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The Long Patrol

The Long Patrol By Brian Jacques Allan Curless The Long Patrol The murderous Rapscallion army is on the move Dealt a humiliating defeat by Lady Cregga Rose Eyes the Badger Lady of Salamandastron who still pursues them the Rapscallions are heading inland to tak

  • Title: The Long Patrol
  • Author: Brian Jacques Allan Curless
  • ISBN: 9780142402450
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Long Patrol By Brian Jacques Allan Curless The murderous Rapscallion army is on the move Dealt a humiliating defeat by Lady Cregga Rose Eyes, the Badger Lady of Salamandastron, who still pursues them, the Rapscallions are heading inland to take an even greater prize the peaceful Abbey of Redwall The elite fighting unit of hares, the Long Patrol, is called out to draw them off At the forefront is the young hareThe murderous Rapscallion army is on the move Dealt a humiliating defeat by Lady Cregga Rose Eyes, the Badger Lady of Salamandastron, who still pursues them, the Rapscallions are heading inland to take an even greater prize the peaceful Abbey of Redwall The elite fighting unit of hares, the Long Patrol, is called out to draw them off At the forefront is the young hare Tammo, the lead sword in one of the most ferocious battles Redwall has ever faced ready to fight to the death Jacques is a masterful storyteller As in the other Redwall books, the combination of an absorbing plot, robust characterization, and detailed description make the novel a page turner The Horn Book
    The Long Patrol By Brian Jacques Allan Curless

    The Long Patrol Battlestar Galactica The Long Patrol TV Episode Oct , Storyline Starbuck s unplanned double date with Cassiopeia and Athena on the recently reopened luxury liner Rising Star is interrupted when the Galactica picks up long range transmission traffic indicting human life in a distant solar system on the other side of a vast asteroid dust field. The Long Patrol World War II Novel th Regiment Book Aug , The Long Patrol World War II Novel th Regiment Book Kindle edition by Glatte, Chris Mystery, Thriller Suspense Kindle eBooks . The Long Patrol by Chris Glatte Chris Glatte s THE LONG PATROL tells the story of a squad fighting during the Battle of Guadalcanal during WW When intelligence produces an opportunity to go behind enemy lines and make contact with native guerillas, the squad ends up on a dangerous and bloody mission that may change the course of the battle and the war. The Long Patrol Battlestar Galactica Wiki Fandom The Long Patrol A Tale from Redwall Sep , The fierce hares of the long patrol are, as introduced in other Redwall tales, eccentric, funny, and the epitome of the protective warrior ready to lay down their lives for the right. The Long Patrol Redwall Wiki Fandom The Long Patrol goes to Redwall, hoping to inform the denizens about the threat posed by Damug The spirit of Martin the Warrior appears to Tammo, instructing him to go in the company of the hare Midge Manycoats to Damug s camp.

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    One thought on “The Long Patrol

    1. Jane Jago on said:

      As a self confessed Redwall nut it s probably not a good idea for me to review this book But I m going to anyway.I loved it Bad is bad and good is good and there s very little messing about in the middle You know that the goodies will win in the end, of course they will, although how they get there will be endlessly entertaining and inventive Brian Jacques certainly knows how to write a hero.

    2. LibraryDanielle on said:

      I was reading some of the reviews previous to mine, and find it interesting that adults are complaining that the redwall books follow a formula theme and are predictable that they all have the same premise a horde threatens the serenity of redwall abbey to which I have to say this duh these books were written for kids they deal with difficult subjects, war, death, honor, grief, injury, etc, in a manner that young kids can grasp and understand of course they re simplistic you want complicated rea [...]

    3. Joseph Leskey on said:

      Quite good, I m sure There isn t much else to say about it, I m afraid, for, seeing as all the Redwall books end up being or less the same, I ve already said everything by reviewing other books in the series.

    4. Gus on said:

      This book is a very exciting adventure novel with both suspense and drama The book starts at Camp Tussock where a young hare named Tamello Tam for short is trying to ease his wandering mind by acting as if he is fighting for the famed Long patrol Tam is too young in his father s eyes to join the Long Patrol but his mother has other ideas She enlists the help of her friend named Russa to help Tam journey to the Long Patrol On the shores of the Southern Coast beaches are filled with war loving ver [...]

    5. Fiver on said:

      This book deserves one star simply because by this point in the series and in fact, by some time before , the books in the Redwall saga may as well be factory produced Whereas most books in the Redwall series at least attempt to pull a new twist on the Redwall world travels in new directions, unique heroes and villains, etc The Long Patrol merely tells another story, with the same character types, the same quests, the same villain aspects, etc Having said that, it should be noted that, to a degr [...]

    6. Steven D'Adamo on said:

      Jacques s tales are full of colorful language, beautiful imagery of Mossflower Woods and the surrounding country and Redwall Abbey s legendary food and lovable characters.Jacques uses such very personal and localized character arcs to tell a much wider story Within this single novel we are given references to other figures of Redwall lore, like Martin the Warrior, Matthias, Sunflash the Mace, and Lord Brocktree To be reminded of these stories has only stoked my desire to revisit this world.Some [...]

    7. Wooga on said:

      Lady Cregga Rose Eyes could have been the best character ever They kept talking her up, only for her to fall in a ditch twice.

    8. Geoffery Crescent on said:

      One of the darker entries into the Redwall canon, with loss of innocence a clear theme Tammo dreams of joining the Long Patrol, an elite army of hares who fight for Salamandastron and its ruler Cregga Rose Eyes The reality of this mostly consists of his friends dying around him as they struggle to contain the oncoming might of Damug Warfang s army of Rapscallion rats, intent on taking Redwall Abbey The last third of the book is or less one long battle and it s beautifully written The Abbey is n [...]

    9. Greg Deane on said:

      I was very disappointed in this children s novel that I expected to be a jolly mediaeval romp, along the lines of Wind in the Willows set 500 600 years earlier Instead, Jacques is obviously a fiendish social engineer seeking to indoctrinate children with a cultural Marxist agenda All the villains, the vermin, are carnivorous males Most of the virtuous defenders of right are herbivorous females, supported by a few stalwart males who know to submit to the superior women of their female betters Rel [...]

    10. Jeremy Gallen on said:

      This tale of Redwall opens with the hare Tammo yearning to become a member of the eponymous Long Patrol at the dawn of spring In the meantime, the main antagonist, Damug Warfang, leads his army of vermin up the coast Further, the southern wall of Redwall Abbey is derelict, with a subterranean chasm contributing to this, with the Long Patrol ultimately joining the Redwallers against Damug, a battle rounding out the book It s pretty much on par with other entries of the series, with endearing char [...]

    11. Tegbir P on said:

      The main reason that I love this book is because it is a very attention gripping book If you need to try out a new book, I seriously recommend trying this book out The reason that I docked one star off the rating is because at some points, during the most exciting parts, Brian Jacques will switch the scene and you have to wait until he switches scenes again But other than that, this is one of my favorite books.

    12. Matthew McAndrew on said:

      Epic That s the first word that comes to mind when I think of this book I won t spoil anything, but one particular battle scene was jam packed with emotion and hyped up on the power of determination, one of my favorite story elements The Long Patrol characters are the epitome of the motto never give up , and that stuck with me even till now, about a decade after reading the book.

    13. Allie Genia on said:

      I enjoy this series definitely read as many as I could get my hands on when I was a kid I still like the stories these tell, but it sometimes gets a little ham fisted with the moralistic elements and the drama Still an easy and enjoyable read though

    14. Heidi on said:

      Read with Maggie, loved it I met Mr Jacques years ago and he was such an amazing character himself Love the realistic fantasy, he doesn t hide the reality of battle or life.

    15. Ellen Hartman on said:

      Loved so many books in the series, but the humor and characters in this one made it a standout.

    16. Josiah on said:

      The flair that Brian Jacques has for mesmerizing descriptive writing never fails him, and some of his most resplendently fashioned paragraphs appear in the pages of this tenth book of the Redwall saga.The Long Patrol is chronologically last of the first ten books, taking place after most of the principle players involved in the previous novel, Pearls of Lutra, have gone to the proverbial gates of the Dark Forest Even the courageous second Martin the Warrior is gone now, with his place as Redwall [...]

    17. David on said:

      Story Tamello De Fformelo Tussock is a young hare who dreams of joining the Long Patrol, a group of hares that serves Lady Cregga Rose Eyes, the badger who rules the stronghold of Salamandastron Even though both of Tammo s parents have served in the Long Patrol it takes Tammo s mother to convince an old friend, a squirrel named Russa, to get Tammo started on his journey However the journey isn t a smooth one An army of sea vermin known as the Rapscallions has come ashore following their defeat a [...]

    18. Elizabeth on said:

      mild spoilers When Brian Jacques uses one single overarching plot in his Redwall books, those books are the ones that turn out better than the rest The Long Patrol is no exception The Redwall sidebar was slightly irrelevant well, the Tansy and Co Adventures in Kotir was , but overall, Jacques maintained a tight focus There was also an awesome sense of urgency created by the collapsing wall that made for some nice tension.Hares So many hares So many hares that they were hard to tell apart, but ha [...]

    19. Lauren on said:

      If you re a reader who loves adventure and fantasy I highly recommend this book to you The Long Patrol is an action packed book filled with mystery and battle In this story Tammo, a young hare, runs away from home only to find himself in the Long Patrol, a group of perilous hares who fight evil Damug Warfang is a evil rat that is going to try to take over Mossflower, a peaceful woodland region Damug and the thousand vermin at his side attack Tammo and five hundred of the Long Patrol with the mig [...]

    20. TJ on said:

      The Long Patrol is the 10th book in the Redwall series The book centers on the creatures of Redwall Abbey, mice, quaint moles, voles and otters Each book in the series follows a pretty similar formula A vermin force of rats, stoats, fox and weasels threatens to destroy the peaceful Redwallers.There are several storylines that are developed over the course of the book and everything is neatly tied up by the end The end usually involves a decisive battle between the vermin and the inhabitants of R [...]

    21. Jing on said:

      The book in the point of view of a hare named Tammo runs off with a skilled squirrel named Russa Nodrey While battling their way to Redwall, they soon meet hares of the Long Patrol and learned of the tale of the Rapscillions Joining forces, the party set their sights on Redwall Before they reach the abbey, Russa was killed and a badger babe was founded Meanwhile, the army of Rapscillions in the command of Damug moves inner towards Mossflower eager to claim it as it on The Long Patrol hare of Sal [...]

    22. Daniel Garrison Edwards on said:

      Alas, I am only 170 pgs into Martin Chuzzlew And despite my deep love for Dickens witty and satirical prose, when the semester is in full swing I find my brain lacks the keen and whetted edge necessary to enjoy and appreciate his eloquently crafted story telling So as is usual for this time of year, Dickens will find his work atop my night stand vying against Macbeth s Baptist Heritage for my attentions when my mind is not mush from monotonous academia and feeling surprisingly ambitious However [...]

    23. AbbyJoy on said:

      The Long Patrol was yet another fantastic installment of the Redwall series While it wasn t my favorite in the series, the book held my attention and kept me reading, and I greatly enjoyed it In The Long Patrol, the plot centers around the adventures of a young hare named Tammo, who aspires to be a part of the famous Long Patrol of Salamantron The events accumulate into a devastating battle against Damug, the leader of the vermin band known as the Rapscallions.This tale is full of colorful and m [...]

    24. David Beard on said:

      I got a kick out of this book, the humor that the hares have is so different from the other animals in the story but all the same i think that the best word to describe them is the one they describe themselves with perilous they eat a lot they laugh a lot, but they truly are fierce I love that the legends of salamandastron are brought into book Tammo, the main character of the book embarks on a journey with an elderly squirrel who teaches him how to survive and fight His dream is to join the inf [...]

    25. Will Waller on said:

      The books are getting better as you progress through the series In this one, hares finally get the love they deserve They re funny, witty, and adventurous Unfortunately, this book suffers from the same old, same old It is the same plot structure as all the other books There s a quest, there are riddles to solve, there is a scary mega villain to fight at the end I don t understand sometimes how Jacques was able to do it with the same plot structure throughout his oops, how he could write this ove [...]

    26. Vickey Foggin on said:

      All the hares in the Redwall books have the same personality based on gluttonous upper crust English military officerspoint the way to the kitchens, toodle pip, old chap, wot wot So I was concerned that this hare centric book would be a confusing drag Some of the hares do blend together, but the story is great and rather than try to sort out the background hares I just merged the forgettable ones together It reads like a WWI novel the young lad keen for glory finds war a horror and is shell sho [...]

    27. Bryan on said:

      The Long Patrol A young hare named Tammo longs to be in the Long Patrol, a fierce fighting force that protects all of Salmandastron However, he joins a small army of various animals that, led by Lady Cregga Rose Eyes, battles the legendary Rapscallion, in the name of defending Redwall Abbey The ending is known, but a few twists and turns make this book worth every page.This novel is a true representation of Brian Jacques talent and imagination Each animal has human characteristics, and readers w [...]

    28. Carina on said:

      I am not a fan of the mountain Salamandastron, don t really know why So when I first saw the title of this book I thought I would not get on with it, even as a child The best I could hope for was some fun Long Patrol members of the ilk of Tarquin and Rosie Luckily this book has some fantastic hares in it, and Lady Cregga is one of my favourite badgers from the series Plus we get a return of Tansy from the previous book in the series making this, I think, the only book in the series to directly c [...]

    29. Garrett on said:

      The Long Patrol feels like a filler or plot positioning for future books than it does a stand alone book Fans of Jacques Anglo Hares will enjoy a book that gives a considerable number of pages over to Wots and Thingummy , the rest of the story feels disconnected and even fragmented New characters are introduced but to be developed in a later volume, and other characters die a tragic death before the reader can emotionally invest in them Jacques writing is becoming nuanced, and the story lines [...]

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