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Take a Girl Like You

Take a Girl Like You By Kingsley Amis Take a Girl Like You A virgin s progress amid orgy and seduction When attractive little Jenny Bunn comes south to teach she falls in with Patrick Standish a schoolmaster and all the rakes and rogues of a provincial Hel

  • Title: Take a Girl Like You
  • Author: Kingsley Amis
  • ISBN: 9780140018486
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Paperback
  • Take a Girl Like You By Kingsley Amis A virgin s progress amid orgy and seduction When attractive little Jenny Bunn comes south to teach, she falls in with Patrick Standish, a schoolmaster, and all the rakes and rogues of a provincial Hell Fire Club.
    Take a Girl Like You By Kingsley Amis

    Take a Girl Like You Dec , Directed by Jonathan Miller With Hayley Mills, Oliver Reed, Noel Harrison, John Bird Young Jenny Bunn Hayley Mills heads to the South of England to start a new career as a school teacher Even before she has had a chance to settle in she meets Patrick Standish Oliver Reed , one of the local lads Within a short time, she has her hands full when several of the local boys take a liking How to Take a Girl Home on the First Date Steps Take a Girl Like You film Language English Take a Girl Like You is a British comedy film from as per the opening credits , directed by Jonathan Miller and starring Hayley Mills, Oliver Reed and Noel Harrison Based on the novel Take a Girl Like You by Kingsley Amis, it was adapted by George Melly. How to Take a Girl s Virginity The A to Z Guide for Men Jun , Take her out to eat or for ice cream The magic in the air will make even the simplest date unforgettable After taking a girl s virginity, seeing her face glow makes me feel on top of the world I can still see all the girls smiles in my mind bright memories. TAKING OFF HER PANTS MAGIC YouTube Feb , Subscribe to me NOW Follow me on Instagram Get ViralBrothers Merch http Girl Remastered YouTube Jun , Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Girl Remastered The Beatles Rubber Soul Calderstone Productions Limited a division of Universal The Most Popular Places To Take A First Date, According Apr , Also of note While men said they prefer to head to restaurants for the first date, women preferred meeting at a coffee shop We re going to have to side with the ladies on this one if you re having an awful time on a coffee date, you can usually endure the last third of your soy latte if you re at a restaurant, have fun listening to your date drone on for what could be a multiple course How Long Does It Take For A Woman To Fall In Love Experts Apr , Exactly how long it takes for a woman to fall in love can be dependent on several variables, like the specific person she s dating, her head space, and UTI After Sex Risk Factors and Prevention Tips Nov , Having sex is one of the leading causes of a UTI, especially for women Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take to reduce your risk and to prevent getting a UTI after sex.

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      291 Kingsley Amis

    One thought on “Take a Girl Like You

    1. Sharon Barrow Wilfong on said:

      I hardly know what to say about this book I do not know whether Kingsley Amis is approving of his characters life choices or trying to come to grips with the abruptly changing moral landscape of England in 1960 Does he really believe the moral paradigm that traditional relationships grounded in Christian principles to be outdated and incapable Or is he simply calling it as he sees it He certainly does not glamorize what he sees as traditional morals replacement His characters lead quite dreary l [...]

    2. K.D. Absolutely on said:

      My first time to read a book written by Kingsley Amis 1922 1995 who was an English comic novelist He is the father of Martin Amis born 1949 whose books I have not tried too I thought I should start with the father and so after finishing this book I can now line up the son s 1001 books such as Money , London Fields , Time s Arrow and The Information Well, I should also try to read in between other 1001 books by the father such as Lucky Jim , The Green Man , Jake s Thing and The Old Devils This wi [...]

    3. Patrick Brown on said:

      I love Kingsley Amis, but this book is vile His sexism simmering under the surface in much of his writing is on full display here, culminating in what today we would call a date rape Skip this and read The Old Devilsor just read Lucky Jim again.

    4. Craig on said:

      Amis is very good at creating sympathetic characters that are still right bastards.

    5. Se84 on said:

      It s not always pretty when Amis is on about women The Russian Girl and Stanley and the Women are both sort of ridiculous , but the unelaborated kneejerk conclusion that his handling of the date rape here must therefore be problematic is just asinine That it was or less inevitable in this story doesn t mean Amis is excusing it And in the broader context of the conflict between Jenny s provincial morality and Patrick s cosmopolitan outlook, it s clear that while most of Amis s heroes and, I ima [...]

    6. Jim on said:

      The I read Kingsley Amis, the I like him Take a Girl Like You is a tad different from the old letch s other works that I ve read Its heroine is a genuinely good girl surrounded by leering men who want to sample her virginity The daughter of a North England hearse driver, Miss Bunn is prim and proper until she attends a party at the end given by one Julian Ormerod, where she is deflowered while under the influence by her boyfriend Patrick Standish.Now Patrick is in no way as moral as Miss Bunn, [...]

    7. Ian on said:

      This is a story about getting a girl into bed who s holding on to her virginity really her principles when just about everyone else in 1960s England is giving up theirs at the first opportunity Amis handles this with a surprisingly light touch If Jenny knew too well what she was waiting for, it would have been hard to sympathize with her or like her The fact that she doesn t really know, but doesn t want to do anything that she can t take back is just a charming aspect of her youth What we have, [...]

    8. will on said:

      My least favorite Amis so far The book is filled with too topical cultural satire, difficult to appreciate without having experienced 1960s Britain Although I recognize that the ending is intended to be depressing and bitingly critical of prevailing society, it still struck me as, SPOILER ALERT, rape apologetics This one is too cynical, even for me.I will mention, however, that Amis has an ability to capture drunkenness and associated effects that is unsurpassed.

    9. Esther on said:

      Father of Martin, of whom I m a big fan so decided to delve into the family archive and try a Kingsley Read Lucky Jim years ago which was funny, this one not so much Very much of its time with girls worrying about virginity, boys smoking and being cads trying it on , lots of gin and cricket matches etc Funny in parts, but ultimately didn t really care about any of the characters and found myself skim reading sections of long descriptions of hangovers.

    10. Annelise on said:

      Some lines made me laugh out loud but the ending completely ruined the book Patrick is the most loathsome character.

    11. Cath on said:

      Very old fashioned I would have given up except for the beauty of the writing.

    12. Edwin Lang on said:

      I liked Jenny Bunn from the start Through the story she exuded a certain something, an innocence and a sense of humour that appealed to me I found I couldn t wait, for her sake, the sexual revolution of the mid 1960s, just so that she in her 30 s could break the bounds imposed of her by the Patrick Standish.Kingsley Amis described Patrick for what he was, a Master of Arts, and a cad, frequently a counterfeit, someone that a fairly liberated woman, or a hard one, once said of him you ll make a ni [...]

    13. George on said:

      Documented as a personal favorite of Kingsley Amis, Take a Girl Like You, originally published in 1960, is peopled with subsidiary characters, ranging from the posh and pedantic to the proletarian and pessimistic These characters, with names like Julian Ormerod or Dick Thompson, mildly stimulate most scenes with their eccentricity, such as at meals or an impromptu shooting competition.One of the larger problems is that Amis s prose is constricted by realism This is the inclination of what Rubin [...]

    14. Clint on said:

      I was going to give it four stars, but the I think about it, the funnier it gets, and I m going to go ahead and give it five Nothing escapes Kingsley Amis and his wicked sense of humor, and this story was just begging for someone like him to tell it a sheltered hot virgin moves into a shitty town nearer London with lots of teachers hanging around being various shades of asshole, a fake French woman into socialism and coming onto girls, etc etc, everything Kingsley Amis would normally skewer the [...]

    15. Lisa on said:

      Come on Jenny, don t settle AARGH, maybe it s a sign of the times This was the first audio book I have ever listened and I have mixed feelings about it I did find my mind wandering at times especially during the Patrick being a jerk stages, which is a fair bit Nevertheless it is an o.k book, Patrick s a cad, Jenny s a good girl It doesn t seem like it s a new story so I m not sure why it s a must read And maybe it s a symptom of the 50s or Amis mysogyny but Jenny ends up doing the exact opposite [...]

    16. Tom Ireland on said:

      The worst thing I can say about it is that there is hardly anything I want to say about it Since I began this blog, I have been marking things to mention as I read This time I marked two things Once, I simply wrote tedious in the margin The other time was to mark one of Amis hilarious and pitch perfect sentences.These sentences are what made me stifle giggles all through Lucky Jim Unfortunately, they are noticeable chiefly by their rarity in this novel The one I marked was as good as any Amis ha [...]

    17. Lynn on said:

      This seemed less sexist to me than Lucky Jim The characters are trapped in sexist patterns of behavior, but the main female character evidently the girl like you of the title is a real, fleshed out character, flawed but sympathetic She is not just a ball buster cock tease like all the female characters in Lucky Jim, although she is sometimes that as well She endures much harassment and many indignities which were presented humorously, but to me it was of a satire on the s that give rise to such [...]

    18. Annelies on said:

      I liked it a lot better the first time I read it, a long time ago Did I not see the ending the same way I do now At the time I think it seemed like virginity in their relationship was something to get out of the way, so they could get to liking each other for other reasons Now, and I see that most people view it that way, it reads like date rape The ratings do reflect that ambiguity, they are really all over the place On to Lucky Jim.

    19. Mike Ingram on said:

      Best read with a gin and tonic Funny, pleasantly dated, like an odd little time capsule Most of the men are pretty unlikeable, though at times it s hard to tell if the writer sees them as completely unlikeable But I m choosing to not psychoanalyze Kingsley Amis s attitudes toward women, partly by pretending the very end happened differently, because to me the end was really depressing but in a way that maybe wasn t meant to be depressing, which is, perhaps, even depressing

    20. Lucy on said:

      I didn t really warm to any of the characters, nor did I think much of the plot or the ending Jeebus but I really enjoyed this nevertheless, the writing was brilliant and made me laugh out loud a lot particularly the chicken that tasted like a damp tea towel Also, from now on I m going to divide people into the two categories of smashers and duds.

    21. A B on said:

      Maybe this book was considered shocking when it first came out, but it s really just 300 pages of fluff and then date rape I did enjoy the occasional British humor So there, I said something nice.

    22. Doug on said:

      Quite well done, albeit with a few loose ends plot wise The writing is superb, especially when putting a character s viewpoint in deadpan contrast with reality A sly romp of a sex comedy as well as a sharply observed snapshot of England circa 1960.

    23. Jeanius on said:

      This book, in my opinion is not one of Kingsley Amis s best A bit shallow, but his turn of phrase can be very amusing Of its time late 1950 s so plenty of male chauvanism in the mix, not to mention class issues.

    24. Erocchio on said:

      This author is not one of my favorites but I keep reading him to see why he was so popular He is very wordy and this story is just too long I couldn t feel for any of the characters which is what happened in The Anti Death League Oh well, I m done reading Kingsley s books.

    25. Victoria on said:

      Read this one at a pool lost in the hills of California during my honey moon Very funny and cynical and mean and I loved all the details of life there and then.

    26. Linden on said:

      Of its time 1960 Amis is certainly funny and I enjoyed it for that Did not like the ending.

    27. Tim on said:

      One of Amis s moving and very funny novels, his third or fourth Made into a movie with Hayley Mills.

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