of the fabled treasure of the Tanglewood and challenges the enigmatic wizard who lives at the heart of the wood, she decides to leave the wood in search of her true identity Treasure at the Heart of the Tanglewood is as beautifully written as Pierce s other books, but lacks a [...]

    7. Stephanie on said:

      What an interesting book It reads very much like a myth along the lines of Lewis Till We Have Faces, though it s nothing like that story One of the reviews quoted on the back cover of Enchantress of the Stars calls says that book is akin to The Faerie Queen This title felt something like that like it should be connected to some myth or tale though, as far as I can tell, it s Pierce s own creation How clever she is to be able to lend her story that ancient feel Still, it can be argued that every [...]

    8. Pkelsay on said:

      The plot is predictable, which is alright, but the language is frustrating It s as if the author or editor decided that no adjective could be repeated in the entire novel Just because I know fifteen synonyms for yellow doesn t mean I really want to see them all in a five page span The dialogue also uses a faux archaic version of English that is contrived as well The goal of the author to create a dream like story is counteracted strongly by the problems with the language in dialogue and descript [...]

    9. Eskana on said:

      The Good I LOVED the descriptions of the seasons passing the Spring Girl Summer Damsel etc mythology was great and I loved the mystery that coiled at the beginning of hte story I can t say I enjoyed the characters too much, but they were fine, and the descriptions of the flowers, plants, colors, and the seasonal effects powers were just so great What can I say The Bad I did love the descriptions, but the plot after the beginning part was a bit weak It stayed a bit weak, and then the ending was j [...]

    10. Bookbuyer on said:

      This was an interesting if short book Typically I don t read standalones and this one didn t really change my mind about that.I found the ending to be a tab abrupt and left me wanting a second book.I did however love Hannah and loved the magic and folklore of this book The badger, magpie and foxes were really cute They were good friends to Hannah.I loved hearing about her hair and gown changing I just wish the humans didn t fear her.I m really hoping the wizard is hunted and killed by those poor [...]

    11. Julie on said:

      The book started out strong, but I didn t really care for second half at all I feel like a few of Meredith Ann Pierce s books start with good ideas, but she doesn t quite know how to finish them In this case, Hannah has a major confrontation about half way through the book with a ton of fallout consequences The rest of the book is when Hannah quests to resolve those consequences The problem is that the ending of the book never shows the resolution of those consequences.The other issue is that Ha [...]

    12. Shayla on said:

      That was pretty lovely I ve owned this book since I took it from my 7th grade classroom s bookcase 6 or 7 years ago, but I ve never read it before now Lately I ve been really appreciating fantasy stories like this that are a little less known but are still really good.This story was about a girl named Hannah who lives at the edge of the Tanglewood with some animals and none of them have any memory of how they got to the wood, but they ve been there for a loooooong time Like, centuries Hannah gro [...]

    13. VV on said:

      I suspect that if I were still an oblivious teenager, I would absolutely love this book But I m not any I m a bit older, and a bit aware of what makes a good book As it is, it s very difficult for me to be impressed.I like the writing I think it s gorgeous It does have it s pitfalls, however Take the constant epithets used to describe Hannah as an example Here s a few brown garbed girl, flaxen haired girl, gold garbed girl, flower haired girl Yes, yes, yes, I get it Can t we just call her the g [...]

    14. Erin Cataldi on said:

      I was in just the right kind of mood for this easy breezy fantasy novel It s a feel good novel that begs to be read outdoors on a nice spring day.The story follows Hannah, a young healer of sorts, who lives in the Tanglewood forest under the watchful eye of a conniving wizard She has no idea how she came to be, what her name is, or why she is different from the village folk who come to her for salves, remedies, and healing Flowers and vines grow in her hair and she uses them to help makes medici [...]

    15. Danielle on said:

      Picked this up at a local used bookstore due to it being a Firebird fantasy and once again I was not disappointed This book had the feel of reading an old piece of folklore, just kinda how words were used and repeated One thing that stuck out to me was that Pierce uses dozens of descriptions for the same character when talking about her the golden girl , the cloaked girl , the citrus clad girl , and golden Hannah can all be used on the same page Usually I m not picky about these kinds of things [...]

    16. Ashlee Willis on said:

      This book I am getting the feeling I shouldn t try to review it at all but that s the way I feel with all of my favorites I knew from the first chapter that the real treasure was not in the name of the book but truly the book itself The story is one of universal value, of self discovery and acceptance, of love and power Hannah the main character is meek and sheltered, with only animal companions The reader has the privilege to watch as she comes into her own personal beauty and wisdom, journeyin [...]

    17. Tori on said:

      2003 Hannah has for as long as she remembers, lived at the edge of Tanglewood, where the local villagers come to visit her for her healing Strange flowers grow in her hair, and she must pluck them out before they bloom and give the tea made from them to a wizard that lives in the Tanglewood Hannah is content with her life, until she meets a brave knight, Foxkith, whom she falls in love with and wants to prevent from entering the forest, fearing he will never return like all the others As soon as [...]

    18. Maia B. on said:

      The writing is very good, and the plot progresses slowly at first but then picks up speed towards the middle It s not quite fantasy, not quite historical fiction impossible to choose one They re so closely intermingled that they ve become one another.The only major problem, as I see it, in this otherwise very good book is that once Hannah, the main character, has learned the solution to her final problem, she begins to put the solution into action just as the book ENDS The reader doesn t actuall [...]

    19. BiblioBickie on said:

      Brown Hannah lives at the edge of the Tanglewood where she is sought out by the villagers for her healing abilities Each month, she pulls the flowers that grow from her head and uses them to create a special brew for the wizard who lives deep in the Tanglewood and protects its mysterious treasure Knights often come searching for the treasure, but they are never seen again One day, Hannah falls in love with one of them and later witnesses his transformation into a fox Hannah starts to see the wiz [...]

    20. TeenFiction Teton County Library on said:

      YA PierceI think this will appeal mostly to the younger set of YA s It could even be moved to J It is not as sophisticated as McKinley or Dickinson fantasy novels I have read but it has it s own flair.Hannah is a young healer who lives alone but for her animal companions A dark wizard commands from her a special draught that comes from her long hair budding with leaves and shoots When Hannah rescues a Knight from imminent death, she begins to question and unravel the mystery of the Tanglewood He [...]

    21. Wildcrafted on said:

      This book is essentially beautifully written though it takes a few pages to get used to Pierce s writing style I was wishing that I had ever changing seasonal hair after her beautiful descriptions I enjoyed the book all the way up to the end when I feel that the main character was portrayed as unnecessarily dense I almost felt embarrassed for her ALSO it seems like the last chapter was chopped off on the editing block I felt very unsatisfied since one of the main plot lines of the story doesn t [...]

    22. Crystal Carroll on said:

      In Brown Hannah s hair grows flowers that she must pluck for the wizard s as she watches young heroes ride into the Tanglewood in search of the treasure.The secret of this story isn t really the nature of the treasure That s fairly obvious What s important in this story is the wonderful stretch into seasons Hannah begins the story unnaturally frozen in the brown season Gray and chill Forgetful Isolated even from herself It s about stretching out into the world in that first Maiden s journey Mere [...]

    23. Linnae on said:

      Hannah lives at the edge of a cursed forest, though she has never been afraid there Her hair grows herbs and flowers, which she uses to heal the ailments of the local village folk She also must prepare a drink for the magician who lives in the forest, once a month, from what is growing in her hair at the time She doesn t remember a different life.As Hannah gains experience, she realizes that something is very wrong with her one sided association with the wizard, and as she sets out to do somethi [...]

    24. Brigid Keely on said:

      This is a decent enough story bogged down by also being predictable and over written Now, the predictable might have to do with the age level of the book, but I ve never found Jane Yolen or Robin McKinely to be predictable and I haven t found Pierce s other books to be predictable In trying to capture the tone of the world people she seems to have taken the easy way out of using quaint language as a crutch Despite that, it s an engaging story that moves quickly and features a female protagonist [...]

    25. Diane on said:

      Pierce has much skill with description and imagination This book is a charming tale, but the plot is disappointing and simplistic Anyone can guess the resolutions from the second chapter on, and Pierce uses the very annoying plot device where the main character can t figure out what is very obvious to even the other characters It makes it hard for me to be interested in or respect a character who is that dumb when they are supposed to not be However, it is beautifully written, and if you like na [...]

    26. Bree Mclaren on said:

      The writing is beautiful and want so much to say it was a fantastic read However there is some fundamental problems I have with it, mainly how stupid the main character is She doesn t seem to have any sense of reasoning or logic at all to figure out who she is Even being imprisoned she had to have had basic development of common sense of some sort to have figured this out Having figured out what the treasure of the Tanglewood was, the book seemed to slow in pace I would say its good for a single [...]

    27. Jen on said:

      This is a book I heard was good so checked it out from the library It sat on my shelf for a while because I just was not really interested That just goes to show that sometimes what you think you are not interested in is really something quite wonderful This book feels like a fairy tale retelling though it isn t The book just feels familiar and comfortable which is totally to the credit of the author I just loved this book.I just realized Pearce also wrote The Woman Who Loved Reindeer Which oddl [...]

    28. Patrick on said:

      Meredith Ann Pierce crafts a beautifully written modern fairy tale starring an unlikely hero While the first rule of fantasy writing is to leave off with the antique language think thee s and thou s , Pierce somehow makes her own brand of writing work, weaving a tapestry that is multi layered and fully realized Where the book falls short are its twists, which I wish had been as ingenious as the prose Readers older than YA will likely figure out where the story is going before it reaches its dest [...]

    29. Jennifer on said:

      At first when I unearthed this book from the depths of my bookshelf, I was skeptical I usually don t like to read really short books because, in my experience, the characters tend to lack depth and the plot is undeveloped I was pleasantly surprised by this book, I thought that both the plot and the characters were multi faceted and intriguing I only gave the book 3 stars because the ending was too abrupt for my taste, but overall I was quite pleased.

    30. Megan M. on said:

      I really liked this book It is fantasy A girl is like a tree, with hair filled with flowers and magic herbs This wizard guy is taking advantage of her and makes her pull her hair out to keep the wizard at health They brew a tea like thing with the hair The wizard drinks it to live One day Hannah runs away to find out who she really is There is so much to the story, but it was really good.

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