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Rogue By Mark Walden Rogue Key members of G L O V E are being assassinated and Otto gone rogue is behind the killings Raven and Wing must find him before the order to eliminate him can be carried out

  • Title: Rogue
  • Author: Mark Walden
  • ISBN: 9781408800157
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rogue By Mark Walden Key members of G.L.O.V.E are being assassinated and Otto, gone rogue, is behind the killings Raven and Wing must find him before the order to eliminate him can be carried out
    Rogue By Mark Walden

    Rogue Aug , Storyline Megan Fox Transformers franchise tackles a thrilling new role as a battle hardened mercenary in this explosive action saga As team leader O Hara, she leads a lively squad of soldiers on a daring mission rescue Rogue Definition of Rogue at Dictionary a playfully mischievous person scamp The youngest boys are little rogues a tramp or vagabond verb used without object , rogued, roguing to live or act as a rogue. Rogue Rotten Tomatoes Rogue is an animal attack movie think Predator on the plains, or Alien with a lion but without the budget, shrewd characterisation, or proficient effects work to get the job done right. Rogue definition of rogue by The Free Dictionary rogue a deceitful and unreliable scoundrel knave, rapscallion, rascal, varlet, scalawag, scallywag scoundrel, villain a wicked or evil person someone who does evil deliberately Based on WordNet

    • Free Read Rogue - by Mark Walden
      235 Mark Walden

    One thought on “Rogue

    1. Katrina on said:

      The HIVE series has a lot of elements that one might consider clich in a villain hero story like this There are the types of villains that would fit right into a James Bond movie as well as an indestructible hero that survives It might be bothering me a little bit that it s always the very same five children who get in trouble or sometimes it s seven but Franz and Nigel are quite sidelined again in this book This novel granted us the reappearance of the earlier imprisoned Cypher, who is as psych [...]

    2. Owen on said:

      After saving Air Force 1 in dreadnaught, Otto is injected by Sebastian Trent with Animus, an organic supercomputer which turns him into a slave Trent uses Otto and a superhuman assassin called Ghost, to attack members of G.L.O.V.E This forces Darkdoom to order Otto s execution Nero sends Raven to retrieve Otto, and Wing stows away with her to try to help, but the pair of them are captured by H.O.P.E at one of Raven s safe houses Cypher who was freed to help combat overlord takes advantage of his [...]

    3. Mary Hodgman on said:

      Rogue was very exciting to read It felt like every other chapter new characters were revealed as traitors Otto has been captured and is being used to kill members of an important group called G.L.O.V.E When Otto s friends tries to rescue him, it s a little difficult considering that he too is fighting against them His mind is being controlled, and it will take a complicated plan to insure that he is rescued and healed , without accidentally being killed To create this plan and rescue Otto, they [...]

    4. Tiffany on said:

      A great continuance to the series Action packed and fun to read It s technical too in a futuristic, sci fi way A fun intro to sci fi for kids, grade 5 Plenty of violence death but the gore is at a minimum.

    5. Lauren on said:

      The fifth book in Mark Walden s H.I.V.E series is entitled Rogue In the book the protagonist, Otto Malpense, has fallen into Sebastian Trent s clutches Trent, a man who has become quite the enemy to Dr Nero and the whole G.L.O.V.E organization, plans to use Otto as his secret weapon to finalize the destruction of G.L.O.V.E With members of G.L.O.V.E fighting amoungst themselves and Trent using Otto to attack them Nero doesn t know if G.L.O.V.E will be able to survive All Nero knows is that he has [...]

    6. Justin Yan on said:

      Aha, it is about time that I review this extraordinary book As the fifth book in the H.I.V.E series, you will not become bored by this book as it has an extremely interesting twist to it True to the other books in the series, it is told in good old third person with the original characters still an integral part of the plot As you may think that after 4 books what really is there to improve upon and add to the plot Mark Walden is truly an amazing man as far as being able to conjure up something [...]

    7. Derrick on said:

      Rogue by Mark Walden is the fifth book in the HIVE series It was very very good in my opinion because there is once again a lot of twists and turns, which just makes the book interesting The HIVE series has a lot of high tech material inside Most of the battles are not the type of war we have nowadays, but it is a advanced warfare that is better than anything in the current world, but in the current world At the start of the book, a member of the GLOVE ruling council is assassinated This cause [...]

    8. PurplyCookie on said:

      The leaders of the world s villainous forces are being picked off one by one in a series of mysterious attacks and Dr Nero is forced to take temporary control of G.L.O.V.E when Diabolus Darkdoom is seriously injured He then discovers that Otto, who has now been missing for several months since Dreadnought, is leading the attacks Under pressure from the remaining members of the ruling council, Nero is left with no choice but to issue a capture or kill order for Otto Wing learns of the order and p [...]

    9. Pun on said:

      Mark Walden always has some way to make me keep reading, although the Said with a straight face is becoming even annoying due to is overused repetition The overall story so far is quite engaging, though the way he writes seems to say he doesn t have many ideas left

    10. Jim on said:

      As a rule, it s rare to find a series where the fifth book is still meeting if not exceeding the standards set by the first Happily, H.I.V.E seems to be one of those rare exceptions The story in Rogue picks up almost right where the previous book, Dreadnought, left off, and catapults the reader straight back into its world of action, intrigue, deadly dangers and narrow escapes I was so engrossed, I nearly read the whole thing in one sitting This book has a somewhat harder edge to it than some of [...]

    11. Amanda on said:

      They are getting darker I guess I should have expected this 2 books left to go in the series What s a girl to do The good bad guys are still fighting the bad bad guysd winning But the ratio of violence deaths the end justifies the means is definitely higher Bad language is still there not sure if it is stronger or just still there No real level of romance Drinking smoking mentioned in passing done by the bad bad guys Trying to take over the world for sheer crazy I am a psychotic weirdo and don t [...]

    12. Katherine Roberts on said:

      A good book for teenage boys, full of gadgets and explosions and a plot that reads like an all action movie My rating reflects the fact I found it difficult to connect with any of the characters, and wasn t really sure who I was supposed to be rooting for There are some younger characters who get into trouble, but there do not appear to be any good guys Those who stood out for me were the boy Otto who is a victim in this book so has little chance to take control , and two kick ass lady warriors [...]

    13. TheTinFoilHatter on said:

      This is yet another great title in a great series Well, technically the title is my one gripe with this book, but Possessed wouldn t have sounded as classy Following the events of the last book, Otto is being controlled by the Animus goo to serve the forces of H.O.P.E His friends must find and rescue him, and what follows is a series of crazy action scenes with great plot and characters.One highlight of the saga is the appearance of a true rogue villain, who really adds to the story as a despera [...]

    14. Ryan Viergutz on said:

      So Otto is possessed by this Animus fluid stuff, Overlord is possibly returning and the professors have to bring in an old enemy who does the usual villainous things.This series is SO FUN It feels nostalgic for Saturday morning cartoons without the nostalgia because these never were They re written that I can pretty much see the animation in them although the mood is like Transformers the Animated Movie There s violence and brutal decisions than you d expect from most Saturday morning cartoon [...]

    15. Nicanor on said:

      Yes Now this is a way to give momentum to a series.Even with my rating, I though Dreadnought to be BORING for some reasons I don t know if it is the fact that it had too much Diabolus which I believe is a super boring character or the fact that, besides the end, there is really not a big new adition besides Lucy, but it was way too early for her to be relevant But with Rogue Taking exactly from the last cliffhanger, action from start to finish, tension, return from previous books always a plus i [...]

    16. Sarah on said:

      Otto Malpense, teen supergenius, has gone rogue, taking down the evil overlords of G.L.O with his increasingly frightening cyborg powers at the behest of H.O.P.E an organization with just as few moral scruples but better P.R G.L.O.V.E orders his execution, but his friends are convinced they can break his mental programming if they reach him first The race is on to find Otto in a top secret ian base before the last of his personality is erased and something darker than anyone expects replaces him [...]

    17. Natalie C. on said:

      This has been the best book so far in the series The suspense was killing me the entirety of the time, the action writing makes me feel like I m in a superhero movie I like how there are multitudes of perspectives so the story can be in many places at once, it makes the story well rounded I wish there were background characters though, there are only the main group and others who are important to the story Characters who don t matter as much would add depth, because it s not like Otto only ha [...]

    18. Katrina on said:

      I just love these H.I.V.E books They are the perfect combination of action, adventure, mystery, nerd dom, and great villains They are so perfect for boys well everyone, but especially boys This book is a little darker than the previous H.I.V.E books deaths and sinister plots The series is sort of like Harry Potter in that way slowly getting mature with its audience.I m anxious to see how Otto behaves in this the next book, Zero Hour, now that he s not possessed I also really like the idea of N [...]

    19. Anne on said:

      Book 5 in the H.I.V.E series.The action and adventure continues as Otto Malpense is being used by the nefarious leaders of H.O.P.E to take over the world Raven and Wing set off for the ian headquarters to rescue him Laura, Lucy, and Shelby have been taken as hostages, Cypher is on the loose.Fans of the series will continue to enjoy the exploits of these characters Those who enjoyed Alex Rider will like these, too, but they need to start with the first of the series.

    20. Jodie on said:

      This is the 5th book in the H.I.V.E series Otto has been taken by the enemy and the headmaster of H.I.V.E finds out that he is attacking people from the villain society he is in G.L.O.V.E Raven and Otto s best friend Wing are trying to find Otto and turn him back before he gets killed This book is really good, interesting, and action packed like all the books in the H.I.V.E series and I definitely recommend it.

    21. Ms. Mielke's Class Make sure you post how your sheets tell you to!!!! on said:

      This book is now definitely one of my favorites It grabs the reader s attention and doesn t let go In this book Otto goes rogue and begins assassinating members of the glove ruling council When Wing hears about this he sets off with raven to save him before the G.L.O.V.E ruling council can get to him.This book was a amazing addition to the series in my opinion and I don t think you will be overly disappointed with this book GT

    22. Sam on said:

      Usually, by the time a series hits the 4th book, the quality starts to go down This can t be said for Walden s 5th, as he does an exceptionally good job of keeping the readers interested in the various plot twists There s a lot of action and it s written smoothly so that nothing seems forced Overall, another great book to the hive series

    23. Soumya on said:

      I really enjoyed this novel While not entirely suspicious, this book was definitely gripping The comeback of old characters, the introduction of new ones, and the crazy plans of villains kept me under this books s spell The action and gadgets did not let me down A great 5th book in the HIVE series I definitely recommend this book to fans of spy themed books.

    24. Denise on said:

      My children and I have enjoyed the series, but it gets progressively violent with each book, so beware I began to get a little uneasy with the amount of killing in the last 2 books that I have read to my children Hopefully the next book doesn t get any worse Other than the violence, it is a fun, action packed book to read.

    25. Kevin on said:

      I really enjoy this series It s supposed to be the school for super villains, but they do seem to spend a lot of time saving the world This one was interesting because it has one of the main characters, Otto, out of commission and not really a part of the story I liked the twists and turns and the character conflicts I would recommend these if you can get your hands on them.

    26. Hayden on said:

      Awwwww, I missed Otto when he was a good guy ha, it s still hard to think that he s a villain All of us that are reading this should really be supporting H.O.P.EIFFHANGER Once again, I m not worried I ve already started Zero Hour Because I ve timed it right, The next H.I.V.E book will be coming out soon after I ve finished Zero Hour Will finish later

    27. Eric on said:

      Here s the fifth installment in Mark Walden s ongoing H.I.V.E series Each volume is not so much a book as it is a small piece of a bigger story arc Rogue, for example, continues the adventure begun way back in The Overlord Protocol That s four books and counting There s no turning back now Full review superheronovels 2013 03 15

    28. Brooke on said:

      Otto is captured and turned into a deadly enemy agent I didn t enjoy reading the scenes where Otto was the evil guy but Nero and Raven with the help of Wing work it out In the end i enjoyed this book as much as the others I think I am ready for the series to end However, I am not a twelve year old but I definitely enjoy recommending this to young teen readers

    29. Nathalie on said:

      As usual, action packed to the gills So much that I find myself getting lost a coupla times Still, a very good cannot put down read Giving this 5 stars if only for the fact that H.I.V.E.mind is back, and nearly brought down H.I.V.E in the process For a bunch of supposed evil villains, these guys sure have quite strong morals And Raven still kicks serious ass of course.

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