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Justine By Marquis de Sade Justine Justine was the Marquis de Sade s first novella written in whilst imprisoned for two weeks in the Bastille Although published anonymously de Sade was eventually indicted for blasphemy and obsc

  • Title: Justine
  • Author: Marquis de Sade
  • ISBN: 9789508770356
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback
  • Justine By Marquis de Sade Justine was the Marquis de Sade s first novella, written in 1787, whilst imprisoned for two weeks in the Bastille Although published anonymously, de Sade was eventually indicted for blasphemy and obscenity without trial for the authorship of Justine at the behest of Napoleon Bonaparte.Who suffers in the pursuit of desire The Countess de Lorsange reveals her history, Justine was the Marquis de Sade s first novella, written in 1787, whilst imprisoned for two weeks in the Bastille Although published anonymously, de Sade was eventually indicted for blasphemy and obscenity without trial for the authorship of Justine at the behest of Napoleon Bonaparte.Who suffers in the pursuit of desire The Countess de Lorsange reveals her history, in a tavern, to a young woman named Therese where a young girl and her sister fight a battle of morality Set in a period before the French Revolution, Justine shows the battle of virtue versus vice, where earning your keep takes on fresh connotations, and a titled lady holds a lifetime of illicit secrets.
    Justine By Marquis de Sade

    • [PDF] Unlimited ô Justine : by Marquis de Sade
      197 Marquis de Sade

    One thought on “Justine

    1. Paul Bryant on said:

      This Justine she had like the all time worst luck, even worse than this girl Tiffany that I know who broke her leg on the first day of a three week ski holiday, it sounds so sad unless you know her in which case it practically proves there s a God right there But anyway I was reading this book at breakfast and that was a good laugh in itself cause people thought it must be a highly educational book because it was written before the Ark and I m not saying they were wrong neither because some of i [...]

    2. Guillermo on said:

      Great book, but i really don t care for translations Let s see, something I took from this book Believe in God and a bunch of people are going to rape you, take advantage of you, tie you to a tree and let the dogs get you, while your sister becomes a whore and marries a rich guy and gets all the wonders in the world, while everyone who s fucked you over got rich and became successful.But, hey, at least you go to heaven in the end

    3. Luís C. on said:

      This book is absolutely appalling One expects a novel written on the subject of libertinism It is all the worse it is only women sequestered, subjected, under duress and threats, to the worst perversities of men One is far beyond what one can imagine, since imposed sex is added violence, blood, scatology, deathThose who admire Sade in the name of sexual liberation are all wrong there is no liberation in Sade, but only coercion Only perverse, violent men with deadly, unscrupulous tendencies, who [...]

    4. Traveller on said:

      4,5 out of 10 spiky starsI suspect that I expected to find something similar to smutty contemporary sado masochistic literature, and was therefore quite pleasantly surprised stylistically speaking Having watched documentaries about De Sade which depicted him as a dribbling sot in an institution for the insane, I had expected well something much less intelligent than this De Sade is obviously no fool, and his arguments are intelligently put.In this novel, De Sade still conforms to Victorian norms [...]

    5. Kimley on said:

      When I was a grad student in Comparative Literature, all the cool kids read the Marquis de Sade Just add philosophical musings to the sexcapades and basically you have porn for intellectuals

    6. Çağdaş T on said:

      de Sade n Sodom ve Franval dan sonra okudu um 3 kitab yd Ne Sodom kadar sapk n ne de Franval kadar felsefi anlamda basitti erdi i konu itibariyle ayk r edebiyat olarak s n fland r lsa da alt metinlerdeki felsefi de erlendirmeler kesinlikle kitab ba ka bir boyuta ta yor.Alt ba l nda da belirtildi i gibi Erdemin Felaketleri, neden erdemli olmamal y z, haz duyman n vazge ilmezli i, haz u runa yap lan k t leklerin m bah oldu u, bekaret namus olgusunun ilkelli i, dinin ve tanr fikrinin ge erlili i, v [...]

    7. MJ Nicholls on said:

      As Will Self puts it succinctly here, paraphrased I believe that humans are innately evil It s called egoism When egoism hypertrophies, when it grows and grows like a cancer, then that person becomes a full blown evil person Enter the uncompromising realm of the Marquis and the sequence of cartoon abuses heaped upon the virginal anti heroine for over 250pp, translated if Paul Bryant is to be believed , by the former disgraced songwriter of the Mamas and the Papas, who also wrote a monograph on t [...]

    8. Peter Brooks on said:

      de Sade s unfortunate reputation goes before him Certainly none of his books are ones that you d recommend to a maiden aunt Part of their reputation is well earned.However, it is, I think, a pity to dismiss him simply as a pornographer His books are an unusual read, but are stimulating His fierce anti clericism is refreshing, if, as with most of what he says, rather on the extreme level.What I find most informative, though, are his discussions of morality, ethics and government de Sade was quite [...]

    9. Mary on said:

      First impressions Marquis de Sadeyou are one crazy m f So I had learned about Marquis de Sade, or at least first heard of him after watching the movie Quills and I immediately became really interested Yes, his works are incredibly graphic and really go off the deep end, but he was added to my bucket list of authors I wanted to read just for the sake of reading.After doing a little research I chose Justine, a classic, and one of his famous stories to give a try at but it was a failure I got eit [...]

    10. Claudia Hernandez on said:

      It is precisely the Misfortunes of Virtue which Sade illuminates in Justine Virtue, personified in Justine, is perpetually confronted by misfortune, and subdued by an omnipresent force, which, as expected from the Marquis, drips animalistic eroticism Justine is, inarguably, a novel on depravity, but beyond its blatant decadent literature, Justine is also to be seen and appreciated as a historical document a passionate chronicle and assessment of a culture not governed by law, but through the des [...]

    11. Helena on said:

      Saying that this is my kind of porn comes across very, very badly So before i say that or write it i just want to make it absolutely clear that i enjoyed the intellectual side of it, not the raping side So, without further ado, this is my kind of porn Hence the 5 stars.I d also like to formally invite the Marquis over to my place for dinner this Saturday, because as we all know he and Elvis are having the time of their still very ongoing lives somewhere on a secluded island, Richard Branson styl [...]

    12. Carrie Asagiri on said:

      Ante todo quiero aclarar que Justine no es una novela er tica y si alguien realmente se excita con las escenas de sexo expl citas del libro entonces tiene un nivel de perversi n igual o peor que los personajes descriptos Justine es un tratado filos fico sobre la virtud versus una sociedad corro da por los vicios, libertinajes y degeneraciones Tambi n es un tratado filos fico sobre lo que realmente es lo bueno y lo malo, los valores que cada uno le atribuye a sus conductas Por momentos es una apo [...]

    13. Jeannette Nikolova on said:

      Oh my God, this is one of the worst books I ve read in my life The writing is vulgar and repetitive and the author has a lexicon of 200 words and expressions, which he never strays away from The male characters aren t really characters plural as much as one character repeated ten times It s the very same man again and again a sadist har har who likes to have orgies with both females and males alike, and to give himself pleasure while torturing other people Also, all the men in the book give Just [...]

    14. Spinster on said:

      I m not sure what I was expecting from this book Knowing de Sade s reputation I assumed Justine would be controversial and an interesting insight to the late 18th century life Yes, I can see how and why it was controversial and yes, it was a sort of an insight to a late 18th century deviant s mind, but interesting Not so much.I think I expected substance and depth to the story from Justine as a reading experience It took me months to read it, mostly because I couldn t understand any of the char [...]

    15. Serkan on said:

      Christian Gray ve t revleri ni ok mu seviyor sunuz Yak kl ve zengin bir sadomazo ist taraf ndan k rba lanma fanteziniz mi var Bir de bunu okuyun derim BDSM yi ilk defa literat re sokan, Sadist kelimesi isminden t retilmi olan Marquis de Sade nin iki ba yap t ndan biri Kitap Justine isimli Ahlak ve Erdem yolundan ayr lmamaya kararl k z m z n ba na gelen olaylar anlat yor Justine k z m z birbirinden zengin ve st s n ftan insanlar n elinde oradan oraya s r kleniyor Her gitti i yerde de ba na gelmey [...]

    16. Dan on said:

      This is primarily a book of philosophywhich is not to say that it isn t also filled with fairly graphic in an 18th century kind of way scenes of every kind of sex act imanginable The philosophy is that of the merits of vice vs virtue The protagonist a virtuous woman falls prey to a series of libertines who use and abuse her in whatever ways they deem pleasurable to themselves Some of these tribulations are inflicted as the result of chance events while others result from Justine Therese s exerci [...]

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