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The Ghost Orchid

The Ghost Orchid By Carol Goodman The Ghost Orchid In her enthralling novels of literary suspense Carol Goodman writes stories that resonate with emotion set in lush landscapes that entice the senses Now with The Ghost Orchid a narrative that seaml

  • Title: The Ghost Orchid
  • Author: Carol Goodman
  • ISBN: 9780345462145
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Ghost Orchid By Carol Goodman In her enthralling novels of literary suspense, Carol Goodman writes stories that resonate with emotion set in lush landscapes that entice the senses Now, with The Ghost Orchid, a narrative that seamlessly weaves together the past and the present, Goodman creates her most lyrical and haunting work to date For than one hundred years, creative souls have traveled to UIn her enthralling novels of literary suspense, Carol Goodman writes stories that resonate with emotion set in lush landscapes that entice the senses Now, with The Ghost Orchid, a narrative that seamlessly weaves together the past and the present, Goodman creates her most lyrical and haunting work to date For than one hundred years, creative souls have traveled to Upstate New York to work under the captivating spell of the Bosco estate Cradled in silence, inspired by the rough beauty of overgrown gardens and crumbling statuary, these chosen few fashion masterworks and have cemented Bosco s reputation as a premier artists colony This season, five talented artists in residence find themselves drawn to the history of Bosco, from the extensive network of fountains that were once its centerpiece but have long since run dry to the story of its enigmatic founder, Aurora Latham, and the series of tragic events that occurred than a century ago.Ellis Brooks, a first time novelist, has come to Bosco to write a book based on Aurora and the infamous summer of 1893, when wealthy, powerful Milo Latham brought the notorious medium Corinth Blackwell to the estate to help his wife contact three of the couple s children, lost the winter before in a diphtheria epidemic But when a s ance turned deadly, Corinth and her alleged accomplice, Tom Quinn, disappeared, taking with them the Lathams only surviving child The time she spends
    The Ghost Orchid By Carol Goodman

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      466 Carol Goodman
    The Ghost Orchid

    One thought on “The Ghost Orchid

    1. Tabitha Vohn on said:

      I truly enjoy this book, and come back to it every so often It s become my spring tradition to revisit a Goodman novel and this year I was feeling Ghost Orchid What s not to love A writer s community flocking to a secluded artist commune in upstate New York A mysterious haunted past, laced with myth and the supernatural And of course there is Goodman s beautiful, fluid prose and lush descriptions that make her novels so enjoyable While it s not as dear a favorite as The Lake of Dead Languages or [...]

    2. Barb on said:

      There is something different about listening to a story versus reading it for yourself Sometimes those differences can be the difference between enjoying a book and not I often have a problem with tone of voice when I m reading If you get the wrong tone of voice in your mind it completely changes the meaning of the written word One of the things I like about listening to an audio book is that you don t have to figure out the tone of voice for each character, the reader does it for you I really e [...]

    3. Brooke on said:

      This time around, Carol Goodman serves up a ghost story with her signature solving mysteries from the past plot The chapters alternate between the past and the present, and I really like the way they re linked together The setting, a mansion with a sprawling garden populated by statues and a maze, comes to life with Goodman s descriptions and the gardens almost become a character themselves I think The Lake of Dead Languages remains my favorite Goodman novel, but this one comes in at a close sec [...]

    4. Jamie Stanley on said:

      Loved Loved LOVED This book Could not put it down for a second Old secret gardens, old house, old status, old wealthy families OMG loved it

    5. Felisa Rosa on said:

      Reading a book you don t like but can t put down is a peculiar form of torture As with the last book I read by Goodman The Drowning Tree, which I really enjoyed The Ghost Orchid is a little heavy on the symbolism and stuffed with allusions to 19th century art and literature Both books hinge on a suitably creepy mystery from the past But while The Drowning Tree seemed refreshingly intelligent, The Ghost Orchid is just overblown, and most of the characters particularly the protagonist are vaguely [...]

    6. Blair on said:

      The third Carol Goodman book I ve read, this wasn t as good as The Lake of Dead Languages but redeemed the author in my eyes significantly after the uninspired Arcadia Falls, and it was actually original than both The alternate chapters moving between past and present worked well as they kept me interested in both strands of the story I was also both surprised and pleased at the inclusion of a genuine supernatural element I think it all dragged on a bit too much towards the end though there wer [...]

    7. Ameerah on said:

      I read this book on the recommendation of a co worker I bought it used for one cent and I m glad I didn t spend a penny This is not to say that the book is horrible not by any means.It is simply that my expectation far exceeded the actual story itself I am not a big fan of ghots mysteries which is essentially what this book is There is not a lot of character development before you are launched into the boo plotline I didn t find myself caring about any of the characters at all The protagonist i [...]

    8. Kristi on said:

      This book is in no way a masterpiece, but its a fun summer read It is a mix between a mystery, and some history in upstate NY Its quick to finish and pretty entertaining.

    9. Jenny on said:

      I couldn t put this down I d argue this one of Goodman s best books Maybe not as realistic fiction this one was even out there than others but the pacing was well done, and I like the interspersed chapters from 1893, most of the perspective coming from Corinth Blackwell.The ending was a little far fetched view spoiler Was everyone at Bosco related to the folks who were there in 1893 I actually was expecting David Fox to be related to the gardener Landini Then there was of course the whole baby [...]

    10. Robin on said:

      I wanted to love this book and couldn t wait to read it When none of my local bookstores had it in stock for me to buy, I went so far as to go to the library which is kinda rare for me, but ultimately, it was just ok I didn t hate it, I just didn t love it or think the story was particularly interesting it sorta reminded me of TV movies that try to be scary or creepy, but aren t really I wish there had been focus on a real world mystery without so much supernatural ghost haunted gardens type of [...]

    11. JackieB on said:

      This was fantastic It s about a mansion in the USA which has been turned into a retreat for creative people However there was a mysterious scandal involving sceances and ghosts or maybe trickery in the house when it was still a private house One of the writers is writing a novel based on the scandal and that s where our story starts This is what I would class as a gothic novel It s not scream out loud scary but the author builds up a nicely spooky sinister atmosphere I don t mean that gothic nov [...]

    12. Cora Lockhart on said:

      If I had to choose a favorite Carol Goodman, it would be the Ghost Orchid I m not sure if this is because this was the first of her books that I d ever been introduced to by my good friend, Carla, or if because the language and characters and setting were so magical that I couldn t help but be captivated When a first time novelist is invited to an upstate New York artists colony, she becomes convinced that the real story lies within the gardens and underground tunnels of the Bosco estate, where [...]

    13. Rebecca on said:

      A decent beach read from Carol Goodman I ve noticed she tends to repeat the same theme over and over again in her books There s a mystery and the key always involves some kid being switched with another one at birth.While I liked the idea of the artists colony and all the personality clashes, it seemed to drag on for a long time Usually these gigs last weeks or at most a few months This one appeared to go for a year Plus there were 2 stories happening at different times and Goodman wasn t always [...]

    14. Anne on said:

      A light summer read shouldn t be this hardI picked this book up in the bookstore because I was drawn to the cover design.I had never read any of Carol Goodman s books before I wanted a quick enjoyable summer read If I put this book down for a few days, I had to think too much to figure out where I was at in the story when I picked it back up I found her writing technique a tad cumbersome The book was OK, but it will not go on my great books list.

    15. Jessica on said:

      I thought this book was lovely and creepy I chose it as my book based on it s cover category for a reading challenge I m doing So I had no idea what it was about and it turned out to be a good pick.I guessed what was happening about half way through, but it was still suspenseful.I liked how you couldn t be totally sure at first whether or not Corinths chapters were Ellis writing or not Like the pearl pins, is it just a coincidence, or was Ellis inspired to use that detail after seeing Bathesdas [...]

    16. Linda on said:

      A haunting mystery, set in an artist retreat called Bosco The story goes back and forth from present day to 1893 The orginal owners of the estate, have left the home as a artist colony A series of very tragic events involving past visitors, keeps you guessing to the very end about what really happened so many years ago Present day writer Ella finds herself and her fellow artists are all haunted by the past There is romance, ghosts and lots of evil twists to the story Very good.

    17. Heather on said:

      I think I would have enjoyed this if I hadn t read so many other of Carol Goodman s books I like her writing style a lot, but the facets Upstate NY, Water, a protagonist that is literary or an academic is starting to wear thin on me I long for that same level of mysticism and intrigue, but ideally with some fresh locations and types of characters

    18. Meika on said:

      This is a great Gothic style romance The romance is part of the subplot, really, with the gothic taking center stage The setting is brilliant the statues in the statuary practically come to life This isn t a pseudo ghost story, where the ghosts are psychological The ghosts are tangiblee main character is a medium.

    19. Greta on said:

      Entertaining enough, this book kept me occupied during a day during which I wanted no and no less than a compelling story While it fell short of my hopes after reading The Lake of Dead Languages which I loved , The Ghost Orchid was a page turner A bit like The Haunting in its sensational style and definitely melodramatic and a little predictable, still a fine ghost story.

    20. Britni on said:

      It s an okay book if you want a little scare with some mystery thrown in I don t recommend it, however, if you are looking for something to invoke any level of critical thinking or problem solving It s on the same level as the horror movie with the girl running through the woods in stilettos.

    21. Amy on said:

      didn t care for this book at all Thought there were too many characters and they didn t all come together well Also it was a pretty lame ghost story that just didn t make much sense I have read other books by her and I liked them but this one I pretty much hated.

    22. Debra on said:

      I really liked this book and will read by this author I picked up at a library sale because the fly leaf appealed to me, and am glad I did Good pacing between the past and present plots Very well written.

    23. Laurie on said:

      Summed up Wild, albeit at times claustrophobic gardens, an alternating past and present, perfection of pacing and seductively creepy Excellent read.

    24. Anna on said:

      This book started off extremely slow, to the point that I almost abandoned it At a certain point, though, the story became intriguing enough to keep me going, and I m glad I stuck with it I love how Carol Goodman brings the creepy Gothic elements I so often associate with English novels and applies them to New York s Hudson Valley, and that s probably what I enjoyed the most here The story, although melodramatic, was suspenseful and weirdly compelling, even if it did conclude in a rather cliche [...]

    25. msleighm on said:

      4.5 stars, rounded down.Gothic ghost story with a parallel Victorian era spiritualist and a modern day story that takes place in the same location Though I found some of the plot lines predictable, it was interesting watching the characters react to the way things would unfold and not everything was predictable.On the cover of my edition is a blurb from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that I believe nails it Compelling reading, a classic page turner for anyone who like to be haunted by a good rea [...]

    26. Kelly on said:

      I started listening to this on audio book It s in two different time periods following two different women, one a contemporary author who s at an artist s writer s retreat and one a spiritualist medium at the time the retreat was in it s infancy There were some spooky elements and some intriguing storylines, but I just couldn t find myself buying into any of the characters This was a did not finish for me.

    27. Kathie on said:

      Parts of this book were very interesting.but a lot of it was redundant The most irritating thing was the jumping back forth in time every chapterAnd not always identifying what time period character you were reading about Best part of the book was the last 100 pages be honest, I almost gave up on this book Several times.

    28. Nadia on said:

      A nicely done story with gothic influences which seem to be Carol s style There was mystery here even though I surmised the outcome there was enough plot constructs to keep me guessing for the majority of the novel A lovely winter read.

    29. Jeremy on said:

      An beautiful estate with a maze, a writers retreat, s ances, and murder This was such a great book full of great characters and atmosphere I loved how the author handled the two timelines This was a great book I took far too long to read.

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