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The Greek Myths

The Greek Myths By Robert Graves The Greek Myths Combines in a single volume the complete text of the definitive two volume classic citing all the ancient myths

  • Title: The Greek Myths
  • Author: Robert Graves
  • ISBN: 9780140171990
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Greek Myths By Robert Graves Combines in a single volume the complete text of the definitive two volume classic, citing all the ancient myths.
    The Greek Myths By Robert Graves

    Greek Mythology Gods, Characters Stories HISTORY May , At the center of Greek mythology is the pantheon of deities who were said to live on Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece From their perch, they ruled every aspect of human life. The Greek Myths Greek mythology Best Greek Myths Greeka The Greek Myths Graves, Robert Greek myths have survived in the form they have in large measure because of the cultural artifacts they ve influenced Other ancient, and now no longer active religions, have not permeated western literature, philosophy, and art as extensively as the ancient Greek religion. The Greek Myths by Robert Graves The Greek Myths is a mythography, a compendium of Greek mythology, with comments and analyses, by the poet and writer Robert Graves, normally published in two volumes, though there are abridged editions that present the myths only. The Greek Myths Project Gutenberg Self Publishing Gaia

    • The Greek Myths Best Read || [Robert Graves]
      408 Robert Graves

    One thought on “The Greek Myths

    1. Ahmad Sharabiani on said:

      The Greek Myths, Robert Graves 1393 720 9786001761119 20 .

    2. Lynne King on said:

      The Folio Society published this rather splendid two volume book of The Greek Myths by Robert Graves in 1996 I purchased it then but I basically only looked at it from time to time when I wanted to know about certain myths or gods, and thus there was always something that I could look up which would give me pleasure.This is not a book for the faint hearted as, well to me anyway, it is an excellent reference book that I will pick up from time to time and browse through it or look for further info [...]

    3. Nandakishore Varma on said:

      This is one of the gems I discovered, and purchased for a pittance, during my professional college days 1980 85.The old Current Books bookshop was an institution in Thrissur It was located in a very old building, with rows and rows of shelves and books arranged in no particular order There were rooms leading to rooms leading to rooms, dark and musty rooms filled with the wonderful smell of old books An ideal place to spend a Saturday afternoon, digging through the piles and piles of jumbled book [...]

    4. Lee Broderick on said:

      My edition came with an introduction by Kenneth McLeish which mentioned the importance of this book in re establishing the Greek myths as suitable reading for adults It also went on to highlight Robert Graves s extensive reading but McLeish was forced to acknowledge some weaknesses in Graves s scholarship.The legends themselves are very dry, descriptive accounts redolent of an essay on the story at hand rather than a retelling It s clear that the author carried out very thorough reading on the s [...]

    5. Tony on said:

      THE GREEK MYTHS 1945 rev 1960 this ed 1996 Robert Graves This work was first published by Penguin Books in 1955, and later revised by the author in 1960 I bought a copy of the two volume paperback edition sometime in the late 1960s and found that it was almost unreadable primarily because of the voluminous footnotes and interjections by the author This edition Folio Society two volumes takes the 1960 edition and removes the distraction of the footnotes, combining all of them into an explanatory [...]

    6. Hannah on said:

      3.5 Stars Great bookThis book is great for someone who s interested in Greek myths, as the title may imply or scream This book is not a commentary on or a history of the myths It is simply the myths, wonderfully organized and beautifully told As someone who loves order, the organization of this book is a dream Graves divided the book into seven sections and within those sections he titles every myth This is all laid out in the table of contents Only want to read about Io Or The Vengeance of Ores [...]

    7. Dave on said:

      Robert Graves The Greek Myths is a wonderful resource for learning about the myths of ancient Greece Originally published in 1955, it was updated for the last time in 1960 There are two volumes, but they are often available in a single book, which makes it easier for the reader to handle Graves does a wonderful job of making the myths easy to read and understand, and discusses the variations which often occurred in the myths His interpretation of the myths is a bit subjective, so the reader need [...]

    8. Jak on said:

      There are several pros and cons to this book Pros It s very comprehensive in that it covers just about all the Greek mythology.Cons It s very focused towards the academic Each myth is told a break neck speed with a bare bones of story followed by a list or sources and then a list of how the myth came to be with interpretations of historical events persons basically and entomology This would be an invaluable tool to an academic but as some one who only wanted to read and enjoy the stories I skipp [...]

    9. Anthony on said:

      Dry collection encyclopadedia of Greek Myths Author did his homework diligently and quoted all the classical sources So far so good.However Author felt compelled to explain almost everything in terms of a matrilinear Mother Goddess ancient tradition that I consider crackpot since no source was quoted I even detected some Golden Bough stench but I could be oversensitive or overreacting because of disappointment.

    10. Karen Witzler on said:

      Read when I was 18 or 19 and an ever present backdrop to all of my reading thereafter Followed naturally from the Bernard Evslin, D Aulaire s Greek Myths, and Edith Hamilton s Mythology of childhood.

    11. Captain Sir Roddy, R.N. (Ret.) on said:

      If you plan to read Homer s The Iliad or The Odyssey, or any of the great plays of the Greek classicists, I have a suggestion for a book that will prove to be indispensable to you on your journey through these great works of literature Robert Graves 1895 1985 , the British poet, translator and novelist, produced some 140 works He is probably best known for his novel, I Claudius, and his historical study of poetic inspiration, The White Goddess In the late 1950s, he also completed a two volume co [...]

    12. charta on said:

      Opera affatto didascalica o pedante, corredata da note preziose che uniscono la mitologia greca a quella micenea ed aria.Pur essendo improntata a una ormai superata concezione antropologica e storico religiosa di un primevo matriarcato, la classifico tra gli imperdibili perch narra in toto la mitologia dell Ellade, la quale, a sua volta, altro non che la trasposizione, onirica e quindi immaginifica, delle paure, dei desideri e delle esigenze del nostro inconscio Feedback da A Non che all inizio [...]

    13. James on said:

      If you are looking for Greek myths where a random person takes a journey to distant lands, finds monsters, travels through mystical lands, saves the girl, is elevated to hero status, has a final fight, and then lives happily ever after this set is not for you This two volume set does cover Greek mythology but instead of a story like Homer s Iliad these are the stories of where the Greek gods and deities came from Basically, an extremely detailed family tree of the deities and characters from the [...]

    14. Regina Lindsey on said:

      Graves has pulled together an exhaustive compilation of Greek myths, arranged by themes, and provides short commentary on their history as well as documentation on where and when they appear.I have been a fan of Robert Graves since reading I, Claudius in college I also read a range of hisotrical fiction set in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome Often myths of the time period are important elements of the story line I had a cursory knowledge base of the basic myths What Graves did for me was connect [...]

    15. ♥Mary♦Sweet♣Dreams♠Are♥Made♦of♣This♠ on said:

      Alright I actually like this book a lot because unlike Bulfinch s Mythology, this book delivers what you re looking for It actually has the Greek Myths in a style that is understandable and for entertainment purposes You ll get the whole stories here and they are easy to read

    16. Deni on said:

      Una muy buena recolecci n, con muchas fuentes, de lo que es la mitolog a griega La introducci n es asombrosa, y nos hace imaginar un mundo panhel nico, una Europa antigua sin dioses de la Edad Oscura donde una gran Diosa inmortal, inmutable y omnipotente reg a una sociedad matrilineal donde, por ejemplo ni siquiera exist a el concepto de paternidad El delirio sigue, y repito, es muy lindo de imaginar, pero si bien a lo largo de todo el libro Robert Graves vive exponiendo sus fuentes, en el caso [...]

    17. Ed Smiley on said:

      This book was exhaustive and exhausting in that it goes into tertiary incidents with enormous detail I admit I did have to skim a bit It is a great reference, however I would suggest you not read it cover to cover as I did, but grab an interesting that grabs your attention.It is supplied with copious illustrations of Greek representations of the various mythic persons.Greek myths seem to have total disregard for any ethical guidelines in the behavior of any of the characters, a problem remarked [...]

    18. Serena on said:

      A very good reference book to all those little details that one can love and hate Robert Graves writes the myths in a few paragraphs which do to telling then to showing the myths Yet there are things I do not agree with the mix and mash of myths which were once religions unrelated to the Greeks also I do not quite like his assumptions upon myths and the ancient Greek people themselves It isn t so clear to me as it seems cut to him it makes me wonder where he got a lot of those assumptions from [...]

    19. Ensiform on said:

      NB This is not the original, heavily annotated two volume work but an illustrated edition, condensed by one John Buchanan Brown It is an informative dash through the major Greek myths The condensation from two thick volumes into one sparse, illustrated book dashes any hope of narrative flow, of course, but the crucial facts are here for the reader The epic of Heracles and the saga of the house of Atreus Agamemnon, Orestes are explored in detail The myths are also refreshingly not bowdlerized.How [...]

    20. Timothy Urban on said:

      This book is dryer than Agamemnon s sandals Though thorough, it s a pretty joyless read.Having said that, I find I just don t get along with the Greek Myths as well as I want to.If it was all gods, there d be that internal lack of god logic Throwing a mountain into the sea and making Sicily etc etc It would be daft, but interesting If it was all mortals and no gods, it d read like some great sprawling ancient soap opera A lot of family sagas And people like family sagas The mix of gods and men s [...]

    21. Aaron on said:

      an excellent place to go for exploration of the Greek myths This book has been especially helpful to me since Graves very accurately lists the ancient sources he used for each mythen there s that little star followed by his own interpretation and comments If you need to write a paper on the subject it s the book to have I haven t read it cover to cover, but I think I ve gotten to just about every myth via the index

    22. Cliff Garner on said:

      A very interesting look at the Greek myths and comparative mythology It makes a fine reference for interpreting mythology with somewhat of a historical perspective and giving a view of influences upon Greek myth It suffers a bit from Graves s own prejudices and goddess oriented beliefs, but overall it is a small flaw I am in process of re reading and adding notes for my own future reference Graves s style is easy to read and enjoyable.

    23. sologdin on said:

      some ultra vires original content here, so the reliability of the whole must be considered.

    24. Mawr on said:

      A superb and comprehensive account of the Greek myths, including some very obscure variants, with lots of interesting insights on their anthropological and ritual origins.

    25. Cody on said:

      In some regions of the South Seas a finger joint is always lopped off at the death of a close relative, even when he or she has died a natural death In the Eumenides Aeschylus is apparently disguising a tradition that Orestes fled to the Troad and lived, untroubled by the Erinnyes, under Athene s protection on silt land wrested from the Scamander and therefore free from the curse Why else should the Troad be mentioned Wine instead of blood libations, and offerings of small hair snippings instead [...]

    26. Sharon Barrow Wilfong on said:

      Robert Graves is quite thorough in writing about the myths and at the end of each story, he provides foot notes that can be as long as the story itself.Some of the footnotes are speculative This god replaced an earlier pagan god etc It is difficult to know these things or the origins of any of these stories But Graves gives his educated guesses and they are worth pondering.In Graves version the myths are not child friendly and a lot graphic than I remember Edith Hamilton s version I have not re [...]

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