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Darkness, Be My Friend

Darkness, Be My Friend By John Marsden Darkness Be My Friend The battle continues as five ordinary kids must journey back into the heart of an epic conflict Five months into World War III Ellie and her four remaining friends have barely escaped the Australian

  • Title: Darkness, Be My Friend
  • Author: John Marsden
  • ISBN: 9780439858021
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Paperback
  • Darkness, Be My Friend By John Marsden The battle continues as five ordinary kids must journey back into the heart of an epic conflict.Five months into World War III, Ellie and her four remaining friends have barely escaped the Australian town of Wirrawee with their lives and their sanity intact.But as the next step becomes clear, they realize they must once again sacrifice their hard won comfort and safety AThe battle continues as five ordinary kids must journey back into the heart of an epic conflict.Five months into World War III, Ellie and her four remaining friends have barely escaped the Australian town of Wirrawee with their lives and their sanity intact.But as the next step becomes clear, they realize they must once again sacrifice their hard won comfort and safety A group of soldiers has recruited the kids to guide the way to the Wirrawee air base.What could possibly motivate Ellie and her friends to return This risky sabotage mission may be their only hope of rescuing their families, too.
    Darkness, Be My Friend By John Marsden

    Darkness, Be My Friend Tomorrow, by John Marsden In Darkness, Be My Friend, Ellie and her friends find themselves back in Hell, against their wishes When something goes wrong they make their way to Wirrawee, looking for their allies What they find is danger around every corner, so, against the odds, they embark on their most daring mission yet. Darkness Be My Friend The Tomorrow Series Oct , Darkness be my friend is the th page turner book of the series Although it didn t go has I thought it would, this book taught me a lot John Marsden knows how to keep it real and has wrote an amazing book where you will feel stress, angry, and disappointed for the characters Once again the paste of the book is perfect. Lyrics for Darkness, Darkness by The Youngbloods Songfacts Darkness darkness, be my pillow Take my head and let me sleep In the coolness of your shadow In the silence of your dream Darkness darkness, hide my yearning For the things that cannot be Keep my mind from constant turning Towards the things I cannot see now Towards the things I cannot see now The things I cannot see now Bruce Dickinson Darkness Be My Friend Lyrics Genius Darkness Be My Friend Lyrics Cold sunlight falling on me Cold sunlight falling on me I am a lonely man Sorrow is my friend Fall asleep as the dawn comes up A ray of hope again Hold Robert Plant Darkness, Darkness Lyrics AZLyrics Darkness, Darkness, be my pillow, Take my head and let me sleep In the coolness of your shadow, In the silence of your deep Darkness, darkness, hide my yearning, For the things I cannot see Keep my mind from constant turning, To the things I cannot be Darkness, Be My Friend Quotes by John Marsden Darkness, Be My Friend Quotes Showing of But it was my parents I longed for mostly I wanted to be a little girl again and cuddle into them, wriggling in between them like I d done in their bed when I was three or four, snug and warm in the safest place in the world. Darkness Be My Friend Book The Tomorrow Series Wiki hello darkness my old friend LAUGH I ve come to talk with you again Richie Havens Darkness, Darkness YouTube Jun , Darkness, Darkness is a song written by Jesse Colin Young and recorded by the Youngbloods for their album, Elephant Mountain Richie Havens covered

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      356 John Marsden

    One thought on “Darkness, Be My Friend

    1. Priscila on said:

      Okay, so I feel like I should write a review of this book because there is a rape scene that is romanticized, and passed off as a sex scene I am so fucking tired of seeing abuse romanticized in YA literature It is so fucking unhealthy and disgusting, but I think the reason this one in particular pisses me off is because it completely blind sided me I love this series, it s about a group of teens that conincidentally go camping on the days their town gets invaded In consequence they turn into reb [...]

    2. Zoey on said:

      3.5 So wish we could have half stars on here After being rescued by the New Zealand army at the end of the previous book, Ellie, Homer the rest of their little group are heading back to Hell.Another good instalment of this series, but I didn t find this one as gripping as previous ones, that may be because it had to follow the 3rd book The Third Day, The Frost which in my opinion is the best in the series so far so it had a lot to live up too Not as much action how Ellie and her friends are dea [...]

    3. Mish on said:

      This didn t impress me as much as the others in the series The book deals with the physiological impact the teenagers are going through as a result of the war The action scenes are still heavy and fast paced but it s all starting to sound the same Not a lot of progress is being made It is emotional in parts, when we learn a little of family and friends held at the showgrounds Overall I think the series is brilliant and I ve come too really like the characters In particular Ellie, I think she is [...]

    4. Bodosika Bodosika on said:

      Starting Words I didn t want to go back.Ending Words Pay the price and be proud you have paid it,that s what I reckon.Readable but not my thinghowever I will give it 2 Stars.

    5. Nemo (The Moonlight Library) on said:

      This review was originally posted on The Moonlight LibraryWe can t all be winners all the time.That s the theme of this book.Sure, in the past, things have gone wrong Plans have gone awry People have been killed.But the main objective was always achieved.Wirrawee Bridge The officer s houses Cobbler s Bay.Not in this book.This book is all about failure.Small mistakes.The kind you make because you ve been living a perfectly ordinary life for six months.The kind you make because you re adjusting to [...]

    6. Antonella on said:

      And so we started on that familiar journey Again we became shadows in the night, dark dingoes sinking home to our lair 3.5 5Me pasaron distintas cosas con este libro.Primero que nada, me cost engancharme, no s si fue porque le el anterior hace m s de un a o y me olvido r pido de algunos detallitos que suceden en los libros O o es porque por un par de p ginas pasa muy poco.Me pareci bastante distinto a los anteriores por el tema de que el cansancio est venciendo a nuestros personajes y se les not [...]

    7. Lars Guthrie on said:

      Marsden keeps hitting them out of the park for me in this series, which take place in a present time Australia that has been invaded and conquered In Darkness, Marsden s teenage narrator Ellie is forced out of a sort of retirement in New Zealand after she and her friends accomplished a spectacular act of resistance in A Killing Frost Perhaps this is best, as Ellie seems at loose ends After some self destructive behavior at a party, she signs on to return to Australia As with the previous three b [...]

    8. Kandi on said:

      This story felt the slowest of the all so far, however I m still loving the series It was interesting to hear about how damaged they all were after their time in the prison camps I don t think any of them realized how traumatized they actually were They just kept living each day, never know when it would be their last I m really curious to see how the next book goes as they are now stuck back in the thick of the war.

    9. Jessica on said:

      check out my review for Tomorrow, When the War Began for my take on the series as a whole Probably the slowest of the series so far, but by no means unworthy of the 5 stars rating The feel of this book and the style are a bit of a departure There is less action and craziness and way internal dialogue for Ellie I noticed a lot I remember when , and Ellie will often stop midway through a conversation or action sequence to share an anecdote with the reader I can see how this might bug some people [...]

    10. Sally on said:

      Oh man am I glad I went right into this after The Third Day, the Frost I think I can stand to wait a little before moving onto the next book now, but not too long because WHOA view spoiler I am such a wimp, I swear I d have stayed in New Zealand, all safe and sound, no doubt Well, unless my mum was still back in Wirrawee and oh man, the ending I kind of expected them to still be stuck there but it was still a giant punch in the gut when it happened.I LOVED the tribute to Corrie, the pages of Ell [...]

    11. RavenclawReadingRoom on said:

      Plot summary Now safe in Wellington, Ellie and her friends are adapting to life outside of war torn Australia All that is about to change When they re asked to return to Wirrawee with a team of New Zealand soldiers to undertake guerilla attacks, they reluctantly agree But when the New Zealand soldiers disappear without a trace, the teenagers must once again fend for themselves, and decide once again whether to hide out or fight for their country.Thoughts This is the book where the emotional toll [...]

    12. Marjolein on said:

      Read all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes I really enjoyed the first three books in the series, but after the third book, it kind of felt finished Since I was reading a book containing the first books all in one, I knew it had to continue one way or another, but I was still a bit disappointed in the way they made it happen After all, they might have been acting as rebels, they are not soldiers The action is still very fast paced but the story is less big than the previous books Nevertheless, [...]

    13. Kaila on said:

      Still eminently readable, but not quite as good as the previous books in this series Ellie is basically suffering from PTSD for this entire book, so it is a lot talking about how scared and tired everyone is It was a lot about how terrible war is, but our intrepid youngsters seemed less knowable then ever There was a lot of narrative, explaining stuff, not very much conversation It s hard to explain because that all seems to follow one another of course they are unknowable now, look at the cra [...]

    14. Adrielle on said:

      I see a progression in characters here, they keep getting stronger, no matter what they have to face In war time, this is an indisputable fact, you toughen up or you die What you don t expect is one of your own, one on your side turns on you Without spoiling anything, this happens to Ellie At this stage I m going to say I don t feel that this series is suitable for anyone under the age of 16 simply because there is the risk that anyone younger may think that the thing I am talking about is ok Va [...]

    15. Brooke on said:

      I just love this series This installment is not as heart wrenching as the previous, but still has it s rough and depressing moments It does follow the same formula where the climax is the kids attacking the enemy in some way For some reason, I don t tire of this plot line though I think it s because of the realistic characters Can t wait to read 5

    16. Cherie on said:

      The five are back on their own after the Kiwi soldiers vanish Their mission in town fails but they manage to escape back into Hell What next

    17. TheWerewolf'sBookworm on said:

      This started off a little slow for me, when comparing it to the previous books, but it was still a great read This book is the one that actually introduces the new characters and has Ellie and her friends in a different country, at least for a little bit I liked how it showed the differences of what the group was like before they got to New Zealand and when they went back to their country This really showed how the characters have changed because they had time to process everything that they hav [...]

    18. Ashley on said:

      This was the first book i read from the series, because i don t know the meaning of chronological order But it s been about 6 7 years since that first and only read I remembered the beginning and bits of the end, but i never remembered the middle Now i know why This book has the least amount of plot, it could literally be redacted and nothing of any consequence would be lost aside from facts that could totally be brought in later, when a plot was relevant I still enjoy the characters, the world [...]

    19. Gillian Murrell on said:

      After 5 months in New Zealand Elle and her little gang are asked to go back to Wirrawee with a team of New Zealand soldiers The Australians are to act as guides mostly as they know the terrain like the back of their hands But nothing goes to plan in this book unlike previous books everything they trie fails On their First mission they loose the New Zealanders then they decide to try and do some damage them selves.

    20. Agne on said:

      3.5I liked this one as well, the pace and style is great and there are lots of intense moments again However, the way the book starts is really implausible for me this time I mean who would send them back That s crazy And I have a feeling that although the plot was cool, it won t matter that much in the context of the whole series Seems like an in between I could be wrong, though.

    21. Amanda on said:

      This is the series that started my reading addiction It s a great Australian series Not only does it portray teenagers effectivley , it also shows how Aussies live As an Australian teenager when I began this series I found that I could really relate and was enthralled with the series The series shows how a group of Aussie teenagers get swept up in the next major war after Australia is invaded when they go camping Their families and friends are held captive along with the majority of the populati [...]

    22. Viedefun on said:

      Encore une fois, je suis conquise par cette saga Ce 4 me tome est particulier car il n est plus une sorte de huis clos uniquement constitu de notre groupe d amis Des personnages ext rieurs et surtout alli s leur cause interviennent momentan ment La seule chose que je d plore, c est que l identit du pays ennemi qui a maintenant colonis l Australie et mis en esclavage ses habitants n est toujours pas r v l e alors que nos h ros passent plusieurs mois au d but du livre hors des horreurs de la guerr [...]

    23. Svenja on said:

      Nach ca 15 Jahren traue ich mich endlich an die englischen B cher ran, damit ich endlich erfahre, wie es mit Ellie und ihren Freunden weitergeht W hrend ich bei den ersten drei B nden kaum Probleme hatte, weil ich sie auf deutsch fast in und auswendig kann, hatte ich bei dem Teil dann doch manchmal Schwierigkeiten Aber ich glaube, dass ich trotzdem alles verstanden habe.Ich finde es gut, dass John Marsden die Freunde nicht wie bermenschen aussehen l sst Alle haben psychologische Blessuren vom Kr [...]

    24. Boots on said:

      I feel like Darkness, Be My Friend is the weakest novel so far in an otherwise excellent series I would still recommend the series on a whole but I hope the next novels are better than this one Some people might not have a problem with it but for me there were some issues with the plot that were so far fetched that it had a negative effect on the believability of the entire series, and I already had to stretch my imagination to begin with so that s not a good thing.Also there was a reference to [...]

    25. Laurie on said:

      this book, 4 of the Tomorrow series, should have been incorporated into the story in either book 3 or book 5 of this series If I had not been reading the series, I would have put the book down after the first couple of chapters I truly see no valid reason to have a whole book, 4, segueing into another complete book All this book does is link books 4 and 5 The only action is a muddled attempt to help the war cause for the Australians, and I don t believe it has to have a book to itself.

    26. Tamarasoo on said:

      this is the 4th in a YA series about a group of Aussie teens who come back from a camping trip in the outback to find that their country has been invaded and everyone else in their community has been taken prisoner by book 4 the story is getting a little formulaic the kids have been through hell, they attempt another act of sabotage against the enemy but i have to keep reading all 7 to find out what finally happens in the end.

    27. ♥ Ashleigh ♥contrary to popular belief i'm not actually mad! on said:

      Marsden is a Fantastic writer his characters are incredible and so real, the whole story feels like its really happened to Ellie and her friends.Ellie is beautifully flawed that she just seems like a teenager you would meet in the street and i love that looking forward to getting my hands on the next book in this series D

    28. Z on said:

      Very nice, not only from an action point of view, but also psychologically This isn t about the fighting so much as what it does to a person s mind Also, wow I m not sure I like the New Zealand people so much.

    29. Mersina Seena on said:

      This installment did not have the same edge the previous 2 had.

    30. Sara on said:

      I didn t enjoy this one as much as the previous three It s melancholy and there s less action to move the plot along It s a nice stepping stone to the next one, though.

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