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The Etruscan

The Etruscan By Mika Waltari Lily Leino The Etruscan Having abducted Arsinoe the wanton priestess of Eryx Lars Turm s troubles began as he followed her to whatever lands promised her wealth luxury When she fell in love with another he was forced to f

  • Title: The Etruscan
  • Author: Mika Waltari Lily Leino
  • ISBN: 9789997408952
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Etruscan By Mika Waltari Lily Leino Having abducted Arsinoe, the wanton priestess of Eryx, Lars Turm s troubles began as he followed her to whatever lands promised her wealth luxury When she fell in love with another, he was forced to flee to Etruria found a destiny beyond his wildest expectations powers.
    The Etruscan By Mika Waltari Lily Leino

    Etruscan people Britannica Etruscan, member of an ancient people of Etruria, Italy, between the Tiber and Arno rivers west and south of the Apennines, whose urban civilization reached its height in the th century bce Many features of Etruscan culture were adopted by the Romans, their successors to power in the peninsula Etruscan Etruscan figure of a warrior s head. The Etruscan The Etruscan original title Turms, Kuolematon which translates to Turms, Immortal is a novel by Mika Waltari, published in , telling of the adventures of a young man, Turms, which begins approximately in BC. Etruscan Civilization Ancient History Encyclopedia Feb , The Etruscan civilization flourished in central Italy between the th and rd century BCE The culture was renowned in antiquity for its rich mineral resources and as a major Mediterranean trading power Much of its culture and even history was either obliterated or assimilated into that of its conqueror, Rome. Who Were The Etruscans TheCollector Mar , The Etruscan Enigma As a powerful, indigenous people living in pre Roman Italy from the th century B.C the ancient Etruscans have left their artistic mark on Western civilisation However, questions about their mysterious language and culture have perplexed historians and archaeologists for many centuries. The Etruscan Smile Review Variety Apr , Brian Cox rages robustly and arrestingly against the dying of the light in The Etruscan Smile, an unabashedly formulaic yet undeniably affecting coming to

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      338 Mika Waltari Lily Leino

    One thought on “The Etruscan

    1. Martin Švéda on said:

      Good story, i like it, but I dislike the character of Arsinoe I was hoping all the time, that Turms would get rid of her

    2. Daina Valeine on said:

      Las ju, nek nesapratu, turpin ju las t, un atkal nek nesapratu, pabeidzu las t un joproj m nek nesapratu Tom r gr matas pasaule ir valdzino a un st st jums aizraujo s Cilv ces v sture, tik sena un tom r tik tuva Ik cilv ks dz vo sav s ilg s, mekl jumos un sap os, vai tagad jos laikos, vai pirms divt ksto gadiem tom r nekas pasaul nemain s Kl st tikai vi Turms, nemirst gais.

    3. Zuzanna on said:

      I m not really sure what to think about this book Don t get me wrong, I liked it but still it is no Sinuhe, which I absolutely love Maybe it s fault of the translation I read it in, pretty old and with some errors It just didn t captivate me as the Egyptian Maybe some day I ll read it in English translation just to compare

    4. Sandra on said:

      Definitely not as good as the Egyptian Sinouh I remember being sometimes bored The story is interesting, but I always compare with his little brother get frustrated.

    5. The Idle Woman on said:

      My comments on this book must be prefaced by two caveats First, I am reading a translation from the 1950s by Evelyn Ramsden , which I suspect would benefit from being updated Second, it seems that this translation has drastically slashed the length of the original novel, resulting in a story that alternately drags and leaps without any real internal logic It s hard to tell how much of my assessment is based on the unsympathetic editing and how much on the original story, so I wanted to make that [...]

    6. Tintinnabula on said:

      stata una lettura fatta di gioie e dolori Il volume lungo, considerando poi che scritto in un carattere minuscolo e la traduzione di questa edizione antiquata, la sofferenza del mio apparato visivo e del mio cervello era palpabile Queste per sono questioni non imputabili a Waltari, e devo dire che ho sempre avuto l impressione di leggere l opera di una persona che sapeva il fatto suo, che si era documentata e aveva un grande interesse per il tema Eppure, era molto evidente che la storia era filt [...]

    7. Matti Marin on said:

      Luin kirjan puoleen v liin joskus teinin , sitten muut asiat veiv t mielenkiinnon Kirjan alku j i kuitenkin vaivaamaan minua vuosiksi Muistin suurin piirtein mit alussa tapahtui, mutta sit kin vahvemmin muistan harmonisen kielen ja eksoottiset mielikuvat joita se minussa oli her tt nyt Palasin kirjaan uudelleen muutettuani Barcelonaan, eik ote t ll kertaa herpaantunut Waltari kuljettaa lukijan l pi mahtavien ja eksoottisten maisemien Kieli on soljuvaa ja maanl heist siit huolimatta ett kertomus [...]

    8. Samuli on said:

      Tahtomattaan t t vertasi Sinuheen, jonka olen lukenut sek lapsena ett aikuisena Paljon on samoja aiheita, vastaavia henkil it , outoja retki ja kohtalon oikuttelua Mukaansatempaava tarina, mutta Turms h vi Sinuhelle ehk siin , ett Sinuhen ep ilys ja kohtalo toimivat uskottavammin kuin Turmsin v lill melko esoteerinen kulku pitkin ennusmerkkien polkuja.Hieno teos ja mielenkiintoinen aihe, mutta h vi l himm lle vertailukohdalleen yksioikoisempana esityksen.

    9. Hanna on said:

      Ajoittain hyvinkin kiinnostava, mutta vastapainoksi v lill puuduttava ja tietenkin pitk kuin n lk vuosi Sen j lkeen, kun kirjan sai loppuun saakka, kokonaisuutena se oli ihan hyv , mutta jotenkin tuntuu ettei sit tule kuitenkaan uudestaan luettua etenkin jos vajaat 700 sivuiseen kirjaan saa uppoamaan pari kuukautta aikaa P

    10. Magda on said:

      Even though I like Waltari s style of writing and I don t want to compere with the Egyptian, I was missing something in this book The story and main characters are wonderful, but probably I am just simply disappointed with Turms lack of care towards his personal life in the end However, it is wonderful reading and I definitely recommend it

    11. Antonio De la rosa on said:

      I read the 1959 edition with a cover painting by Clark Hulings see clarkhulings wp conte On the cover the two main characters kiss He, Lars Turms, an etruscan Lucumon on the path of self knowledge She, Arsinoe, cruel, capricious, selfish and even false but not evil, merely a reflection of the goddess If you reader take that into account plus the deep rouge of her lips on the cover, it will be easy to imagine what the selling point of the novel was at a time without Internet porn Ok, the real thi [...]

    12. Matina Grol on said:

      I really liked the atmosphere of the book and all the details on life during the Persian Wars The places Turms visited played an important role in this captivating story, and, since I like visiting placesis book really travelled me through time and space

    13. Marcos Marin on said:

      It s amazing how Mika Waltari can immerse you in the ancient world, the story is just amazing and it will make you want to cry, run, hit someone It s THAT good.

    14. Angela Di Bartolo on said:

      Affascinante, a volte enigmatico Forse meno avvincente del pi famoso Sinuhe l Egiziano, ma pi maturo e profondo, con un mix singolare fra sacralit e sensualit e con personaggi sfaccettati e contradittori Linguaggio scorrevole ma a tratti alto , solenne e poetico La storia di una ricerca di se stesso e insieme la storia di un a, in un contesto storico poco frequentato dai romanzi quello della civilt etrusca e di Roma nei primi anni della Repubblica.

    15. Gea on said:

      Waltari oma tuntud headusesllele ta meeldib, ei pea teps mitte pettuma on poliitikat, s da, armastust ja m stikat.

    16. SethMantel on said:

      Having read the whole thing now, I would say that this is one of those that has to be read to the very end to truly know if it was worth it Of the three Mika Waltari books I have read, this would be a firm bronze medalist, which is not saying much, since the other two are five stars If I were the sole supplier , or the only one between two conversation partners that has read the book, I would not have as much to say about it as I would about the other two.Earlier I thought that, given Waltari s [...]

    17. Victor Carson on said:

      Another very good book, written in 1956, from Mika Waltari Although the period of history, roughly the 5th century BCE, is not as significant as the history covered in The Egyptian or The Roman, the book does cover the period of the Persian invasions of Greece, the conflict between the Etruscans and the Romans, and the early rivalry between Carthage and Rome I like the lead character, a man who does not know his origins and wanders from Ephesus and the other Greek cities to Sicily, and finally t [...]

    18. Louisa on said:

      I am childishly in love with every Waltari book I ever read, starting from a very young age, so I doubt I can be objective.This is one of his historical novels the life and adventures of a man in the 500s BC who is unaware of his own background, having been raised in a Greek city in Asia Minor The English title spoils his background, and the original title Turms the Immortal spoils other things, but neither lowers the enjoyment.The book follows Turms warrior, pirate, exile, wanderer, politician [...]

    19. Gabriel on said:

      Great descriptions of the various ancient cities where the protagonist is wandering with places and people vividly displayed it is one of those historical fiction where you actually feel walking along with the characters and don t even realise how the time passes.The story of Turms is intriguing, adventurous, fast paced action on some parts and with interior reflection, philosophical themes approached on other parts, but not exaggerated.The main character has a pronounced characterization he is [...]

    20. Janne Paananen on said:

      Turms l htee liikkeelle verkkaiseen tahtiin, kiihtyy mukavasti luettavaksi matkakertomukseksi ja l ss ht kovasti loppua kohden Parasta antia kirjassa on henkil hahmojen suuri ristiriitaisuus ja kaksinaamaisuus Mutta eri valtioiden poliittisen kuviot on kerrottu todella pitk veteisesti ja miten onkaan Waltari onnistunut tekem n sota ja taistelukohtauksista n in tylsi Parhaimmillaan kirja ylt Sinuhemaiseen aaltoiluun Turmsin onnistumissa ep onnistumisissa Vahinko, ett hyv alkuasetelma v h n hukkuu [...]

    21. Gruia on said:

      Un tur prin lumea mediteranean antic al lui Turms, un fel de semizeu vagabond i folose te puterile pentru a rezolva situa ii imediate, nu are niciun plan Se lasa purtat de soart , degajat, convins fiind c rostul vie ii sale este n curs de ndeplinire Latura uman mai mult l ngreuneaz dorin a pentru femei, dragostea pentru copii sunt lucruri de care caut s se ndep rteze Acestea stau n calea lui c tre perioada de nemurire dintre dou re ncarn ri, pentru el mult mai interesant dec t via a pe p m nt.Ca [...]

    22. Luce on said:

      Sna ila jsem se poslouchat dramatizaci Radioservisu z tohoto roku s Luk em Hlavicou a Viktorem Preissem v hlavn roli, ale nejsem p tel dramatizac a p esp li vy perkovan ch nahr vek Ty v elijak zvuky a m sty dost afektovan p ednes Luk e Hlavici mi za al asem vadit P b h m taky zrovna nechytil, tak e kon m po cca t ech hodin ch poslechu bez z jmu tohle doposlouchat Milovn ci rozhlasov ch dramatizac v ak budou ur it nad eni Na jejich gusto je to zpracov no z ejm v born.

    23. Darameganknihy on said:

      tato kniha se mi dostala do rukou ve zpravovani audio pres pomaly zacatek jsem se zdarne dostala a pote poslech nemel chybu je to kniha, ktera neni jen tak pro kazdeho, ale kdyz ji doctete v mem pripade poslechnete zanecha ve vas stopuvic pan preiss viktor jako vypravec byl primo magicky pro me.

    24. Ken Cartisano on said:

      An excellent book with unique characters and an especially unusual hero It starts off oddly, and one wonders what the hell is going on for the first 28 pages After that, the book takes off and leaves you marveling at the ancient world presented by the author.

    25. Martina on said:

      No, it is definitely not easy to say which of MW novels is the best, as they score equally well in all aspects This one, however, might have a half of a point higher ranking because I don t know I just love this book

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