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Surface Detail

Surface Detail By Iain M. Banks Surface Detail It begins in the realm of the Real where matter still matters It begins with a murder It will not end until the Culture has gone to war with death itself Lededje Y breq is one of the Intagliated her

  • Title: Surface Detail
  • Author: Iain M. Banks
  • ISBN: 9780316123402
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Surface Detail By Iain M. Banks It begins in the realm of the Real, where matter still matters It begins with a murder It will not end until the Culture has gone to war with death itself Lededje Y breq is one of the Intagliated, her marked body bearing witness to a family shame, her life belonging to a man whose lust for power is without limit Prepared to risk everything for her freedom, her release,It begins in the realm of the Real, where matter still matters It begins with a murder It will not end until the Culture has gone to war with death itself Lededje Y breq is one of the Intagliated, her marked body bearing witness to a family shame, her life belonging to a man whose lust for power is without limit Prepared to risk everything for her freedom, her release, when it comes, is at a price To put things right she will need the help of the Culture Benevolent, enlightened almost infinitely resourceful tho it may be, the Culture can only do so much for any individual With the assistance of one of its most powerful arguably deranged warships, Lededje finds herself heading into a combat zone not even sure which side the Culture is really on A brutal, far reaching war is already raging within the digital realms that store the souls of the dead it s about to erupt into reality It started in the realm of the Real that is where it will end It will touch countless lives affect entire civilizations, but at the center of it all is a young woman whose need for revenge masks another motive altogether.
    Surface Detail By Iain M. Banks

    Surface Detail Surface Detail Culture by Iain M Banks Oct , Briefly, and without giving away any spoilers, the core thread in Surface Detail is about the ethics of inflicting pain, or what looks like pain, on simulated beings The conceit is that many societies in the Iain Banks Culture universe have traditions of Surface Detail Culture Banks, Iain M Oct , Surface Detail starts in one way and tracks that one narrative while weaving in a larger story about the struggle over artificial worlds for trillions of lives after their deaths and the civilizations that maintain artificial, and horribly brutal, Hells Some of this is hard to read. Surface Detail The Culture Wiki Fandom Oct , Surface Detail is Iain M Banks eighth novel in the Culture series. Surface Detail Literature TV Tropes Surface Detail is a novel of The Culture, set years after Look to Windward and far after the earlier novels in the series. Surface Detail by Iain M Banks review Fiction The Oct , In Surface Detail the stand out character is a sadistic Abominator class ship called the Falling Outside the Normal Moral Constraints The warship s barely concealed glee Official Home of Microsoft Surface Computers, Laptops, Up to sh backFrom home office to kitchen table to living room couch, Surface delivers the power to get it done, hi res touchscreens and Dolby Audio for music and shows, HD cameras to stay in touch, and the Windows you know. Surface Detail redbubble High quality Surface Detail gifts and merchandise Inspired designs on t shirts, posters, stickers,

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    One thought on “Surface Detail

    1. Bradley on said:

      A war in hell, for the fate of hell What Is this a Culture novel, one of huge Space Operatic dimensions, Ship Mega Minds, nearly ascendant alien cultures and encroaching afterlifes Wait Afterlife Sure Virtual hells made for elephantine aliens with enormous virtual wars to take up their attention so it doesn t have to spill over into the real.It s civilized, don t you know Of course, you can t say that for the people being TORTURED FOR ETERNITY within them sigh This one happens to be my absolute [...]

    2. Apatt on said:

      Iain M Banks was taken away from us too soon He was a genius of prose, structure, characterization and all kinds of SFnal ideas by all accounts his mainstream fiction published under the name ofIain Banks with no M is also so great.Reading Iain M Banks is challenging than most sci fi authors though, his novel s structure and plotline are often very complex, byzantine even but the reader s effort is always rewarded With Surface Detail Banks takes about 70 pages to set up the pieces and introduce [...]

    3. Susanne on said:

      How do I love thee, Culture universe Let me count the ways by playing Culture bingo Awesome tech checkFor starters, we have the standard fare of neural laces, AIs, drug glands, etc etc, everything that makes the Culture a level 8 civ Today s main course is a Bulbitian, an ancient ship and a talking singularity For desert, have a virtual Hell Oh my.Cool aliens sorta checkA clear majority of pan human players this time, but you gotta love the GFCF Plus, the Pavuleans are likeelephants or something [...]

    4. Matt on said:

      Well, it was better than Matter But to me at least, Banks flaws are really beginning to start to irritate.Banks seems completely unwilling to let anything actually challenge his precious Culture The typical story arc is to develop some sort of nominally galaxy threatening challenge to the Culture, which, near the end of the book, he ll reveal to be pathetically overmatched by the most trivial exercise of Culture might which arrives to aid the protagonist in all of its omnipotent dues ex machina [...]

    5. Nick on said:

      Banks is one of my all time favourites, but had put out some disappointments recently Algebraist and Matter were just plain no good Some of the straight fiction stuff had also been really below par, but he s put out Transitions and now this and I m ready to say all is forgiven There are some cookie cutter chapters, where you think that he s repeating scenes and characters and just varying the outlandish architecture hunt scene cruel game unusual dinner and pretending that it s something else The [...]

    6. Ian on said:

      When one rates an audiobook, is one rating the quality of the underlying written work, the quality of the audio version, or both I suppose I ll just clarify that my five star rating applies to both in this case.Surface Detail is the latest of the Culture Novels from Iain M Banks The wait for this one was worth it I think I m ready to say that Use of Weapons has finally been supplanted as the best of the Culture books.I ll write a proper review of Surface Detail, the book, after I ve read the har [...]

    7. Carly on said:

      First things first does anyone else picture Demeisen as David Tennant Gaunt, gangling, fast talking, humorous, with a tendency to switch within moments from cheerful to scarily intense, and with a jaunty enthusiasm for sharing viewpoints thatuhhave a tendency to fall outside the usual moral constraints Every time Demeisen talked, I heard David Tennant.Now the actual plot Surface Detail centers around the concept of afterlives, and hell well, hells in particular Many civilized cultures had some b [...]

    8. Negativni on said:

      It begins in the realm of the Real, where matter still matters.Iain M Banksov Culture serijal me je odu evio ve od prvog romana Consider Phlebas Uvijek mi je trebalo malo da u em u svaki roman, ali to sam dalje otkrivao Culture svijet mi je bio sve zanimljiviji, a Culture civilizacija mi je postala omiljena utopija Vjerovatno je i jedina koja bi i mogla opstati jer u njoj ljudi nisu bitan faktor pa ni ne mogu dovesti do korupcije sistema i njegovog pada.Culture civilizacijom vladaju Minds kako i [...]

    9. Terence on said:

      If you re not already a citizen if only in dreams of the Culture then Surface Detail is not your path to naturalization This is not to say that this isn t a worthy part of the Culture mythology it is I enjoyed reading it, meeting a few of the Culture s citizens and learning a bit about how its nonhierarchic, anarcho communist civilization works But that may be why non Culture aficionados shouldn t start off with this book It s heavy with unexplained Culture jargon e.g Sublimed races, the Ulter [...]

    10. Gary on said:

      I m a big Banks fan in both of his incarnations He s one of the giants for me, of SF and plain fiction in general As with all the Culture novels he has the outstanding Culture mythos backdrop to the story and like all his books he mixes original ideas with a range of characters that evoke sympathy and dislike in the reader, sometimes in the same character This book has a brilliant central idea do read this to find out what it is and several threads to the plot line Now this where a lot of writer [...]

    11. Metaphorosis on said:

      There seems to be an epidemic of weak editing these days Surface Detail is sadly not immune, either on the typographical words and punctuation missing or misplaced or stylistic poor word choice, lack of clarity front It s not a major impediment, but it s disappointing.Iain M Banks Culture books tend to exceptionally well written, but also be dry, distant, and complex Surface Detail is no exception Characters with long, difficult names abound, and there are several plots and sub plots, most of wh [...]

    12. Mike on said:

      Wow The first three quarters of this book are so stunning in the sheer scale of their creativity while managing to move the plot along at a than acceptable pace My head swam every time I put the book down, and most of the time I was only putting it down in order to allow my tiny brain to catch up with the depth, the detail, and the creative heights that this book reaches, and also to absorb and reflect on the consequences of some of the concepts and customs he introduces.The characters are, as [...]

    13. Megan Baxter on said:

      I am taking a break from Iain M Banks, I have decided To be precise, I decided this about halfway through this book, when the meandering plot and lots of torture not approval of torture, but lots of it were taking their toll I stand by that I was initially thinking of it as a permanent break, but the end of Surface Detail somehow convinced me that while I might need a break, perhaps even of a year or two, I may come back and finish off the Culture novels at some point Note The rest of this revie [...]

    14. Liviu on said:

      INTRODUCTION Iain M Banks early Culture books, Use of Weapons , Consider Phlebas and The Player of Games as well as the standalone Against a Dark Background are among my top sff books of all time, with Use of Weapons which I hope to review by year end still at 1 after 18 years since my first read and many re reads in the meantime.Last year s Transition was my number 1 sff novel of the year and this year Surface Detail will be most likely 1 sff of the year Actually as structure goes, Transition w [...]

    15. Matus on said:

      I did not read this book when I first opened the package, I gently wadded up clusters of ten or so pages, careful not to damage them too much pulled out my paraphernalia kit, and one by one heated the clumps on a spoon, injecting them directly into my bloodstream.As always, the effect of the drug only kicks in after about 100 pages of hits it s less the body adjusting to the magic substance, and the fact that the first 100 pages are created somewhat defensively, always a little bit rough, sayin [...]

    16. Will on said:

      If this were a movie, I d be blinking myself awake in a chair, belly stuffed full of popcorn, remembering vaguely that there were lots of explosions and weak acting, and feeling a bit silly for having hoped it was going to be something else.I really wanted to like this book And I did, when it was called Excession Banks has had these problems before in other novels, but here it really all comes together It s a Culture Novel by the tropes Seriously, there s nothing in this book that you haven t se [...]

    17. Daniel on said:

      It s His Party and You re InvitedAs in Matter, the last Culture installment, Banks waxes at length in Surface Detail Happily, SD is interesting than its predecessor, and features tidbits about the Culture that industrious, indefatigable, galaxy spanning civilization that has always been the most interesting character in a series that is essentially a collection of character pieces The plot and writing and characters are competent at best, and tedious at their worst Really, the main reason I re [...]

    18. Stefan on said:

      Another excellent installment in what s probably my favorite ongoing SF series Banks plays with themes of life, death, illusion and virtual reality, in a number of permutations and twists that s dizzying right from the beginning There s sheer old fashioned sense of wonder in this book than you can shake a stick at Some of the story lines are painfully intimate, others relate to the galaxy wide politics of the In Play civilizations, one of which is the post scarcity Mind run Culture we ve all co [...]

    19. Joe on said:

      Surface Detail is a 5 star interesting story with a 3 star ending It suffers from a degree of the lack of follow through inflicting other Culture novels However, most of the major themes did come together in the end, so it wasn t bad Heck, the first half was so captivating and invigorating, full of interesting situations and characters to love and hate, I even went on record as hopeful for a top 5 SF novel But, alas, no.

    20. Stephen on said:

      This review was originally posted here insideonemind.wordpress 20With the ability to create any kind of Virtual Reality imaginable, some civilisations have created Hell Each respective society would punish those they deemed to deserve with virtual eternal torment, but no less real to the mind experiencing it.I found this an incredibly imaginative way of dealing with the idea of death and the afterlife without making the story supernatural It s almost even believable It s quite easy to imagine th [...]

    21. Elf M. on said:

      Surface Detail is Iain M Banks latest Culture novel, and that s about it No, really If you ve read a Culture novel, you know what you re in for a series of novelletish vignettes featuring a vast cast of characters, from all different types, two of which the corporate sociopath and the political sociopath will crop up, be lectured to by some nominal good protagonist, and eventually fall from grace and probably be killed in some gruesome manner.If Banks applies himself at all in Surface Detail, it [...]

    22. Alan on said:

      Iain M Banks has earned than a little slack from us over the years with his prodigious and amazing output Surface Detail calls some of that back in The book takes its time getting started Its multiple opening chapters seem like little than vignettes But Banks ability, the trust that he has earned over those decades, should keep you reading, as he begins weaving these disparate tales together.Surface Detail turns out to be something like a pleasant, prolonged stroll through unfamiliar areas of [...]

    23. Bryan on said:

      I don t know I think Banks may have finally reached the limit of engaging stories he can tell in the Culture universe, without perhaps going for small scale intrigues rather than galaxy shaking events This is by no means a full review, but I ll jot down a few thoughts and impressions.Banks displays his usual skill with words, but in the end the whole thing was a bit boring I guess I really didn t care that much about any of the characters, the things they were doing didn t really seem to matter [...]

    24. Kristin on said:

      I developed a love hate relationship with this particular Ian Banks book As usual, Bank s books span a galaxy, with big ideas crossing big ships, and even bigger events It started out fairly strong, introducing the host of characters that would take the reader into the middle part of the book, where it just seemed to bog down in cumbersome descriptions of why the Culutre doesn t like virtual Hell and why they were fighting those who felt it was their right to have virtual Hells and a few persona [...]

    25. Lysergius on said:

      Feeling ill and wanted an easy read Not too easy these days if you are not a Potter or a Twilight fan Iain M Banks has always provided a fine dark vision sparkling with irreverence and a sort of tongue in cheek view of his own creations.Needless to say, Surface Detail provides the sort of fractal complexity coupled with topological intricacy that one has come to expect Not sure that the plot matters too much as long as it has a beginning, a middle and an end Its the surface details that make all [...]

    26. Althea Ann on said:

      Oh, I love Iain Banks He consistently manages to create books which are compelling, complex and challenging while remaining action filled, exciting and even humorous.This is the latest of his Culture novels the ninth, if I m correct As with most of the books, it works as a stand alone, with only a few tie ins to other books for the pleasure of the devoted reader.This novel entwines the story of Lededje Y Breq, a woman seeking revenge against her former master and abuser, with the story of an int [...]

    27. Bill on said:

      Classic Banks space opera in the Culture universe with fascinating characters and imaginative soft science As usual character and place names are nearly unpronounceable The one thing that followed me throughout the book was the villain Veppers who could be a Donald Trump clone except in appearance.8 of 10 stars

    28. Palmyrah on said:

      Iain M Banks s Culture stories are among my favourite science fiction reads, and I fall eagerly upon each new book in the series as it appears They vary in their emotional intensity and the degree of intellectual effort they demand from the reader, but they are unfailingly entertaining.Surface Detail is surely the lightweight in the Culture club It does not fail to entertain, but it disappointed me all the same This was for several reasons, the most salient being that I found the constantly chan [...]

    29. Insouciantly on said:

      An Impressive Work of Scope, and GravitasI think what we all really love about Iain M Banks is his ability to come up with an idea, and then to not only run with it, but to travel at light speed with it to the furthest edge of the galaxy of our imagination and sometimes one step further.His ideas aren t merely creative and individual, they are unique because of the depth to which he explores them Sure, people have created super powerful futuristic space exploring societies before, but Banks has [...]

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