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The Candlestone

The Candlestone By Bryan Davis The Candlestone The first book Raising Dragons plunged two teenagers Billy Bannister and Bonnie Silver into mind boggling mysteries life or death pursuits and deadly sword to sword battles In The Candlestone a

  • Title: The Candlestone
  • Author: Bryan Davis
  • ISBN: 9780899571713
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Candlestone By Bryan Davis The first book, Raising Dragons, plunged two teenagers, Billy Bannister and Bonnie Silver, into mind boggling mysteries, life or death pursuits, and deadly sword to sword battles In The Candlestone, a mysterious book leads Billy into mortal combat with a powerful dragon slayer Separated from his friends and finding his dragon traits useless against this enemy, he The first book, Raising Dragons, plunged two teenagers, Billy Bannister and Bonnie Silver, into mind boggling mysteries, life or death pursuits, and deadly sword to sword battles In The Candlestone, a mysterious book leads Billy into mortal combat with a powerful dragon slayer Separated from his friends and finding his dragon traits useless against this enemy, he has to rely on new weapons, a sword and shield he cannot even see A scientist lures Bonnie to his laboratory with amazing news her mother is still alive And he should know he s her father He has learned the secret of long life dragon blood, and he wants Bonnie to help him with his experiments But first he must send her to retrieve her mother from the candlestone, that strange, paralyzing gem that absorbs light and with it the strength of dragons and their offspring The candlestone is also a prison that imprisons people who have been transformed into light energy by Excalibur, King Arthur s great sword When Bonnie enters the stone, she learns that many disembodied souls have fallen prey to the gem s powers, but no one has ever escaped Her only hope is for Billy to overcome the dragon slayer and find a way into the candlestone, and, importantly, a way out Billy and Bonnie face their greatest fears, and they learn to use their strengths, both innate and newly found, as they battle powerful enemies, ancient fiends from times long past, and the horrors of t
    The Candlestone By Bryan Davis

    • [PDF] The Candlestone | by ✓ Bryan Davis
      473 Bryan Davis
    The Candlestone

    One thought on “The Candlestone

    1. Tracey Dyck on said:

      This is my third or fourth read I reread book 1 last month, so again it was wonderful to return to these beloved characters Billy battles his own darkness, Bonnie faces a deep fear, Walter steps up as a comrade in battle, Professor Hamilton reveals secrets, and Ashley s eyes are opened for the first time Their journeys really begin to intertwine in this book as a centuries old story comes to light.My writer nerd side also noticed how Bryan Davis s craft improved even from the first book Still a [...]

    2. Aelvana on said:

      Bonnie was looking forward to making a new family, but her father shows up with an amazing claim that Bonnie s mother is not dead, and she needs Bonnie s help Although Bonnie doesn t trust her father, she won t throw away the chance that he s telling the truth, so she agrees to go Once she s gone, Billy and the others catch on to her father s lies and charge off after her But Devin, the dragonslayer, isn t dead yet, and he s got plans of his own for both Bonnie and Billy.It s hard to say what I [...]

    3. Jennifer on said:

      I loved this one just as much as the first We return to our hero s Billy, Bonnie, and Walter and along the way we meet new characters that are just as awesome When Bonnie s Father comes to take her home to Montana she reluctantly goes with him believing what he tells her Your Mother is not dead She goes with him and meets a teenaged Super genius named Ashley Stalworth as well as others who live in her Father s giant lab Not only that, but her Father has The Candlestone that she threw into the wo [...]

    4. Addy S. on said:

      This book was wonderful I loved the characters, and I was SO astonished to find that Bonnie and Billy are part dragon I did not read the first book, as I was only able to find the 2nd in our church library, but it didn t make a difference to me I loved the fantasy, the teensy hints of a strong, almost love relationship, and the characters The whole story line was great Well done, and I look forward to reading your present and future books

    5. Lady on said:

      If I were rating this based on my enjoyment or how well I thought it was written all the way around from plot to characters and prose I d give it two stars Its really not a great book Its less overwritten than Raising Dragons But there s precious little character development And there s a fusion of relationships that seems unsubstantiated And several of the characters mostly the adults seem largely unrealistic especially Billy s mom, oh and Bonnie she was overtly naive One large plot point was t [...]

    6. Maria on said:

      4.5 Stars.I recommend this series to anyone It surprises you with it s innocence and purity of the characters I love the combination of dragons and faith, and Bonnie became for me a model in life Love you so much

    7. Ruth-Maria Ilieva on said:

      I really loved it It s amazing The suspence kept me out of my seat till the very end I d read it again hundred times

    8. Juliette on said:

      My 11 year old is still enjoying this series, but I m not sure I will continue.

    9. Hausmanc on said:

      It was very adventurous you never know who you wanted to trust and weather they were for the bad guys or for the good guys.

    10. Nikki on said:

      A great continuation to an already fascinating series There s so much to love about this series, especially how it ties in spiritual with fantasy Can t wait to read the rest

    11. Alyssa on said:

      What I thought Doesn t this sound good You can t tell me that after reading about the book, that you don t want to read The Candlestone.Also, don t you love the cover It s quite captivating, isn t it And how many of you noticed the face in one of the other domes Anyways, as all the other books in the series, I loved The Candlestone It was great One of the main themes was faith, but I didn t find it preachy in the slightest, which I love.And while this wasn t my favorite in the series though it w [...]

    12. Rachel on said:

      Storyline The Candlestone Bonnie s father has resurfaced and wants her back But when she returns to Montana, her friends finds out that he isn t being completely truthful and go after him Turns out, Bonnie s father has the candlestone and found a way for them to enter it Can Bonnie s friends arrive in time and what is in the candlestone Positive The characters are honorable and self sacrificial They fight the evil that is not only coming after the dragons but also the world The characters grow i [...]

    13. Lindsey on said:

      The Dragons in Our Midst series is really awesome I loved the first book to peices But I don t really like this book as much as the first one Why Because I didn t like the story line and there wasn t as much excitement and suspence The beginning of the book is good the ending is good and the middle is ehhh And so I wasn t very motivated to keep reading I m hopping the next book, Circles of Seven, is better and a exciting read Bonnie is going to be adopted by Walter s parents But the night befor [...]

    14. Barbara on said:

      I read this quartet for the first time when I was about 15, at that age I would have rated the book 4 stars or even 5 so I m uncertain as to what rating I should give it now The target audience is pre teens and early teens, I think, and now in my mid twenties I m simply critical and demanding For this read I ve rated it 3 stars for these reasons The prose is often overwritten and Davis often uses metaphors that are a bit too lofty for the context although, the frequency of these types of metaph [...]

    15. Elissa on said:

      This is one of the best books I ve ever read The story is absolutely enthralling It s the kind of book that your saying to yourself Just ONE chapter until it s two AM and your eyes feel like they have gravel in them, and you still can t put it down Bryan Davis has created a fantasty world rivaling Narnia or Middle Earth, and what I find so interesting, unlike Narnia and Middle Eearth, the adventures take place in our real world with real life teenagers who face the same temptations and decision [...]

    16. Gloria on said:

      This second book in the series continues the story of Billy, Bonnie, and their friends and family.Bonnie s father comes for her, and he has a laboratory and several people living in the lab Ashley, a lab assistant, explains that the experiments have to do with photo receptors and the Candlestone People are able to be transformed into light and dive into the Candlestone, which has its own universe and set of rules.Bonnie becomes trapped in the Candlestone requiring rescue from Billy The rescue of [...]

    17. Kris on said:

      I kept expecting out of this series, but this one is written in the same way as Raising Dragons The plot is slow and overly descriptive, the mystery rather forced, and dialogue cliche and juvenile I had to force myself to get through these, because it s like wading through clay and debatable whether or not it s worth the effort.I felt the same during the next one, Circles of Seven I definitely won t be re reading this series See my review of Tears of a Dragon for a in depth look at what s real [...]

    18. Briard on said:

      Reactions I lost the battle with my will I told myself I wouldn t start it until I was done Scarlet and then I go and read it the day after I began Scarlet and of course I couldn t put it down because it was such a good book Why I torture myself I don t know but I m evil to myself and that is the truth well enough The Candlestone follows Raising Dragons and is the second in the Dragons in Our Midst series which I was told to read and so I bought the first two which are now read These books, both [...]

    19. Heather N on said:

      This second installment sadly didn t live up to my expectations I sludged through it out of pure determination to be able to say I finished it ok ok, so I WAS a little curious to find out what happened , but it just wasn t nearly as enjoyable as the first one The writing was cheesier and even less believable than the first book particularly regarding the main characters dialogue and emotions and while the whole concept of the candlestone is quite creative and the science of it somewhat intriguin [...]

    20. Anastasia on said:

      Perhaps even better than its prequel, The Candlestone continues the adventure fluidly, without losing the momentum gained from Raising Dragons This book is a bit science heavy, but not confusing I love that Mr Davis combined science and magic, so in the places where the science was a stretch, the magic covered the gaps which I applaud him for that was a wise move Spoiler The only major part I didn t like was the climax, where I thought the story left its usual level of sophistication and believ [...]

    21. Emma Reid on said:

      This is a Christian book in ways the first book wasn t As an adolescent Christian, it was refreshing and really a joy to read I read this a few years ago and didn t like it because it is much slower paced than the first one, but now that I am older I appreciate it much The characters all go through development, especially Billy, which I thought was just lovely to read This book has of a sci fi feel than a fantasy, but I still really enjoyed it I found this book to have fewer corny lines or gim [...]

    22. Hannah on said:

      Though not as good in spiritual depth as the latter books in the series, The Candlestone is cleaner than those books, and still radiants with Biblical, applicable truths While I, like many Davis readers, have serious theological differences with him, I have found this story to be beneficial to my walk with the Lord, and all of it with a little purposefully incorrect interpretation is true to the Word Younger readers may find difficulty in following the story, as much of it deals with complex, fu [...]

    23. Mary Ann on said:

      3.09.13 I began this with the book and finished it with a MP3 disc The music used for this audio was quite effective This particular series will be ideal for those Christian families who choose to guard their children s reading the use of scripture reinforces a positive influence 11.18.13 More trips to Joplin and Freeman Hospital this time I finished this book on tape while taking RK to ER for hurting in his chest Long story short he was released on the 20th with the good news that his heart is [...]

    24. Danae on said:

      this isn t my favorite book in the series, but it is still quite enjoyable i definitely love bonnie s faith in God and her love for her mother she is a character to admire this book introduces some knights from king arthur s time and they are quite comedic as well as chivalrous sir barlow s love of idioms cracks me up.i definitely recommend this series they are great Christian fantasy books.

    25. Bill Tillman on said:

      The second book in this series grew on me The first was clumsy in parts and verse spouting did not always seem appropriate.This time all the elements flow together nicely The science is not too bad in dealing with light the villains are truly nasty, the reluctant hero gains insight to life as it meant to be lived There are surprises galore, which really makes the series come alive for young people Two thumbs up.

    26. Harrison on said:

      I don t particularly want to write reviews for this series, but I can t bite my tongue on this one This Book Is Really Really WEIRD I honestly don t even, to this day, have the time to sit here and write a review on a book I can t even completely understand I m sorry to disappoint, but I ll let someone else have a crack at writing a review for this, because I really don t get it.

    27. Laura Smith on said:

      I didn t think I could like a sequel to Raising Dragons as much as I liked the original, but The Candlestone hooked me from the beginning and carried me away down a stream of adventure full of tension and goosebumps Davis does an incredible job of posing good and evil and the struggles between them in a fantasy with many unexpected twists and turns.

    28. Cole on said:

      after i read the first book in the series i couldnt wait to find this book It had a few parts that were harder to understand but still a great read its about how a girl thinks that her mom is still alive b and get transported into a stone that sucks the power from dragons Another highly recomended book.

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