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Wired By Robin Wasserman Wired It s two months after the end of Crashed and Lia is right back where she started home pretending to be the perfect daughter But nothing s the way it used to be Lia has become the public face of the

  • Title: Wired
  • Author: Robin Wasserman
  • ISBN: 9781416974543
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Wired By Robin Wasserman It s two months after the end of Crashed, and Lia is right back where she started home, pretending to be the perfect daughter But nothing s the way it used to be Lia has become the public face of the mechs and BioMax s poster girl for the up and coming technology, devoting her life to convincing the world that she and the others like her deserve to exist But then JudeIt s two months after the end of Crashed, and Lia is right back where she started home, pretending to be the perfect daughter But nothing s the way it used to be Lia has become the public face of the mechs and BioMax s poster girl for the up and coming technology, devoting her life to convincing the world that she and the others like her deserve to exist But then Jude resurfaces, bringing scandalous information that suggests BioMax is using the technology for a great evil And when Lia learns a shocking truth about the accident that resulted in her download, she is forced to make a decision she can never reverse.
    Wired By Robin Wasserman

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      198 Robin Wasserman

    One thought on “Wired

    1. Talia on said:

      OooohWhere to start.This book was perfect There is not a single thing that I would change Other than the ending but we ll get to that in a minute Let me be clear about one thing I was Never a fan of Riley I always had a secret hope that he would disappear and Jude would fill the void that was left in Lia s heart Sadly, they find out that he wasn t erased but he was somehow alive but even that didn t get me any less in love with this book Now that you have read the good parts of the book which wa [...]

    2. Tuba Özkat on said:

      O ne sondu beh Ger ekten okudu um en de i ik kitaplardan biriydi Ama s k c de ildi, g zeldi Bir ok film ve kitaptan par alar var gibiydi Ama yine de dikkat eken , kendini okutan bir seriydi Bir ok eyi kayg s zca sorgulayip tabularla dalga gecebiliyor bunu da genc karakterlerle yap yor.

    3. Kat on said:

      Maybe this is just my problem with too high expectations, but why are the conclusions to most trilogies always such a letdown I just didn t feel engaged with the story any, and I completely lost interest and motivation halfway through I skimmed the last half and just felt bored and confused Why bother Maybe I just like being teased by the possibilities of Book 1 in a series Skinned , like The Adoration of Jenna Fox , raised some interesting bioethical questions I was never really a fan of the un [...]

    4. Caroline on said:

      For how short this book was, it took me a much longer time than I d have liked to finish it, but my plodding progress was mainly due to too much going on in life to get much reading done I found the pacing was off a bit at times, but I think overall it felt that way because of how little time I really had to devote to this which was frustrating, since I d been anticipating this for a year But, as can be seen by my overall rating, I loved this conclusion.The character growth in here was excellent [...]

    5. autumn on said:

      as a whole this series doesnt seem quite as earth shaking as it felt when i was 14 but i think it does have a lot of cool and interesting concepts if you like concepts of artificial intelligence and what it means to be human and you don t mind being beaten over the head with those concepts a little bit, as this is still ya i would check these books out

    6. Ashley Brooke on said:

      Can we get some closure please And maybe a less confusing ending Possibly a bit of romance And let s not end this trilogy like it s being followed by another book, unless you really ARE following it up with another book.Sorry, this book really let me down.Big Review Lia Kahn is a mech a machine with memories and feelings of the deceased Lia Kahn Wired is the third book in a trilogy that follows her, her family, and mech friends as they learn if peace can really be had between orgs and mechs.Okay [...]

    7. Megan on said:

      Well If I ve ever read a disappointing series, I wasn t aware of it I loved the entire trilogy, and was spellbound by the concept until the very end As a personal fan of dystopian society novels, this one was fascinating and enrapturing I cared about Lia, and I worried about her situation The parallelism to modern life was unreal and brilliant I had yet to read a novel that made me question the definition of humanity quite so thoroughly.But that s where my praise ends.I stayed up until much too [...]

    8. Nina on said:

      Oh no Ohhhhh no Just to be blunt here, I hated the ending Do not expect a satisfying end to this amazing trilogy But before I rant about that, let me start from the beginning The actual books are great The plot, how fast the story went, and especially how much the characters changed Characters maturing is difficult to write about because the author also has to make it believable It is rarely done where this much growth occurs in one book and ends up well Also, my opinions on all the characters h [...]

    9. DaJa on said:

      Mit Augenschlie en gibt es auch noch 3,5 Sterne.Die ganze Reihe hat mich so gar nicht gepackt Eigentlich ist die Idee, die dahinter steckt grandios Aber die Umsetzung hat mir nicht wirklich gefallen Allerdings war dieses Abschlussband wieder ein wenig besser als der Vorg nger.Die Handlung in Wired ist durchweg rasant, es passieren viele Dinge, auch zwischenmenschlich, mit denen man so nicht gerechnet h tte Auch tauchen viele Charaktere aus dem ersten Teil Skinned wieder auf und bringen neuen Sch [...]

    10. Doris on said:

      I was prepared to really enjoy this book, based on my readings of past stories of androids and robots, such as Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep movie version was Bladerunner and Bicentennial Man However, the story got off to a slow start, not helped by the fact that this was the third book in a series, and the characters were familiar with each other and the world they lived in Therefore, it wasn t immediately obvious to me from the reading, although I knew from the jacket blurb, that the mai [...]

    11. Ladyx on said:

      Terrible ending leaving far too much unfinished It s a shame since this was or could have been a fabulous trilogy It seems like the author had to end this story quickly so didn t bother to tie up loose ends.

    12. Aleshanee on said:

      3.5 SterneDer letzte Band hat gegen ber den Vorg ngern doch etwas nachgelassen

    13. Arminzerella on said:

      Lia s brain patterns, memories, and consciousness were uploaded into a new body, built by the Biomax Corporation when she was killed in a car accident Since then she has been coping with the challenges of being a mech a mechanical person or skinner derogatory term for mechs physical, mental, social, ethical, philosophical Many orgs normal, organic people not machines are uncomfortable with the idea and existence of mechs, and in Wired Lia has teamed up with her benefactors Biomax to create a rea [...]

    14. Kristy on said:

      I hate when I read about 2 trilogy books back to back and then have to wait a year for the next book That s what was going on with this one, I feel like I had amnesia for the beginning part of the book It all slowly came back to me and I remembered how much I enjoyed the 1st 2 books, maybe that is why this one was a little dissapointing Spoilers The ending sucks This is supposed to be a trilogy, but that ending just left a ton up in the air It leaves me thinking there will be books note to self [...]

    15. bjneary on said:

      There were so many tense moments in this book and I Loved Lia and Zoe forging a bond and enjoying being sisters who got on each others nerves I love the new Riley, then I missed him and Jude was as all knowing and annoying as ever The BioMax threat, Lia and Zoe s parents, and Lia and her friend s having to always try to outsmart whoever was trying to destroy the mechs was awesome, scary, and sad because you never knew who was going to turn against them Lia was really a character who grew, as wel [...]

    16. Courtney Howell on said:

      Maybe it is cheating to rate a book before you finish it but that s the problem I can t bring myself to finish the series I read through the first two I liked the first one The second one kept me engaged But this one is the last book in the series but there is still so much wrong with the world Lia lives in The central conflict has changed it started with acceptance from humans in the first book, morphed to the org mech conflict in the second.but what is it now I can t see a solution to the prob [...]

    17. Meaghan R. (YA-aholic) on said:


    18. Angie on said:

      This is easily one of the most frustrating books I ve read Scratch that, this is one of the most frustrating series I ve read What could have been a compelling trilogy was marred by a half assed plot, half assed characters and an equally half assed execution, and the ending the ending was easily one of the worst things I ve ever read It could have been the saving grace of these books it could have been great, the DECENT albeit undeserving conclusion to Lia s character arc Instead what we got was [...]

    19. Jessica on said:

      I wasn t expecting it to end that suddenly I had it at hold on the library for a while and so i was expecting a great book The other one s were really good and I told my friend she should read the first one But If i had know about the ending of this one, i wouldn t have told her I like the way she ended it, but there were too many things that she didn t tie together I feel as if she just gave up and decided to end it as quickly as she could.

    20. Jenny on said:

      I loved this series It was like nothing i had read before when i started it, it was cool and unique and interesting This book was not my favorite and it was a let down The ending absolutely sucked so bad I was so angry when i finished it and i was like this is it I was considering giving this one star because of the ending, but because i loved the fist two books and the characters, i decided to be generous and give it 2 stars

    21. aaron on said:

      this is the third and supposed to be final book in the wired trilogy by robin wasserman it continues in its distopian look at the future where our minds can actually be rescued after death and downloaded into mechanical bodies lia, riley, and jude have to come together to save mechkind from the likes of biomax and other fanatical organizations it is a great ending to a very good distopian series i highly recommend this as a look at what makes a human tick.

    22. Carley on said:

      This book was so good I couldn t stop reading Until the last two freaking chapters I was not expecting this at all and now that I ve read it I am so depressed and I cried so hard I will never get over this book This stupid depressing book is 10 times sadder, depressing, and even pointless than Allegiant.

    23. Sarah on said:

      I can t believe I finished this series I have no idea why I did These books were absolutely terrible, I got the whole series from the library and read them on vacation The lack of plot was painful and the ending was absolutely dreadful It made no sense, and just seemed like a rushed attempt to meet a publishing deadline

    24. Vanessa on said:

      This could have been so good but the ending just killed it for me

    25. Jennifer FL on said:

      I enjoyed reading this book until the last few pages The ending was confusing, and I needed closure.

    26. Judi on said:

      This is one of the three books I am most anxious to read this Fall Robin has totally pulled me into Lia s world and I can t wait to see where the story takes us all next

    27. Rebecca N. McKinnon on said:

      I rated the first book in the series 5 stars and even went so far as to put it on my Favorites list I rated the second book in the series 4 stars, questioning at the time why I d rated the first one so highly and if I should ve rated the second one 3 stars instead Now, here I am, post series conclusion I seriously considered rating this one at least 2 starsbut you know what No I ve waited to write this review, hoping I would feel less enraged by the time I put words to the keyboard But no NoNoNo [...]

    28. Dawn Demuth on said:

      Machines can t dieI loved this final instalment right up to the last two pages It was emotional and thought provoking The ending was a let down however It felt like the author had reached their word limit and just rushed an end to the story I still would recommend this series to others.

    29. Merve Demirci on said:

      I was disappointed by the ending Feels unfinished Rileys part surprised me I honestly thought it would play differently But i think sometimes a dead character should stay dead Jude feels cooler in this I still dont like Auden at all However Lia and story kinda got boring for me It had the quite potential but i feel like it kinda get wasted in poor romance and angsty thinking.

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